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  • In the "Tenebris Lake" Amnesia: The Dark Descent mod, her tearful reaction to seeing mutilated "Mr. Face" corpses.
  • Her reaction to the ending of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.
    "Sorry I'm quiet, guys; I'm...quite moved to tears, actually."
  • The fact that she has done some collaboration videos with large name horror Lets Players such as Markiplier and Cinnamon Toast Ken, and seems to be good friends with them, not only shows that despite her smaller fanbase, is still well respected, but also has the possibility that she might have more of a Colbert Bump with these crossovers.
  • Minx announcing she got engaged to her girlfriend.
    • Speaking of which, pretty much any time Minx and Krism are in a video together is just the cutest damn thing. Special mention to this one, where Minx drops in on Krism during a stream.
    • During a stream with Cry, the two of them reenact the proposal.
    Krism: "Michelle, we've been going out for over a year now, and I just want you to know that you're my best friend and I've been able to tell you things that I've never been able to tell another human being, let alone someone I've been in a relationship with. I had something really special planned, and I was gonna be really corny and it was gonna, you know, be after a nice dinner at the Gasho place, you know, Japanese grill places, but I can't wait anymore. Michelle...will you marry me?"
    Minx: "...YES!"
    Cry: "Aww, dude, this is cute as shit!"
  • In one of her Q&A videos, she mentions that her family never had any issues with her sexuality.
  • Minx found out that she would be able to marry Krism (she had been stressing out over getting permission for several weeks). Her reaction on Twitter, as well as the sheer number of positive responses, made one of the most heartwarming moments since the proposal itself.
  • As of February 26th, 2015, Krism and Minx are now married.
  • Minx participated with Boyinaband and Cryaotic in this music video, "Spectrum", a message for all LGBT people who are afraid to come out for fear of being met with homophobia from their friends and family, promising that everything will eventually be okay.
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  • In a series of posts on Twitter, Krism responded to the idea that she and Minx have a perfect relationship. She talks about how forming a healthy one takes time and that there are no shortcuts, that being honest with your partner, no matter how awkward or painful it might be, is extremely important, and that your life won't be free of issues just because you find "the one."
    Krism: "But you know what? It'll be worth all the work and be pretty fucking nom at the end of the day."
  • The speech she gives at the end of her Beyond: Two Souls playthrough about choosing life over death despite her history of depression and suicidal tendencies. It's one of the most heartwarming moments in the history of her channel, bar none.
  • Choosing not to kill a man as part of the fourth trial in Heavy Rain after learning that he has kids.
    Minx: I do have a heart sometimes, guys. Just occasionally.
  • While she does often get annoyed with them, many of the characters in the first and second Danganronpa games endear themselves to her. She's genuinely horrified and saddened by many of their deaths, especially in the many cases where the murderers are revealed to have sympathetic backstories or selfless motives, but they have to be brutally executed anyway. When a Fuyuhiko is revealed to have just barely survived his attempt to intervene in Peko's execution, Minx immediately yells for Mikan to do something.
    • She seems to get especially attached to Chiaki, possibly even more than Kyoko from the first game. At one point, Minx even tells her "please don't die." When it's revealed Chiaki is both the traitor and the unintentional culprit of Chapter 5, Minx sounds absolutely hearbroken.
    • Just the way she latches on to the series' message about hope overcoming despair. During the first game's final trial, when it comes time to smash the Big Bad's ideology to pieces and restore everyone's hope, you can even hear her voice catching on a few moments.
    • The final part of Danganronpa 2 delivers three resounding ones:
      • First, in a massive turnaround from her opinion in the first game, she is overjoyed when the real Byakuya enters the game and starts shutting people up, stating that she's so glad to have him around again.
      • The second comes much later, as she listens thoughtfully to Chiaki's Rousing Speech toward the traumatized Hajime and expresses just how much she really has come to like Chiaki, telling her to start kicking some ass as the finale winds toward its conclusion.
      • And finally, the end of the trial: all of the Ultimate Despairs overcome Junko, and their own suicidally depressive mindsets, to fight back and shut Junko down. Minx is audibly tearing up at the events, quietly cheering everyone on and commenting on how sad it is that they're sacrificing everything for the sake of taking down Junko once and for all. It really shows just how much she's come to care about the characters and the world.
    • Minx had spent most of the game being very dismissive of Usami, but when she makes a reappearance during the shutdown sequence, she drops that completely and tells her to kick Junko's ass.
  • In her list of Top 5 characters from Danganronpa, both Kyoko and Chiaki make the list for obvious reasons. Beating them both, however, is Byakuya Togami, showing that her initial impression of them has changed significantly.
  • The end of her Blank Dream playthrough is both this and a tremendous Tear Jerker, as it's so heartwarming-yet-sad that it marks one of the rare moments when Minx openly cries.
  • Minx absolutely adores Chloe in Life Is Strange perhaps because she sees a little bit of herself and Krism in Chloe and Max's relationship. The way she completely freaks out about the revelation that Chloe ends up paralyzed in episode four because of Max's actions really shows how much she has come to care for her.
  • Minx's long-awaited face reveal. Between the simple fact that she's now in a place psychologically where she can stop being The Faceless, and the outpouring of love and support in the comments, it's impossible not to get a warmer heart from the video. Also counts as a Moment of Awesome.
  • She admits that she likes Toko more in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, due to Character Development.

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