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A continuation of the original page.

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    Plants vs. Zombies 
  • Arin and Barry's impressions of Game Theory's MatPat in Part 6.
    Arin: (in a horribly over-cartoonish voice) Hi, I'm MatPat, I'm the host of Video Game Show!
    Barry: (in a similarly cartoonish voice) But you don't have to take my word for it! Da-dun-dun!
    The Stomping Land 

    Battle Block Theater 

    King's Quest VI 

    Pet Catz 2 

    Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013 

    Olli Olli 

    My Ex-Boyfriend the Space Tyrant 

    Sakura Spirit 

    Only If 

    Coolest DBZ Fan Game Ever! 

    Secret of the Magic Crystals 



    Mount Your Friends 

    Peggle Nights 

    Next Car Game 

    Five Nights at Freddy's 

    Monster Loves You! 

    Mega Coin Squad 

    Amazing Princess Sarah 


    Gang Beasts: Revisited 

    Sims 4 

    Boson X 


    Adventures of Pip 

    Turbo Dismount 

    Double Dragon Neon 

    Lethal League 

    Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree 

    Transformers Fall of Cybertron 

    Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos 
Following that with Part 4...

     Duck Dynasty 

     Don Bradman: Cricket 

    Among The Sleep 

     Plague Inc. 

     Organ Trail 

     Amazing World 
  • Since it's a game geared towards younger children, the sign-up information asks for the player's parents' email. So Ross decides to actually put in his dad's email, meaning they need to call him to get the account activated.
    • Before that, something even funnier happens: After finding out that the game won't allow the username "rubberross" (Apparently due to 'rubber' meaning condom), Ross tries "condomross" and it works.
  • Ross finally finds the store and buys $99 worth of premium currency... which they shortly thereafter realize he can't even spend because almost everything is only unlocked at a higher level.
  • The entire last 20 minutes of the video and their interactions with a player named "Wintertaidthumbs".
  • Ross finds out that he forgot to turn off monthly payments for the game.
    Egoraptor: RRRRRRROOOOOSSSS!!!!!

    Five Nights at Freddy's 2 

    Freddi Fish 
  • Arin has the hiccups. Ross attempts to cure him of them by promising him 100 dollars if he hiccups again. After a few seconds of silence, it seems like it's worked...only for Arin to hiccup again.
    Ross: I will give you a hundred dollars if you hiccup again.
    Arin:I think it worked...What the fuck. *hic* Ah, I hiccuped!"
    Ross: No, I didn't hear it!
    Ross: Edit that out!
    (Flashback to a few seconds ago)
    Ross: I will give Kevin a hundred dollars if you hiccup again.
    Text on screen: PAY UP ROSS!
    • Becomes a minor Running Gag in the next episode, where Ross ups the ante to 200 dollars, and again Kevin hijacks his words.
      Arin: You're not really going to pay Kevin 200 dollars.
      Ross: Two hundred dollars if you hiccup again.
      Arin: But that doesn't mean anything—
      Ross: TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS Kevin.
      Shortly after
      Arin: Feeling like I'm probably going to hiccup again. *Hic* There we go.
      Text on screen: THE MONEY IS MINE!
  • Arin gets increasingly defensive and loud about their decision to use a walkthrough on a game for young children. Barry decides to just pretend Arin is drunk.
    Barry: Arin, what's ten times ten?
    Arin: Te—seven.
    • Also, Arin continually finds himself shocked at just how snarky the walkthrough is, to the point of actually asking the author just what the hell their problem is.

  • This series solely consists of Arin, Ross, and Barry — equipped with God Mode and full tactical gear — going around their server and forcing other players to have the Christmas spirit and sing Christmas carols or get put down (in a game where death has very dire consequences). Those who comply are recruited into the Christmas Battalion, and everyone else...
    Other player: (beat, then runs, and promptly gets shot)
    Arin: What is everyone's problem with Christmas?!

    Leisure Suit Larry 6 
  • The entire exchange with the maintenance guy in Part 2, but in particular:
    Larry: Gosh, I'm so sorry you're so busy. How about if I get out of your way? Heh heh, see you later, I'll just wait in my room or something.
    Maintenance Guy: (Irritated) Oh yeah, good idea! The sooner you leave me alone, the sooner I'll get this done!
    Danny: What a bag of dicks.
    Ross: Yeah, what an asshole.
    Larry: (Immediately after Ross) Geez, what an asshole!
    (Danny and Ross laugh)
    Maintenance Guy: Geez, what an asshole!
    Danny: Nice!
  • It seems that in lieu of Ross's precious 'lick' option he has found comfort in the game's 'undress' button.
    Danny: *having some trouble with a button* I feel like we should be able to push that don't you?
    Ross: Maybe pull your penis out?
  • In part 6, while talking with Char, Danny and Ross discuss the texturing on the walls. Barry starts to zoom in on it, then zooms in on Char's boobs instead.
    • After awhile, Barry edits Dan's face onto Char's face to make a truly surreal picture.
  • The Running Gag of censoring naked characters with pictures of Dan and Ross, with the exception of the men in the showers. Here, they're censored with pairs of jeans, DNA genes, and pictures of Gene Wilder.
  • Part 13 has the grumps accidentally ride the makeshift tram when they didn't intend to. When they take the tram back, Ross comments on wanting to hear music from Wind Waker while they're riding. Barry obliges.

    Tasty Blue 
  • Ross's reaction to discovering they're big enough to eat humans, and prompt sighting of an orca.
    Ross: I can eat people! I am the apex predator! Wooh! (sees whale) Oh, shit! Fuck! Oh, fuck! Ah, it's a killer whale!

    Five Nights at Freddy's 3 
  • Kevin adds some sneaky edits with Ross in an eyeless Woody mask. Then the playthrough cuts to showing Ross scaring the badonkers off his fellow Grumps. When he did he was, of course, wearing the mask but Suzy described him as not having a shirt, his underwear pulled up to his bellybutton, and his pants down around his knees.

    Grand Theft Auto V 
  • In part 2, Ross and Arin decided to go around spraying random players with a fire truck and accidentally murder one of them. Said player eventually comes back. With a bazooka.
  • As they're driving around, Arin points out a ghost player flying around in an airplane. At the end of the part, a cab Ross is riding in suddenly explodes, killing him. At the beginning of the next part, Ross returns to where his ride spontaneously combusted. What does he find? The wrecked remains of a plane.
    • Even better, near the end of the part, the ghost player suddenly falls out of the sky while Ross is fiddling with C4 and gets in the way of his C4-flinging. Ross then blows him up, avenging his own death.
    • What makes this funnier is the fact that Ross never realized the plane he found at the crash scene was the ghost player's, nor the fact that it killed him. He not only got revenge on the player who kamikaze'd him, he did so without ever realizing it!
  • Ross meets a player named Frostastic and proceeds to befriend him. After several minutes of hanging out, Arin finally shows up on his bike. He promptly murders Frostastic, driving Ross into a fit of rage.
    Arin: Is this your friend?
    Ross: Yeah, he's my friend. He hasn't tried to kill me yet.
    Arin: (points gun at Frostastic) Cool. (shoots him)
    Ross: What're you doing!?
    Arin: What? (dodges Ross's punch) I didn't do anything. (laughing as he gets on his bike) See ya!

    Sonic Dreams Collection 
  • Words can not do this one justice. Just click the link. Watch at your own risk. NSFW is only the tip of the iceberg. May God have mercy on our souls.
  • As they play the Movie Maker, they eventually encounter a motel set. Ross becomes anxious.
    Barry: Uh...
    Ross: Oh...
    Barry: Oh my...oh my god.
    Ross: Arin...
    Arin: (Trying not to laugh) Go on inside!
    Ross: I- I don't want to.
    Arin: Ross, just go inside!
    Ross: I don't want to.
    Arin: Just go inside!
    Ross: I don't want to.
    Arin: Just go inside!
    Ross (whining): Arin, don't make me go inside this No-Tell Motel!
  • When the gang comes across a pregnant Sonic scene, they find a rope that, when pulled, causes Sonic to give birth to various objects. These are a ring, a Chao, a Chaos Emerald, a speech bubble that says "Let me out of here!!!", and Tails.
    Barry: This doesn't even belong in the headcanon! GOD!
    • It says something when ROSS of all people is worried about what's going to happen next.
  • The moment Barry realizes that they were just birthed out of Rouge's vagina.
    Barry: Why were-!? Wha- Where are we, look up, er-
    (Pan up, sees Rouge with her legs wide open)
    Barry: Noooo! Noooo! Noooo! Uggggh!
    (Arin laughs hysterically)
    • Even worse is when they first appear INSIDE Rogue's vagina, they explore a bit and find Big the Cat is in there with them.
  • Arin has Ross and Barry convinced for a little while that this was a set of failed Sega games, rather than the fan-game that it is.
  • "My Roommate Sonic" traumatizes them so much that Barry is reduced to whimpering, "Turn off the Dreamcast!" over and over, with Arin telling Ross, "It's up to you!" as Ross hesitates to shut off the system.
  • Ross concludes the video with the understatement of the century.
    Ross: I don't know what you just showed me, but I'm a little disturbed.

  • The end of the first part.
    Ross: Next time on Steam Train...
    Barry: I want to go to the right side of the screen, Ross!
    Ross: Nope. Next time on Steam Train...
    Barry: I'm impatient!
  • A major selling point for watching the playthrough is the variety of funny voices Ross provides for certain characters: Papyrus sounds like Skeletor, Alphys is Dinkles, while his Mettaton voice is a Markiplier impression. And when Mettaton transforms into Mettaton EX, his voice goes from Markiplier to seductive Markiplier
    • What voice does he give Onion-San? His Sakura Spirit voice.
      Barry: Ugh, I never understood Dan hating on this voice until I had to hear it in person.
  • "Why is [Madjick] shooting Jesus at me?"
  • Episode 12: "Yer breakin' my balls Alphys! BREAKING! MY! BALLS!!!"
    • Also Ross having Alphys suggest they Netflix and chill.
    • When Alphys is explaining that she made a mistake in reprogramming her robot, Mettaton:
      Barry: We only just met, why are you trying to piss me off?
      • "Well. That's quite a Chekhov's Gun you just laid on the table; thank you for that. "Eh, you're welcome!"
      • Which is followed up with a "Oh, WHOOPSY! Easy mistake there!" when she reveals it's now a bloodthirsty killing machine.
    • On the train question, they get it wrong simply because Barry took so long reading the question that they ran out of time.
    • It's also worth pointing out that, when they first met her, Barry and Ross mistakenly thought that she was a guy.
    • When Mettaton reveals that Alphys has been watching the player's progress.
      Ross!Mettaton: And always, always whispering... "No! Wrong! You have to go that way!"
      Barry: So is Dr. Alphys you, Ross?
      Ross!Mettaton: Shut up!
      Both of them chuckle
  • When Alphys suggests that they "j-just forget about it and smile."
    Barry: I can do that. (turns Frisk to face the camera) Look at my smile! I'm smilin' right now!
    Ross: You look like fuckin' Brock from Pokémon.
    Barry: I look like a power outlet.
  • Ross, as an off screen Papyrus, has some pleasant words for Undyne in Part 18, after Undyne explains why she can't let Papyrus into the Royal Guard.
    Ross!Papyrus: Say that to my face, bitch!
  • Their reaction to Photoshop Flowey who decimates them in SECONDS on their first try.
    • And just before that was, of course, their reaction to Flowey deciding to Yank the Dog's Chain by killing off Asgore just as things had settled back down. Having the game shut itself down immediately after left them extremely unnerved.
    • A little meta humor is that, during the fight, Photoshop Flowey demonstrates his superiority by reloading the game constantly. The Grumps, however, believe that they're beating him and that the reloading is them showing their superiority. This gets laughable when you see Photoshop Flowey utterly curbstomp the player with his evil face laughing as Ross and Barry feel triumphant.
  • Nearly the entirety of Part 22, in which the Grumps explore the true laboratory and are thoroughly unnerved the whole time.
  • In the finale, Part 23, the Grumps commenting on how the drama of the finale is somewhat undercut by their decision to name the child "Spoopy".
    • Their reaction to the reveal that Flowey has tricked Papyrus into bringing everyone together is also hilarious.
      Ross!Papyrus: Let's just say... A tiny flower helped me!
      (Barry laughs)
      Ross: Papyrus...
      Barry: God... dammit, Papyrus!
      Ross: P-P-P-P-Papyrus!
  • Since the character Sans has done nothing but bone-related puns the whole game, they get to improvise their own during the credits. They even high-five over it.
  • Ross and Barry genuinely freaking out when Asriel pranks them with the fake-out before the backer credits.
    • Plus there's the implication, given Barry's reactions during, that they genuinely don't know that you can't die in the Special Thanks section (where you dodge the credits)... because you have infinite health.
  • Barry and Ross freaking the hell out over having to do the No Mercy Run. Especially near the end of the first area, when the first empty random encounter shows up and the music changes completely.
    • Part 2 features Barry's epic breakdown at killing Toriel in the cruelest way possible (i.e, sparing her until she stops attacking, then one-shotting her).
    Barry: I HATE YOU, ROSS!
    (Distant sound of a door closing.)
    Barry: ...Ross has left the building.
    • After the episode where they kill Papyrus went up, Ross uploaded a video to his Instagram of a quiet candlelight vigil for Papyrus (or rather, a stuffed Papyrus head). It is both funny and a Tear Jerker at the same time. Also, Ross's comment on the video is "rip in pepperoni".
  • In the last two minutes of Part 13, they finally experience the joy that is Sans' opening attack. Cue incoherent shrieking and then stunned silence at the first of undoubtedly many Game Over screens just five seconds after the battle starts. Even Ross - who knew what the final boss would be - is at a loss for words.
    Ross: *brokenly sings along to the Game Over music*
    Barry: (high-pitched, strangled voice)....Next time on Steam Train, we're gonna...see what that was all about...
    • Even better is their reaction to Mettaton's boss fight. They stock up on high-end healing items, steady themselves, go into the boss room....and he dies in one hit.
  • Part 15 of Undertale Genocide has Ross telling Barry incredibly lame skeleton jokes off a Halloween joke website in his Skeletor Papyrus voice. Ross genuinely believes it helps when Barry gets through Sans's randomly teleporting attack pattern without being hurt and asks everybody to put their hands up and give them skeleton jokes.
  • Part 16 brings us the finale to the No Mercy Run, and Ross and Barry's screams of horror at the ending, where Chara rushes the screen.
    • The very Overly Long Gag. After having denied Chara's offer of taking the player's SOUL, they wait for them to return with the offer. During this time, Barry decides to use the Random Conversation Generator again, and almost all of Ross' answers are either "Danny Sexbang", "Kevin" and "murder".

    Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes 
  • First of all, the very idea of having Arin, Barry and Ross working as a bomb squad, with the easily hyperactive and rage-prone Arin as the defuser (especially nerving given his recent experiences on Super Mario Maker) and the trollish Ross as one of the assistants. The Grump heads on the thumbnail for Part 1 are a quite accurate depiction of the playthrough.
  • Arin's accurate but outrageous descriptions for the glyphs, which includes "an A with a dick" and "a nutsack with a tiny dick".

     Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 
  • Brian is all too happy to ignore the "Ross makes the save names on text adventure games" tradition, often taking the keyboard before Ross can get it to make saves informing the viewers that Ross, in fact, likes to suck butts. Ross' reactions are varying levels of indignation and frustration.

     Stardew Valley 
  • After much fooling around on the character creation screen, they discover they can give their character odd-colored skin and decide he needs to be a robot. Named Eieio (as in "Old McDonald had a Farm"). Who likes killing humans.
  • Ross has somehow added a mod that adds the Undertale soundtrack to the game.
    • Which becomes even funnier next episode when he admits he modeled his character in his personal playthrough after Papyrus.
  • Talking about the Dwingeloo Galaxy, which is a real thing, and what its inhabitants would be like.

    Pokémon Academy Life 
  • As Ross reads the disclaimer at the start of the game...he realizes he may have made a mistake.
    Ross: "This is a fan-made game based on characters from the Pokémon franchise. It is not to be purchased or sold for..." Oh fuck, some guy just sold this to me.
    Arin: Are you serious?
    Ross: He was on that corner of the street and he said...
    Arin: Are you fucking ser...You got swindled by a Pokémon bootleg artist?
  • Ross and Arin comes across the girls dorm and has this to say.
    Ross: (in a deadpan tone) Who you know really needs to be separated once they all know each other, they are afraid that they might accidentally have sex.
    Arin: (equally as deadpan) Oh no that... that would be horrible.

    Mr. President 

     Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location 
  • Suzy remarks on how odd it is seeing people buying Five Nights at Freddy's merchandise at Target and Wal-mart, and Barry claims he wouldn't know because "I don't go outside."
  • "It's like Myst, if it was designed to just break your brain."
  • "There's no way [Ballora]'s gonna be just pressed against the glass, screaming, right?" Barry almost seems surprised that she isn't there at all.
  • "We like foxes, they don't chase us down hallways or anything."
  • After the "Angsty Teen" version of Handy tells them about the dead body found in the vent, Barry wonders "Was I that dead body? Is that the twist?"

     Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 
  • In Part 3, Ross and Barry claim they switched the voice audio to Japanese to appease the people in the comments inevitably complaining about Subbing vs. Dubbing. It's actually Spanish.
    • Part 4 has them apologise for "accidentally" picking the wrong option, saying they fixed it. The voice language is now Brazilian Portuguese.

    Steam Rolled 
  • The opening promo for Steam Rolled.
    Ross: *Standing next to Dan* We at Steam Train challenge Game Grumps to a duel!
    Dan: *Suddenly standing next to Arin* We accept!
    Ross: *Looks to where Dan used to be* What the fuck!? Who's going to be on my team!?
    *Camera cuts to Barry who notices and immediately starts shaking his head no*
    *Intro begins*
  • The pouty face of Ross' character head after it rolled in the title sequence late, prompting a "Goddammit, Ross!"
  • Barry does not join in with the vocal commentary, using the in-game text chat functions as his medium of commentary instead. This makes his short-lived and soft-spoken deliveries hilariously blunt.
    • Which makes the one thing he says at the end of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive episode all the funnier.

Quake III: Arena

  • At one point, the combatants called a brief cease-fire to check out Barry's character's ass.
  • When Barry is threatened with being fired he shrugs it off.
    Arin: Barry, I know you're in charge of naming the episodes but you're fired if it's not called "Barry Served".
    Barry: *Typing* I've been fired, like, eight times today.
  • After Barry starts rolling through Dan and Arin again, this exchange occurs:
    Dan: I think Barry is doing better because he doesn't have to... (Arin: Trash talk?) Yeah, trash talk.
    Barry: (after killing Danny yet again) *typing* I can do both, bitch.
    Dan: (looking at chat) *laughs* Barry, you're such a dick.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

  • This exchange, signalling Danny and Arin's full transition to Stopped Caring:
    Danny: I'm gunna go plahnt da bahmb. Oh no!
    Arin: Don't plant da bahmb!
    Danny: Dere's a guy dere!
    Arin: Hold on, KABOOM!
    Danny: (mumbles incoherently)
    Arin: I blew off his face!
    Danny: Did y- did you?
    Arin: Hold on, I can- I thi- Oh wait...
    Danny: No! He fe- oh, he fell off the bridge! (begins taking fire from Ross)
    Arin: I got 'im...
    Danny: (obliviously advancing forward, despite still taking fire) Yeahh! (dies) Ahh! He shot me with a gun!
    Arin: (also killed by Ross) I GOT 'IM!
  • Their speculations of what SMG stands for.
    • "... Suck my groin..."
    • "Super Malaysian guppies."
    • "Sick marmalade, Grandpa!"
    • "So many guns."
    • "Sad monkey goo."
  • The ending.
    Danny: Barry, what do you have to fuckin' say for yourself?
    Barry: *Actually Speaking* Thanks for having me.
    Ross, Arin and Danny: WHAAAAAAAAAAA-?!

Worms Armageddon

  • The Lampshade Hanging of Barry being able to speak.
    Barry: I can talk!
    *The others show approval*
    Ross: How'd you manage that?
    Barry: I used my vocal box! And now I can speak words! *coughs* I'm not used to it!
    Arin: Is that the first time you've spoken in, like, forever?
    Barry: Ever!
    Ross: I think I saw a moth fly out of your mouth.
    • Apparently the moth wasn't from Barry not speaking in a while, but rather, in his own words, he was "storing them for later", and that they "kinda taste like Skittles."
  • Barry makes an impressive shot to open up the match, and oneshots a worm as a result. Only then does he realize that he just killed his own worm.

Mario Party 4

  • The opening leading to Suzy's debut on the show. Arin, Dan, Ross, and Barry are all laughing playing games while Suzy is surrounded around papers in the corner before informing them that the budget won't allow them to film on the moon...
    Danny: *Rips a cartoonish drawing of him on the moon off his chest and stands up* This is bullshit! *Leaves the room rendering his spot on the couch empty*
    Arin: Suzy, you're up!
    Suzy: Oh! Cool! *Gets up to join them as it cuts to the intro*
  • It should come as no surprise that they end up playing Hop and Pop. Again. This time it's Barry in the spiky ball. And as soon as the game starts he begins talking in a not quite pirate voice. Arin eventually asks why he's being so creepy.
    Barry: Heeeeere coooomes Yoshiiiii. Heeeeere coooomes Yoshiiiii! Who likes spiky balls? Do you like spiky balls m'dearrrrr? *Ross is popped as everyone else shouts* Waluigi likes spiky balls!
    Ross: Awwwww...
    Arin: It's satisfying because you were a meat-shield for me!
  • Arin uses a Mega Mushroom to get to the star, squishing Suzy in the process...only to learn the hard way you can't get a star while using a Mega Mushroom.
    Arin: *Approaching the star* Yeah, yeah! WHOO!
    *Passes the star and nothing happens*
    Barry, Ross, and Suzy: ...What? *Barry starts laughing*
    Arin: You can't get it when you're big? YOU CAN'T GET IT WHEN YOU'RE BIG!?
    Ross: That's awesome! Ahahaha! Ohhh, that's funny. You fucked up. You fucked up. You fucked up.
  • Suzy fumbling with the ending of part 2 starting with "Next time on Game Grumps" to "Next time on Steam Train" and finally to "Next time on Steam Rolled".
  • In Part 3, for the "Take a Breather" minigame, Ross comically obliges and momentarily steps out for the break, so he was out for the entire minigame's duration.
    • It's made better due to the mini game being about the characters seeing how long they can hold their breathe underwater. So while Peach, Daisy, and Yoshi all jump into the water, Waluigi stays on the plank and seems like the Only Sane Man. Lampshaded by Arin.
  • Barry being prompted to show something in the edit creates a paradox. Later he even prompts himself to edit the video. He claims it gave him a Psychic Nosebleed.
  • During the finale, Ross takes a moment during the final few rounds to use the lottery shop, and Arin tells Ross he hopes he doesn't get the gold ball. Then that is EXACTLY what happens, and Ross earns 100 coins, which gives him an absurdly demanding lead.

Tower Fall

  • The opening moments make it clear that Arin, Ross, Barry, and Suzy are all crammed on the couch like sardines.
    Ross: Hey, welcome to squish couch!
    Arin: Whoooo! Squish couch!
    Ross: We thought it would be a good idea to fit all four of us on the couch.
    Arin: It was not a good idea.
    Ross: It's really hurting!
    Suzy: It's really uncomfortable.
    Ross: I'm the one getting the blunt end of the stick! When Arin got on the couch I got squished into the arm!
    Arin: The blunt end of the stick...?
    Ross: Hey, man, it hurts! The blunt end! Cause it hurts.
    Arin: The short end?
    • And then moments later...
      Arin: Alright, first to six!
      Ross: Alright, if I could just get my arm in here, Barry...
      Barry: Ow! Oh! Oh my god! Oh my ribs!
      Suzy: I wish all our viewers could see this right now. They'd be so pleased.

Fortune Street

  • Everyone decides to play as their own characters, except for Ross, who decides to play as "Chinigan," a really dumb-looking Mii who looks oddly like someone else on the couch...
    • The island section of the board is named "Chinigan's island", because of Ross's three-story fruit stand on it. The name is kept even after Suzy buys it out for historical purposes.
  • Ross constantly commenting on how the shifting game board resembles chopped-off male genitalia (even when it really doesn't).
    • In part 2, Arin decides that it looks more like an "ergonomic future lobster".
  • Ross becoming increasingly unhinged as the series progresses. At the end of Part 6:
    Suzy: Next time on Steam Rolled: Will Suzy finally win?
    Ross: No!
    Suzy: We'll find out! Will Ross final-
    Ross: No!!
    Barry: Will Ross finally grow-
    Ross: No!!
    Suzy: (beat) Next time.
    Ross: No- (episode ends)
  • Immediately at the start of Part 8, before the intro even starts, Lakitu causes Ross's best shop to close, prompting him to repeatedly yell "Fuck you!"
  • During Part 8, Suzy finally lands on Ross' pimped-out fruit stand. Ross spends the rest of the episode in a joyful mania, complete with gloating laughter and chants of "Ross wins".
    • Even better is when she lands on it in complete silence (as opposed to the Grumps' usual screaming and anger) while Ross and Arin talk, and it takes Ross until after the fact to realize that she just landed on it.
    • Or when he's so busy cheering he allows Arin to score a vital property in Suzy's auction with only one bid.
    • And then going away from the bank in Part 10 simply because he didn't want to pay more for landing on Arin's property than Barry's, and because he doesn't "look like the kind of guy who cares about things that make sense". Then he lands on Barry's more expensive property on his next turn!
    • Suzy's own reaction to landing on the space is also classic.
    Ross: What was that noise?
    Suzy: Eh, that was me throwing my phone across the room. Hit 2, Ross.
    Suzy: Next time on Steam Rolled, come see us murder Ross, cut off his thumbs, and use them to press our two buttons!
  • In the finale Ross' might fruit stand is finally defeated. He spends the rest of the episode in the back of the room sounding like he's lost the will to live...before doing exactly what Arin and Danny said he does during the October 2013 AMA and starts rigging the game propelling Arin to victory over Suzy who had been winning the vast majority of the series.

Mario Kart: Double Dash

  • For a part that is both funny and awesome: Just as Ross and Barry are about to win on Peach Beach thanks to a Mushroom, they trip on a banana Ross had put near the finish line the turn before, causing Arin and Suzy to win by milliseconds.
  • A minor one, but Ross refers to DK Mountain as "Dick Mountain".
  • From Part 2: "Existential crisis, gonna lose my license."
  • When Arin's team of Peach and Bowser Jr. wins a round, he mistakenly refers to it as "Team Father-Daughter". Ross instead calls it "Team Bestiality", causing a Squick reaction from Suzy.
  • Upon changing battles, the group have to choose characters again. Suzy picks Peach before Arin does, so he chooses Koopa and Paratroopa instead, referring to the duo as the "Koopa-Koopa Clan", or according to Ross, "KKK".


  • The Narwhal rap. Just the Narwhal rap.
    • Also, the various puns said throughout the match.
  • When Ross stabs Suzy's pink narwhal, he cries out, "Right in the pink!"

Wii Party U

  • After Ross cracks an Incredibly Lame Pun, Arin replies with the driest laugh ever heard on the show.
  • Barry wins a minigame, but it becomes a disadvantage when playing the actual Ball Dozer game. He then complains about having such wonderful luck.
    • Becomes Hilarious in Hindsight when Barry becomes the lowest scoring player in single digits compared to the other three in double digits.
  • Many of the lame jokes coming out of playing the BALL-dozer game.
  • During Sketchy Situation, the one-two punch of mass armpit farting, followed by the Grumps imitating Party Phil's voice patterns.
  • In "Sketchy Situation" Barry admits that he'd started to draw a computer mouse on his sketch of a keyboard, but crossed it out because it started to look like a penis... not that it mattered, because Ross just drew a penis on his sketch for no reason anyway.
  • The end result of Sketchy Situation: Everyone wins!
  • In Part 3, they decide to play two out of three. After Arin wins the first round, he reveals he wasn't even trying. Cue Barry sarcastically pretending to be him, giving the episode's title:
    Barry: Oh. Arin's amazing at video games! (Complete with thrown text across the screen.) Oh, look at me, I'm Arin...Look at me, I'm so attractive and handsome, and great at video games.
    Arin: I'm like legit embarrassed.

Samurai Gunn

    Stout Train 

    Meow Train 
Yes, even this cute joke video has comedy to be discovered.

  • The opening promo has the running gag of the gang holding up things that are very obviously not a PS4 as an example of it, including a rubber severed arm and R.O.B.

Scream Train

  • The new 2014 "Scream Train" intro takes off of the new 2014 "Steam Train" intro which features the Grumps in a train driven by Ross...except the train is driven by a zombie Ross known as "Rots", and the animated Grumps look terrified.

Alternative Title(s): Steam Train Two


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