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    Super Star Wars Return of the Jedi 
  • The playthrough starts off with just Arin and Barry and opens with a "two players" intro and seems to be intended for just them, but then Suzy shows up unexpectedly and nonchalantly asks to join, causing the episode to restart with the "three players" intro. The video thumbnail spoiled her surprise entrance, though, by showing her on it.

    Super Monkey Ball 

    Yoshi's Story 

    Vice Project Doom (Ft. ProJared) 
  • Jared makes a creeper face in the opening skit at the beginning of the episode when he agrees to play games with Ross.
  • More than half of Part 1 is outtakes showing just how much difficulty Ross, Jared, and Barry had filming the skit because they were attending MAGFest at the time and shot it there for convenience, since Jared hadn't been available to do a skit because he lives in Texas while the Grumps live in California. It lasts upwards of 17 minutes, and at least 24 minutes in real-time while trying to do the skit (3:36AM - 4:00AM), all to get less than thirty seconds worth of material. Here's what happened:
    • Everyone waited late into the night to shoot the skit, after most people save the night owls and EMTs had gone to bed. They kept failing to get a good set of takes due to winging the scene with little rehearsal and Ross having to duck inside Jared's room to hide over and over again to avoid being spotted, or Jared's guest appearance could've been spoiled online. Or worse their room number could have gotten leaked. Good luck getting any privacy if that happened.
    • Someone with a Game Grumps shirt may or may not have passed by, but Jared could tell he was wearing purple leggings.
    • Ross and Jared were going to kiss, but this didn't work out due to a combination of what is listed here and lack of time.
    • At one point, security passed by and Ross bolted inside, then some big lug unknowingly propped himself near their door while yapping to somebody for a good long time. Then the two strangers and somebody out of camera range wrote a note to slip under the hotel door... because they recognized Ross's voice.
    • They were apparently just "MAGFest staff"- "3 bored department heads" asking about their impressive camera rig. Arin, Jared, and Barry all thought it was a clever ruse to make them spill the beans about Jared's guest appearance. Or worse... they were department heads who thought the group was filming a gay porn because Ross said "slippery butt" one too many times.
    • The trio call it a night because they're afraid their room number is going to be exposed and plan to edit what they got out of their shoot in post-production, at which point Ross tries to imitate a strip tease like a real porno.
  • Part 2 has Jared and Ross trying to defeat the third boss. Somehow, Jared beats him with zero health. Cue a mutual freak-out.
  • Ross and Jared strike up a conversation about favorite pornos in Part 3 that somehow leads to Ross calling a Welsh Corgie a Welshi "Doorgie" and then a "Welsh Choad".
    • Also from that episode, Jared's glee during the shoot-em-up segments and his panicking at the ninjas and surprise enemy mobs.
  • Ross, in the process of losing his mind, describing what he thinks a "frogger" would be like if it was the name of a sex pose. It involves a strap-on tongue. From there, the conversation derails into a discussion of pirates, silver tounges, and random junk as Ross tries explain to Jared strap-on tounges really existed.
  • Part 4 begins with Jared racking up yet another pink bird death on that same friggin' cliff.
  • Ross reveals he took a risky teeth whitening procedure in Australia that the US frowns upon and because he's part of a rare percentile who have air bubbles pop their teeth sometimes, has essentially effed up his teeth in doing so, and that in the "Goddammit Ross" promo where he asked Suzy for some milk, he actually needed it to dull the pain.
  • Ross's description of the mech suit boss's missiles. It shows Jared that Ross hopelessly has sex on the brain and prompts a friendly request to clear his head.
    Jared: Oh, he's- he is kicking my ass.
    Ross: It looks like he's punching little choads at you.
    Jared: Ross...
    (Jared dies to the boss because of being distracted by Ross... again)
    Jared: Ugh. Can you just..reset your mind for a little bit and let's focus back on the game instead of, uh..uh.. dicks and stuff...?
    (Beat as Ross resets his mind)
    Jared: Aaand I've lost you. You know what? Come back, Ross. Talk about dicks and stuff.
    Ross: It looks like he's punching choads. It looks like he's punching choads.
    (Jared laughs)
    Ross: It looks like he has a million choads and they're coming out his butt.
    Jared: Yup, you're right, ha-ha-ha-ha.
    • Ross figures out that the level they're on is actually an evil "ladder factory".
    • Ross and Jared's Gag Dub for the post-boss fight cutscene.
    • Ross gripes at the game developers when Jared dies by falling between train cars on the next level and real train cars have a bridge to walk across between couplings.
      Ross: (bordering on a mock AVGN voice) What the hell, game developers? Have they never been on a train? Did their daddy not love them? Did their daddy never take them to the..uh.. what's on the other side of a train?
      Jared: Uh.. the train station?
      Ross: Did their daddy never take them to the train station, the train station that's run by a cat in Japan?
      Jared: Nailed it. Good job.
      Ross: There's a cat that runs a train station in Japan- I'm gonna go there when I go to Japan next year.
      Jared: What the h-..are you serious?
      Ross: Yeah.
      Jared: (somewhat astonished) ...Next time on Grumpcade.

    Wario Ware Inc.: Mega PARTY Game$! 
  • The first game they decide to play is "Jump Forever". Because all of them need to jump over the rope at the same time, they struggle to make a decent score.
  • Ross keeps changing his character name and won't choose characters nobody else is playing as. He ends up spelling out "ARIN IS COOL" vertically in the name-select screen.

    Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! 
  • At the very end of Part 4, Arin accidentally gets Parry the Parallel Bird killed, prompting Ross to quietly mutter "Holly will never talk to you again."
  • Apparently, Ross has "doughnut ESP".

    Mario Party 10 
  • Barry's sheer unadulterated rage (apparently including a death glare) at the end of the block-stacking game, where Suzy screws them over by repeatedly using difficult shapes (and at one point bizarrely managing to balance a square on its point). Ross and Arin get a come-from-behind victory and Barry gives us this gem.:
    Barry: We had that. In the bag. And you grabbed another FUCKING RHOMBUS.
  • In Part 7, After being the only one to not make it past the first round of a mini-game tournament, Suzy trolls the others HARD by randomly spouting numbers and letters during a memorizing game, screwing over everyone except Barry, who manages to win by observing the places the characters need to jump to, rather than the numbers on them.

    Super Mario Kart (Ft. Markiplier) 
  • In the first video, Arin accidentally spells Mark's name wrong in the intro animation. As later discussed with Danny in his Super Mario 64 playthrough, Arin gets picked on it by Barry immediately after the episode goes live, which leads him to come up with successively more outrageous misspellings. By part 5, it's an M followed by random letters and symbols.
  • Mark and Ross don't even get to touch the Special Cup levels because Bowser schools them during the Star Cup. They keep finishing in the bottom bracket (5th-8th), when you have to finish in the upper bracket (1st-4th) to qualify to move on to each track. During their second attempt at the Star Cup, they can't catch a break and end up on their last retry. Then, Bowser steals fourth place, and rage floweth forth like never before.

    Brutal Mario World (Ft. Markiplier) 
  • Mark suggests playing the game two player, but they weren't set up for it, forcing Arin to get off the couch and grab one.
    Mark: You wanna a do a two player game? I forgot that was a thing in Super Mario World.
    Arin: Two players? Aw man, alright, yeah!
    Mark: We weren't set up for this...
    Arin: *In the background* Let me just grab another controller and waste everyones valuable fucking time!
    Mark: Oh. Oh no. I have to so a solo Let's Play. What am I gonna do? I'm all by myself.
    Arin: *Still in the background* Well you're the only one qualified to...
    Mark: "Qualified." As if any of this—professional—what we're doing here...
  • In Part 10, Arin educates Mark to "feet dirt" and the need to vacuum one's house. Turns out Arin goes barefoot at home because he effin' hates shoes and socks ("Why would you not want your feet to be unfree?"), prompting Mark to confess that his brother has the same habit at their household. Except... their basement floor is made of asbestos. (This might dissolve into a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment when you realize Mark's dad succumbed to a form of cancer and asbestos exposure is capable of causing the disease.)
  • At one point, Mark brags that he's going to pull off a shortcut. As soon as he does, he loses Mario's powerup form and then a life all in less than five seconds and Arin goes into hysterics.

    Sonic 3 & Knuckles (Ft. Jirard the Completionist) 
  • Arin and Ross' joking about Game Emulators.
    Arin: I thought you were going to say—-
    Jirrad: that I emulate?
    Arin: No, what, that's illegal!
  • Sonic doesn't like to be bothered.
    Ross (as Tails): What does this power-up do? I don't even know.
    Jirard (as Sonic): ...Rings.
  • Ross comments on former Archie comics writer Ken Penders saying that Sonic's real name is "Ogilvie Maurice Jr."
    Ross: That's dumb. You're dumb.
  • Arin, Ross, and Jirard making fun of top 10 lists to the point they started saying all numbers after 8 stay as 8 and that the graphic and title cards are better than the actual video.
  • Jirard mentioning that the comments section mentioned the playthrough was boring because Jirard was too good.
    • Some people also said he wasn't good enough, even though Jirard got three Chaos Emeralds in the first episode alone.
  • In Part 7, Jirard gets Super Sonic...and immediately crushes himself to death.
  • Arin, Ross, and Jirard trade stories about their various reality show experiences in Part 8, but Ross probably has the funniest: contractual obligations forced him to be on "Heroes of Cosplay" with Holly even though he had no stake in it or experience with the cast, because spouses of cast members were required to appear on the show. So he decided to quote "Dan Radcliffe this shit" and wear the same gray hoodie every time they made him appear on the show, and eventually they thought they didn't have enough new footage of him and stopped featuring him.
    • When Arin was on "The Tester", they kept him locked in a hotel room with nothing to entertain him so he could be "pure" for the show. They wouldn't even let him have a book.
      Jirard: They wouldn't let you have a book?'s a BOOK.
  • In Part 13, there's this conversation:
    Arin: If Tails' real name is Miles Prower and Tails is a nickname, why don't they just call him Miles?
    Ross: They should call him "Kilometer."
    Arin: Well they don't have kilometers in Jap—...oh shit wait you're right.
  • 19th Century Youtube Comments:
    Arin (old-timey voice): Dear Sir or Madam! I have reason to believe you are a homosexual!
  • Arin and Ross start singing the theme song to "Scrubs".
    Arin (baby voice): Scrubs! The show! Starring Zach Braff! NOT ANYMORE...
  • Jirard so thoroughly dominates once he unlocks Hyper Sonic that Tails starts YAWNING during boss fights.
    Arin: You're like Sonic God at this point. It's like your Mary Sue fan character.
    Ross: We're reaching Doctor Manhattan levels of Sonic now.

    Metal Gear (Ft. Pro Jared) 

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time 
  • The intro sequence: after so many jokes about it, ProJared and Jirard The Completionist finally combine into ProJirard the Finishist.
  • Ross' Fridge Logic realization in the train level that the Foot Clan only built ONE side of the train.
  • Jared imagines Leatherhead as Australian and asks Ross to voice him.
    Ross: ...G'Day.
  • Jirard the Completionist is shown Pizza Time (let's just say it's a crude, lewd, and downright graphic parody of TMNT that will require massive Brain Bleach if you dare to watch it) and on audio we have his reaction.
    Jirard: WATERMELON?! There's watermelon involved??

    Pokémon Art Academy 
  • Ross is comically upset for the first few minutes of part 1 thanks to various technical difficulties. They can barely even speak in the wiped out states they're both currently in.
    Ross: Just to give you an idea of the kinda day we've had today—(Barry freaking out in the background)—we tried to film Steam Train for like four hours, and every game we tried— we tried, fucking, uhhh... uhhh... Rocket (Barry chimes in to help him say the title) Rocket League... None of the controllers worked. We tried.
    Barry: There was— there was, uhh... The Leg—(corrects himself from saying The Legend of Zelda) Secrets of Grandia...
    Ross: Grandia— we tried that— at local co-op.
    Barry: We couldn't get the Eyeternet to work on other computers—
    Ross: We couldn't get the Internet [said correctly] to work, either...
    Barry: It's been a NIGHTMARE—
    Ross: It's been the worst day— we filmed one episode today, and then it was literally a "Fuck it" adjustment and we were like—
    Barry: I am so hungry, I have to pee— I am salty as all shit...
    Ross: We are so mad...
    Barry: Let's play a fuckin' 3DS game...!
    Ross: We played one epis— we've done one episode today out of four hours—
    Barry: And we figured, "Hey, let's do a 3DS game..."
    Ross: And then we discovered—
    Barry: TOO BAD—
    Ross: And we discovered that the fucking program for the 3DS capture is-s-s-in JAPANESE...
    (the bottom screen appears with a lot of pixel noise)
    Barry: And the bottom—(loses it)
    Barry: (laughing hysterically) Oh my Goad [God]...(crumbles into more laughter)
    Ross: BUT THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE GETTING!!! Because I can't be fucked— Kevin, put up an "F" in front of "Art Academy"—
    (Kevin seamlessly draws an "F" in the same style as the other letters on the title screen)
    Ross: A blue "F"... (Barry is still losing it) I DON'T CARE ANYMORE!!!
    • Ross continues to be annoyed at the terrible quality of the bottom screen capture.
    • And then to top it all off, the guys can't fix the bottom screen capture because the moron who had the screen capture software last threw the box away that had the instructions and all they had were Japanese ones (and no Arin to translate) and the guy who made a tutorial online deliberately left out that part under the assumption that the users would have the box... and proceeded to make total asses out of Ross and Barry and himself.
    • Ross realizes they've thoroughly vented their frustrations at the outset:
    Ross: That was the saltiest start to a fuckin' episode ever.
    Barry: WE'RE DRAWING SOME FUCKING POKEMON— FUCK YOU!! (still cracking up)
    Ross: We've had a bad day. We've had a REALLY bad day.
  • Ross's Pikachu is a true masterpiece.
  • Everything that the other student draws and Ross and Barry�s reactions to it
  • Ross's utter indignation that the game is putting Suzy's signature on his drawings.
    • This eventually leads to Ross impersonating Suzy stabbing Barry in episode 4.
  • The Froakie lesson begins with making an oval for the head...which Ross promptly turns into a drawing of Hey Arnold!.
  • When the professor introduces the eraser tool and demonstrates it on a mistake that a fellow student made, Ross jokes about the professor erasing the whole picture. "Now go home."
  • Ross' next lession is drawing Tepig, an, unsurprisingly, pig themed Pokemon. At the beginning Ross asks Barry to bring up a real pig picture and he draws a realistic pig with all of Tepig's colors and markings...and Baragon's ears too.
  • Ross later draws a Fennekin with an Animesque Moe approach to it. He puts so much work and time into it that the episode drags on for 50 minutes, much to Barry's dismay. It's even confirmed in the next episode that Barry asked between episodes that Ross tone down the amount of work he puts into drawing.
  • Barry does a spot on impression of Kermit the Frog as an art critic.
  • In part 12, Ross turns a drawing of Inkay into Davy Jones, which is funny enough in itself. Then, while coloring, Ross zooms out and...
    Ross: He kind of looks like Osama Bin Laden.
  • Episode 21 has the series returning. Ross turns a Fletchling into an airplane and combined with a bright bursting background, Barry says "this is your captain speaking: we've ascended heaven."

    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 
  • Ross realizes that Hagrid looks just like Jirard.

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain 
  • Part 1:
    • Suzy claims that Kiefer Sutherland has a potato face, then proceeds to say "no offense" about her comment. Arin calls her out on it immediately.
    • Suzy says that Arin has Snake's booty, saying that it's the most important part of him.
    • The game opens with Snake lying in a hospital bed. When a doctor approaches, Suzy and Arin make some jokes about the doctor giving Snake a kiss to make him better. They continue the joke in funny accents for a few seconds until:
  • In part 9, Arin accidentally calls Kevin Barry. Kevin is so upset that he burns all of Arin's Skylanders.
  • Both Arin and Suzy wonder why there are Russians in Afghanistan, and think it's something Kojima made up for the story.
  • During the battle against Quiet, Arin manages to damage her by ordering a supply drop on top of her.
  • Arin and Suzy finally defeat Quiet and are about to recruit her into the Diamond Dogs. Too bad Arin wanted to see if he could kill her and it turns out that, yes, he could. Suzy is bewildered and upset at Arin while he plays it off like Quiet is fine.

    The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes 
  • Episode 1:
    • In an effort to work together to get a key across a river, Brian throws it to Barry, who then throws it to Ross on the other side, who then instantaneously throws it into the water. You can practically hear the viewers mutter to themselves, "Goddammit, Ross."
    • On their second attempt, Ross just keeps throwing the key back to Barry, prompting Barry to repeatedly tap the "Nooo!" Link emoticon in frustration, to which Ross responds with the thumbs-up / trollface grin emoticon.
  • Episode 2 starts with Barry's and Ross' Links tossing Brian's back and forth, much to his chagrin. At the end of the episode, Brian starts to lecture Ross on math, at which point Barry and Ross resume throwing him to each other.
    Brian: Stop throwing me please.
    Barry and Ross: No.
  • The entire first four minutes of Episode 7 is Brian showing off his Theoretical Physics PhD, as Ross and Barry get into asking various (in their own words) "dumb" questions. Barry asks about the Higgs boson and Brian immediately gets pissed.
    Barry: So why do they call the Higgs boson the "God Particle"?
    Brian: They don't. Fuck you, Barry. No one actually calls it that, and I hate you for asking.
    Barry: (surprised) Jeez, wow.

    Dr. Mario 

    Halo Combat Evolved 

    Diablo III 

    God Hand (Ft. Octo Pimp) 
  • Alex (a.k.a OctoPimp), of 50% OFF fame, is introduced by Ross as being a massive Japanophile who can speedrun the game. To Alex's own disbelief, within about the first two minutes of the very first level, he rushes towards an enemy's nut-punch and is subsequently finished off by another mook who blindside-kicks him.

    Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee 
  • Near the end of part 1, after Brian wakes up a Slig, he runs back to the screen on his left, then saves in case something happens. Immediately after the game resumes, the Slig catches up to him and kills him, handing the turn over to Barry.
  • In part 2, when Barry possesses a Slig for the first time, he contemplates shooting the nearby Mudokon, causing Brian to freak out.
    Brian: Do not kill that Mudokon.
    Barry (*inching toward the Mudokon*): This Mudokon?
    Brian: Don't do it, Barry!
    Barry (*inching closer*): This Mudokon?
    Brian: Don't do it! This is not Undertale! It's not a genocide run, Barry!
  • In part 4, Brian falls for a Schmuck Bait by pulling a lever that causes a rock to fall on and kill a Mudokon, then encounters a Slig in the next screen that kills a second Mudokon, and then gets shredded by a meat grinder as he runs away from the Slig, all in quick succession.

    Barbie and Her Sisters Puppy Rescue 

    Pac-Man Fever 

    Smash Bros. Challenges 

    Pepsi Man (Ft. Jimmy Whetzel) 
  • Ross initially loves the game due to its simple gameplay style and utter weirdness, but Jimmy soon warns him that his joy won't last long as the game gets unforgiving. And true to his word, Ross starts raging more and more throughout the playthrough, until he screams so hard that Danny hears him through two soundproof doors, and comes in to check what's wrong.
    • Danny also confirms they freaked out everyone working in the main office, including their cleaning lady Letty.
    • Ross then gets a good run while Danny and Jimmy are talking to each other... only to die literally a few frames away from the finish line, which prompts Ross to furiously knock everything in the table in front of him to the floor out of sheer rage. Danny takes the cue to politely excuse himself and leave.
  • Ross is eventually reduced to whimpering in pain over how hard the game is, and yet initially when Jimmy asks if he wants to let him take over, Ross refuses. He eventually relents and Jimmy is the one who ultimately finishes the game.
  • At one point Ross compares the game to his infamous Super Mario Maker levels, prompting hundreds of comments claiming that Ross is finally getting his comeuppance for those.

  • Of course, Ross and Barry have to come up with goofy names for everyone. Ness is now "Splot" and his favorite food is "penis."
  • Ross and Barry are very uncomfortable with Lier X. Aggerate trying to show Splot something in his basement.
    Ross: This is rapey as fuck.
  • When they discover it's the Mani Mani statue:
    Barry: Well, I'm sure we'll never see that again.
    Ross: I'm sure that has no story significance whatsoever.
  • Barry explains to Ross that Hamburgers are better than Cookies, so he's throwing away a cookie to make room for a Hamburger an enemy has dropped.
    Ross: Cookies are yesterday's news.
    Barry: Unless you put a cookie in a burger.
    Ross: Don't...that's playing God.
  • When Apple Kid asks for some food before he makes an invention for you, Barry discovers that giving him the Cold Remedy works. Makes you wonder how hungry he really was...
  • When Everdred explains that Pallf (Paula) was kidnapped by a chubby boy and a man in a blue suit, Ross immediately assumes that she was taken by Grimace from McDonaldland.
  • They think the Escargo deliveryman looks like he has a pink mustache so they give him Markiplier's voice.
  • Part 14 features them wandering into the zombie trap, as tends to happen in EarthBound...with the exception of Mr. Wilson being among the zombies.
  • When talking about Dr. Andonuts, Barry is gobsmacked when he realizes Ross' decision to name Jeff "Dick" makes him "Dick And Nuts".
  • Upon returning to the desert after visiting Fourside, Ross and Barry enter the dig site and encounter a Noose Man and a Mad Duck.
    Ross: What a ''noose''-ance! *studio audience laughter*
  • The argument who left beef jerky in the recording room in Part 24. When they discover it was Matt and reprimand him for it, Ross encourages people to tweet "What have you learned?" at Matt along with disapproving looks.
  • "'What brings you to the Monotoli building?' Conspiracies and lies, harlot!"
  • While Barry goes shopping for equipment, Ross gives some quick biting commentary on armchair critics.
    Ross: We had to wait till the episode started to do all this inventory management. We didn�t want to leave you guys out. See, the thing about our watchers of the Earthbound series is that they have written down, like, on a piece of paper�every single inventory item we have as they�re crossed off as it disappears. They like to keep up with it.
    Barry: It�s important.
    Ross: So, that if we are dying, and we don�t use a specific item that they know about, then they can berate us for it say you guys are bad at video games. And, um, I wouldn�t play better.
  • As they explore Moonside, Barry & Ross are surprised by a man disliking penis.
    The color, the smell, the taste, the texture...
  • Barry stresses himself out buying & managing inventory & money, much to Ross� disinterest.
  • The Grumps realize Palif's dizzy spell resembles a Pokemon about to evolve.
    Barry & Ross: Doo-doot, doo-doot, doo-doop�

    Miitopia (ft. Jimmy Whetzel and Commander Holly) 
  • Holly's introduction changes in each episode. It starts with Ross saying "Commander Holly", then "The Girl", then "My Wife", then "Why can't they get Dan?", then "The Bird Girl".
  • The Running Gag of using WEE WOO to Change the Uncomfortable Subject.
  • The game uses Miis for its characters. For the villain, they pick Brian.
  • When they finally get to the part where the third party member appears, Ross trolls Jimmy by almost picking someone else (Chinigan, of all characters) for the role. Jimmy freaks out.
  • Jimmy picks "Japanese pop star" for his character.
    • The female Japanese pop star.
  • They encounter a character described as "Serious Soldier", named John. They change the name and design to Jon Snow. They also use a code to make random Miis, resulting in: King Snoop Dogg, Princess Hank Hill (yes, princess) who is engaged to Prince Luigi but really loves Mario. And guards Sans and Papyrus.
    • Don't forget Great Sage Chinigan.
    • There is also Princess Hank Hill's entrance: a dramatic, Overcranked Face-Revealing Turn with a Hair Flip and a helping of pink Bishie Sparkles.
    • Later episodes continue the trend, giving us "The dancing guide: S. Snape", "The rambling old man: Prof. Oak","The shady merchant family: C-3PO and Iron Man", "Finicky Couple: Ahnold and Freddy", "Worried explorer: B. Obama", "Desert celebrity: Capt. Falcon", and a genie based on Soldier:76 (who they figure out is actually pretty freaky due to how his face is actually put together), released into the world by a gullible Prince Luigi. All of this topped by the fact that they actually do voices for these characters, most of which are pretty spot-on.
  • Part three ends with Jimmy's mii appearing to lovingly watch Matt's mii sleep.
  • After losing their party members for the first time, the group simply replaces them with defective clones of the originals: "Holly 2.0" thinks she's a cat, "Matt 2.1" is both physically and mentally stunted, and "Jimmy 2.0" is Jimmy's Evil Twin—complete with soul patch.
    • Matt's new battle cry: "i need diaper change"

    Old School Runescape 
  • Ryan used to think Runescape was pronounced "Run escape".
  • One player is named "PapiSucc".


Super Smash Bros for Wii U

  • The introduction for the premiere of Grumpcade. It's loaded with Stylistic Suck. Nobody attempts to say their lines convincingly, and Danny is edited in post-production (he was tied up with musical-related duties at the time) with absolutely no attempt to hide that fact- while the others are in the editing studio, he's sitting in the recording booth, trying to sound as though he was there for the launch. And when Danny gets the last line, the skits ends with the Reading Rainbow transition in a cheesy 80's-style freeze fame complete with a zoom-in of his corny thumbs-up.
  • Ross, in true form, refuses to pick any other character than Kirby. He also plays dirty, eating Arin and Barry's characters and taking a suicide plunge off the stages.
  • Barry remembers back when he couldn't speak on Steam Train and explains why it's now much better that he can.
  • As Ross reveals, he and Barry once convinced Danny that Lucario was actually some kid's fursona that got added to Smash as his dying request. And, sadly enough, Danny bought it wholesale.
  • The final match of the video is a special match with all three playing as Sonic. All characters are tiny, all wearing bunny hoods, gravity is set to light and the game's speed is set to fast. Complete incomprehensible chaos ensues.

Daedalian Opus

Game & Wario: Islands (Ft. Commander Holly)

Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3

  • For the last battle Jared picks Yamcha while Ross picks Goku and their stage is the Budokai stage where ring outs are possible. Their fight starts off very cool with colliding Kamehamehas only for Jared to charge Ross, who dodges and backhands Yamcha out of the ring. Do-overs were allowed.
  • Then Yamcha has his day, after a long battle Jared knocks Ross's Goku out of the ring. Ross gets worked up and starts to tantrum.
  • When it is discovered that taunting can reduce an opponent's energy meter by 1 bar, Ross proceeds to spam in non-stop, while Jared continously powers up, determined to beat Ross's trolling.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse

  • Arin and Ross spend some time just observing other player's characters. Ross sums it up as "Deviant Art the Game.'
  • Some of Ross and Arin's match ups are hilarious. One is Whis, the right hand of the God of Destruction vs...Raspberry one of Frieza's mooks.

Great Valley Racing Adventure

  • The first lines you hear in the cold open.
    Ross: Oh my god. This looks like horseshit.
    • And Ross' following reaction to the ingame models
      Ross: AHH! WHAT THE FUCK!?
    • And later, we get a close up of Petrie's face. Arin has this to say...
      Arin: Oh my god, he looks like a crumpled up piece of paper.

Drawn to Life

  • After spending most of the episode drawing penises, Ross decides to arm his penis-man hero with an appropriate and thematic weapon. Jump Cut to an extremely detailed semiautomatic pistol.
  • Ross has to color a sleigh but he finds a way to get around that and make it hilarious. The sleigh becoming a green goblin-head creature that is holding onto a bar and the Hero rides down a hill in his mouth.

Space Camp

  • Holly describes the controls as giving a gentle handy. as she could not think of any other descriptions.

Burger Time

  • Ninja Brian is officially introduced to the show, with an animated intro depicting the creation of Game Grumps by warlocks in the bowels of the Earth in 1982. Apparently Brian was behind literally every joke made on the show, with a short clip of him holding up cue cards that say things like "Get outta here!", "Ask Barry to have a smiling burger float across the screen", and "Talk about your penis!". Also Arin is definitely not holding that controller properly.
  • Brian spends the episode claiming Game Grumps is far more intellectual than it really is.
    Brian: I'm sure as you guys typically do there's a little recap after every game play where we just discuss the ups and downs of that particular...
    Dan giggling
    Brian: ...that particular bout.
    Dan: Do you watch our show?
    Brian: ...No, why would I?
  • There's something hilarious about hearing Brian talk about Mr. Hotdog in a completely serious tone.
  • Dan realizes he's been mistaking a pepper shaker for an ice cream cone, not realizing collecting them got you extra pepper attacks as well as points. Brian makes fun of him for this.
    Brian: You didn't know one of the most basic things about Burger Time? That is laughably naive.
  • Brian stresses the fact that the arcade cabinet version of Burger Time has many differences to the home version, spawning this conversation at the end when he learns the group actually has the cabinet version in the office.
    Arin: Well, you know what? I'll grab Data East Arcades...Classics...whatever the fuck it's called, we'll get you playing the original Burger Time—
    Brian: Can we do a field trip? an arcade? Like a real arcade?
    Arin: Well, we have Burger Time in the office.
    Brian: We what?
    Arin: Yeah. You didn't know that?
    Brian: No! Why would I be sitting here playing this bullshit version of Burger Time note  if I knew there was a real version outside?
  • "The only 'level' in Burger Time is next."
  • "That's a little something we in the Burger Time business like to call: Completing Level 2."

Elevator Action

  • Brian phonetically says the Roman numerals for the copyright year (1985) as "mc-mil-ex-viv" and gets a chuckle from Barry.
  • Their reactions after seeing Brian crush an enemy with an elevator. Arin is amazed by it, and Barry is disgusted by it.
  • Just to remind everyone, Brian has a Ph.D. This becomes a running gag in the video, as well as subsequent videos featuring Brian.
    Barry: Do you have a Ph.D, Brian?
    Brian: Yes, I do, and I will constantly reference that fact.

Spider-Man 3

  • When Woolie reveals he was a tester for the Wii version of the game:
    Arin: Did you have a notepad where you just wrote "everything"?
    Woolie: Bug: the game.
  • The constant glitches and baffling choices of the game keeps the gang in giggles throughout the video.
  • Arin just taps the swinging button rapidly making Spider-Man look like he is wigging the fuck out.
    Arin: Spiderman's had a little too much to drink!
  • Matt feels any superhero becomes instantly hilarious if you imagine them with asthma.
    Matt: But you're Dust Man!
  • The map for the whole city ends up looking like New Jersey doesn't exist. Naturally Dan has a field day with this.
  • The entire mission "Mary Jane Thrill Ride."
    • The EASY "Mary Jane Thrill Ride."


  • It's Barry and Brian playing Burnout on 4/20 and making the connection so obvious yet innocent-sounding at the same time, only for Brian to reference Hitler's birthday at the end instead. But seriously, enjoy the Hurricane of Puns.

Bee Movie

  • At the start of the video, Suzy asks Matt and Ryan for a special favor. True to the Bee Movie memes, every time they say 'bee' in the game, Matt and Ryan will actually speed the video up.

Simpsons Hit and Run

  • Arin is joined by OneyNG and his friends, Ding Dong and Julian from Oney Plays. The entire episode is full of absurdist Word-Salad Humor, only heightened when The Grid appears.
  • At some point, they turn off the voices in the game and start making up their own missions. Their impressions of the characters are both impressive and disturbing. "Oh, Homer! I NEED YOU TO GO OUT AND BUY EGGS FOR BAAART!"
    • "I go buy eggs for Bart!"
    • "And so the mission began...."
    • "I go bring egg to Ned Flander."
  • Homer tries to find his character arc for a made up episodenote . Hijinks ensue as Chris decides that Marge is Homer's character arc.
    Homer: Marge, I have no character arc, Marge!
    Marge: Mmmmm... I AM YOUR CHARACTER ARC! You better get one! I will love you forever! FOREVEEEEER! I AM YOUR WIIIFE!
    Homer: But Marge...
    Marge: NO BUTS! Bring me head of pig! Bring me eggs! ONLY EGGS CAN SUSTAIN ME!
  • "Hey, Homer, I'm naked!"
    • "Hey, Homer, I'm drinkin' gasoline!"
    • "I fall over, Homer..."
  • The made-up cheats for the game. Infinite Homers and Mega Marge.
  • The Running Gag of Marge being a goblin that speaks in rhyme.
  • "I bring you six chocolates. One for each child you lose."
  • The entire sequence where Homer lands a truck on Marge.
    "Homer": I made it home, my wife! (truck)
    "Marge": AAAH!
    "Homer": Marge, I brought you a gift! (repeatedly kicks at Marge as she's stuck under the truck, eventually attracting the police) It okay, she me wife.
  • Everything to do with the aforementioned "Grids of the Ancients."
    • "Wow! The real Simpsons experience!"
    • The group jokingly wondering if there's a cheat to give all the characters realistic human proportions.
    • At one point they decide that the Simpsons are actually living in a giant computer a la Tron.
    • Ned: "Watch out for that grid on the floor. It'll cut you up good. Maude got pulled under by the grid."
  • Their imitation of Marge's screaming at random intervals, which mainly consists of a throaty AH!
  • Their envisioning of Marge as an evil rhyming goblin.
    I smell some fear. He must be near.
    My husband where? Come home for scare.
    Family night brings lots of fright!
    Where's my love? Come from above. (Gets a little more amusing that they put in the car jump cheat and end up landing their car car on Marge)
  • Their bewilderment at the mission at having to race Skinner to the school to hand in Lisa's science project. Namely because as the principal, Skinner wouldn't be the one to grade her. They come to the conclusion that he's filling in for Hoover because she's dealing with lime disease.
  • This overlooked line when they see a random NPC with a green hat:
    Oney: Ah, Green-Hat Man. Man of many talents.
    Arin/Green-Hat Man: One of my talents is that I have a green hat!"
  • A discussion of Brian's death on Family Guy leads to their mocking of Lois Griffin's Narm exposition lines in her nasally voice, particularlly how Brian's death got it the worse.
    "Peter, I can't believe you knocked out the high school principal and now you have to do his job!"
    "Peter, I can't believe my dad tripped down the stairs and now you have to do his job!"
    "It's true Meg; Our dog, Brian Griffin, is DEAD! GONE! BANISHED FOREVER! NEVER TO RETURN!"

Robot Party (ft. Ninja Audrey)

  • Audrey's behavior in general is adorable, but special notice goes to about 11:55 in the video when Brian tries to get Audrey to talk about his office and she heaves this great sigh at being interrupted.


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