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Amnesia: The Dark Descent and mods

  • Mangaminx's Let's play of Amnesia: The Dark Descent AKA Sanity Slippage:The Game!
  • In part of her play-through of The Dark Descent she has fun poking at the Foe Yay between Daniel and Alexander.
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  • Anytime she frantically tries to escape a monster
  • Anytime where she speaks to an inanimate object to try to calm herself.
  • Near the end of the main game where she encounters Alexander she tries to keep the camera away from him as much as possible to avoid having to censor his naked body.

Condemned: Criminal Origins

  • Apparently, according to this video, Minx can shoot ping-pong balls out her ass. She, of course, makes a Running Gag of this.



  • The ridiculous, high-pitched voice she gave Dedan.
  • In part 3, when trying to get a pen to write clues on a puzzle, she goes on a rant about how she can never find a pen when she needs one, which is exasperated when she find paintbrushes of all things, even though she doesn't paint.
  • In Zone 2, she has a hard time not cracking up when she sees Zacharie walk around in the cat mask. Especially when she moves to the next room and sees him appear again, only this time without it, saying he might as well still sell stuff.
  • Both this and a bit of horror, but her reaction to encountering a Pastel Burnt.
    Minx: This game is getting really disturbing, really fast.


Other horror games

  • Her Eerie play-through. From the very moment she encounters the monster, half of what she says is frantic blathering.
  • Say it with me now, "Slendercunt." Also, the notion that Slenderman has a spoon-shaped penis with which he does horrible things to those he catches.
  • Near the end of her Purgatory video she thinks she has outsmarted the monster by figuring out that it can't hurt you while your in the light. What happens when she tries this out.
    Minx: *After spending several seconds staring at a wall in fear, turns around and doesn't see the monster* Ha ha ha ha! Fuck you! Ha ha ha-
    *Monster appears in-front of her, and just standing there*
    Minx: AHHH! Oh god. Fuck you. *starts laughing again*
    *Monster casually walks up to her and attacks*
    Minx: I'm in the fucking light! I'm in the fucking light, you prick!
  • In part 05 of Sherlock Holmes VS Jack the Ripper, after some deducing by Sherlock, Minx comes to a conclusion about the Ripper's motives.
    Minx: I think he's making a house out of vaginas.
  • Her Let's Play of Schuld ends as abruptly as the game itself does.
  • In the first part of her Dead Secret playthrough:
    Minx: Even though nothing, like, particularly spooky is happening, there is like-
    (Minx returns to the stairwell, turns as she hears the front door opening, and sees a masked man stomping up the stairs)
    Minx: (Beat) *screams*
  • From Spookys House Of Jumpscares, we get this gem very early on:
    Minx: Nearly to room 50 and-
    *Wooden cutout pops from the wall with a Scare Chord*
    Minx: FUCK!
  • Minx played Lucius. It features a lot of her chanting SANCTUS DOMINUS at the top of her voice in a creepy tone. On one occasion, Minx breaks into so insane a laugh that we began to worry about her sanity!
  • Minx plays Alien: Isolation and takes on the persona of a Health Inspector. She finds a lot to complain about given that there's steam everywhere, goop everywhere, androids murdering people everywhere, stuff exploding everywhere and a murderous alien on the loose... also everywhere. She threatens to write a very strongly worded report to have the station shut down.

Shit On Steam / SOS


  • Her first Ampu-Tea video could be sold as a depression cure.
  • The Prop Hunt series is pretty much one continuous this as Minx bluffs, double-bluffs, lies and trolls her way through each round.
  • Krism finally falls off the deep end and Minx's reaction is brilliant.
  • In her video for Always Sometimes Monsters aptly titled 'I REALLY DIDN'T MEAN TO DO IT', Minx manages to accidentally crush a man under a satellite dish.
  • During a Town of Salem stream with Dlive, Ohm and others, Minx kills a spider that landed on her head with Krism's dildo. Then Krism finds out. This has been animated.
  • In one of her Town of Salem sessions with Ohm and Kiwo, she checks one of the dead player's wills...which turns out to be a shopping list.
  • A funny moment that isn't done by Minx... but features her - Krism accidentally exits a room in Zelda... and has an absolute shrieking fit of rage. Minx, in the background, can be heard trying (later failing) to stifle her laughs before breaking into fits of it as Krism reaches so loud a volume that her words are unintelligible. For those of you who watch, it goes from 7:35 to 9:38.
  • The moment when Minx acknowledges that she has well and truly crossed the line and profusely apologises for it in a game of Cards Against Humanity. She even acknowledges that it is "the worst thing [she's] ever done." And yes, this is Minx we're talking about. It's the reactions from everyone else that clinches it.
  • Minx and Ritz completely and utterly wet themselves (complete with shrieking "OH MY GOD(s)!" from Minx) and almost die laughing at the stupidity of Ohm and Mathas.
  • In Heavy Rain, Minx is prompted to choose between finding Shaun's teddy bear before bed and saying "too bad".
    Minx: *scoffs* Too bad?! I'm gonna find the teddy, Jesus Christ! I mean, I know I can be an asshole, but that's horrible! Yeah, fuck off, Shaun. You don't need your teddy. Your brother's dead.
    • Later in the same episode, Minx witnesses Ethan's first blackout.
    Lauren: It's fifty bucks. I don't kiss and I don't do any weird shit.
    Shelby: Fine by me.
    Minx: P.S. I'm into weird shit. I want you to wear a duck suit.
    Shelby drops fifty dollars on the table.
    Lauren: You should take your clothes off, we haven't got all day.
    Shelby: Actually, I'm not a customer.
    Lauren proceeds to tell Shelby what he wants to know about her dead son.
    Lauren: Time's up, Mr. Shelby. I hope you got what you wanted. *hangs head forlornly*
    Minx: *starts to walk away, then turns around* Actually, can we have sex?
    • The whole of Madison's first chapter and Minx's reactions, ranging from bemusement over the recurring Quantic Dream trope of a woman in combat with multiple men echoing an Attempted Rape, to utter bafflement over the fact that by the end, she still knows absolutely nothing about Madison or her relevance to the story.
    • Carter Blake remarks on Minx's decision to have Jayden shoot Nathaniel.
    Blake: It always does something to you the first time.
    Madison: When I was a child, I was always the one to fix up my brothers when they'd been fighting with the other kids on the block.
    Minx: And this is exactly like that, because my brothers always used to come home with third-degree burns. (Beat) I also had sex with my brothers.
  • During the first class trial of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, Minx is going over evidence and pauses at the mysterious numbers the victim drew in her blood, only realizing just then that it's really Leon's name upside down.
    Minx: Dying message. (Beat) That says Leon. That's not numbers, it's Leon. (Beat) (Begins to burst out in uncontrollable laughter)
    • This moment from later on, when the culprit is defending themselves.
    Leon: I refuse to acknowledge you! You're stupid! Stupid stupid stupid! Stupidstupidstupidstupidstupidstupidstupid!
    Minx: I'm not sure that's gonna hold up in court.
    • Throughout the game, Minx slowly goes from hating Byakuya's guts to frequently agreeing with and pointing out his sane conclusions. Near the end, she sums it up:
    Minx: I like Byakuya. He's kind of grown on me like a cyst throughout the whole game.
  • In her Super Danganronpa 2 playthrough, she gets so overwhelmed by the number and variety of voices she has to give the characters that she slips numerous times, forgets every one at a moment's notice, and winds up settling on giving soft-speaking Nice Guy Nagito Komaeda a thick, obnoxious Southern accent while Hiyoko is rendered an unintelligible Motor Mouth. It's funny on its own, but the beauty is when it becomes Hilarious in Hindsight in the first class trial: the murderer, Teruteru, turns out to really speak in a combination of both voices. Nagito, meanwhile, is really an Ax-Crazy Soft-Spoken Sadist with even less vocal inflection than previously seen.
    Hajime: W-What language is this? I have no clue...
    Minx: Um... It's English?! (Beat) Oh, okay, 'cause he's Japanese. I'm an idiot!
    Minx: I don't know what's wrong with my voices today, I just wanna talk like a fuckin' Yakuza, yo!
    • Near the end of the same video, she realizes her virtual Monomi pet has evolved and checks on it. It turns out to have taken the shape of a swollen pig with Monomi's face.
    Minx: (serenely) That's terrifying.
    • This bit during the third class trial.
    Minx: She's fucking smart, Chiaki, I fucking like her. She's like Kyoko from the other one except without the brooding sexual tension.
    Minx: (laughing uproariously) That's fucking amazing!
    • Just as the tension peaks in this video, with Hajime and the gang racing into the now-open Nezumi Castle in search of Nagito's bombs, the video and audio cut out and skip forward to Minx giggling and playing with Pretzel in the background. It turns out that just as that event occurred, Minx and Krism were attacked by what she describes as a bee-fly hybrid, causing Krism to accidentally step on Pretzel. As much of a Mood Whiplash as it is, the absurdity is hilarious.
    • During the fifth trial, Minx has a sudden realization that Nagito tricked one of the group into accidentally killing him, then proceeds to have a minor Freak Out.
    • ... Which then escalates to a full scale Freak Out in the next part.
  • This countdown video of game characters Minx wishes were lesbians. While the other four get rational and detailed explanations, the entry on Jill Valentine simply has Minx zooming in on Jill's ass and barely saying anything coherent.
    • Also, revealing that Paine was the character "young, sexually frustrated" Minx most wanted to bang.
    • For an extra chuckle, her first pick is Lara Croft. Several of the people involved in the 2013 reboot (and the expanded universe material surrounding said reboot) have also stated that, had they been able to get away with it, she would have been.
  • Minx plays Max's Big Bust, the follow-up game from the creators of Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme. Minutes into the video, she realizes that since her videos helped Gender Bender become so popular, the creators decided to name the Fantastic Drug that drives the plot "MinX". Hilarity Ensues.
    Minx: Oh my god, if she has cat ears, I'm gonna be really disturbed.
    (Katherine is immediately revealed to be a very young Moe Cat Girl)
    Minx: (whispering in disbelief) She fucking does. She fucking does. She's... like eight. She's like five to eight years old, and they have grafted cat ears onto her fucking head. They have surgically grafted cat ears onto her fucking head and she's a fucking kid!
  • Minx and Krism play Google Feud, a game where the goal is to predict what Google's most popular autocompletes are. Hilarity Ensues.
    • In the first few minutes, Minx reveals that she has an anime mousepad with breasts and nipples. Krism questions why the nipples are on the wrong sides.
    • Minx guesses what could come after "Virginia".
    Minx: County. State. Tech massacre.
    • When they get "Is it wrong to...", they immediately decide that "gay" has to be one of the search terms. Minx then inputs "Is it wrong to gay". And at the end, when the results come up, it turns out that the second-to-top result is "sleep with your sister".
    • The fact that "should I stop smoking" isn't even on the list, but "should I start smoking" and "should I start smoking again" are both frequent searches.
  • Midway through her Akiba's Trip playthrough, the correct pronunciation of 'analyzing' becomes Serious Business.
    Minx: Did she just say 'anal-yzing'? I wouldn't... that's not-that's not that the phrase, right? I would say... analyzing. I'm sure she said that, I don't know if I've just... Is that bad? Do I have a problem? Oh my god, I might have a problem, guys. Like I might... be... legitimately fucking insane.
  • Minx plays Sinful Eden, a game where the objective is to marry a woman within a set amount of time or be sacrificed, and has a minor Freudian Slip.
    Minx: So we can save the game and continue here. Okay, that's pretty cool, a save point. So if we do get fucked- that's the whole goal. If we fuck up- (starts giggling)
    • Later, she takes on a customer service minigame where people call her with questions, only to realize that the game is asking her real trivia questions (such as what a bank vole is, or the answer to a maths problem) and expecting her to know the answers. The next few minutes consist of her frantically yelling for Krism to Google the answers in the background. Hilarity Ensues.
  • In this episode of SGFG, Krism starts off slightly angry with Minx for a comment made off-camera. Krism then makes a faux pas on camera that quickly causes her to break into hysterics and forgive Minx. Now animated!
  • In one of their skullgirls videos.
    Minx: Think about...what would jesus do in this situation?
    Krism: Jesus would send us both to hell cause we're both lesbians...
    Minx:.... oh yeah, forgot about that... what a douche.
  • During her playthrough of Life Is Strange, once it becomes clear Chloe can be romanced Minx makes more and more references to her being motivated mainly by the prospect of having sex with her, to the point that the final episode is titled "I Better Get Laid After All This".
    • Her interest is so intense she begins to completely disregard the wellbeing of everyone besides Chloe. It borders on Comedic Sociopathy as she ignores the pleas and deaths of minor characters during the finale for the sake of moving the plot along and saving Chloe.
    • There's also her increasingly intense dislike of Warren. When the option appears to either hug, kiss, or leave him, she stares at it for several seconds in dead silence before picking "leave" and saying bye.
  • In Blank Dream, she finally successfully outran the enemy in the Room of Beauty. And runs back into the main room. And instantly runs into the Obvious Trap.
  • Minx plays UNO with friends. With stacking. Whimpers and wails of suffering fill half of her videos, with the other half being her laughing maniacly whenever she can destroy someones hopes and dreams.
  • Minx's latest Town of Salem video (HOW TO LIE AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE) goes very bad for her at one point.
    Minx: I'm probably dead is what's happened, but at least something interesting happened.
    Ritz: Well, Twatstika and Robot College are dead, so that's not great.
    Doxy: It could be great. Yeah.
    Ritz: I'm hoping it's Arso.
    (First will reveals that were mauled by a Werewolf (Minx)).
    Minx I'm dead. I'm so dead - depending on someone's will here I'm really dead. So, ha ha!
    Ritz: Ooohhhh? (The first will reveals the dead townsperson was a Medium) Oh, they're medium, interesting.
    Minx: Who were they?
    Ritz: I think Twatstika was the medium. (Sees Kill Note) "I like to poop on your doorstep."
    Minx: Do werewolves poop on doorsteps normally? Is that, like, a thing?
    Ritz: Um, sure.
    Ritz and Minx speak over one another by accident; Robot College's will is appearing.
    Ritz: Is this the will you're worried about Minx?
    Minx: Yeah. I'm REALLY worried about this will right now! Ohhh, shit! (The will appears) Everything is OK! Everything is OK! EVERYTHING'S OK! They didn't visit me, it's great! Oh my fucking god, that's so lucky — I don't even know ho-
    Ritz: (Entirely unaware that Minx has just had an Oh, Crap! moment) So, Minx is Arso?
    Ritz: What does it mean!?
    Minx: (Her voice has jumped an octave) OH, SHIT!
    Ritz: Minx, you're just saying words!
    Minx: No, that's why the person didn't die! (Voice jumps another octave so she is squeaking) Oh, fuck meeeee! (From this point on, Minx is perpetually squeaking)
    Ritz: Why? Who didn't-? Are you-?
    Minx: (Unintelligible shriek!)
    Ritz: Minx - Minx, are you jailor?
    Minx: No, I'm something else. But this is so bad!
    Ritz: But you're good, yeah?
    Minx: This is so-no, I'm really bad, (Doxy interrupts with: "No, she's bad!" as Minx keeps on freaking out!) I'm really bad, I'm really bad!
    Ritz: Oh, you're -
    Minx: I killed both those people, but I didn't choose either of them if that makes any sense?
    Ritz: (Finally realises why Minx is freaking out) Oh, so the witch found you and you're fucked!
    Doxy: (interrupting) Yeah...
    (Minx laughs awkwardly)
    Ritz: You're boooned Minx!
    • Minx then makes a fake will to frame Robot College and Hannah Z.
  • When Minx found the first secret room in Kios Adventure aka The Sperm Garden.
    Minx: stares in silence at text leaves room
    Minx: ...yeah. beat Let's continue.
  • Her commentary on the Les Yay between Toko and Komaru in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls.
  • During one game of Town of Salem alongside both Chilled Chaos and Ze Royal Viking, through sheer luck all 3 of them ended up in the Mafia. The moment when they all realized this was particularly funny, as they couldn't believe that it had occurred. Here's Minxs' footage, here's Chilleds' and here's Zes'.
  • Her Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Chapter 2 video is filled with laughable moments. Between Minxs' Dirty Old-ish Lesbian tendencies relishing in all of the Rachel x Chloe relationship development and Krism cringing at the dialogue (particularly the play scene), there are quite a few moments of hilarity to be had. Both the cringe and the lesbo-perving come to a head during the Big Damn Kiss.
  • Her remarkably understated reaction to seeing possessed Mia crawling up the stairs - a quiet little "Fuck me."
  • In her video aptly named "Sleeping my way to victory!", she ends up as one of the last 4 survivors, 2 of which are Mafia. However, the other two (Minx included) are Escorts, and manage to survive by constantly keeping the two Mafia members 'occupied' at night. Since there isn't enough people on either side to force a lynch during the day, and the Mafia are too 'busy' to kill either Minx or the other Escort at night, the game ends in a draw.


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