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  • There's No Time to Explain Part 2 has Ross seemingly on the verge of sinking underwater and dying on spikes. He keeps shooting and shooting and shooting while Danny is positive the guy is going to die yet again. Ross keeps on shooting and shooting until he finally reaches the cliff and is on his way to the next part, much to Danny's, and everyone else's, surprise.
    • A minor one, but it turns out that Arin was one of the few kickstarters for the game, meaning it may have never existed for Steam Train to play if it weren't for one of the original Game Grumps.
  • A combination of Game Grumps Vs and Steam Train, the first episode of Steam Rolled has a four-player team deathmatch in Quake 3: Arena. We've got Arin and Danny on red, and Ross is undermanned on blue. So who's the fourth member? Barry. He proceeds to mop the floor with Danny and Arin. While sticking to text chat for communication.
    Arin: I think Barry has the advantage because he doesn't have to... [Danny: Trash talk?] Yeah, he can just concentrate.
    Barry: [Through text chat after killing Danny again] I'm doing both, bitch.
    • It's made better when you consider that Danny ditched Ross and left him one down, which is a bit of a dick move considering Danny is a host on both shows while Ross only has Steam Train.note 
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  • At the end of the Counter Strike: Global Offensive episode of Steam Rolled, Barry talks. The rest of the group loses their collective shit.
  • In the Finale of Mario Party 4, Ross manages to win 100 coins from the lottery game, launching him into first place on the penultimate turn. However, due to winning a Battle mini-game and the 2v2 mini-game on the last turn, Barry ends up tying him going into the results stage. Barry wins the subsequent tie-breaking dice roll, and thereby the game.
  • In Episode 8 of VVVVVV, Arin and Ross spend a half hour on "Doing Things the Hard Way". They beat it. One guy made a response to the awesomeness here.
  • The fact that Galactic Cafe sent Ross and Danny a specialized demo of The Stanley Parable, in which the narrator addresses them BY NAME.
    • They get the same thing in Electronic Super Joy, with the first boss being replaced by Ross, and Default Dan, where the character's head is replaced by pictures of Danny.
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  • After Suzie had taken Fortune Street by storm, Arin surpasses her in the last episode and becomes the victor, thanks to Ross screwing over Suzy by landing exclusively on Arin's spots.
  • In Episode 8 of King's Quest, Ross figures out the answer to two puzzles in a row before Danny can. Barry even puts up a "Ross Wins" screen to celebrate.
  • Continuing the theme, in Episode 10 of KQV, they reach Mordack's Castle, ending the episode in a confusing basement maze. After saving their game, Dan and Ross walk thru the maze intending to restart with a walkthrough after showing how confusing the maze is. During the example, they run into the Dink, solve the puzzle, and save the game there. The awesomeness is realizing on their first try, they made it halfway through the maze correctly without a walkthrough. Dumb luck, sure, but still counts.
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  • During Noitu Love 2 final boss fight Ross's hand starts hurting so Arin starts pressing the hit controls while Ross 'pilots.' It works much to their disbelief Except there is a third form.
  • Ross beating the second level of Duke Nukem 2 despite Arin's doubts.
  • Ross' story of revenge against his sister's bully using Myspace and internet vigilantism.
  • Ross beating Croco (the first boss) in Eryi's Action having never discovered the trick to easily survive the third wave (standing against his tail, the one part of his body that will not kill Eryi).
  • Ross completes a tricky Triple Jump Danny could not in Electronic Super Joy.
  • From Spore, Ross' Legs for Days killing an attacking predator.
    Danny: That was really, really amazing to watch.
  • In less than three weeks Goat Simulator has gained over one million views.
  • In Part 3 of A Story About My Uncle, Danny tells Ross to close out the episode by doing something awesome. Ross delivers.
  • After an entire episode of a specific dinosaur harrassing Arin & Ross, they conclude Part 2 of The Stomping Land killing the beast.
    • Next part has Arin capturing a dinosaur, followed by Ross knocking Arin off his mount after deciding to kill Ross For the Evulz
  • The conductors thank everyone for one year of Steam Train!
  • Playing King's Quest VI, Ross solves a death trap.
  • Danny manages to win a horse race against a horde of computer players despite the huge disadvantage of not knowing how to play Secret of the Magic Crystals. It helps that the race gets intense at times.
  • Playing Five Nights at Freddy's, for the first time, they made it through the first night without dying. They even had Freddy on them, when it became 6 AM!
    • Another awesome moment: They got through the third night, with power to spare! And with the three parts that are out so far, they haven't been killed by Foxy.
      • They then got killed three times by Foxy on the fourth night and gave up on the game.
  • Barry completes a difficult jump in Boson X.
  • The Organ Trail Finale features Dan rescuing one of his friends from a bandit, riskily repairing on the station wagon that works twice, performing unexpectedly ASMR, barely surviving a scavenge against zombies, AND outrunning a biker gang. DAMN! Sad he fails the game, but points for trying.
  • In Rocket League, Macho King stayed on that ball "like peanut butter on jam". Just to state the level of awesome, he boosted onto the walls and followed the ball on the ceiling, just so the opposing team couldn't get it.
  • In Undertale, Barry managed to survive Asgore's attacks for 10 minutes, because Barry didn't know that you have to FIGHT him. When he discovers you're supposed to fight him, he takes him down on his first try.
    • Ross cussing out Flowey is pretty awesome too. There's no comedy. He's GENUINELY mad.
    • The notorious Final Boss of Undertale's Genocide Run, Sans, proved to be difficult enough that Ross and Barry put a hold on updates and scheduled a Twitch stream to beat him. They assumed that they'd take several hours to finally beat him. Less than an hour after the stream has started and Barry has beaten him.
  • In episode 2 of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Arin, Barry, and Ross manage to defuse a bomb with 3 seconds left.
  • The second Overwatch video has Ross, Arin, Barry, Holly, Octopimp and Macho King (as five Bastions and a Lucio) assigned to stop a payload on the King's Row map. After a rough start, they're able to not only stop the payload within a few meters of its destination, but hold it there for over five minutes. It's even cooler if you know what the King's Row payload actually is.


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