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     Mega Man Classic 

Mega Man

  • When recording the third fortress stage, Roahm completely breaks the generator for Pengs.
  • During the difficulty analysis of the aforementioned stage, Roahm mentions there were far more outtakes against CWU-01P than were shown. And then this happens.
    Roahm: ...What, you’re saying I didn’t show enough? (18 more outtakes against CWU-01P are shown in quick succession.) Satisfied?

Mega Man 2

  • Roahm spends a lot of time bemoaning the existence of Quick Man; indeed, a lot of humor is drawn from his fear of Quick Man.
    Roahm: Can I give you more? If I can give you more, I'll give you more. (the screen fills with Quick Boomerang icons, followed by the Game Over theme to the Game Boy version of Tetris and the caption OVER 9000!!!)
    • This gets to the point where next part (Wood Man) starts with him having a nightmare where password throws him into position where all 8 Robot Masters are Quick Man. Cue Big "NO!".
    • And then he somehow locks him into a pattern in the Boss Rush.
    Roahm: I wish I knew how I made him do that... I'm Quick Man, I'm a spaz, lalalala...
  • During the difficulty analysis for Heat Man, Roahm suddenly notices that the line of Atomic Fire icons line up perfectly with Heat Man's artwork to give the Robot Master rather strange new eyewear, causing him to completely lose it and laugh for several seconds. Even after regaining his composure, he can still be heard chuckling as he talks.
  • Roahm doesn't care for the shrimp robots in Mega Man 2 and The Wily Wars.
    I hate them with a passionate shrimp hate.
    Go back to the Red Lobster, there is no seafood lover in me.

Mega Man 3

  • During his outtakes against Needle Man, another That One Boss.
    Roahm: No worries, Needle Press is not a Death Spike. In fact I don't think this stage even has any death spi-[Gets hit by Needle Press, knocking him into a Bottomless Pit]-to speak of, well okay maybe it does.
  • The beginning for the first Doc Robot video, which depicts the Skull Castle levels (as well as Cossack, Proto Man, and Mr. X) for the next several games in a map screen similar to both the Skull Castle maps themselves as well as Super Mario Bros. 3.
    • Even better, it shows the line go from Skull Castle 1 to Skull Castle 2 as if it were next in line... only for him to mention that he had already cleared them a long time ago.
      Roahm: It was just to be silly, also a bit of a joke as I'd been receiving a lot of comments prior to starting this set of Perfect Runs asking why I was skipping the Mega Man 2 fortress stages ;)
  • His Doc Quick and Metal run has two: firstly, at the start of the video, he shows off an... interesting quirk in Doc Bubble's AI. Secondly, during the outttakes at 8:00, he encounters a glitch that has to be seen to be believed. Basically, Megaman barely clips the Spikes of Doom just as the screen scrolls. The death sound plays, but he's somehow still alive... though the same can't be said for the stage's music. Hilarity Ensues.
  • His outtakes for Skull Castle Stage 1 in Mega Man 3. There weren't any, so he instead does another no-damage run of the stage this time using only Top Spin to pad out the video and avoid Spoiled by the Format.

Mega Man: The Wily Wars

Mega Man 4

Mega Man 5

Mega Man V

  • Before he starts Venus' stage, he talks about few things, including how he waits for the release of Platinum (which wasn't released yet). Then he says "You may wonder, what all kinds of Pokémon do I like to train? Well..." It starts to show groups of Pokémon, successingly being faster and varying in size, to the point it overloads and he gets a BSOD.
  • His incredulous reaction to the layout of the final section of Jupiter's level.
  • When he gets to the Wily boss, he sees the initial form of it....
    Roahm: Wait. So Mega Man's new ability in this game is to punch, and the final boss is a giant fist. Who designed this game, Captain Falcon?
    Falcon: YESZ!

Mega Man 6

  • Although it didn't happen in his actual run, he kept a clip from Yamato Man's stage where a mid boss walks itself off screen, thus de-spawning. He starts falling apart similarly to the "Heat man eyewear," right above, and claims that he'll keep it even if the run didn't count. Of course...

Mega Man 7

  • Even without his signature energy, he manages to make the opening funny. How? "Come on, Capcom, pick up the pace." Not to mention his brief puzzlement at the mistranslation of "Dr. Willy."
  • One of the Burst Man outtakes has Roahm panic from all the bombs and bubbles, and he tries to bounce over Burst Man... only to just barely clip the Robot Master's hitbox.
    Roahm: "(anger sounds) You're too chunky, go on a diet!"
  • During the Freeze Man outtakes, during the demonstration of the Rush Search, Roahm summons a dooognote  a little bit too far to the right.
    Roahm: "You're gonna find something silly, aren't you. *suddenly teeth* Dentures! Just what I needed."
  • In the Junk Man stage: The elevator returns.

Mega Man & Bass

  • Against Tengu Man:
    Roahm: (after Tengu Man lands on him) I'M NOT YOUR PERCH!
  • After defeating Burner Man:
    Roahm: DIE SPAWN OF SATAN! Oh, that felt good.
    • And then the outtakes come up.
      Roahm: (after taking a hit) You know what? I've had enough of this. (uses Ice Wall) Eat spike, you bastard!
      Roahm: You know, at this point, the spikes are preferable. Spring break, woo!
  • Practically his entire Completing The Database project, with him mocking the strange profiles and bad translations of the Robot Master discs.
    (on Yamato Man) "He likes Japanese swords, and dislikes English. Maybe he's the one translating these."
    Dear gods, Ballade is Cirno!

Mega Man 8

  • In Tengu Man's stage, there's an area where Whale Ships carpet-bomb you with Mets. Roahm's response?
    "Wha? Aaah, you got my mailing address wrong, I wanted these delivered to my house, not Tengu Man's stage! Oh, never trust Met Home Delivery."
  • The outtakes for Aqua Man's stage in 8 present this gem.
    Roahm: [after sending an Ammoner rolling into a Surumaker] Let's go squid bowling, the sport that's sweeping... absolutely nowhere.

Mega Man 9

Mega Man Powered Up

Perfect Runs

Challenge Mode

Mega Man 10

Blind Run

Perfect Runs

Mega Man 11

Blind Run

  • Upon starting Torch Man's stage, he runs into a tent obstacle... and instantly takes Collision Damage from it, thinking it was background scenery.
    Roahm: Okay, that's actually an enemy?!
  • In Acid Man's stage, Roahm encounters enemies that can turn water into acid. The water changes color according to how close it is to being dangerous.
    Roahm: [to the acid-spitting enemies] You Fool!, you're going to oversaturate the Kool-Aid! [acid glob turns red water into green acid] No! What have you done?!
  • In Gear Fortress 4, during the moving platform ride, he stayed there until his unavoidable doom. It's not that what makes it funny, it's the added reference to the ''to be continued'' meme which sells it, and in top of that, that was Roahm's last life before another game over. His laugh says it all. On top of that, it makes for an unintentional reference, because the voice for Mega Man was the voice of Joseph Joestar in the anime.

     Mega Man Fan Games 

Mega Man Unlimited

  • At the start of his blind run, he uses an eight sided die to determine his starting point. Later, after defeating three of the robot masters, he goes back to it... and rolls the numbers for the three robot masters he defeated. Cue rage face Roahm.
  • During Jet Man's stage he laments being on his last life. Seconds after saying this, no one, but two enemies drop 1-Ups... but they happen to be Ledge Bats, so the lives go straight into bottomless pits.

Mega Man Rock Force

  • In his blind run, he has a rescue compilation, in which there were two gems:
  • Roahm stumbles upon the miniboss for Charade Man's stage.
    [Roahm walks into the arena. There's an image of Shadow Man on the background and Charade Man jumps onscreen]
    Roahm: Shadow Man? But there's no life bar and...
    [Charade Man begins imitating Shadow Man's attack pattern]
    Roahm:'re imitating Shadow Man's movements, but not his attacks. Interesting.
    [The image of Shadow Man is replaced with an image of Quick Man]
    Roahm: Oh no.
  • His accidental demonstration on how generous Eddie was in the early builds of the game—one time he kept summoning Eddie in hopes of getting an energy pickup, and ended up getting a one-up and three E-Tanks in his four tries.
  • Roahm attempts to do a sync test.
    [Charade Man is selected, leaping towards the center stage to pose as usual, but misses his landing, falls offscreen, and dies]
    Roahm: W-what?!?! Uhh...
  • Thrill Man's stage provides a new mechanic: escorting a giant floating Mega Man head safely through the stage to keep it from exploding. Not only is Roahm's utter bafflement at the introduction to this gimmick pretty funny, but it leads to one hilarious line later on:
    • Early on, Roahm learns out that every buster shot makes the balloon head float higher. He then comes to a room with a single, floor level Shield Attacker and a low ceiling lined with balloon popping spikes.
    Roahm: Ooooooh man. Okay, I can't go crazy with firing...
    [Instinctually starts rapid-firing the Shield Attacker, sending the balloon rocketing into the spike ceiling]
    Roahm: ...And so I went crazy with firing. Argh! You stupid dragon, you just told yourself don't do that!
    • At the end, Roahm shows off the different head bombs for all the members of the Rock Force as if he were the announcer in a toy commercial.
    Roahm: Be the first on your block to collect all 9! Deathheads!!
  • During his final battle, Justice Man decides to spend a bit too much time outside of Roahm's reach with one health. What does he do? Call in Beat at the last second to swoop in and beat the final boss, in what resembles a sudden sneak attack.

Mega Man Super Fighting Robot

  • The dice shenanigans return; Roahm uses a four sided die to select one of the last three available Robot Masters - if he rolls a four, he'll reroll. Cue the dice landing on four TWICE in a row.
  • Roahm was curious about the Hairspray item available in the shop. All it does is change the color of Dr. Light's hair and beard to a random color. His reaction was priceless.
  • His reaction is also priceless when he examines what the Doot Doot bonus option does in the same game. It changes the sound of the buster firing an uncharged shot into a bike horn, the kind that might be used by a clown in their acts.

Make A Good Mega Man Level Contest

Make A Good Mega Man Level Contest 2

Mega Man Rock N Roll

  • At the start of Episode 4, Roahm returns to Missle Man's stage to test out Rush, only to immediately hit 'Slide' instead of 'Jump' and slide right off the starting platform to his death. On his next life, he determines that Rush is actually Mega Man-only and can't be used by Roll, so to leave the stage and reset his life counter he intentionally jumps off the platform into the clouds below... and lands on a hidden platform with a W-Tank on it, to his amazement.
  • Roahm finds the letter 'O' partway through Tide Man's level, realizes what he'll have to do to get to it, and...
    Roahm: Ooooooooooooh... *sighs* No pun intended! I just noticed what letter it was when I said that...
    • Then, when he collects it far more easily than he anticipated...
      Roahm: Oh! Well, uh-*huffs* STOP SAYING 'OH'! *laughs*


  • The partial sprite-replacement edit of a Famicom "version" of Mega Man 7, constructed by his friend JUN0TheF0X. The result is "REVENGE!!", a hilarious form of catharsis allowing the dragon to take out his frustrations on the classic Mega Man bosses that gave him the most trouble. (Link above is part 1; here are part 2 and part 3).

     Megaman Battle Network
Yep, that about sums up the Bank.

Battle Network 1

  • Invisible Wood Towers.
  • Roahm finds it strange that SharkMan can’t move through stage objects (dubbed wallhacking).
    You know, SHARK Man? GameShark? Ahahahaha I’m sorry.
  • "The data signature's the WWW's! It's tough, oh no! This is horrible! This is frightening! This... is a Mettaur. Yeah. If that's all the WWW has..."
  • After deleting StoneMan, MegaMan starts shooting the boulder that was preventing the trains from running and Roahm notes that the Mega Buster is called the Rock Buster in Japan and apologizes for the pun.
  • Upon defeating ShadowMan, Roahm heads towards the next area, only to be stopped quickly... by a fight with ShadowMan. Not too long before, he'd been stopped a short time after a fight with MagicMan.
  • Roahm takes a moment during the chip demos to lampshade the perfection of Dash and Howitzer being right next to each other in the library's numerical order.
    Roahm: Is it just me, or does that sound like it'd be another name for that character from Space Mutiny? Face Bonecrunch! Gristle McThornbody! Big McLargehuge! Dash Howitzer!

Battle Network 2

Network Transmission

Battle Network 3

  • When he's trying to get the version 4 Navi chips, he has to fight the Navi using a Team Style and defeat them in less than 20 seconds. He defeats BubbleMan.EXE in exactly 20 seconds (and we mean exactly 20.00 seconds) and is given the version 3 chip instead.
  • In one episode, he found out that you can get counter hits... with terrain effects.
  • Whilst hunting virus families, and he successfully tames the Spikey viruses...
    Roahm: (in baby talk)Come here, puppy~
  • The Cangaroo.
  • Day 7 Part 3 was uploaded on his birthday and the first thing we see in the video is a level start screen a la Super Mario Bros. depicting a pixelated sprite of Roahm with x30 which changes to x31 to indicate he's 31 years old with the score representing the year he was born (1981) and the then current year (2012) followed by World 2-9 (February 9th).
  • Day 13, part 3: The guy who's trying to act for a villain part. Apparently, all you need to be a bad guy is to yell "Yo!" at the start of your rant.
    • Which is called back to in the next part: "Well we didn't say 'yo,' so we're not REALLY bad guys."
  • The first thing Roham says for the LP.
    Roahm: Hello, RoahmMythril here once again, videos have not been held up by my playing Skyrim. I don't have a problem, I can stop anytime I want. What are you talking about? *the word "lies" show up on screen, accompanied by a buzzing sound* Oh, what do you know?
  • Roahm discovering KingMan's drawback, KingMan only works if he lands on an empty panel, when he makes KingMan land on an occupied panel... Which gets a call back when he talks to Tora and when KingMan defeats one of the World Three navis.
  • In the postgame, he attacks ProtoMan using a ProtoMan chip of his own.
    Roahm: Stop hitting yourself ProtoMan, it's silly.
  • A rare moment of positive Tempting Fate...
    Roahm: Doing this slower so I'm probably not going to get LavaCannon2... [gets LavaCannon2] But what do I know! (laughs)
  • During the 20 virus endurance battle, he comes up against three Mega Bunnies, strong Elec-type viruses... very dangerous since he currently has an AquaStyle equipped. The Bunnies all proceed to jump into lava panels and die.

Battle Chip Challenge

  • He shows that this game, like every other Battle Network, still has its fair share of typos and weird translations.
    Obviously Adult NPC: "Don't underestimate me because I'm a grade schooler!"
    Roahm: Held back a few years, were you there?

Battle Network 4

  • In general, Roahm's reactions to hilarious typos and really bad translations in the game.
    • One in particular that he has a particularly good comment on:
    Riki: Woah! Where's Crasher?!note  It's lonely without him!
    Roahm: Yeah, you've already forgotten his name.
    • Roahm gives a grammar lesson.
    Megaman: I'm MegaMan, you're
    Roahm: Wrong "you're".
    Megaman: tournament opponent!
    Cold Man: So? What business do you have with me, whoosh?
    Megaman: You're causing all sorts of trouble by chilling the net!
    Roahm: See? That's the right "you're".
  • The beginning of part 19. In order to get the Z-Saber chip, Roahm has to play far enough into Mega Man Zero 3 to have access to a transfer option in-game, and link with Battle Network 4. Rather than do it off-camera, he shows himself playing though the opening of Zero 3 is super-speed with incredibly silly music. (more specifically the "Secret" level music from BattleBlock Theater)
  • The password for the Castillo network is "RAEJDUK". Roahm's reaction? "Wait a minute... 'Rage Duck'... It was Yai all along!" [Cut to a close-up of Yai''s homepage shortcut, which looks like an angry duck, and a "dun-dun-DUN" sound]
  • Roahm's comments on Chisao's increasing cases of Took a Level in Jerkass across his appearances, saying that with him trying to replace Guts Man in Battle Chip Challenge and faking his own kidnapping to rig a battle tournament in this game, it's a good thing he didn't appear again or he might have become the leader of the World Three.
  • Roahm's attempt at explaining Nebula's plans in Part 34.
  • Part 45: At the end of the Water God scenario, he ends up in a fight with two Larks.
    Roahm: “Wide Shots, Wide Shots everywhere!” [notices that he has the Super Spreader advance and preps it] “Including from me!”
  • In Part 46, Roahm manages to break the fourth wall in reverse.
    MegaMan: I get the feeling we're being watched.
    Roahm: Yeah, it's me out here with the screen recorder, how's it going, guys?
  • The Stinger in part 47 has Roahm feel disturbed about the statue blinking as he jacks in to it.
    Roahm: (when speaking to the program inside the statue) "You are troubled, my friend." No kidding! "Tell me what burdens you." The statue's alive!
  • The battle with LaserMan in part 55 can... hardly be called one, as Roahm's opening hand of Battle Chips allowed him to literally defeat LaserMan with two attacks. Roahm felt so bad for him that in The Stinger, he showed a more proper battle, not that LaserMan fared much better in round two.
    Roahm: Alright, LaserMan, want to give that whole "ultimate power of evil" thing another shot? I promise I won't just hit you with Pile Driver this time.
  • The intro to part 71 features a variation on the intro to his Battle Network 3 LP:
    Roahm: [...] and I have not been distracted in any way, shape, or form by Super Mario Maker. *the word "lies" show up on screen, accompanied by a buzzing sound* Oh, quiet you!
  • In Part 86, he's going up against the Dark Soul Navis in Red Sun, and warns in advance that despite his best efforts, he's likely going to be taking damage in these fights. In this part (and the next, which shows the Dark Soul fights in Blue Moon), he ends up taking damage from only ONE of the twelve Dark Soul Navis in both games. Which is it? SearchMan? JunkMan? ProtoMan? No, it's Roll, who does so by using a Bass chip on him.
  • Part 88 has Roahm show off his "Weaponized Stupidity" folder for defeating the Omega Navis in less than 10 seconds. It should explain itself.note 
  • Part 89 has Roahm transferring the Double Soul Navis from one game to the other to fight their Omega versions and since every non-generic navi in this game is a random encounter, he puts a map on the screen detailing which area each navi is in and Black Earth 1 is the only place without an Omega navi.

     Silent Hill

Silent Hill

  • Near the beginning of the first Silent Hill run, his emulator starts skipping at an amusing point.
    Harry: Cheryl? Is that Cheryl-Cheryl-Cheryl-Cheryl-Cheryl?
    Roahm: *Cracks up* “Oh, bloody skipping.”
  • After his first meeting with Dahlia, Roahm examines the church's donation box and notes that there's nothing inside.
    "Must be Reimu's."
  • Part 19: "Congratulations! Your TWINFEELER has evolved into FLOATSTINGER!"
  • Part 33 of his Silent Hill 1 LP. Two moments.
    • First off: Apparently, a specific Air Screamer is scripted to call its buddies after you attack it. Roahm didn't know about it, and was trying to demonstrate the Rock Drill on it. Then came the Zerg Rush that would forevermore be known as the Air Screamer Parade.
    • Second, KILLING SPREE! Nihon bureiku kogyo~

Silent Hill 2

  • In Part 14, James finds a note about how a patient dropped his "precious ring," and is too scared to go retrieve it.
    Roahm: Hey, they cured Gollum! He lost his Precious, and he doesn't even care!
  • Part 19: Elevators, Joel. Elevators.
  • Roahm breaks into a rendition of Kapp'n's Song to while away the boat ride in part 24. He STILL finishes the song before he arrives.
    Roahm: I DON'T have this notion that I'd quite like to sail the ocean.
  • The Healing Process. All of it is great, but the best part if the spray can, where the BGM skids to a halt as he shakes it.
  • During Silent Hill 2, when asking for help involving Lying Figures and his chainsaw...
    Roahm: “Please, write in, let me know. This is getting annoyi—
    James: *Lifts chainsaw over his head and interrupts Roahm* RAAAAGH!
    Roahm: *Cracks up* “And I have never seen him do that!”
  • His reasoning for WHY Pyramid Head is so hostile: this little blond twerp keeps walking in on him.
  • "Rrrrrrampage!" *cue ridiculous music* note 
  • Part 37: When the final boss drops to the floor, Roahm switches to the chainsaw and tries to use it on her. Its attack animations just make James swing it uselessly above her.
Roahm: Aw, what? I can’t do the saw-the-lady-in-half trick? My long-standing dream of being a stage magician! Ohh... Maria, even in death, you ruin my fun.

Silent Hill 3

Silent Hill 4: The Room

Silent Hill: 0rigins

  • The way he calls his attacks with the throwable TV.
    "I LOVE LUCY!!!"
    • During the end credits, when talking about how there weren't as many throwable TV's as he thought, he reveals that he had a list of TV shows to call out, and laments the fact that he didn't get to use them all.
      • Over on Tumblr:
        Fan: In the last episode of Silent Hill: 0rigins, you mention that you had a list of shows to call out when throwing TV's. Mind showing that list?
        Roahm: Well, some others include Frasier, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Iron Chef, The Cosby Show, Laverne & Shirley, Junkyard Wars, and Big Fat Quiz of the Year.
      • Now imagine him shouting those in the same way he did the others.
  • After encountering the madwoman who claims that the girl who burned was her daughter, Roahm has this to say.
    Roahm: So for those playing along at home... that was Dahlia!
  • In Part 20, while exploring the Otherworld motel, he finds a health drink... inside a bloody Otherworldified toilet. After several full seconds of silence...
  • When he reveals the truth about the Flauros... It's really an ancient, demonic Pokeball.

Silent Hill: Homecoming

  • At the start of Homecoming
    Roahm: "But this game does have something new to Silent Hill..... A PHYSICS ENGINE! [runs around knocking over tables and lamps]"
  • In part 2, when he finds a note that simply says “she’s not here” over and over, Roahm sings the note, complete with a rest before extending the last one. “SHE’S NOT HEEEEEERE!~”
  • In part 25, Roahm finds himself facing a pair of Needlers and prepares to fight them... only to have both of them rapidly gunned down by Wheeler.
    Roahm: ...where were YOU the rest of the game? [laughter]
  • Roahm showing off the silliness of the Bogeyman Alex costume in cutscenes towards the end of Homecoming. It has to be seen to be believed.
    Roahm (as Bogeyman Alex): "Thanks for the ride into town, Travis, say hi to the Butcher for me."

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

  • In Silent Hill Shattered Memories Part 13, Herry approaches a door in an automated gameplay segment. It's red. Then a cutscene starts and the door is now blue. Roahm pauses the video for a second to point out THE AMAZING COLOR CHANGING DOOR!
  • One of Doctor K's psych evaluations involves coloring in a picture of a house, and the colors affect the house that Harry runs into. On the first run, Roahm does this fairly normally. On the second?
    Roahm: *grabs a black marker* "THIS HOUSE IS BLACK LIKE MY SOOOOOOOUL!" *scribbles all over it*

     Resident Evil 

Resident Evil 1

  • Every episode is named after a line of dialogue from the game.
  • The Running Gag of Roahm missing herbs and going back for them in later videos.
    Roahm: Give me that! ...Yes, it bugged me.
  • Towards the end of Jill's first run, Roahm has fun with the message that appears on loading a file. ("You have once again entered the world of Survival Horror. Good luck!") In part 13, when he first enters the tunnels, he replaces the text with the Bubble Bobble intro. In part 16, he leaves the message unchanged, but when "Good luck" appears, he plays the 'good luck' voice clip from Star Fox 64.
  • Roahm's trademark Hilarious Outtakes return! In one early part, he shows footage from an earlier attempt where he messed up and tried to kill himself for a quick reset, but instead got stuck in a Good Bad Bug: Two zombies sandwich Jill, both constantly spitting but unable to hit her or move. Naturally, Roahm is completely nonplussed at this. Later on, he shows a take where he fails the second poison gas vent puzzle due to bad camera angles.
  • Roahm's one-liner when killing a Neptune?

     Secret of Mana/Evermore 

Secret of Mana

  • The amount of times that Pranko dies.
  • During an extra to show off multi-player, he sets up a game with Pink Kitty Rose (and Shagg joining in the chat, even though s/he can't see anything.), but the resulting lag causes some amusement, like them heading to fight some enemies... and the lag causing Pink to leave the screen.
  • Upon meeting a Tomato Man, he mentions that only two things can kill it: Magic and Critical hits... Which was followed by Valor promptly showing off the latter.
  • The Stinger of Part 25. DANCE PARTY!
  • In Part 43, he tries to show off a "pretty weird result from opening chests" that he'd been seen lately, and opens one with Pranko, hoping to get it on camera. The chest promptly turns out to be a Doom Trap.
    Roahm: THAT'S NOT WHAT I WAS AFTER! That's so not what I was after. [Laughs]
  • In Part 47, during Joch's test of courage, Roahm decides to break out the magic when the enemies get too annoying to tolerate. He then points out he's forgotten what Lunar Magic does and decides to try and find out... It ends up shrinking the party AND turning them into Moogles.note 
    Roahm: Note to self: Never. Use. That spell. Again.

Secret of Evermore

  • The title cards for this series—it's Roahm, Crystal Man, and Jewel Man, all watching the game play out, MST3K style! The motifs don't even stop there, as he calls the protagonist Joe, and their dog Mike. The entire thing is effectively Roahm taking the protagonist's affinity for B-movies and running with that motif, and it is hilarious.
  • Given the protagonist's companion, there is inevitably a lot of love, care, and attention brought to the assistance brought to you by a dooog~.
  • Due to the weirdness that is Evermore's programming, Mike is seen actively breaking the laws of physics:
    • Killing two enemies with a single bite.
    • Walking across the top of a moat before returning across the bridge next to it (and causing it to sink).
    • Running across a pit before navigating back to solid ground, a la the Road Runner.
  • Roahm attempts to keep the dog's appearance in Guardia a secret when it's stuck in the well at the start... Since the HUD blatantly shows what it is, he has to block it off.
  • Roahm takes a liking to commenting on the sheer amount of mazes in Guardia.
  • Later in the LP, Roahm begins to make a recurring mention at all the strange glitches the game has in its programming later into the game, to the point of lunacy. Roahm affectionately refers to the game as being "held together by duct-tape and prayers".
    • When demonstrating crashing the Windwalker, after demonstrating the softlock, the video reverses, complete with a caption "Wait, wait, that's not how it happened!"

     Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem 
  • Simply seeing Roahm's reactions to all the Sanity Effects first hand is a Funny Moment. Especially when the game really does screw up, and he confuses it for a Sanity Effect at first.
  • Due to events in Roahm's life, such as getting distracted by other games, there tended to be very lengthy breaks in-between recording sessions. This would result in him needing to re-familiarize himself with the controls, which in turn resulted in a running gag where Alex would attack something without meaning to.
    Roahm: That's not the door we're stabbing.
  • In Paul Luther's chapter, he ends up referring to his Finishing Move as "Sword Spanking". The animation was already a major case of Narm, but this description makes it even funnier.
  • How he got the game is worth a mention as well. While getting the game properly set up, Roahm explained that he'd received two packages within a short time of each other. The first package contained Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, and had been sent by someone with the screen name "Mr. Nobody"—-but Roahm had forgotten that it was an actual screen name and assumed that it was someone wanting to be anonymous (he eventually got this cleared up). The second package contained Eternal Darkness, didn't have an address from anyone specifically, and was received from a company that seemed to just send out old video games. A few days later, Roahm was on Skype with his friends and told them that it was still bugging him that he didn't know who sent this game to him... to which Shagg answered, "What, that was sent?! Thanks for telling me, Amazon!"

  • The second part of his Metroid 1 LP has him demonstrate a hidden shaft that serves no purpose and is difficult to get out of, which he got stuck in for a long time as a kid. After getting out:
    Roahm: So yeah, absolutely no reason to go down there and kinda tricky to get back out. Just kind of a weird little trap room. Nice trolling there, Nintendo.
    [Cut to a picture of Mario with a trollface] Mario: "Thank you so much for to play-a my game!"
  • While it falls into the same category as the red-eyed wooly spider (The Red-eyed Wooly Spider!?), he briefly tries the memetic "Engage Ridley Mother Fucker" password in Metroid 1. However, when he starts typing in the last word, Ridley-X and a big "Censored!" box appear, with that version of Ridley's trademark roar. Or rather, scream. (RYAAAAAAAH!)The next part is definitely humorous though, as he explains that all the password's ever done for him is crash the game.
    Roahm: Remember kids, cursing will get you nowhere.
  • In Metroid II: Return of Samus, Roahm decides to play around with the game's color pallete every Refreshing Pause. The intro to part 5 begins with a familiar deep red color...
    Roahm: [Beat] No... just... no. I-I can't do this to my viewers, I can't do this to myself, even if this area does have disconcerting enough music for it I can NOT do a Virtual Boy palette. [Jump cut to a different palette]
  • The closing screen for his Metroid II LP has a Duck Hunt motif, with the baby Metroid latched on to the annoying dog from the latter, and Samus showing appreciation. When larva Metroids reappear in the late game, the image and sound bite change to the dog doing his signature laugh.


Aria of Sorrow

  • Roahm discovers a Disc-One Nuke by complete accident. While trying to get a different item (specifically the armor) from the Zombies, he ends up getting the (much rarer) Baselard instead... which, for a good portion of the series, completely outclasses EVERY SINGLE WEAPON he comes across in damage. “GUESS WHAT’S STILL STRONGER.”
  • Some of the souls cause him to laugh when he sees the effects, like the fact that the Killer Doll soul throws plushies of Soma and Mina as decoys.
    • Shortly after he gets the Gladiator soul ("Throws wheels at enemies") and tests its effects, he then inserts a freeze-frame based off of The Oregon Trail, specifically the Lost Wheel message ("Soma has thrown a wheel").
    • While testing and using the Student Witch soul, Roahm muses that one of the best ways of killing enemies is to spam cats.
  • Part 3: Graham mentions the prophecy of 1999. All Roahm can think of is “...where we all party like it’s 1999?
  • In part 5, the Great Armor almost kills him, and he quickly checks his items to see if there’s anything good for healing.
    Roahm: “A melon of the highest quality.” [melon is used, full 404 health from 35 and a beat] ...dang! That was a really good melon!
  • In part 7, Julius Belmont introduces himself as J. This makes Roahm sputter a bit, because Soma calls him Mister J, which Roahm follows up with his best Harley Quinn impression.
  • Part 8: While fighting the Big Golem... “You wouldn’t think a katana would do so much damage to what’s basically a walking mountain, but I’ll take it.”
  • Part 9:
    • Roahm’s monologuing is interrupted by a random drop.
    Roahm: *while fighting an Evil Butcher* “Also apparently there had been some confusion with the Hammer, and— *collects the Evil Butcher’s drop* —pffffthaha, really, they drop Baselards too? Not nearly as useful this far into the game!”
    • After reaching the Inner Chambers, he meets Persephone.
    Roahm: “Yeah, yeah, maid in a vampire’s house, first person to make a Sakuya reference... well, I guess that would be me.”
  • After completing the Arena, Roahm decided to stick around for a bit to pick up the Red Minotaur soul, stating that it wouldn't take very long. At the start of the next video, we find out that he gained six levels just trying to get it.

Circle of the Moon

  • Close to the end of part 2, Roahm has to climb up and down a column of Brain Floats.
    Roahm: Just wanted to make sure I didn’t trip on a brain on the way down... there’s a sentence.
  • "I don't want the knife!"
  • After defeating Adramelech, Roahm leaves briefly to talk to Hugh before going back the way he came. Where the boss's head was gone upon defeat, now its entire body has followed suit.
    Roahm: Self-cleaning monster. Leaves nothing behind but the great scent of pine.
  • Episode 8 starts with sped up footage as he prepares to farm Man Eaters for their card. He gets it after one kill. Cue Record Needle Scratch.
    Roahm: Well, that was anti-climatic!


Pokémon Emerald

  • In the first episode, he names his starting Treecko (which he can't use, since the rules of the challenge ban him from using Pokemon he's already trained before) SNAITF, and claims it'll all make sense later. At the end of the video...
    "Who's that Pokemon! It's Sir Not Appearing In This Film!
  • At the end of every episode, he has a game of "Who's that Pokémon?" and then reveals the origin behind their nickname.
  • He also claims that in one of his Ruby playthroughs, the Poochyena chasing Professor Birch was shiny.
  • He states that he has a list of nicknames and preferred gender for all the Pokémon he's going to catch, which cuts to him scrolling through said list while the HeartGold/SoulSilver Team Rocket theme plays.
    Documentation, aaaaah!
  • Shiny shiny shiny Nincada!
  • As it's a No Evolutions run, he mentions early on he'd probably need to use an Gameshark code for 99 Everstones eventually. Despite having several sent to him, he couldn't find any he could use due to complications. So what was his "improvised" solution? Hack in an entire boxful of Magikarp holding Everstones!
    Thanks, Fizz!
  • From Part 11:
    [Tentacool uses Poison Sting] Oh don't you do it. [Stifle/Whismur is poisoned] You did it.
    [Teaches SNAITF Flash] There you go Sir Not Appearing In This Film, now you can Leer WITH HEADLIGHTS!
  • In Part 18, Wattson's Voltorb uses Selfdestruct... on the 4x resistant Ceres. Even funnier in that is was a critical hit and it STILL barely did anything.
  • In episode 19, he officially renames his Treecko to Sir OCCASIONALLY Appearing In This Film.
  • Espa beats Flannery by doing absolutely nothingnote 
  • During the fight with Norman, Roahm sends out Homestar (His Wynaut) and says he's gonna laugh if this works. Homestar succeeds at one-shotting Slaking, and Roahm makes good on his promise.
  • Part 36 has the following, on New Mauville:
    "You like Magnemite and Voltorb? You've come to the right place. You want something else? We don't serve your kind here."
  • At the end of Part 39, a Team Aqua Grunt tells him not to go near the weather institute. His response?
    "What's that? Go near the weather institute you say? Sure!"
  • In the same part, he accidentally uses Metal Claw on a Water type. He points out the derp moment... only to get a Critical Hit and one hit KO anyway.
  • Part 41. Something unseeable is in the way!
  • Roahm missed the trendy phrase in Dewford Town the first time through, but manages to showcase it when he swings by on a backtracking session. The original phrase is "Absent Phone", but Roahm decides to sow off how easily the population can be manipulated by changing the phrase to... TOO BAD, Kadabra Time! (Kadabra is Roahm's favourite Pokemon)
  • At the start of Part 49, a Gentleman moves to block the way to an item ball when Roahm enters his sight range. This leads to an absolutely hilarious old man impression. And then he registers himself in the Pokenav...
    "Be sure to call me if you ever need my roadblock services again!"
  • A Hariyama in Part 51 uses Whirlwind... and brings out Sir Occasionally Appearing In This Film. He actually manages to get one Flash off before fainting. It happens again in Part 55.
  • The Who's That Pokemon for Part 52. It's a Missingno. named Ermac, who proceeds to glitch up the end title card.
  • Earlier, he notices he still has Splash on Werrenterr (Feebas), and says he needs to find something to replace it with soon so he doesn't accidentally end up using it. Naturally, when fighting Tabitha in Part 55...
  • When fighting the Chest Monster Electrodes in the Aqua Base, he takes out the first without it selfdestructing. The second seems oddly cooperative too... and then this happens.
    [Uses Hyper Potion on Sly] "If it's just going to keep using Sonicboom, that's fine, but I don't trust it to do that— [Electrode uses Selfdestruct] EEEEEEEEEEEE!"
  • In Part 57:
    "Werrenterr's still holding his own... [Werrenterr is one-shotted by Machoke's Revenge] Never mind."
  • In Part 61, Steven's Aggron using... Solarbeam. Against Crobat. A Pokémon that doubly resists it. When it already has dismal Special Attack. Roahm actually has to pause a moment to let the sheer stupidity sink in.
    Roahm: "...did you make a special sweeper Aggron!? Go away, you weird, weird, Aggron, you!"
  • There are several in the Battle Frontier. The special rules and other factors allow for some great jokes from Roahm.
"I offer my Pikachu son to the gods!"

Pokémon Yellow

  • Throughout the entire run, Roahm has no shortage of snark for most of the trainers he meets, often replying as if he were speaking to them directly. An example from Silph Co.:
    Team Rocket Grunt: "Show Team Rocket a little respect!"
    Roahm: "I'm showing you as little as possible."
  • In part 5, Roahm encounters two Spearow in rapid succession, the second of which was immediately after declaring he was going back to town. His comment on that?
    "The Spearows, they're after me. #AlwaysTheBirds"
    • This caught on with the fandom, and so whenever Roahm repeatedly meets up with the game's assorted bird Pokemon or otherwise has trouble dealing with them, "#AlwaysTheBirds" flourishes in the video comments.
  • In Part 7, Roahm's team goes up against Misty's at the Cerulean Gym. He's worried about Misty's Starmie...but all that happens is that it keeps using Harden (and one turn using X Defend). Against Roahm's Pikachu. As Electric attacks are not affected by physical defense, the results are predictable.
    • Later in the chapter, Roahm is searching for two of the Pokemon on his list. Unfortunately, they're rare encounters in an area infested with Pidgeys and the occasional Pidgeotto. Roahm had to cut quite a bit of footage due to these random bird encounters alone.
      "Several birds later..."
      "Yet more birds later..."
      "Something... Something... BIRDS."
  • Part 19 had Roahm face off against a Rocker partway through Route 12. The Rocker has a Voltorb and an Electrode. Both of them use Selfdestruct. Against Roahm's Gastly. Erm, oops.
  • Part 20 was during the same recording session, and Roahm found himself fighting against a bunch of Bird Keeper trainers in the fencepost maze of Route 13. By the next part (still in the same recording session!), the length of the recording session and the continued presence of Bird Keepers meant Sanity Slippage was beginning to take hold, to the point where the title is actually "Birds Birds! Birds Birds Birds!"
  • In Part 29 just before reviving Omanyte, Roahm tries to use the Helix Fossil.
    Roahm: "Praise Felix! ...Felix? Helix. Yes, I named my fossil."
    Caption: "You fool!!! You had one job!!!"
  • Part 34 sees the complete mystery of the owner of the eighth gym...! Cue him casually waltzing over to the sign right next to the gym coach in the gym itself which plainly reads it's Giovanni. Cue Corpsing.
    Roahm: ...Well... So much for that mystery.
  • Part 37 has Roahm's "Weaponized Stupidity 2.0": beating Garynote  with Rod the Magikarp and a copious amount of X-stat items. Complete with a faux-infomercial during a sped-up montage of using them.
    Roahm: If you suffer from low attack or defensive power, X-stats may be for you. X-stats are a prescription enhancer proven to heighten a Pokemon's natural stats. By releasing your body's natural chemicals, you'll feel stronger, faster, and ready to take on the world. Side-effects of X-stats may include a Magikarp actually being able to do some damage. Do not take X-stats if your opponent knows Haze, and do not take them in conjunction with Full Heal, as results cannot be guaranteed. Effects are temporary and will last for a battle, or until you go back home to your Pokeball. Ask your doctor if X-stats are right for you. Silph Co: a Pokemon company.

     Spyro the Dragon 

Spyro the Dragon

  • The end of video title card itself is pretty hilarious.
  • Part 6 has a moment where he reaches the top of a cliff area and realises an enemy that should be there... isn't. He loses it for a moment, and then has a Eureka Moment. Turns out the turbine on a chest he destroyed at the start of the level somehow managed to fly up and hit the enemy. The crude drawing of his thought process really seals it.
  • In Part 13, Roahm begins the video with an explaination of the term "Durgon" and where it came from. In part 15, the title cards have the word Dragon replaced with "Durgon" and ridiculous derp-eyes are superimposed on all the characters.
  • In the next part, one of the dragons makes the Seductive Bowser pose, which Roahm points out. What makes this even funnier? By sheer coincidence this ended up being the video thumbnail.
  • Roahm named every episode after a different type of gemstone, in alphabetical order. Part 26 just so happens to be the level immidiately before the final boss. He beginst 27 with:
  • In the same part, he finds the last dragon in Gnorc Nexus, who tells him the final level will only open when he reaches 100%.
    Roahm: 100% you say? Funny you should mention that... [checks staus screen to show he indeed has 100%] You were the last thing we were missing.

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage

  • The opening title card for each video has Elora and Hunter bear witness to perhaps the most utterly absurd depiction of Roahm yet. He walks out of the portal, wearing the tourist shirt and shades from Super Mario Sunshine, sipping a drink from a coconut shell, and carrying a sticker-covered suitcase (if you look closely, one of the stickers actually says "Alola" and another says "I Heart SH"). Elora and Hunter look completely baffled, and Elora's "speech" bubble features a cameo of Trogdor the Burninator.
  • The end slate features Spyro constantly chasing down Moneybags.
  • When introduced to an orb challenge that involves flying through rings, he naturally makes Superman 64 references. "Solve my maze, Spyro!"
  • The Tempting Fate moment during the Bombo the Flagkeeper mission in Scorch.
    Roahm: Not that I'm going out of my way to get hit or anything.
    On-Screen Text: FATE TEMPTED
    [Roahm gets hit immediately]
  • In The Stinger for Fracture Hills, one of the Earth Shapers decides to dance along to the satyr's music. The resulting comment is especially hilarious, given the discrepancy between the line, who's saying it, and the accent it's being said with.
    Roahm: There you go, that's the spirit! Get down witcha bad self!
    • From the same video, Roahm isn't too bothered by the stage's soundtrack, because his Scottish heritage gives him a situational racial bonus: +15 Natural Bagpipe Resist.
  • An unintentional Funny Background Event occurs at the start of Robotica Farms. Just as the first farmer is explaining that you'll need to shoot some of the enemies out of the sky, one behind him gets taken out by an exploding barrel, during the talk cutscene.

     The Gag Reels 

  • A couple from his run against Dr. Kahl's Robot:
    • At about 6:36, as the final phase is starting, Roahm stops the video for a moment (complete with Record Needle Scratch) to point something out:
      Roahm: "[...] there is something about this phase that I forgot to point out, and it would be remiss of me to not mention it. Ooh, shiny!"
    • At 8:02, after Roahm clears the fight for the first time, he tempts fate:
      Roahm: "[This fight] doesn't seem as horrible as I thought it would be.
      Annotation: "And then you look down and see how much of the video is left..."
  • Roahm goes into the Cala Maria fight expecting to have trouble, considering how busy the various phases are. He ends up getting an A-plus rank on his third try. Cue the "stunned durgon" graphic, and the Laughing Mad reaction that usually follows it.


     Legend of Zelda Series 

The Legend of Zelda

First Quest Minimalist Run

  • At the end of one video, Roahm grabs a key at the same time he dies. Instead of playing the regular sound for getting a key, it plays the major item jingle before cutting to the death jingle. Cue Roahm laughing out loud.

Second Quest 100% Run

  • Partway through his playthrough of the game, he mentions making a Zelda 1 custom quest at one point (never finished), where one of the things he did was replace the Recorder item with a CD player.

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

  • The "we'll be right back" card in the first episode references his co-commentary of PinkKittyRose's playthrough of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, where one of the old men from this game speaks to a version of Roahm in Link's outfit. Roahm is asleep thanks to the dialogue, which reads:
    "I'm an old man and I know things so you shoud [sic] listen to me say things because I'm old and I know a lot of things to say!"
    • The second episode's end card references the mistake in the above; this time, the old man says:
      "You know should has an L in it? Your viewers sure did! Maybe you "shoud" pay more attention editing at 1 A.M.!"
    • The old man stinger for Part 12 is none other than the Fitness Gram Pacer Test.
  • The title card at the start of each episode (beginning with the second) shows Link!Roahm attempting to wake the sleeping Princess Zelda with a different item, with the previous attempted items showing up discarded on the ground nearby. In order, he attempts to use: An alarm clock, a Cucco (thereafter seen eating chicken feed), a boombox, a pot of coffee (with a cup next to it afterwards, implying he drank it himself), his Exploud, Rave, using Uproar, a laptop playing a Five Nights at Freddy's Jump Scare, a TV remote that turns up the volume of the video itself, Navi trying to be helpful (and getting bottled for it), Fracture Hills bagpipe music, Mike ability, Wily's UFO (after which Wily can be seen doing maintenance on it), and using the Siren Instruments to play the Ballad of the Windfish.
    • A note about the coffee from Part 5; since Roahm has gone on record to state he actually doesn't drink coffee, and in the Part 6 stinger, the old man chews Roahm out for the coffee allegedly being drank.
      "You're not fooling anyone young man. You've said before that you don't like how coffee tastes. So where did it go? Hmmmmmmmm?"
    • The stinger for the final video shows that Link!Roahm gave up trying to wake up Zelda and fell asleep on one of the steps to her pedestal... and it's his snoring that finally wakes her up. The real Link is understandably confused about what's been happening in his absence.
  • Part 12 featuring the Triple Eye Rock palace was one kerfuffle after another:
    • Roahm attacks a statue hoping for magic, only to get a red Iron Knuckle. Roahm comments that he could've used the magic... and the enemy despondently drops into the nearby pit.
    • During the first Rebonack mini-boss, once it dismounts from its horse, Roahm somehow manages to damage it multiple times with a single attack, OHKO-ing it. His confusion gets driven home after he deals with the second Rebonack in two hits as it was supposed to be.
    • In one area that had a pit and a wall three blocks high, Roahm kept trying to get to the top of it without resorting to the Jump spell. After finally doing so, he turned around with the intention of jumping to the other side, but immediately fell back down before he could get the chance. At this point he finally decided to utilize Jump and get it over with.
    • While attacking a blue Iron Knuckle, he drives it to the very edge of the room. Instead of simply disappearing off the screen, it falls off the side as if there had been a pit there.
    • Towards the end, Roahm dropped down a set of pits in order to reach a room where, according to his map, there was a magic refill... only to be given a red Iron Knuckle instead. He muses that this wasn't good news for him, since he was completely out of magic, but then he gets a magic jar from an enemy in the next room anyway.
  • From the outtakes in the Great Palace:
    • Roahm does a down-stab on a statue in hopes of getting a magic refill, gets a Red Fokka instead, and ends up getting trapped against the ceiling until he's finally forced to stop the attack. He finds it amusing enough that he doesn't even try to block the Fokka's attacks after that, saying that it deserves it.
    • After fighting the Thunderbird, he's reduced to half a container's worth of life and not enough magic to restore it. He decides to go ahead and fight Dark Link, fully expecting to die... and wins anyway. This ends up in the outtakes since he stated he didn't deserve that victory, but felt it was funny enough to keep.

NOTE: For moments that have to do with his appearances in Pink Kitty Rose's videos, go here.

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