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  • Awesome Music: The fan-made song "All Hail to the Mangaminx" which she used as her intro and outro theme for a period of time.
  • Broken Base: Her Until Dawn playthrough. Dear god, her Until Dawn playthrough. Fans are completely split down the middle regarding her Let's Play; some think it's interesting how vastly different her choices are from most other players and can't wait to see how everything plays out, while others are upset and angry she's making the "wrong" choices and are threatening to stop watching or demanding she replay the game to fix her "mistakes". There seems to be no middle ground. Though in hindsight, considering the furor died down after a short time and she came out with' a good view of the game regardless, this wasn't anywhere near as bad as the next one.
    • Her Undertale playthrough is also a massive base breaker. In fact, Minx outright states at the beginning of one of the videos that the comments section for her Undertale videos is even worse than Until Dawn's. To summarize the problem, the nature and message of the game revolves around a pacifist playing style, which is the only way to get the Golden Ending that resolves the plot. Because of how this system works, the game's more zealous fans filled her comments with endgame spoilers and ranted at her to play the right way, which made her so angry that she deliberately antagonized these fans throughout the playthrough, ended on the intentionally unsatisfying Neutral ending, and refused to play anymore. The fact that she gave the game a lower score than some of the poorer games she's played, insisted that it was one of the most overrated games of all time, and called the mechanics and focus on Multiple Endings lazy (she has been open in her hatred for Multiple Endings before, but she seemingly didn't realize that every playthrough changes significantly after the first as characters remember your actions) solidified the divide. Whereas other LP'ers such as Harshly Critical have also refused to play the game further after having it spoiled for them, they were generally better sports about it, making Minx look immature by comparison. To be fair, she got a ridiculous amount of hate in even her earlier videos.
      • For several months after the playthrough, Minx and her friends insisted on bringing up the game at every opportunity, making strawmen out of every fan under the impression that they're all like the commenters and mocking even the elements she apparently enjoyed in the moment (like Sans and Papyrus). Most of this has since died down sans the sporadic reminder (i.e. the word "determination" appearing in a game sometimes makes her lean close to the mic and sarcastically whisper "um, Undertale"), but for a while it was practically inevitable in her videos and tweets.
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    • A much more minor one has arisen in her playthroughs of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair over some of her choices for voicing the characters, particularly the ridiculous upbeat Southern accent given to Nagito Komaeda (who generally speaks like a hushed version of the first game's protagonist) and the emotionless Robo Speak given to artificial characters like Alter Ego and the rebuilt Nekomaru (both of whom explicitly speak with typical human voices). Some fans claim Rule of Funny and agree that it's her choice, others revile the voices and wish she would stop doing them, and still others are okay with them most of the time, but wish she'd change them up so as not to compromise emotional or intense scenes. Not helping matters is her consistent response: saying "Tough" and doing the voices more frequently to troll the commenters. Alter Ego's return in the second game, in the middle of its emotional climax, turned it Up to Eleven.
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  • Cult Classic: Despite not having nearly as many views as some of the more popular horror LPers, she still has a loyal fanbase and is still making videos.
  • Distaff Counterpart: Based on her talents displayed in TTT and Prop Hunt, she seems to take after SeaNanners in an extremely effective manner (granted using more convincing acting than boldfaced audacity when betraying people).
  • Ending Fatigue: Both inflicted upon her and inflicted by her due to her YouTube finale for Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, which clocks in at nearly four hours, a significant portion of which is cutscenes that she has little-to-no interest in aside from all the Les Yay between Komaru and Toko, and even that grates on her by the end.
  • Have I Mentioned I Am Gay?: Minx tends to inform new subscribers in update or vlog videos that she's a lesbian. Justified, since some of the comments on the videos that she and Krism make usually ask if they're friends or sisters. Or that some even ask if Minx is a man. Plus, it's Youtube.
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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In the popular Town of Salem Rap she collaborated on with Boyina Band, the Veteran role is shown using a Bear Trap on a Serial Killer toward the end. This was before the Coven DLC introduced the Trapper role who has a similar function.
  • Hypocritical Humor: In her Until Dawn playthrough, she gets angry at Ashley for refusing to open the door for Chris, thus getting him killed by the Wendigo and calls her a psychopath. This is after spending most of her playthrough being unsympathetic towards Ashley and making her decisions to sacrifice Ashley twice, with the first sacrifice failing to kill Ashley during the Ashley vs Josh decision, and the second sacrifice option having Chris shoot Ashley to save himself. Ashley begs for her life as Chris aims the gun at her head, and Minx response is to tell her to "shut the fuck up" once she squeeze the trigger.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Minx plays a card in Cards Against Humanity that she has to profusely apologize for as she knows it crosses the line. Her fellow players soon see why! She even acknowledges that it is one of the "the worst things [she's] ever done." And yes, this is Minx we're talking about.
  • Never Live It Down: For a huge collective: Her entire tirades towards Undertale. While most people (Markiplier comes to mind) have reasons to be angry at the fanbase for it's vocal responses to let's plays of the game, Mangaminx got a lot of flack for what some could call a "mother of petty tantrums". Her constant takes that do not help the case either.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: In the beginning of Until Dawn, Minx hated Emily. By episode eight of her let's play, Emily had become Minxs' favorite character due to her capabilities of surviving, and for slapping Ashley.
  • She Panned It, Now She Sucks: As detailed above in Broken Base, Minx got a lot of heat for finding Undertale overrated, though it didn't help that being flooded with comments full of spoilers soured the experience for her.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Even Minx wasn't immune to the ending of The Walking Dead.
    • Minx outright sobs when she chooses to give the alternate-timeline Chloe an assisted suicide in Life Is Strange.
    • Her reaction to the motives of the first murderer in Super Danganronpa 2. Throughout the trial she's pegged Teruteru as a "murdering cunt", but by the time the execution is about to begin and Teruteru, revealed to have been acting with complete selflessness in an attempt to stop Nagito, is screaming for his almost certainly long-deceased mother, her voice continually catches and all she can say is "That's fucked up."
      • She also gets somewhat emotional when she realizes just who the traitor is in SDR2: Chiaki Nanami. Not so much because they're the traitor, but more because they're the culprit in the current trial (5th), and as such they're about to be executed.
    • The notoriously emotional Golden Ending of Blank Dream pushes Minx to open tears at a lot of points, especially when all of the souls tell Mishiro how important she is and bid her farewell as she comes back to life, and when Mishiro sees the painting of herself and finally smiles.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Due to Minx's deep voice and tomboy behavior, some fans don't realize right away that she is female. This has become less commonplace as time has gone on, however.
    • With her face reveal, it's highly unlikely any long-time viewers still believe her to be male.


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