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  • Her Eerie play-through where she manages to beat the game without being caught by the monster once. Despite its persistence.
  • In her Let's Play of Dead Space, she beats the turret segment Slug Boss in one try, using only half the available firepower (she didn't know how to fire the second cannon).
  • Dear god is Minx a good bluffer. In her many playthroughs of Trouble in Terrorist Town she exhibits a lot of cunning and a great ability at strategy, as evidenced by the two consecutive traitor wins she pulled off in this video. In the first win, she manages to outwit the boys into thinking she's innocent and take advantage of their tendency to goof off amongst themselves, and gets the most of them to think Syndicate is the traitor. She then proceeds to score a shot on Max without anyone spotting her, kills Spoon, acting panicked and asking "Who's dead?!" all the while, then kill Max after the latter shot PewDiePie, and proceed to kill Tom while using an incendiary grenade as cover to confuse him. Her second win is arguably more epic, beginning the round by stealthily sniping Pewds (who has no idea what killed him), convincingly acting surprised when she stumbles across his corpse a while later, and then sniping Tom and Max while the latter two were shooting each other dead.
    • At the end of this video, Minx uses the group's latest antics (rubbing bananas and praising the watermelon god) to lure everyone to the same spot, where she had previously set a C4 charge. Though Pewdiepie began to suspect her being the traitor at the end due to someone else setting off an incendiary grenade, he noticed the C4 mere seconds before it went off, killing everyone - including Minx herself.
      Pewdiepie: Why did you want us to go there, huh? Why did you wa- IT'S C4!
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  • A definite crowning moment was on the part of her friend Iziksquirel, who held a 24-hour Livestream to raise money so that Minx could visit her fiancee, Krismpro.
  • Minx becomes quintessentially British.
  • At the end of Minx's Beyond: Two Souls playthrough, she quickly chooses life rather than the afterlife when given the option. Her tearful, optimistic speech about why it's better is unlike anything ever heard in her videos, and a pure awesome moment from someone with depression.
  • Her deductive skills are shown off quite well through her playthrough of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. She is able to deduce several key facets of each case well ahead of time, and quite often figures out the true murderer quickly. Or she blames Byakuya. For example, in Case 2, she is able to correctly deduce the crucial fact of the victim being a boy despite claiming to be, and dressing like, a girl after noticing that the crime scene had been moved to the girls locker room from the boys locker room.
    • By the end of the playthrough, she's fully invested in the game's narrative to a level rarely seen on her channel. The characters endear her, the Big Bad infuriates her beyond belief, and even the snarky jabs she makes every so often — like wondering whether Makoto and Kyoko fucked during the time period that's been erased from their memories — feel like minor distractions. When the time comes to dismantle Junko's ideology by becoming the Ultimate Hope, Minx (not normally known for being bright and optimistic) latches on fully, tearing down all of Junko's depressive ideas as utter bullshit and even ignoring the irritation of the repeated "Make Your Argument" format because she so loves shooting the "Hope" bullet into the students' hesitations. At some points, you can even hear her voice start to catch. Her elation when she wins, sending Junko to her well-deserved death, also counts as a Heartwarming Moment. In the end, she rates it at 9 out of 10, calling it one of the best games she's played in a long time, and starts playing through the sequel even sooner than she guessed.
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    • And in her playthrough of Super Danganronpa 2, the resulting Freak Out! was hilarious, but during the fifth trial, Minx has the sudden, (and correct,) realization that Nagito tricked one of them into accidentally killing him. The fact that she had this realization just from Chiaki bringing up that the cause of death was missing from the Monokuma file was suspicious is what makes this impressive.
    • The end of this playthrough manages to match the first game's easily, with Minx squeeing over the return of the Hope's Peak class, continuously cutting down every despair-inducing line as bullshit once again, listening to and agreeing with Chiaki's summation of the situation inside Hajime's head, gleefully defeating Hajime's inner demons, and making a triumphant return by awakening and summoning a Truth Bullet that cuts down everyone's disagreements... ending with Junko's.
    Minx (shouting passionately): Fuck you, you stupid fucking BITCH! (smashes Junko's final statement)
    • Immediately afterward, when Hajime has made his true identity clear, taken back control of his life, and entered one final Panic Talk Action with Junko, Minx comes to a realization, and you can practically hear her smile.
    Minx: ... I've got infinite bullets. (Beat) Oh, just get wrecked!
    • The final burst of action that finishes the trial: everyone getting motivated despite being Ultimate Despairs. Minx is even more affected than the first game, to the point where she starts audibly tearing up.
  • This video is both this and a Heartwarming Moment: Minx finally has the motivation to stop being The Faceless, and she reveals her face quickly, casually, and with only a little Troll moment at the start. If you've been a fan of her for a long time, this is one of the most awesome moments on her channel.

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