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"Hey, La-Mulanites!"

Samuel Kaplan, a.k.a DeceasedCrab is a personality in the Let's Play community, notable for playing a key role in spreading the LP phenomenon to YouTube.

He's developed a Signature Style: He's a Large Ham who employs copious catchphrases and Unusual Euphemisms, and he almost exclusively plays 8-bit games, Quirky Work, or indie Freeware Games. Or some combination of the three. (Or, a Choose Your Own Adventure Book.) As he himself puts it, "What's the point in me playing a game that everybody already knows?"

He has, on several occasions, teamed up with fellow LPer Madamluna on co-op LPs. To quote the eponymous second author...

On that fateful day in 1972, Deceased Crab was a small-time guitarist in the Bay Area hopping from band to band. Madamluna was a waitress in a small cafe off the side of the interstate. When their eyes met, they knew it was destiny.
They would later disappear in a tragic macadamia nut accident, never to be seen until thirty-five years later, when they suddenly resurfaced on Youtube with a series of Let's Play videos that are said to be "pretty good, I guess."

Now with optional second backstory!

DeceasedCrab was a lowly salesman, building lightweight laser weapons and doling them out to kindergarteners like a futuristic, crab-shaped Johnny Appleseed. I was the stodgy teacher who insisted on not having any laser weaponry in my classroom. But soon, with a song and a dance and a demonstration of technology that could vaporize a bear at three hundred yards, he scuttled his way into my heart.


In the future, DeceasedCrab was an inmate at the Black Moon State Penitentiary. He escaped with 14 other inmates, and fled to the only safe place; the past. Arriving at an integral part of American history, and having damaged his time machine, he reformed and devoted his life to making his country and history correct.


Actually, Madamluna is the world's leading expert on forensic psychology, and I am a shady used car salesman. I sold her a bad car, and she keeps having to get it repaired. I do this for tax purposes!


Madamluna is the Duchess of Kensington from the year 3026, at which point Kensington is no longer a duchy but the best waffle house on the planet. I am the biggest waffle addict in the timestream (there were others who liked waffles more than I did, I erased them from history).
Which reminds me, Madamluna: we need some more waffles!

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