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    Hotline Miami 
  • While the first part of Hotline Miami was lambasted for the silly voice they give the tutorial guys, it reaches an amusing climax where the two switch off between lines - one doing a very deep voice, the other a pleasant and normal-sounding one.
  • Ross has some difficultly telling items apart.
    Ross: That guy has a gun, he has a gun!
    Danny: That's a knife. It's sharp like a knife, and also not a gun.
  • Ross is unsure if the player character's car is a DeLorean. Danny points out Ross and Holly own a DeLorean, so he should know what it looks like.
    Danny: Well, Holly owns a DeLorean, and what's yours is hers and what's hers is hers.
  • Danny reminisces about The '80s.
    Danny: A lot of fucked up things happened in the '80s. Like Care Bears.
  • Ross' failed attempted at a Pre-Mortem One-Liner:
    "Hey uh, what are you watching? Just some, television?!"
    • Ross continues in the next episode.
      Having a smoke? I hope you, uh... it's bad for your lungs!
      Did anyone... order pizza??
      Uh... Die!
      Special delivery: Death!
      Uh, sorry, wrong house!
      Are you taking a poo?!

    Castle Crashers 
  • Ross' summary of the gray knight in Castle Crashers:
    "My power is mediocrity."
  • Their fight for the red princess in Castle Crashers. For all Danny's talk, Ross beats him easily.
  • Ross and Danny's discussion on how to peel a banana.
  • Part Two of Castle Crashers has Barry realizing that Ross and Danny are talking about how to pronounce Velociraptor and flash backs to Game Grumps' Sonic 06 part 38 where Jon and Arin talk about how Ross says Velociraptor.
  • The last couple of minutes in Part 12 is downright hilarious with both Danny and Ross speaking in the most ridiculous voices.
  • Skittles: Better than deer shit!
  • In the finale, after the first two forms of the final boss, Ross convinces Danny that that was the final boss as the treasure chest falls. When out of the chest jumps a creepy-ass giant flying scorpionwizard, Danny's reaction is hilarious - punctuated by Ross laughing at him!
  • And after the grande finale there is one last duel for the hand of the fair final and mysterious princess. Danny has a moment of 'we're gonna fight now!?' before Ross takes the last of the Blue Knight's health and decapitates him. At last Ross has finally earned the hand of a princess only for this princess to be a clown woman! Still, Ross does actually get the last laugh since she has a nice rack.

    Space Quest IV 
  • Danny is ever tempting fate and allowing Ross to name the save files, who continues to give them inane things that give zero clues as to how far they are into the game.
  • Their reactions to being caught by the zombie and the resulting Gross-Up Close-Up.
  • Danny's belief that the slime monster only moves in one direction being immediately and painfully proven false.
    Danny: It's not going to change direction and come at me... bro. [slime does exactly that] Oh God! It changed direction and came at me! [...] Damn that slime! It did exactly what I said wouldn't do!
  • Episode 9 begins with a live-action clip of Danny and Ross warning the audience that the episode consists solely of making burgers. At the end, we see Ross intentionally screwing up about a dozen takes of that same clip and it only gets funnier each time until you can hear Arin and Barry laughing in the background.
    • It gets to the point where Danny introduces himself as Barry because he was looking right at Barry.
      Danny: Hi, I'm Barry- FUCK! *Ross loses it*
  • Episode 14 has Ross reading a Ninja Sex Party fan fiction written by Ninja Brian. Danny's reaction is hilarious.
    • The best part is that if you pay attention to the fanfic, you realize that Brian never actually gets around to giving Danny the blowjob, it just keeps leading up to it and then suddenly ends. This in no way makes Danny any less furious.
    • Notably, Danny's reaction isn't pure ire or fury; some parts are so ridiculous Danny actually laughs at them, such as the mention of the "beejatorium."
    • Watch this for extra hilarity.
  • Through out the gameplay Ross will insist that licking things will solve a problem. Also from episode 14 is Danny lampshading the entire playthrough as: yep! We got out of the car and went down a hallway!'
  • Episode 18 involves Danny trying to get Ross to write something down which lead to this:
    Danny: Write that down Ross!
    Ross: I don't have a pen. :(
    Danny: God dammit here is a pen.
    Ross: I don't have a paper. :(
    Danny: Oh Jesus... alright write the paper.
    Ross: I don't have the spirit. :c
  • Lesson learned: Don't delete the game in the game.

    Civilization V: Brave New World 
  • The intro is a thing of brilliance. It plays out as normal until...
    Arin (who is dressed as a bandit): STICK EM UP, THIS IS A ROBBERY!
  • The first hour-long episode is filled with funny moments, especially due to Ross's incompetence and the inclusion of Arin.
    Danny: I wonder why we're in trouble, Ross. Maybe it's because you told Augustus Caesar to go fuck himself while building clay pots.
    Ross: Do you think we could send him a flower basket or something?
  • Arin acts aloud what 'good' drama and poetry would do for a nation under attack from Barbarians.
    Squire: We need warriors! Quickly!
    Citizen I've got four pots full of water! Will that help?!
    Squire: I, uh...
    Citizen: Larry knows what time it is!
    Larry: (Distant) I can read calendars!
    Citizen: He has it roughly down to the month!
    Arin: Did you just demand SALT?
    Ross: (laughing) Did I?
    Arin: Because I think that's the LEAST of Kyoto's problems at the moment! Everyone is like "We're going to be invaded! We're going to be invaded by the Roman Empire!" And somebody is like "I don't know that this fish tastes okay!" (laughing) "What do you guys think?
    Danny: (laughs) "Does anyone else's meat taste bland?"
    Danny: What's your biggest export, FAT? Fat people like yourself, fatty?
    Ross: Well, you're in luck because our biggest export is shirts.
  • Arin and Danny lambasting Ross for not setting up settlements.
  • The Caesar impressions. Sweet Jesus, the Caesar impressions, which quickly devolve into Skeletor impressions.
  • While fast forwarding through part 2, they sing/rap about how much Caesar sucks.
    Danny: Julius Caesar / He's such a douchebag / I hate his fucking / Big Roman face
    Ross: You said Julius. It's Augustus.
    Danny: Oh. From the top!
    Danny: Julius Caesar / He's such a douchebag-
    Ross: You said Julius again. It's Augustus.
    Danny: Augustus Caesar / He's such a douchebag / I hate his stupid / Fucking face
    Arin: Yo, motherfucker, listen up, it's Augustus! / He's gonna motherfucking kill you in your mustus! / I don't know what mustus is, I just wanted to rhyme! / Now we're gonna do it forward in time! *Record scratch*
    Danny: Civilization V, bitches.
  • Outback Steakhouse: Better than deer shit, mate!
  • In part 2, Ross temporarily loses his Great Prophet.
    Danny: He was only the first Great Man born in your civilization in three thousand years. "Fuck it! We lost him in the trees!"
  • Part 3 has three fast-forward raps, with Ross mucking up each and every one. Danny's enraged responses are something to behold.
    Danny: People in Jacarta don't wear shir-godDAMMIT, Ross, were you born without rhythm?
    Danny: People in Jacarta, were born without shirts!
    Ross (hesitant): Without shiiiirts-
    Danny: They don't wea-oh, ROSS, you're killing me. Trying to sing fast-forwarding songs, Ross keeps fuckin' 'em up!
    Ross: Fuckin' up!
    Danny: He wasn't born with rhythm, and it's p-
    Ross: Do-I-come-in-now?
    Danny: God, your head is just bobbing at the wrong pace...
  • The entire Jewish Mother skit near the end of Part 3.

    Ross: Yay, Ragusa. It's my favorite place. I used to go there for my sister's wedding.
    Danny: It was delightful. It was gorgeous.
    Ross: I stayed at the Hyatt there.
    Danny: I once went to Ragusa, I stayed at a lovely Doubletree Inn. They had coffee and Ragu.
    Arin: And free continental breakfast.
    Danny: Free continental breakfast. I took my trireme, and I sailed.
    Ross: Into their haaarbor.
    Arin: For fifteen years I sailed.
    Danny: All because I heard they had free cable.
    Ross: HBO? Whoo, I was sold.

    Ross: You know, you boys should really think about getting your hair cut.
    Arin: You're doing all this adventuring, you'll get the gangrene in your hair.
    Danny: Have you seen Augustus? He looks so trim. He looks so handsome in his robes.

    Danny: Build Notre Dame. Build Notre Dame in Tokyo! It'll take 89 turns.
    Danny: Why don't you just build Notre Dame? What's the problem? Tokyo could use some culture. The irony of you murdering Rome while you build Notre Dame in Japan is not lost on me.
    Arin: Build Notre Dame.
    Danny: Build it!
    Arin: Why aren't you building Notre Dame in Tokyo!
    Danny: Why aren't you building Notre Dame? Your cousin built Notre Dame.
    Arin: He was top of his class.
    Danny: You know Martin, from across the street, already built Stonehenge, and he did it in Canada.
    Arin: They don't even have things in Canada!
    Danny: It's just a bunch of wood and deers!

    Danny: Oh Barry, we're losing our shit over here.

    Danny: I'm very proud of you. You may not get to build Notre Dame before you die at the hand of Augustus Caesar, but you know what? You tried! And that's all anyone can ask of you, Ross. You did your best.
    Arin: Mom, we're gonna beat him.
    Ross: We can do it, Mom.
    Danny: I believe in you, honey.
    Ross: I believe in myself.
    Danny (sotto voce): He'll never make it. He'll never make it, he'll be dead in five turns.
    Arin: You know I believe in you, but his hair is just so clean!
    Danny: Have you seen Augustus' hair? It's so smooth.
    Ross: He keeps the lines so tight!
    Arin: How does he do it in 1560 AD? They haven't even invented scissors!
    Danny: It's like he put a salad bowl made by one of your amazing potters over his head and just cut around it. It's perfect!

    Danny: I'm very proud that you discovered Australia. Now go somewhere else.

    Danny: Wait till the next turn. But you know what the good thing about that is? You're gonna be that much closer to building Notre Dame.
    Ross: You're only 82 turns away. It's practically tomorrow!
  • And at the beginning of part 4, they do it again.
    Danny: You gotta hug the coast, like you hug your uncle.
  • The end of Part 4 has Ross, who is fed up with all the madness, kicking the computer and erasing the past 4 hours the trio spent playing the game. Barry then reveals that in retaliation, Danny murdered Ross and slept for 44 years, and then Arin went to Disneyland. Also, Mochi and Mimi were revealed to be the 4th player.

  • Their guesses as to what FTL means. Special mention goes to Arin's, which include "Fucking Thick Ladies" and "Forty-Thousand Leeches."
  • Early on Ross mispronounces 'rockets' as 'rocks'. Danny of course uses it to make further fun of Ross.
  • While Ross tries to prepare the ship for a conflict, Danny and Arin are focused on something else...
    Danny: Computer! More tea! (Arin Laughs)
    Ross: Fix the oxygen! Fix the shields!
    Arin: (robot voice) We are almost out of tea, master.
    Danny: No! (The enemy ship hits their ship)
    Ross: Oh Jesus! They took out our security!
    Arin: (overlapping, Angry) More tea!
    Ross: Okay, so the security cameras...
    Danny: (interrupting) Explode a planet!
    Arin: Steal their tea! (Danny and Arin laugh)
  • "Ok, so we got the cameras back, everything's on fire!"
    Arin: "Uh, Captain? I think I'm dying!" (ship explodes)
  • All three captain's logs. Before each of the three players get their turn, an animated segment showing a locomotive in space is played, with the player whose turn it is narrating:
    • The first captain's log:
    Ross: Captain's log, twenty-thirteen. Our crew's decided to... fly in space... Erm... It's... [Claxons sound]
    Arin: (distantly shouting) Oh my God, Ross, the hull's on fire!
    Ross: I'm, just, not now, I'm trying to captain's log...
    Arin: The hull is on fire!
    Ross: It's, I'm trying to captain log!
    Arin: Don't you care?!
    • The third captain's log:
      Danny: Captain's log, stardate twenty thirteen. Captain Daniel Sexbang reporting. Ross's butt smells funny. [Claxons sound] God be with us all.
  • "I'm the one who tells other people to eat dicks!"
  • The other two getting frustrated at Ross to the point his character's name goes from "Ross", to "Rosslyn", and then finally: "Douchelo"note .
  • Arin, after commenting on the ship's name (The Kestrel), wonders aloud what would happen if an alien spacecraft would encounter a real kestrel. Complete with ridiculous bird sounds.
  • Both of the conductors and Arin take a turn at playing the game and all three end with the destruction of their ship but Danny points out that there is one survivor! His character from the third play through, the one they sold into slavery. Naturally he's gleeful about it.

    Shrek Forever After 
  • Ross has a few preferences when it comes to women's hair colors.
    Ross: We talked about this. Things we found attractive and one of the things I don't like, no offense to blonde girls, I'm not attracted to girls with blonde hair.
    Danny: Oh! Girls with blonde hair: you are beautiful.
    Ross: No offense but the reason being is my sister has blonde hair. I just... y'know-
    Danny: Your sister is super hot.
    Ross: I-duah-Danny... Now everyone knows and now everyone is going to be looking her up. Don't do that.
  • The entire wolfjob segment, but especially the photoshopping part at the end.
    Danny: Barry put a hat on the wolf. Now put a smaller wolf giving a smaller handjob on top of the man's head.
    Ross: Now put a hat on that wolf, and another small wolf on the first hat.

    No Time To Explain 
  • In Part 3, Ross performs poorly on a stage, so he asks Danny to slap him.
    Ross: Hit me. Slap me.
    Danny: *clap*
    Ross: No, real slap me.
    Danny: Really? In the face? Do you want me to?
    Ross: Yeah. Do it.
    Danny: *slap*
    Danny: (laughing) Oh my god. I really slapped you.
    Ross: Agh...
    Danny: I know. You wanted me to.
    Ross: Ugh...
    Danny: It's not helping.
    Ross: It's not helping, it just made me dizzy!
    Danny: Maybe if I slap you again, it'll reverse the-
    Ross: Do it again! Try! Try!
    Danny: Really?
    Ross: Yeah!
    Danny: *slap*
    Ross: OW! Oh god, that hurt!
    Danny: It feels terrible. My hand's stinging.
    Ross: Oh god, Danny, I can't focus!
  • Early on, Danny asks Barry to start a counter of the number of times that Ross dies.
    • At 100 deaths: a birthday hat is placed on the counter while confetti falls and children cheer.
    • At 200 deaths: the same as 100 deaths happens, but is cut off immediately as Ross quickly dies again.
    • At 300 deaths: the "yay" is at a lower pitch and there's no confetti.
    • At 400 deaths: the party hat is replaced with a dunce cap.
    • At 500 deaths: a fire burns the counter and turns it yellow.
    • At 600 deaths: during the art game level, the hat is replaced with a beret and a cigarette.
    • At 700 deaths: an "I died a lot" blue ribbon is pinned to the counter and quiet clapping is played.
    • At 800 deaths: two muscular arms flexing are put on the counter and "YES!" replaces the counter momentarily, because the counter is getting a workout.
    • Barry then sets the counter and the entire bottom of the recording aflame at the end of the playthrough, in response to Danny asking if he's ready to count more deaths when there's potentially more to the game.
  • Just before they clear a particularly troublesome section in Part 9:
    Ross: Give me some encouragement.
    Danny: Ross?
    Ross: Yeah?
    Danny: I'll kill you if you fuck this up.
    • Also this Rossism:
      Ross: One of my good friends back in Perth, he was Chinese... well, he's still Chinese, I'd imagine...

    Offspring Fling 
  • The intro. Dear God, the intro. It starts off normal, and then...
    Danny: So all aboard the Steam Trai-*Killed Mid-Sentence by a bullet to the head*
    Arin: *As a train robber, comes on-screen and holds the gun to Ross' head* Say it.
    Ross: *Terrified and crying as he says it* C-Choo choooooo!
  • Arin and Ross's... unusual pronunciation of the word "baby".
  • Since Ross's family comes from Ireland, he (apparently) has the inherent tendency to compare things to potatoes.
  • Poor rabbit.
  • "I wonder how far you could throw a baby without killing it?"

    Rogue Legacy 
  • Episode 6 Begins with the screen upside down, so Ross decides to try playing the game upside down on the couch. And we actually get to see him on camera when he does it.
  • In part 11, Ross tries to find out what the sparkles in the forest area background do. He tries to use Siri on Arin's phone, but he stammers his way through the question.
    Ross: "Hey, Siri. How do you... What the fu- what do the gol- the gold things in Rogue Legacy do?"
    Siri: "I didn't find anything for 'how do you was a fight with a goal the gall things in Ralek see do the button'."
    Arin: "Of course you didn't, Siri! That doesn't sound very surprising, Siri!"
    Siri: "If you like, I can search the web for 'how do you was a fight with a goal the gall things in Ralek see do the button'."
    Arin: "Just forget it, Siri."

    Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet 

  • Ross' kiais before he makes a difficult jump, more often than not resulting in yet another excruciating death.
  • Their entire Dinkles The Nerd segment in Part 4.
    • To say nothing of them flipping out at each other near the end.
  • All 25 minutes of Veni Vidi Vici in part 8, complete with grand intro and Barry taking a moment to warn the audience that this is what the entire episode is gonna be. They make it.
    • Arin at one point tells Barry to feel free to fast forward.
    Barry: I ain't fast forwarding nothin'
    • During one of the many attempts, Ross tells Arin to 'channel his chi' so he can win. This results in a few seconds of silence while Arin breathes in and out slowly...he still fails which causes him to scream "FUCK" so loud that Ross yelps in fright.
    • The subsequent freakout when they finally make it is a thing of beauty.

     Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock 
  • Ross' baby voice.
  • The playthrough completely derails when neither Arin nor Ross can figure out how to control the Doctor or River Song, mainly because of how shoddy the controls are. Ross gets caught on a platforming segment, while Arin bungles River's escape segment repeatedly. Eventually, they call it quits and Arin has a mini-freakout at the end of the video, chanting Doctor Who as the screen closes in on Ross making the Doctor wander around and wildly distorts. They abort the playthrough without even passing the first levels.

     They Bleed Pixels 
  • A few funny stories about their last convention appearance. The last story tells how Arin would stick a Game Grumps sticker onto the backs of people that annoyed him, Ross thought he was doing it for everyone and did the same. When the two try to leave Ross stuck a sticker onto Arin's back and people suddenly noticed Arin like a beacon and started talking to him every few steps. Apparently when Arin finally figured out why people were noticing him he gave Ross a death glare.

     The Stanley Parable 
It should be noted that Steam Train got a version of the demo specifically made for the show.
  • The waiting room, "all the thrills of the waiting room." Then they're super excited to get their number and get ahead of themselves a few times for 26 and 27. When 28 finally comes up they go crazy and then quiet down when they remember they're in a professional place.
  • The "8" button.
  • After Ross and Danny appear to encounter a Game-Breaking Bug, the narrator blames them and even says "Goddammit Ross!"
    • Even funnier in that, just a few minutes before this, the game forces them to apologize to the Steam Train passengers.
      Danny: I'm sorry. I blame Ross, frankly.
      Ross: What? I didn't do anything!
      Danny: Wrap it up, Ross, it was your fault.
  • Ross and Danny's steadily mounting fury at the game's constant fake-outs.
    Danny: (completely deadpan) I am becoming enraged. *Ross bursts out laughing*
  • And the ending, when the Narrator is having a breakdown, the pair are increasingly confused by it all. And then Smash Cut to the credits.
    Danny: God... dammit!
    Ross: What the fuck did we just play?!

    Leisure Suit Larry 
  • Once in the game proper, Ross has this to ask Danny before they go into Lefty's Bar:
    Ross: "Dan, I have a very serious question to ask. Can we lick things?"
    Danny: "Yes, we can lick things."
    Ross: "Yes!!!"
  • Since this is a Sierra Game, Danny lets Ross continue the tradition of saving games.
  • Danny attempts to pick up a box of candy, but instead gets naked in front of a prostitute.
  • "FISH!"
  • Ross answering the questions during the "555-6969" call. Also Danny's line during one of the exchanges.
    Danny: (reading) "Larry, what is your favorite sex partner's first name." (to Ross) Better put in your wife. (Beat) Okay, "Batman".
    • And the payoff for this in part five, when the phone rings again...
      Danny: Wait, let's answer this. "You pick up the telephone and hear a familiar voice..."
      Ross: Batman?
      Danny: "Hello Larry! This is Batman..."
      Ross: Yes! Yes!!!
      Danny: "I was just sitting here in the Arkham, wearing your hats and thinking about you (if you know what I mean!)."
      Ross: Oh, awesome!
      Danny: Oh, God... "Why don't you forget about this silly game, and come over to my place? I'll slip into my Cape, and we'll curl up in front of the fireplace and I'll stick in our copy of Star Wars!"
      Ross: This sounds like a great night, we should go do that!
      Danny: "You know your my peeeeeeeeee has always turned me on! So bring along a Robin and come play with my Batanrangs!"
      Ross: (choking with laughter)
      Danny: "Pretty soon we'll both get excited and we'll-" (also loses it) Ross, Ross just fell off the couch! "Pretty soon we'll both get excited and we'll Hang out and stuff like we always do!"
  • In Part 9, when they get to the penthouse, Danny and Ross saw two paintings of a bared breast, and requested to Barry that he use their faces to cover both. Then as Larry makes eye contact with a woman while in the spa, they request that Barry cover the breasts with partially-submerged faces of Arin and himself, then Ross suggested to Barry that the woman's face be changed to Danny's, much to his objection and an argument with Barry frequently changing the face. As an offer of consolation, Danny requested Wolfjob, but the bickering over the face went on shortly after.

    Call of Cthulu 
  • Their reaction to unleashing some kind of alien and/or abomination.

    The Binding of Isaac 

  • It takes less than two minutes to see the kind of mods Ross has installed on his game when Alduin shows up...reskinned as Macho Man Randy Savage
    Danny: Oh, damn! *collapses in a giggling fit* What the fuck, Ross!?
    Macho Man!Alduin: YEAH!
  • Through out the episodes Barry is providing a very helpful 'Danny annoyed' meter, which appears to be a still of Danny screaming "GODDAMMIT ROSS!!!" from the Goddammit Ross T-Shirt Commercial.
    • The meter goes: Annoyed -> Frustrated -> Enraged -> Ross! -> Goddammit Ross! -> Sigh...
  • The second part has Ross pulling a few freak outs when he reaches the sewers, he panics at the sight of a rat, starts screaming whenever he sees a vandal and just when he thinks he lost them there is one just behind him.
  • In Part 3, the Enterprise wearing sunglasses. And then birds fly out of it.
  • Alduin returns but keeps his design for a while but it is equally hilarious seeing a well animated dragon giving some serious trash talk.
  • In part four they call upon Barry to fast forward through the history lesson at Alduin's Wall...looking up into the sky like they're asking God. He complies, and accompanies the fast forward with "One They Fear" on the kazoo.
    • Another couple of fast-forwards is when Ross tries and repeatedly fails to jump onto a platform to bypass a puzzle. The first fast-forward has Danny singing "Ross doesn't know how to jump over shit!", while the second has him sing the title theme from The Legend of Zelda, before Ross notes that it's the wrong song and sings "One They Fear".
  • In Part 5, Danny calls for Barry to edit in an Airhorn to celebrate Ross getting an Elder Scroll, Barry obliges... with a half-second (if that) toot.
  • Barry answers their request for Wolfjob... with a picture of a firefighter with a wolf's head.
  • Ross' That Came Out Wrong moment in Part 6, followed by Barry making a rap out of it. Also in Part 6 is the priest writing the words for the voice ability "Clear Skies"... while making farting sounds.
    Danny: (in between gasps of laughter) "You gotta warn me, man!"
  • In Part 10, after trapping the dragon Odahviing and talking to him, Ross thinks he successfully turned him to his side. Turns out, Ross messed something up and the dragon got aggro'd, as once Ross freed him, he began to kill everyone in the room and kill Ross's character. Ross freaking out the entire time just makes it so hilarious.
    Danny: "You shouldn't have trusted a dragon!"
  • While Ross was (poorly) trying to climb over a wall to reach Sovngarde, a Macho Man dragon was constantly pelting him fire breath, spouting trash talk and Randy Savage quotes. The timing of those quotes delivered some unintentionaly hilarious moments:
    Dan: "Ross, you're the worst."
    Ross: "I am..."
    Dragon: "YEAH!!"
  • During the ending, with all the dragons gathering on the Throat of the World. The Dovahkiin and Paarthurnax are having their solemn conversation, but with Ross's Macho Man Randy Savage mod, all you can hear in the background are the various dragons shouting "I'M WILD, YEAH!" and "SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM!"
    Dan: "Shut up, Macho Man! Slim Jims are gross. I said it, I hope that's not a controversial opinion"

    The Oregon Trail 
  • When Danny names the characters of the game, he obviously names them after his friends. Danny, Arin, Barry, Suzy... and Fuckhead. Of course, he immediately changes it to Ross, or rather "RAAAAAAWS".
  • Because the game is usually so quiet, Barry puts up country music as they do their shopping and prepare for the journey. When the game's real music starts playing, it's so loud it makes them scream in surprise.
    Danny: Okay! Ross. So do you know about this? Do you know—
    Ross: I know it's like—you get—you poop yourself.
    Danny: That' get—
    *A Yankee Doodle starts blaring in MIDI form*
    Danny and Ross: AAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!
    Danny: *As Ross continues screaming* OH GOD!!!
    Ross: HIT THE VOLUME!!! WHERE IS—* Speaks gibberish as Danny starts cracking up*—IT'S REALLY LOUD! *To the tune of the song as Danny continues to laugh* YANKEE DOODLE WENT TO TOWN RIDING ON A PONY—*Returns to gibberish*
    Danny: Oh my god, dude!
    Ross: *Still singing* That was kinda fucking loud! *Normally* That went like from gravity to fucking, like...
    Danny: That clipped the shit out of the fucking microphone. *Laughs* Oh my god. That was really fucking scary.
    Ross: I hope Barry can capture that properly. That was scary as hell.
  • Ross' knowledge of history is... somewhat lacking.
    Dan: Going back to 1848...
    Ross: That's when when the wheel was invented!
    Dan: It is not...
  • Continuing the trend of games trolling Ross, RAAAAAAWS gets dysentery within a couple weeks of setting off, and somehow manages to get dysentery twice. It's somewhat ironic in a way, as when they started, Ross admitted that the only thing he knew about the game was that people die from diarrhea.
  • Danny politely asks Ross to stop interrupting him because it started to get out of hand during Skyrim.
    Dan: So this game was for the Apple II E and I played this when I was-
    Ross: Oh your fucking cow are having seizures-
    Dan: WILL YOU FUCKING LET ME TALK ROSS!? I can't go through another game with you interrupting me-don't rub my shoulders it feels terrible. Stop!
  • The second part has everything go to hell to such a fantastic extent that it is appropriately called "And We're Dead". Unsurprisingly, RAAAAAAWS is the first to die. Suzy and Barry follow literally seconds later.
    • Especially funny is how, unbeknownst to them, they forgot to stock up on food and therefore starved all of their characters to death. This leads to them all dying by resting for weeks and weeks. (Even further hilarious is when Arin has exhaustion during the rest, and then dies immediately after.)
    • What makes it even funnier still is that they intended part 2 to end like normal, but part 3 ended up getting cut so short due to Danny and Arin's deaths that it was added at the end of part 2 as a result.
    • Their epitaph: "Fuck you Oregon Trail you suc"
  • On top of all the party members getting sick (and eventually dying), the wagon continuously broke down.
    Dan: (after another wagon tongue breaks) Broken wagon, goddamn it! What kind of fucking malarkey wagon tongues have we been purchasing?
  • Dan recounting his first playing of this game while in grade school. He named the party after members of his family and then the one named after his mother drowned while crossing a river. He then had to excuse himself to go to the bathroom to cry for ten minutes straight!
  • "It's a Buffalo! Look at it, it's a majestic creature of nature... Kill it!"

    World of Warplanes 
  • Ross decides to test the fidelity of the game's physics engine by flying through a forest. It doesn't end well.

    King's Quest V 
  • The first time they save.
    Danny: You know what? Before we do anything...
    Ross: *With a slightly eager inflection* Yeah?
    Danny: ...time to save.
    Ross: Ooh! Ooh!!! Ooh!!! Oooooh!
    Danny: I know, Ross. I know. Okay. So you probably just want to say something like "Here we are at the beginning".
    *Ross types "dont cry guy*
    Danny: ..."Don't cry guy." Okay, Ross. You are so happy to do these.
    • Later on, they run out of save-space and have to start replacing old saves with new ones, so "dont cry guy" is the first to go, and because Graham has just rescued a badly-injured Cedric from the Harpies on Harpy Island, they replace it with "dont die guy".
  • In part 7, in order for Graham to traverse the snowy mountains, they have to put on a cloak, which Ross and Danny decide make him look decidedly "Lord of the Rings". So after Cedric is spirited away by a wolf, before they go after him, Danny decides to have a "Lord of the Rings Moment" by having the cloaked Graham look out over the mountain range and they ask Barry to play the music from the movies. Barry responds with the music from Jurassic Park.
  • During a rather sad moment where Dan and Ross find a wounded Cedric, they go searching the island and accidentally walk off a cliff.
  • "Taste the Graham cracker!"
  • The finale involves Cedric getting hurt, again, and after the battle is over only the Conductors take note that Cedric is still hurt while everyone celebrates. Cue a close up by Barry.

    Barbie Dreamhouse Party  

     Duke: Nuclear Winter 
  • Their reactions to Duke's vicious kick while still being able to walk.
  • After two episodes of Ross trying to get past a small army of vicious snowmen the third opens with them remembering they can save. Arin is quite sure no one will be angry at them forgetting that.
  • Earlier Ross came to a cracked wall and left it alone since kicks could not break it. Since they were having trouble finding the red card key Ross has a moment of intuition and uses a rocket to blow a wall down. Ross is happy he figured something out and Arin congradulates him...only for it to be an alternate route to the bathroom. Ross then commits suicide with the rocket launcher.

  • Near the end of part 1, Danny starts to get really disturbed at just how sadistic Ross gets in the game (attacking people for no reason, kicking chickens and just generally being a dick), especially when Ross starts with the Evil Laugh...

    Ride to Hell: Retribution 
  • The words "sack of shit" (said in an overly gruff voice) becomes something of a running joke in this playthrough.
  • In Part 1, During a very broken combat sequence, Ross breaks into song.
    Arin: (laughing, singing along) Do you wanna fuckin' go, man?
    Both: (singing somewhat in unison) Punch you right in the face...
    Arin: I'll kick while you're down in this airport!
  • The video is called Part 1 but half way through it Arin does not think Ride to Hell is worth a series. But gradually through out the second half he starts to unravel the mystery of its low score and tells Ross they should continue a little longer.
  • Whenever Jake fails a mission, his bike spontaneously explodes and the mission is over. Other bikes explode randomly when their riders are beaten off of them, only for the bikes to remain on the road completely solid.
    • Whenever Jake hits a car or barrier, he doesn't react except to throw his arms up in exaggerated disappointment, with the scene fading into black and starting him back on the road. This leads to some hilarious crashes.
  • They save a woman from someone thus a little Coitus Ensues, much to their disbelief and Steam Train gets steamy.
    • Barry obliging the request to censor bar the first sex scene, even though there's nothing to censor...particularly the censor bar with a cartoon penis drawn on it.
    • Ross asks Barry to put censor bars everywhere.
      • The characters never disrobe during the sex scenes, including one segment where Jake and a mechanic woman both have sex, with Jake in full getup and the woman in a denim jumpsuit.
      • Later On:
    Ross (as Naomi): Yeah, fuck me right there in my pocket.
  • Whenever the gang resorts to giving the cutscenes the MST treatment.
  • In Part 8, in a bar, the two encounter Naomi, a bartender- and then the next scene, both a live Naomi and a broken, dead, standing-up Naomi stand next to each other behind the bar. Arin is stunned.
    • At the end, when Arin accidentally calls this show "Game Grumps":
      Ross: It makes me sad when you say that; apologize right now.
      Arin: Alright. I'm really sorry. (runs into an electric fence and kills himself)
  • In Part 9, they try jumping a fence, only to see pressing Space makes Jake crouch, raising his arms in a defensive position. They decide Jake is cowering against the beautiful scenery, including the fence.
    • Also in Part 9, Jake gets control over a giant oil tanker. Hijinks ensue.
    Ross: *steering into truck* Now what if I just bang into this? *crashes* Whoa! *car flails, random buildings explode*
    • The oil tanker continues to destroy cop cars and other obstacles with ease... but is stopped and reset twice by a tiny fence, and later, a two-foot-tall sign.
    Arin: Cars going the opposite direction? Nah, nothing. A fucking traffic sign? Watch out!
    • Also, immediately after that, the incoming car they knock around 180 degrees decides to just start driving that way.
    Ross (as driver): Uh, I guess I'm going this way now... I guess I don't want to go to Disneyland anymore.
  • In Part 10, Jake comes to a broken electric wire and, since he cannot jump, decides to run over it and dies. An info box pops up telling him what to do (shoot the fuse) only after Jake is busy electrocuting himself.
  • Episode 10 ends with Jake blowing up the electric plant, except the developers forgot to remove the cops standing at the blockade (which also exploded) that are expected to be shooting consistently at the player. This continues into the cutscene.
    Ross: What were those guys shooting at?
    Arin: They're shooting at the next episode of Steam Train

    Default Dan 
    • The entire episode consists of playing a game where everything is wrong. Coins, cupcakes, platforms, and flowers make you explode violently, while spikes act like trampolines and pits warp you to the top of the screen. Meanwhile, Danny has to figure it out and Ross, already knowing full well how ass-backwards this game is, is laughing harder than he has ever laughed before watching Danny keep blowing himself up in rage.
      • Oh, and the main character's head is modded with unflattering screenshots of Danny Sexbang himself. Even funnier is when the decapitated head is left lying around post-explosion.
      • Keeping in Line with Ross turning the tables on Danny, Ross says "Goddammit, Dan!"

    Load Out 
  • While waiting to play online, they decide to talk smack to other players. By literally typing the word SMACK repeatedly into the chat box.
  • In the first match, Arin and Ross are barely holding on, only surviving thanks to their fellow players.
  • Arin focusing on one particular player both matches, and no one else.
    • Becomes a Brick Joke when everyone on their team begins the second match attacking said player, killing him.
    • Rule of Three kicks in when Ross joins Arin on his fixation, the Sir Mishy Mission.
  • Between matches, a guy asks who wants his cock. They respond with a one-up-a-thon, wanting it more than the other.
  • At the outro, Arin jokingly asks Ross to see his pee-pee, and Ross obliges. On a meta level, Ross just joined the D-Club.

     Duke Nukem 2 
  • Arin describing his game concept of "Puke Spukem," including uncomfortably brown hair.
  • In Part 2, Duke dies by ambush. From a teeny, tiny bird enemy.
  • After realizing an enemy looks like a robo massager, Ross starts massaging Arin's head, commenting his hands now have grease on them.
  • After Ross keeps boasting how easily he won this game, Arin passes him the controls. One minute into level two, he asks Arin to take it back.
    • Ross gets so fed up with the Nintendo Hard-ness of Level 3, he screams in agony how the hell did he beat this game as a kid.
  • "I played Duke Nukem, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt."
    "In Duke Nukem."
  • A two-fer-The oculus-pus, then Duke happily hiding behind the pillars. When Arin & Ross laugh, you KNOW it's good.
  • Arin has been taking Level 4 inch by inch.
  • They theorize the game was designed first by someone idolizing his brother as Duke Nukem, then as a way for the designer to get a date. By boasting how the game relates his adventures in space, so the girl should totally go for him.
  • Crossed with Tear Jerker, Ross's Despair Event Horizon heard in Part 7.
    • Becomes Black Comedy when Ross decides to kill his respawned Duke at episode's end. As Arin begs him not to do it.
  • Ross's story of revenge against his sister's bully using HTML in Myspace.
  • Sesame Street: Special Victims Unit
  • Arin tells a story how a fan accidentally called Sequelitis Seq-qualities
  • Barry showing how Duke "shoots the guns"

     My Boyfriend 2 
  • The unique opening for Danny and Barry on valentine's day to the same music as normal.
    Danny: We don't have any dames!
    Barry: Now it's just another Friday...
    Danny: So all aboard the—
    *Music stops*
    Danny: *Speaking normally* Ehhh, fuck it. We're single on valentine's day.
  • The game controls like Resident Evil, proven by spinning the room around the character.
    Danny: Ah, Dude, you're gonna make me barf.
  • The girl's trepidation over meeting the guy.
  • Swoops soliloquizing to herself for no apparent reason.
  • The game crashes, turning the video into a podcast, a Single Cast.

    Eryi's Action 
  • Ross suspecting that Arin is making him play the game on Danny's behalf as revenge for Default Dan.
  • After the windmills, Arin begins laughing at Ross's misfortune. And it is hilarious. Even better, after passing the world map trap to Stage Two, and immediately dying in said level, Arin starts losing it.
    • After Ross barely dodges a trap, Arin exclaims, "I love this game!"
  • Falling for the Super Spring Mushroom Trap In Part 3. So. Many. Times.
  • Part's 4 Intro:
  • After reaching 200 deaths, Barry drops a single pathetic balloon.
  • In the background, the air conditioner acts up. Ross assumes it's asking Arin out on a date, then Barry increases its volume at Ross's prompt.

    Metal Slug 3 

    Go! Go! Nippon! 

    South Park: The Stick of Truth 
  • In general, any of Arin's reactions to the game itself.
  • Their fun customizing their character.
  • Ross's reaction to seeing the parents' skin color match their PC.
  • Arin & Ross loving how the thrown poo affects their enemies.
  • At Part 2's end, Arin won't stop touching Ross.
  • A discovery of drugs in Cartman's Mom's room turns into a discussion of toasted sugar.
  • When Ross and Arin wonder if the kids in the game are actually dead or just playing dead, Ross mentions that they're at the point where it's questionable; or as he calls it, they are "larping dead".
  • They win the fight against the Gate Security Guard with an arrow to the nuts.
  • The Black Comedy in wanting something to eat while high on bath salts.
  • After beating the Meth Heads, they forget the secret ingredient.
  • Arin's dream for his D&D character: get fucked sometime during the game as he would play a female PC.
  • Their hysterical laughter to Butters healing ability.
  • Butters delivers extra Holy Damage to Gingers because they lack souls.
  • Ross: They're weak to fire? Guess what...I GOT FIRE!
  • The Bard's introduction, complete with Stutter Stop and Arin & Ross' increasing laughter.

    Electronic Super Joy 


    Goat Simulator 
Oh bloody hell... every single goddamned thing. But if you want specifics...


    Naruto Storm 3 Full Burst 

    Escape Goat 2 

    Life Goes On 

    Gang Beasts 

     Duke Nukem Forever 


    Dark Souls II 

    Guns of Icarus Online 

    The Last Tinker 

    Drunken Robot Pornography 


    They Breathe 

    A Story About My Uncle 

    Dread Out 
  • Half of the first episode has the team walking down a never-ending road in the opposite direction of where the story is meant to be happening.
  • The awkward interactions between the main character, Linda, and her best friend Ira. The Grumps interpret their relationship as being more than just friends. At one point, the camera shows the two of them talking, cuts away, and then cuts back to them having an intense game of pattycake.
    • During the pattycake game, Linda gets distracted when someone talks to her. Cue Ira slapping her across the face, much to the horror of the group. It then escalates even further.
  • Their reactions to any of the scary moments. Or rather, Ross losing his mind at every thing that's meant to be scary, regardless of whether or not it's already happened, which then causes Arin and Danny to freak out.
    Danny: Did that say "MC Toilet?"
    Arin: MC Toil-(Laughs)
    Danny: MC Toilet, y'all!
    (The Pig Monster they've already encountered peeks it's head through the doorway and gets stuck)
    Ross: Guys there's some-AGH AAAAAGH AAAAAAAAAAAAA!
    Danny: AGH...fuck, dude!
    Ross: It can't get in here, it's too big!
    Ross: (Whimpers)
    Danny: Dammit, dude, it's not scary at all, but you fucking losing your mind, three inches from my head! [...] God, Ross, don't fucking flail and scream like that.
    Arin: Yeah. Your, like, foot touched me, and I was like "AAAAH!"
    Danny: You caused, like, a domino chain of terror.
    Ross: I'm really sorry, I'm not faking this, I fucking hate scary games!
    Ross: Hey, you're near something.
    (Arin holds up the camera, revealing the Sundel Bolong, which immediately screams into their face)
    Arin: All right! Okay!
    Danny: What the fuck, dude!? Okay, that was-
    (It screams in their face again)
    All: AAAAAAAAGH! (Ross whimpers)
    Danny: Stop! Stop going there!
    Arin: I'm trying, I'm trying!
    Ross: Quick, take a picture of it!
    Danny: God DAMMIT, Arin! Uuuuugh! I hate this.
    (Arin pulls out the camera again and walks forward, revealing no ghost)
    Arin: (Nervously) Nobody here!
    (Arin turns around. It was. It screams again)
  • Arin recognizes the dancing papers as the intro to Goosebumps.
  • Never leave Arin & Ross alone in the room.
  • The ghost of Sonic the Hedgehog stops by.
  • "That bitch is scary!"
  • The Grumps discover a black cat.
  • Fighting for your right to...
  • Part 8 starts pretty tame, but quickly escalates right into scary town. Strangely, Ross doesn't scream.
    Ross: I didn't even scream, I just think I crapped myself instead.
    • Moments later:
    Danny: That was...Arin flinched, I started screaming and pulled my hair down in front of my eyes, and Ross just silently shat himself.
  • At the end of episode 7 Arin and Danny go to take a leak leaving Ross all alone. He entertains himself in various ways for the following four minutes. What sells it is Barry's disclaimer.
    Barry: This is literally just four minutes of Ross amusing himself while Arin and Dan pee. Just so you know exactly what you're getting yourself into.
    • And then Arin and Danny return.
    *Door opens as Danny laughs*
    Arin: —they fuck each other and there's another dick hanging down.
    Ross: Guys, alright. You're in a room, you're surrounded, there's no way out, guys with guns everywhere. This is what you do. *Starts rapidly firing a toy gun complete with laser sound effects*
    *Arin and Danny laugh* note 
    Arin: And then you die immediately.
    Danny: You cracked the code, Ross.
  • Hey, a fourth look at Arin's computer.
  • They end the game on changing Linda's clothes in the back of the van.

    The Graveyard 

    Goat Simulator ELECTRIC BOOGALOO 

    Super Amazing Wagon Adventure 

    Pony World 3 
  • Ross spending nearly all the money they start out with on skateboards.
    Arin: Why did you buy so many skateboards!? You had, like, $10,000!
    Ross: I didnt know we needed it.
    • Then later...
  • After Ross fails a mini-game, the game gives him some pathetic Losing Horns which Arin imitates.
  • Ross tries to talk to a pony by the name of Joshua. When the game interrupts him with an information message, Joshua runs off.
    Arin: What the fuck happened to Joshua!?


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