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  • In one part of his Kerbal Space Program videos, he decides to make a rescue of one of the Kerbals he left on the surface of another planet. After a long, arduous series of tests developing a manned spacecraft, planning for a long interplanetary trip and finally getting to the surface of the planet, Robbaz realizes to his horror he forgot to add a fourth seat for the rescued Kerbal. He then attempts to have the Kerbal he can't sit in the craft sit on the exterior as the craft takes off. Needless to say, it does not end well.
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  • From Skyrim: "Dental Appointment!"
  • During Scribblenauts Unlimited, Robbaz has to spawn something that will cheer up a crying girl. He repeatedly misspells the word "chocolate" and eventually resorts to randomly mashing his keyboard. The game interprets the resulting string of gibberish as "Cavalier King Charles Spaniel"...which makes the girl quite happy.
  • Robbaz's administration of Gabenville in Cities: Skylines: 1. He polluted a river that flowed from a lake that he got his water from; 2. built a dam on said polluted river and flooded the "peasant" neighborhood; 3. built a phallus-shaped statue in one neighborhood.
  • During his Fallout 4 playthrough, Robbaz experiments with clones of himself. This includes naming his clones, killing his clones and eating his clones. Robbaz admits that this is getting weird for him, which given his past exploits is really saying something.
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  • During his playthrough of Silent Hunter 5, Robbaz steams his u-boat into its pen. He's just about to get it into the building when the game suddenly snaps into a cutscene in the pen itself. The captain of the U-boat has a conversation with Robbaz, who then proceeds to have a conversation with a character that completely failed to load in, all while his u-boat runs into the other side of the pen, crashing into the dock.
  • While playing a Lovecraft mod for Rim World an evil looking obelisk suddenly spawns near the settlement. Robbaz relocates it into the dormitory to serve as a nightlight.

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