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  • For starters, punching a dragon to death in Skyrim repeatedly.
    • "Good job, you're halfway to becoming a Viking now."
  • Killing Adolf Hitler by shooting him in the nuts.
  • Like many other Youtubers, Robbaz played Slender soon after it came out. Rather than make a generic facecam video (Like most other tubers did, with typical fake screams), Robbaz modded in a (useless) pistol, proceeded to charge at Slenderman, and tackle him as the game faded to static.
  • In a video he did of War Thunder, Robbaz has sustained heavy damage and is sat on his team's runway. An enemy plane sees him in this state and decides to take advantage by kamikaze-diving into him guns blazing. He survives.
  • Throughout the whole of his Kerbal Space Program series, we see Robbaz go from an incompetent rocket-maker who didn't even bother with the tutorial, to making space-stations, creating colonies on both the Moon and KSP's Mars analogue, landing a space plane backwards, and launching a Space Ship Ship. That is, a ship that normally belongs on the ocean with the addition of more rocket fuel than is sane.
    • He also caught an asteroid, clamped three parachutes to it, and then safely landed it back on the planet with a trio of Kerbals sitting pretty on it.
  • Robbaz having to escape from Fort Rowe in this video can also double as tearjerker considering how much work was put into it.
    • Though, a few episodes later, he launches a one-man crusade to take it back. Which succeeds.
  • In anticipation of Fallout 4, Robbaz custom builds a Fallout themed computer case out of a vintage tube radio, including an onboard stat display in the style of Fallout computer terminals. Then he prints out some labels to make bottles of nuka-cola and boxes of chems to complete the look, along with his mini-nuke from the anthology edition. He even got the nuka-cola quantum to glow!
  • In his Fallout 4 playthrough, he also killed a Deathclaw with a pool cue and mines. True to his unarmed style from Skyrim.
  • The battleships he comes up with in From the Depths, the HMS Pilkington and especially the HMS Ragnarök. Their guns are so powerful and fire so fast that soft targets more or less disintegrate under a salvo, while harder foes are literally blown out of the water and juggled by the sheer number of rounds hitting them.
    • And how can you possibly make a ship like the Ragnarök more awesome? You make it fly, of course, which is exactly what Robbaz has since done.

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