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Visual Novel / Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme

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A visual novel game by Transcendent Studios available on Steam. A lab explosion brought about by a mad scientist's experiment gone awry turns everyone in the lab and the nearby area into women, and after some time working on trying to fix it, they learn that the changes are permanent. Over the course of three in-game years and chapters with perspectives from 13 different characters (not all of whom were present for the initial accident), learn what happens to this Australian town that has been forever changed in more ways than one.


Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme has examples of:

  • Atlantis Is Boring: One of Lynn's paths can have her turn into a mermaid. The charm quickly wears off with nothing to do underwater...and the fact that she's blind at night. Subverted when Dina fixes up the issues.
  • But Thou Must!: In Dan's path joining the band is given as a choice, but all your options are "yes".
  • Doing In the Scientist: It's revealed in the ending that the initial gender swap explosion was caused by an open portal to Hell in the lab's break room which was what was causing the smell in there, though Dina and Lynn's subsequent discoveries are all scientific.
  • Easy Sex Change: As its entire premise.
  • First Law of Gender Bending: Out of the 13 playable characters, only two are female-to-male, and the only character to even have the option of choosing to go back (one of those Ft M characters), canonically switches back and forth between genders recreationally in later chapters.
  • Gender Bender: Sort of the central premise of the game.
    • Second Law of Gender Bending: Even the characters who most vehemently want to change back grow to accept their changes within a few days. The first character, Yael, found out about the changes being permanent when she went in to ask if it would be okay to stay that way a few weeks if it wouldn't affect her chances of changing back (in the canon path). Another character, Dan, who even after the big reveal of the changes being permanent wishes for it to be different, even though she begins living her life as a pop idol in her favorite girl band. And eventually becomes pregnant during the epilogue. Even once a cure is found in the canon story, nobody takes it.
    • Third Law of gender Bending: Within the first 48 hours, most characters go out and get new clothes, either of their own choice or bought for them. Justifications include a need for clothing that fits, a desire to blend in/hide their change, or even a simple desire to wear women's clothes. Less prevalent for the Ft M characters.
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  • LEGO Genetics: Not only is the gender-shift quick and painless, the characters also find ways to easily become human-animal hybrids.
  • Mad Scientist: Dina, full stop. She's got absolutely no regard for safety at all, and is in part responsible for the initial explosion (due to cooking up a secret batch of chemicals) and is very prone to using herself and her coworkers as guinea pigs in insane experiments. Uses an untested genetic infusion chamber to turn herself into a Cat Girl and canonically becomes a Slime Girl Voluntary Shapeshifter.
  • The Mind is a Plaything of the Body: Played with and subverted. With the gender swap, a number of characters begin noticing attractions to the (now) opposite sex, and begin wondering if the gender swap also changed their sexual orientation. However, during one character's chapter, it is revealed that while there are a number of changes to brain chemistry brought on by the gender swap, sexual orientation is not one of those changes. True to Life as many real world transgender individuals discover new things about themselves, including attractions, that they never noticed before because of trying to live up to the expectations of the gender they were assigned at birth. Further played with in the form of the various furry forms, with the characters suddenly having new found tastes for different foods than before, and even having some instincts of the animal they were spliced with. This is explained as their DNA being not all human anymore, including changes to their tastebuds.
  • Shower Scene: One of the later storylines has your character going all over town trying to unravel a mystery. If she goes back to her house, the only thing she can think to do there is "take a shower for no reason".

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