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Fanfic / Changes (Bichonmom)

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A NUMB3RS story by Bichonmom story One-Shot Fic that has Don discovering a secret after a former flame goes missing.

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It was published on July 6, 2005.

Tropes for the fic:

  • Bittersweet Ending: Although Kim is found dead and Abby is left with a mother, she finds a good home with Don, her biological father and her uncles and is able to have a stable upbringing.
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  • Character Death: Kim is found dead after being missing for several days.
  • Crossover: The main one is between Numb3rs and Without a Trace with a minor appearance of Dr. Olivet of Law & Order.
  • Missing Mom: Kim Hall is this to Abby, her and Don's daughter, first when she disappears and then when she was found dead.
  • One-Word Title: Changes.
  • Original Character: Abby, Don and Kim's daughter.