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  • In the Emerald Nuzlocke, Claydol uses Earthquake on Lasagna... who has Levitate due to Skill Swap.Note 
  • The level 65 Magikarp in Episode 46 of HeartGold Wedlocke. Marriland himself sounds like he's laughing so hard, it hurts.
  • And the "speed battle" in HeartGold Wedlocke Episode 49, which he speeds up for no particular reason other than the Biker wanting to have a speed battle.
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  • The entire BIG SERVICE episode in the Emerald Nuzlocke.
  • In Episode 45 of PMD: Gates to Infinity, he as Broham blows fire on a Litwick with Flash Fire. Deliberately. "I don't know why i'm doing this, doesn't even make sense, but it's like something's compelling me to!"
    • The same thing happened earlier in Part 15. "I'm just gonna blow fire on this candle! I'm just gonna blow fire on this candle! I'm just gonna blow fire on this candle!"
  • When he posted the battle against Ghetsis that he had in his Black version that he had saved for a while, near the end of his White Adventure in early 2012, he commented on how he once heard that the ominous chanting in Ghetsis' theme was saying "BABIES...BABIES!" in the background. His only response to that was "once you've heard it, you can't un-hear it." Although it was mentioned in the comments that it's known as "DENNIS...DENNIS!"
  • In Part 37 of the Black 2 Adventure Let's Play Thingy, while trying to catch Terrakion, he forgets that it has the Justified ability and sends out his Lucario to use Dark Pulse against it...then remembers that too little too late when he uses the attack. Hilarity Ensues.
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  • And in Part 38 of the same series, he's about to end the episode and prepared to go into the Giant Chasm at the beginning of the next one, but accidentally enters the Giant Chasm and pretends to have a My God, What Have I Done? moment before leaving the cave and then ending the episode as normal.
  • In the same series, when he enters Castelia City, he unknowingly challenges Game Freak Morimoto to a battle. At first he thought he was going to have a team of powerful Level 70+ Pokémon. He realized they wouldn't be that cruel as to do that, but his reaction is still priceless.
  • Part 23 of the Heartgold Wedlocke, after Pear the Victreebel dies against the Double Team on Route 47 with Electabuzz and Magmar, but Turnip evolves into Feraligatr in that same battle, Legs' mom calls. Devin's Mood Whiplash is hysterical:
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  • In Part 18 of the same series, after a long while of going across the sea and raging at Legs' mom for calling him every five seconds, right before the end of the episode:
    "Hopefully you didn't just skip to the end to see if anyone died, because if you do that, you're not really cool... Hopefully you didn't read the comments to see if anyone died... But since you already skipped this far, i'll tell you now, no one died. But you probably already knew that because of the sidebar, didn't you? Hahaha."
  • Part 48 of the Platinum Nuzlocke, Vengeance the Dusknoir activates Quick Claw three times in a row... while asleep.
  • In the video where he overviews the very first preview for X and Y (January 8th, right after they were announced), he notices that Audino is presumably going to be in the gamenote  and stops to say "Hold up, right there! Audino. Yes! Thank you, Game Freak." The way he interrupts the trailer is priceless.
  • The finale of the Platinum Nuzlocke against Cynthia, when her Milotic uses Surf against Slippers the Quagsire, who has Water Absorb.
  • In the X Adventure when he checks out Kiloude City, while he's with an Ace Trainer asking him stuff on how to bypass Pokémon with Levitate, he's asked if Mold Breaker, Terravolt or Turboblaze (which are all essentially the same ability, except the latter two are exclusive to Zekrom/Reshiram and Kyurem's alternate forms). He answers Turboblaze for no serious reason.
  • All of Part 10 of the Black Wedlocke becomes one through Alternative Character Interpretation. The confrontation with Team Plasma in Castelia City becomes a completely ridiculous political rally between Ghetsis and Burgh.
    • GHETSIS 2012 - I mean, 2016!
  • In Part 40 of the Black Wedlocke, at the very end of the episode, after he catches Reshiram with the Master Ball, N heals his Pokémon. "Hold on. Your Pokémon are hurt." "No they're not, get away from me, you creep!" Then the episode cuts and ends before the fight.
  • Part 27 of the Black 2 Wedlocke, where Marriland fails to catch a Pelipper. The poor bird is just ruining his day.
  • In Part 29, a Hoopster uses the phrase "what the hoop?" when defeated. Since he just killed one of Marriland's Pokemon, Marriland tells him to go "hoop" himself.
  • In Part 32, during the training montage before Gym battle, two unlikely events happen to Marriland, one of which is fitting for the Wedlocke theme. First, while training Bergamask, he encounters three Cinccino in a row (mind you, they appear 5% of the time in the rustling grass; three in a row is about as likely as encountering a Shiny Pokémonl; Marriland comments that the chinchilla must really love Bergamask). Then, Rumba gets immobilized by love... seven turns in a row (1 in 128 or about 0.8% to happen).
  • In Part 45 - the final episode before the Elite Four, no less - just as he's done all his preparation stuff with his team, including training and moves, with less than a minute left in the episode, he talks to the Medal Guy, who's been sitting there basically the whole game, just because commenters were curious, speeding up his getting the medals.
  • Many moments from the Wondersleeplocke against Sephazon:
    • Early in the run, Sephazon trades a Budew away and gets... a Lv 2, non-bred Scatterbug. He's so annoyed over it he has to take a "Wonder Trade Dissapointment Break".
    • When Lightning, Seph's Mareep, evolves.
    Marriland: Uh, Flaaffy.
    • At one point, Marriland trades away a female Rhyhorn named Ganondorf and gets in return... a male Aerodactyl named Zelda.
    • After Sephazon expresses his desire to get a Sylveon, both he and Marriland receive Eevees in their next Wonder Trade, which makes them crack up for a while. For added hilarity, the encounters they traded for them were both Snubull.
    • Marriland gets traded an Aipom nicknamed Devin [Heart] Seph. Both their reactions have to be heard to be believed. It can be found on episode 10 of his Wondersleeplocke YouTube archives, "Queen of Hearts!"
  • In Part 36 of the Omega Ruby Wedlocke, while he is in Sea Mauville, as he reads Professor Cozmo's notes, he finds one that said "Salamence was kind of a letdown". Then his reaction is, "SAID NO ONE EVER?!?!" That note then proceeds to talk about how Cozmo traded that Salamence for a Solrock, which he was left dumbfounded by.
  • On his secondary Twitter, @ProfWaffles, while he was doing the artwork for the final team of the Omega Ruby Wedlocke, he had a drawing of Fettuccine the Gyarados that he hated and wanted to scrap. Then, he asked his followers to Photoshop it onto random pictures to give him some laughs, which he retweeted several of. The results were very hysterical. After all of that, he jokingly stated that he wanted to introduce a Gyarados clause in future -Lockes solely so he would never have to draw Gyarados again.
  • Catching Primal Groudon in a Luxury Ball while he was battling it in the middle of writing the walkthrough for his site. He only had a Mawile left and thought he would have to reset, but he caught it with an underpowered ball.
  • During the Crystal Sleeplock, Marriland had some of his Patreons play along on their own games and occasionally provide guest commentary. Around 2 hours 7 minutes into the second part of the stream, one of them (Groosey) offhandedly mentions that he just lost a Pokemon to Youngster Joey in a rematch. And no, it wasn't to a Raticate, it was just a Rattata. Everyone, Marriland included, immediately cracks up. And it gets better: the Pokemon he lost was Kenya, a Spearow you're supposed to give back to a trainer in that area. Groosey then narrates that he gave Kenya's dead body to the trainer.
  • In the comments of one of the X Wedlocke episodes, someone points out to him that he can move items that he has on set by pressing Y and then Select, and not have to go into the bag to do so. His reaction on YouTube may sound sarcastic, claiming that this is the first he has heard of it after over 1300 hours of having played XY, but it wasn't.
  • For the X Wedlocke, he indicates which trainers are Trainers of Death. Usually, it's because they are rather tough, but in Part 20, the trainer with six Magikarp gets the honor, with Marriland stating that you can die from boredom from facing him.
  • When Marriland is narrating AZ's story, complete with deep, booming voice and dramatic music, he gets to the part where AZ turns his machine into a weapon of mass destruction. Marriland swiftly follows with:
  • During Part 4 of his Sun Nuzlocke he changes Garden's hairstyle to cornrows... and immediately regrets it when he finds out he can't wear a hat at the same time.
  • In the beginning of Part 26, the video glitches and creates an accidental Orphaned Punchline. Marriland finds it funnier than the original joke he had planned and decides to leave it in.
    Marriland: Hoooooooow's it goin' everyone! [Sudden Cut] And that's right, looks like I just got dumped for Valentines Day!
  • Sleepversus 2017
    • The challenge includes wonder cards to spice things up. One of those is a Tauros race around Melemele island. Cue the racers running into trainer battles and wild encounters during the event. Other cards include but are not limited to catching three Magikarp to wonder trade, doing nothing for 5 minutes, and being forced to release a Pokémon if one lets out a pun.
    • Yoshiller's naming theme is to call all his Pokemon "Pokemon", but with the letters rearranged each time. So he has names like "nokemPo".
    • Chuggaaconroy was tasked to draw his current lead Pokémon (in that case, a Primarina) with his eyes closed and tweet it. Here's the result.
    • The "Arr matey!" card, which requires you to read the next trainer's dialogue as a pirate. Marriland drew it, and it just so happened the next trainer had an "Arrchen". And just when you think that's all for the silly voices, there's also the "What in tarnation?" card, which has you narrate the next trainer as a cowboy.
    • At one point, a Wonder Card forces all four of them to drop what they're doing and sing the original Pokemon anime theme song. This plus them all being sleep-deprived equals hilarity.
  • His first fight against Faba during his blind Moon run: Faba spent the whole fight spamming Hypnosis against Komatoes the Komala, who is immune to it. Artificial Stupidity at its finest.

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