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Mario Party

  • The group talks about Wario's infamous "D'OH I MISSED!" quote while playing Mario's Rainbow Castle. They actually get him to say it at the very end, to their satisfaction.
    • Slightly diluted by the fact that Wario had said it earlier, when receiving a Star from Bowser, they simply missed it.
  • Tim's sudden victory in Wario's Battle Canyon. Seriously, who saw that coming?
  • Even the CPU gets one! It seems like Wario is about to lose a mini-game, when at the last second, the platform rises and allows him to win the match.
  • Emile's victory at Magma Mountain. At first it seems like the computer will win, as it had 3 stars to the other players' one...then Jon lands on Chance Time on the FINAL TURN, and causes Emile to swap stars with the computer. The computer gets two of the bonus stars, evening their scores, but it's then revealed that Emile had a maximum coin count of exactly ONE COIN more than the computer's, earning him the final bonus star for the win. Emile literally hugged Jon when this happened. And before you say Tim was robbed of victory yet again, both he and Jon had less coins than the computer, thus, even if they had swapped stars during Chance Time, they would have lost due to being tied in stars but behind in coins.
  • Jon managing to get a 100% accuracy on one of the many matches of Face Lift.
  • Jon, having been royally screwed over for most of Yoshi's Tropical Island, managing to win.
  • The final mini-game in the Let's Play is simply epic. For one, it's the first Mini-game they played in the Let's Play, and for another, that it lasted for a good two minutes when it would normally be about thirty seconds.
  • In Yoshi’s Tropical Island, Jon actually manages to shake himself off the NPC in Crane Game, which is nearly impossible, while being the one closest to the pipe, no less!
  • After repeatedly losing to the NPC in the Musical Mushroom game, Emile manages to finally beat it during Peach's Birthday Cake.
  • Emile winning the LP overall with five board wins compared to Jon's two wins and Tim's one win. It wouldn't be until Jon's near-sweep of Mario Party 4 that someone would be as dominant as that (though Jon did come close with four wins in Mario Party 2).

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

  • Jon, in world 4-2, managing to get to the top of the flagpole by jumping on top of Chuggaaconroy's (or Mario's, at least in the game) head, following up by jumping on JoshJepson's (Or yellow Toad's) head. That was Lampshaded by Emile.
  • When discussing the Koopalings when they reach world five, Emile manages to prove Jon, of all people, wrong about something in Super Mario World. This is Lampshaded during the conversation by Jon exclaiming "How many times have I fucking played Mario World?!"
  • During a run to get a star coin from a fortress, they all died from platforms to the head. The second time they do so, Jon immediately screams for them to turn back... but Tim (Luigi) has hopped all the way to the other side and into a pipe, without being harmed.
  • In an LP notorious for deaths of all kinds, Jon manages to only die once in the ninth episode of New Super Mario Bros. Wii.
    • As mentioned on the main page (so no spoilers will apply), Josh lost the least number of lives in Episode 11. Small feat, but still one to be mildly proud of.
  • Jon getting 99 lives. (Maybe now he'll let everyone else get some...)
  • In episode 9, while in a cave filled with giant Wigglers, Emile is the only person not to get hit by said Wigglers. He uses awesome jump-dodging skills, perfectly timed spinning, and hiding in a hole to do this. Even Jon, who is basically his rival for the series, compliments him on it!
  • Jon had a huge one in episode 14. He decided that he hadn't been trolling enough and decided to really get dangerous in response to the group's repeated collective fails. He threw shells at Josh and Tim, jumped into a pipe on the second try after watching Emile fail around four times, survived a barrage of bullet bills, grinded extra lives despite having more than everyone else, screwed Emile out of a chance at a star coin and extra lives, gloated about being an asshole, got the Star Coin, and then managed to avoid Emile long enough to be the only person on the flag pole at the end. Wow.
  • The bubble jumping. It didn't exactly get them to the end like they hoped, but they survived in awesome ways for several seconds. Now if only they could do that longer, they could beat similar levels with ease.
  • Finally defeating their seemingly most hated level in World 7 by having Emile carry Josh and Jon ride Yoshi with Tim in his mouth. Jon even used Tim as a projectile to nab the final Star Coin. They lampshaded this at the end, saying they managed to defeat it with the power of teamwork.
    • Aaaand no more teamwork as of the next level, wherein they quickly start trying to kill each other. And again, lampshaded.
  • In episode 15, Tim somehow pulls off a hilarious glitch. He jumps for the flagpole, then bubbles the instant he reaches the top. So Luigi disappears, Tim gets the 1-up, and an empty bubble floats away, leaving the Guys with hilarious reactions.
  • Literally all four of them get separate ones during the World 8 airship.
    • Tim survives a short while with the others in bubbles and nabs a Star Coin that is literally covered by two Mechakoopas without getting hurt.
    • Jon pulls off a perfect wall jump to reach a Star Coin over a pit and bubbles to safety.
    • Josh jumps off the others' heads enough times and high enough to reach a screw that needs to be spun.
    • Emile surviving getting thrown into a fire by bubbling RIGHT before hitting the fire.
  • In the final battle with Bowser, they do have to do the fight three times due to deaths, but there are a couple moments in there. For example, Emile is always the one to hit the first switch note , which kind of makes sense considering he's Mario. There's also Josh grabbing the final Star Coin during the third run (it was Jon the other times), and lastly Jon running through most of the final portion, only for Emile to appear and get his bubble popped, then miss hitting the switch by a split-second.
  • Throughout World 8 in general, despite knowing next to nothing about this place, guess who seems to be the one to carry the group through? TIM.
  • After the final battle, during the credits minigame, Tim actually gets more coins than Josh and Emile, reaching second place (Jon got over 200), proving just how much better he's gotten since the start.
  • While Jon is running across a timed path to reach a Star Coin, Tim zips ahead and nabs the coin instead. They didn't survive to the end of the level, though...
    • Josh succeeded in grabbing the coin on a later attempt. They didn't survive that one either.
  • While in 9-4, they need to figure out how to enter a red pipe... which is horizontal... over a giant pit. The way to do this is use an Ice Flower to freeze a piranha plant that comes out of a green pipe below it (but angled the same), providing a platform. Everybody except Emile loses their Ice Flower, and Emile also loses it right at this point... but not before launching a lucky shot, striking the Piranha Plant the instant it comes out of the pipe, leaving a one-inch platform. Jon then gets into the red pipe with it. Big "YES!" ensues. (It's more awesome when you actually see it.)
  • YMMV, but Emile managing to evade having to use a continue even under the pressure of Jon's constant attempts of killing him is one. During the final tally, the most common death cause for Emile is Jon himself! (And vice-versa.)
  • Josh managing to jump across circling platforms and fuzzies to grab a coin that the other guys were having trouble with.
    Jon: *Josh is hopping over to the coin, unnoticed* "I might need someone to follow me for when I freeze the platform..."
    Josh: *grabs the coin* "Or I could just be a badass."
  • Beating the supposedly hardest level in the game on only two tries. They did point out that the level would have been much harder for a solo player, but still.
  • Jon winning the whole thing overall, despite spending so much time trying to kill Emile. He had even gotten the most coins in the credits sequence! It all may have been a Foregone Conclusion, but that doesn't mean we should overlook that it soundly established his place as The Ace of the team. That is awesome.
  • Despite the difficulty he seems to find in pressing A to not die, Tim is consistently awesome throughout the LP. Sure, it plays second fiddle to his Butt-Monkey / Plucky Comic Relief status and he's always Overshadowed by Awesome, but he gets a few moments before Emile points it out in the finale. For instance, running through a death-trap while everybody else is on the verge of freaking out, yelling for him to get out of the falling blocks' paths... and he expertly weaves through the blocks, landing neatly in front of the nearly-sealed-off secret exit. Of course, he follows this amazing feat by bubbling right before the flagpole, but he may have had an ulterior motive for that, too.
  • Level 6-4, all of them end the level with a major power up (the propeller suit), catch the top of the flagpole, AND have the fireworks.
  • Josh in 8-1. Funny Moment too.
    Emile: "Josh, don't fail us now!"
    Josh: "I will totally fail you now!" *proceeds to not fail them now*

Subspace Emissary

  • Two involving Trophy Stands:
    • One is during the Fire Emblem stage, where Emile grabs a Trophy Stand without noticing and continues for a bit with it. When he reaches a key, he tries to pick it up, only to throw the Trophy Stand forward, bounce it off a wall, and hit an enemy behind him.
    • Another is when Tim grabs a Trophy Stand in The Forest and throws it upward, completely missing the only remaining enemy. The enemy floats over to Tim just as the stand comes back down, capturing the enemy.
  • Tim actually gets the last hit on Galleom during the first fight with him.
  • Related to the above, Jon curb stomping Galleom with Charizard's Rock Smash.
  • Emile kills Ridley by doing Thunder while jumping off the edge.
  • In the Research Facility, Emile is forced to go through an entire level on his own without any spare lives. He does it almost perfectly.
  • During a battle on a floating platform, Emile is Donkey Kong and Tim is Captain Falcon. However, Tim thinks he's playing as DK. Despite this, when Falcon falls off the edge, he still manages to pull off a perfect recovery, without even knowing who he's actually playing as.
    • Even before that, keep an eye on Captain Falcon; Tim, despite not knowing that's who he's playing as, manages to kill quite a few enemies without meaning to. In fact, if it's your first time watching the video, you'd likely think he knew he was Falcon!
  • YMMV (like this whole page,) but a pretty notable one is Jon taking advantage of the Steve meme so much that it makes Emile weep. Also a Funny Moment. To elaborate: Jon used this to his advantage on the Pikmin portion of the game, which leads to Emile moaning at the very mention of it, followed by Captain Falcon killing all the Pikmin but Steve. Cue Emile sobbing and Jon creating dialogue between Olimar and Steve, then saying Emile should play as him that round. Emile slides off until the next round, where Jon forces him to play as Olimar by withholding both controllers and making sure Emile "piks" Olimar.
  • False Peach keeps nearly killing Emile over and over, but he manages to hold his own and end up winning.
  • They purposely had Samus deliver the finishing blow to Meta Ridley.
  • During a battle against a giant swarm of enemies, Tim is the only one left alive against the final enemy, an Armank. The guys have had troubles with Armanks for a while now, but Tim manages to defeat this one by himself. Cue cheering.
  • Emile gets one in episode 17, when he is playing as the Ice Climbers with Jon, and then both Jon and Nana die, leaving Emile with Popo. Despite being handicapped, he manages to defeat Cyber Peach and own a bunch of Floows, all without dying. Jon was impressed.
    • Between these two, he had to go through a room full of Jyks. He proceeds to powershield the first one and flawlessly air-dodge the second, completley casually.
  • A somewhat more subtle example is the fight with Emile and Jon against Cyber Luigi. They take no damage whatsoever throughout the entire fight, and they spend much of the battle conversing with each other, not paying much attention to the actual fight.
  • During the final battle against, Tabuu, Snake (Emile) was caught by Tabuu's whip and would be killed with the damage he's taken. Luckily, Yoshi (Jon) manages to save him and defeat Tabuu at the same time. Doubles as a Funny Moment due to the position Snake was stuck in after Tabuu was defeated.
    Jon: "Yo-You were stuck in what was probably going to kill you, and then we glitched it. We beat the game glitching!"
    Emile: "We beat the game by glitching when this is supposed to be the realm of glitches. How fitting, Tabuu died to a glitch."
  • Jon winning against Toon Link. Both are blown off the screen. Jon won because Toon Link flew off a second before him. Doubles as a Funny Moment.

Mario Party 2

  • Once again, the guys find themselves playing Shy Guy Says in Pirate Land. And once again, Emile somehow manages to hold his own for at least a minute despite the Shy Guy's fakeouts being trickier than before (though Jon failed a short while in).
  • In the Archer-ival mini game, Tim manages to avoid the computer player's arrows for the whole time, in addition to Jon and Emile never being shot at.
  • In Pirate Land, near the very end, Emile gets a Hidden Block with a star in it, letting him win just in time.
  • At one point in Pirate Land, a star appears on the space in front of Emile.
  • Tim tried to steal coins from Emile when he first meets Boo, but accidentally got Jon instead. The kicker? Jon was close to the star and had 36 coins, which was actually the right move to do all along! He temporarily prevented Jon from grabbing the star!
    • Following this, Tim won Crane Game as the single player (the only time this happened throughout the LP), temporarily preventing Jon from getting his next star.
  • Doubting that Tim has gotten better since the last Mario Party? Well, along with the two above examples, he used strategy a lot better here, often had the most or second-most coins, and won quite a few minigames. Plus, he stopped going so easy on Jon and Emile, as shown when he stopped specifically attacking the AI and instead went after one of them if they had a big lead. In fact, the only reason he didn't win any boards is that Emile and Jon had also gotten a bit better, plus he frequently got bad rolls. And even then, he still came surprisingly close.
    • A good example of Tim's improvement is how he stayed in first place for the majority of Bowser Land, though this was
  • At the end of Western Land, Emile challenges Tim to a duel, putting 30 coins (and potentially the Coin Star) on the line. Tim's reflexes were the victor.
    • In spite of that, Emile still somehow manages to get not just the Coin Star, but all of the Bonus Stars, tying with Wario for Minigame and Jon for Happening. And the kicker? Jon still won anyway from managing to get 3 hard-earned stars over the course of the actual game.
  • Jon got 1 in Space Land. After landing on the Happening Space and being chased back, he gets a hidden block that has a star...ON HIS FIRST TURN!
    • Strikes again in Mystery Land. He got between the warp points, thus missing the star... only to land on the star block space. THEN LATER, he refused the UFO ride to the star, since he thought Emile would get to it first, only to land on a teleport space, which took him to ANOTHER star space, and to boot, [Luigi landed on THE SAME SPOT before but DIDN'T GET THE STAR! THEN LATER, he gets two more warp points and a low roll AND GETS A THIRD! HIDDEN! STAR!. The chances of this happening on a single board is just phenomenally low! Granted, two of them got stolen and he didn't need them to win anyways, since he got all three bonus stars which gave him the victory, but it was still ridiculous.
      • And you know what? On the last turn, he needed to roll a 9 to at least get one final star, which would be the first — and only — star he legitimately purchases. He got the 9.
  • Emile manages to get Big Boo, which is a rarity in Horror Land. He managed to steal coins from everyone's pockets.
  • Everyone's racing to get a star, and Jon is down to the only roll that has a chance to get him there. Jon rolls a 1 and plays an item game, in which he wins the only negative item in the game, the Bowser Bomb. That's not the awesome part. He states that he meant to do this, so that when Emile and Tim immediately go past the star, Baby Bowser, and thus Bowser's starting space, moves directly behind them. Effectively, Jon missed the star, but in the meantime he was able to screw Emile and Tim out of EVERY one of their coins.
    • That's not even the best part: later that turn — knowing full well what Jon has planned — Tim chooses to use his Dueling Glove to challenge and beat Emile in the dueling game, and then we're treated to this:
      Jon: "But now you actually need a decent roll."
      Tim: "That's not a problem. Watch this!" (Rolls a 9, making it to the star with room to spare)
  • The guys are on the bad side of a 1-vs-3 game against Wario at Horror Land. Tim wins it for them.
  • Emile and Jon respectively win Platform Peril and Shy Guy Says, each a game that they had yet to win in the LP and that the opposite player had always won so far in the LP.
  • Throughout the LP, Emile, Jon, and the AI have a hard time getting Tim in Crane Game. Jon goes for him first in the last instance of the minigame being played, and gets him in the pipe.
  • Near the end of Bowser Land, Jon has to choose whether to steal a star from Tim, who has 2 stars, or Emile, who has 1 star. He decides to steal a star from Emile. Now, this wasn't out of spite or rivalry; he specifically planned this since Tim] had no chance at the bonus stars. Not only this, but at the end of the game both Jon and Emile got tied for one of the bonus stars, meaning that Jon only won because he stole a star from Emile, which he specifically planned for. Talk about strategic.
  • Jon's massive streak in the Minigame Coaster, which spans multiple episodes. Emile and Tim barely even get to play because of him.
    Emile: Welcome to ProtonJon Plays Mario Party 2 featuring Chuggaaconroy and NintendoCapriSun.
    Jon: So can I put this on my TV Tropes page?
  • After Jon and Emile fail on Hot Rope Jump, Tim wins it on his first try. Keep in mind that to clear it, you have to jump over the flames fifty times, and none of the guys had survived past forty.
    • Similarly, there's Jon finally clearing Sneak 'n' Snore, which the guys have never won.
  • TWICE now, the guys have kept the AI from winning a single board in a Mario Party game.

Kirby's Return To Dreamland

  • Tim's sudden, unrivaled win during the last round of Ninja Dojo. Emile got 500-some points. Tim? In the 700s.
  • At the end of episode 8, Tim has both the most boss kills and the fewest deaths.
  • Jon refuses to unlock a door with a gear behind it because that will give Emile a chance to get the gear. After a bit of in-fighting, they all rush through the door and Tim ends up getting the gear instead. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • Another one for Tim similar to the above wherein Kirby is the only one who can move fast enough (using Hi-Jump) to collect one gear. Tim happens to teleport over to Kirby and appear in the spot to collect the gear a split second before Kirby touches it.
  • "Hey, did we ever get the fish with the sword?" Guess what version of Ultra Sword comes out three seconds later. Said version also ends up cutting a volcano in half.


  • In episode 3, Jon and Emile spend at least two full minutes trying to make a tricky jump to get a sticker while Lucah and Tim watch. Finally, Tim tries and does it on the first try.
  • In Episode 7, the group barely escapes a flaming train and end up swinging to safety while forming a hu-er, Sackboy chain (Lucah's clinging to Tim's ankles, Jon to Lucah's, and Emile to Jon's).
  • Two different kinds in Episode 10. The first being Tim's day in the limelight, where he, the last one alive, completes a five minute gauntlet of fire without dying. The second is how they manage to speak in posh accents throughout the entire episode, as a bash against fans who accused them of being too obnoxious.
    • After those same fans turned around and accused the Guys of racism, Emile himself intervened.
    Emile: "I think people misunderstood the point of this video... It wasn't to poke fun at the English or anything like that. On the first episode, we had a lot of people saying that we were way more offensive than usual, so we decided to try out an episode of being perfectly proper, politically correct, and never loud to show how weird TRG would be without it. It's a one-time thing and was more-so to make fun of ourselves than any group of people."

Wii Party

  • Emile winning Board Game Island after Jon seemed like he was about to take it instead.
  • Jon's performance in Chin-Up Champ.
    Jon: "I AM IRON MAN!"
  • Tim winning Swap Meet with twice as many points as everyone else combined.
  • Jon winning Spin Off with a five-digit score, while everyone else had less than 3000 on the final turn. Specifically, he had a whopping 70,450 medals!
    • However, he states that the victory felt hollow because of how unbalanced it was.

New Super Mario Bros. U

  • Nobody dies in episode 3. Tim and Josh are doing much better than in Wii, it seems.
    • And Emile and Josh don't even bubble once!
  • Jon doesn't lose his first life until episode 6.
    • Also from episode 3 until episode 6, Josh didn't lose a life.
  • In episode 4, Tim capturing the thief enemy (Nabbit) they're chasing after. He also gets most of the star coins, as Emile notes.
  • In episode 9, Tim manages to get in a pipe that they should have needed a shell for without needing it (at the cost of taking hits from enemies).
    • By the end of the same episode, Tim has managed to get the most star coins total out of the four.
  • In episode 11, Josh catches Nabbit at the last moment, when they had thought they'd lost him and would have to redo the level.
  • In episode 15, all four of them reach the cap of 99 lives. Of course, it doesn't last because they then immediately go on to That One Level, but still.
  • Josh has a couple involving Star Coins in episode 18; first he's able to get one they should have needed a Starman to get by tanking a hit (which both Tim and Emile had failed at) and then he manages to grab one at the last minute before the screen transitions, after Emile had accidentally gone into a pipe early and nearly screwed them over and forced them to redo the level.
  • In the finale, Jon manages to keep his P-acorn right up to the end of the level (which Emile can't believe) and Josh for getting the final hit on Bowser and thus the kiss from Peach.
  • In the infamous Superstar Road level "Run For It", the entire team cooperates to get all three star coins and beat the level in a single try. The awesome is only amplified taking into account a very close encounter with death. Truly their screams of victory were deserved.
    • And Tim has zero deaths in the first Superstar Road video, which includes the aforementioned level.
    • And it's not just "Run For It" either, the Guys manage to go through the whole first half of Superstar Road and grab all its Star Coins in a single attempt.
  • The third Star Coin of Superstar Road-6, "Fire Bar Cliffs". All of them are tiny and Jon is sure that it's near-impossible to get without being hit. Emile does it flawlessly on his second try.

Castle Crashers

  • Jake, in episode 10, killing Tim and Jon in the same blow to win the PvP match (Emile was already dead). All those points he put into strength finally paid off.
  • Emile, in episode 11. He catches Jon, Tim, and Jake in his magic and nearly takes down Jon.
  • In the second PVP fight of the same episode, Jon and Tim are the last ones left, both at about half health. Jon whittles down Tim's health - and then Tim accidentally uses a potion, which is a full health restore, where Jon is at about 40% by that point. Jon then proceeds to beat Tim anyway.
    • In fact, it's not even close; the fight after Tim uses the potion is a drawn-out Curb-Stomp Battle in Jon's favor.
    • Throughout the fight, Jake and Emile are boggling at two things: first, that Jon is actually going to win the damn thing, and second, just how hard it is to kill Tim.
      Jon: "Tim, you are ridiculous to kill!"

Mario Party 3

  • Emile's rather epic Curbstomp Battle in Chilly Waters, due to his crazy luck and minigame performance.
    • To give an idea of just how big a curbstomp it was, at the end of the fourth board, Emile has only won the first board and Tim won the next three, yet Emile still has more stars than Tim overall just from how big his first victory was!]
  • At the end of the first episode of Deep Bloober Sea, Emile and Tim managed to successfully complete the mini-game "The Beat Goes On", which requires memorization and some precise timing. Unfortunately, the programmers made the game end in a draw in case of a tie, so Emile and Tim are left unrewarded for their hard work.
  • Tim managing to find three hidden blocks in a row in Deep Bloober Sea, and the last one contained a star.
    • Speaking of which, Tim winning Deep Bloober Sea in general. After getting the hidden block, he made use of the Wacky Watch he got from Toad to skip the game to the last 5 turns ensuring that the game would go quicker. He also had a Lucky Lamp but did not use it, because he knew that no one would get the star—which needed a Skeleton Key or a Reverse Mushroom to obtain—and left it there. He won with a good combination of luck and strategy, snapping a losing streak of 12 boards in the process.
  • Tim using his Poison and Reverse Mushrooms to prevent Peach from getting a star.
  • After only winning one board in the previous two Mario Party games together, in the third game Tim wins three in a row!
  • Emile's tactic in the final part of Woody Woods when any stars seem out of reach. He uses a Reverse Mushroom to go backwards until he reaches the shop, then buys another Reverse Mushroom and uses that on his next turn. He reaches Boo, but doesn't have enough coins to steal a star, so he steals coins from Jon...then keeps going backwards until he bounces off a Skeleton Key gate, which sends him forwards to Boo again, and now thanks to Jon he has enough coins to steal a star from Tim. Cue Flat "What" from Jon.
  • In Creepy Cavern, Jon first scores a hole-in-one in Chip Shot Challenge, and then manages to win the 1-vs-3 game Thwomp Pull as the 1 player, which they had previously thought to be impossible.
  • Jon apparently stole Emile's luck during Woody Woods. He gained his first star from a hidden block, right after he said to Tim how he wasn't a threat to the game. Then the AI landed on Chance Time and made Emile give two of his stars to Jon, raising Jon's count to 3 and putting him on par with everyone else. All three guys ended the game with 3 stars, and Tim won only due to the coin factor. Basically, the AI screwed Emile out of winning by Chance Time!
  • The AI managing to win twice on Game Guy's Lucky Boxes, quadrupling its coin lead to 596.
  • After 4 boards of horrendous luck, Jon finally gets a board victory in Creepy Cavern.
  • Jon wins Hand, Line, and Sinker, a fishing mini-game (which he didn't do too well at in Mario Party 1). This is made even more awesome by the fact that he wins in the last 2 seconds.
  • Emile's failure to win Creepy Cavern means that Tim, now having won the majority of the boards, has become the game's overall winner.
  • Emile uses his Boo Bell to steal Jon's coins and thanks to very rapid button pressing from Jon, he only receives 13, giving him only an 8 coin profit.
  • Emile beats Wario in Popgun Pick-Off by one point.
  • Tim has got the Wacky Watch, usually a very rare item, THREE TIMES throughout the LP. First in Deep Bloober Sea, which he used to shorten the game by about 6 turns. Then in Creepy Cavern, which he this time used to extend the game by 5 turns. And finally on Waluigi's Island, which he didn't use.
    • Counting the three Wacky Watches he got throughout the LP, Tim managed to get FIVE rare items in total. He had also gotten 2 Lucky Charms, one in Chilly Waters and the other in Waluigi's Island.
  • In the Duel Map "Pipesqueak", Tim absolutely demolishes Emile in the minigames (the end stats show he won 70 coins in minigames to Emile's 10). Tim still lost the match overall to Emile, but it's still impressive considering how skilled Emile is at Mario Party minigames in general.
  • Jon demolishing Emile in Duel Map Blowhard, draining all of his health in less than 10 minutes without taking any damage.
    • Jon gets an encore in Mr. Mover, though it's less of an outright curb-stomp since he was brought down to 1 Health by a powered-up Boo, but takes place in exactly the same number of turns. He lands behind Tim, but gets another die from Piranha Plant; if he gets a 3 (the highest value from Piranha's die) then he catches up to Tim and attacks for the win, but anything less would result in Tim getting the chance to loop around for an attack and win (assuming he rolled high enough). He gets the 3.
    • What makes this even better is, the Piranha Plant's extra die has almost ALWAYS screwed him over up until this point. And this is the last time Jon will be playing on a duel board, so the Piranha Plant redeemed itself.
  • After going through the first five duel boards without winning any of them, Tim manages to get his only duel victory on the final board, Backtrack. Made even better by the fact that it almost looked like Emile was going to win, before Tim got his Heart Pieces restored.
  • On Creepy Cavern, Jon manages to get the last rare item they haven't gotten, the Koopa Kard, which allows him to withdraw all the coins from the bank simply by passing it. A couple turns later, Emile buys a Plunder Chest, and manages to trick Jon into using up his Skeleton Key, the only item he had besides his Koopa Kard. The very next turn, without telling Jon that he could choose which opponent he wanted to steal from, Emile used his Plunder Chest to steal Jon's Koopa Kard so he can get all the money from the bank. Unfortunately, he accidentally used it up when he landed on the bank anyways, making the whole venture pointless.
    • Then on Waluigi's Island, the whole event came back to bite Emile hard when Jon bought a Plunder Chest as "insurance policy", and used it to steal Emile's Barter Box. The kicker: Emile didn't even notice Jon's intentions for the Plunder Chest.
      Jon: "Turnabout is fair play, motherfucker."
  • Tim managing to win Spiny Desert, even after accidentally giving all of Jon's stars to Peach via Chance Time.
  • Even being the third Mario Party they've so far, the guys STILL manage to keep the AI from winning any of the boards.
  • During Creepy Cavern, shortly after the AI (Mario) manages to win a whopping 596 coins from Game Guy's Magic Boxes, Jon lands on a Game Guy space and plays the same minigame. He actually manages to win.
  • Waluigi's Island: Jon lands on a Game Guy space and plays Game Guy's Sweet Surprise, where he has to bet on which Chomp will win. He bets on the Big Chomp, and it almost seems that the Little Chomp will win, when, at the last moment, the Big Chomp makes a comeback and Jon wins the minigame.
  • Jon getting some major revenge on Emile during the second game of Snowball Summit. Like the first time, Emile attempts to knock Jon out first, but this time Jon has realized how the control scheme works and turns the tables around immediately knocking Emile out, then proceeds to win the entire mini-game.

New Super Luigi U

  • Despite it being an ice level, and the Slippery Shoes, the guys easily beat the first ice world castle with little trouble.
  • The trio enters a Toad House to stock up on some extra lives. After assuming they got at least two or three, it's revealed that they got eleven 1-Ups and got to keep six of them.
  • A user named Moostash predicted that TRG would LP this game and left a Miiverse post for them, which the guys find in episode 11.
  • The guys catch Nabbit... in a SINGLE SECOND!
  • The way Tim defeats the flying Boom Boom in episode 16.
  • At one point, Tim is on his very last life and it seems inevitable he'll have to use a continue. Yet he comes back from the brink and builds up his lives again, and ends up never having to use a continue throughout the game until the very last regular level of Superstar Road.
  • In the first part of Superstar Road, after the Guys struggle with a particular level with falling blocks for a long time, Jon works out that you can just wait and then jump on top of the fallen blocks and run across them for the last stage, much to his satisfaction.
  • In Superstar Road part 2, after spending three quarters of the episode on it, Jon finally carries the team across Fire Bar Cliffs.
    • Before that point, the group completes three World 9 stages with all the star coins in each, and decide to call it a video. Until they check and notice they'd done it in only six minutes.

Mario Party 4

  • While playing Reverse-A-Bomb with the AI Peach as his teammate, Jon manages to successfully turn the tables around and defeat Tim and Emile after being reduced to just one hit point thanks to Peach constantly failing to reverse several bombs.
  • Jon and Emile have to work together in "Dungeon Duos" in Shy Guy's Jungle Jam. Emile manages to surpass even his usual ridiculous luck by guessing which is the right entry pipe on his first try twice, which as he points out is a 1 in 45 chance.
  • With a combination of skill, tactics, and—believe it or not—luck, Jon managed to consecutively win the first five (out of six) boards and become the LP's official victor. He loses to Emile in Bowser's Gnarly Party due to Emile weaponizing his luck in Reversal of Fortune AKA Chance Time, but he puts up one hell of a fight.
  • Although he doesn't win the board, one has to give some serious props to Tim [by managing up his coin count while Jon, Emile, and the AI are all focusing on each other to successfully get the Coin Star from both Jon and Emile by just three coins during "Boo's Haunted Bash."
    • Tim manages to get the Coin Star during "Koopa's Seaside Soirée" away from Emile by two coins. This one deserves an additional mention, as Tim succeeding in getting this one, something Tim was actually planning on the whole time, winds up being the key factor in Jon winning the board over Emile at the end.
  • There's also Tim winning the "Domination" button-mashing minigame after Emile and Jon had discussed how good Emile was at it and everyone expected him to win.
    • When they play Domination a second time, Emile wins and sets a new record of 132.
  • After Emile usually wins every time at "Three Throw", Tim also manages to win it once in "Koopa's Seaside Soirée".
  • The fact that Jon is the only one who has won coins from the lottery (30 coins maximum).
  • Emile repeatedly getting doubles using the Mega Mushroom during the collab.
  • In Part Three of Bowser's Gnarly Party, Tim wins Paths of Peril twice. This causes him to go from having 4 coins to having 108. Not long after that, he takes the coin lead with 138.
    • Then almost immediately after that, he manages to win Slime Time as well, a mini-game that Emile's primarily been the ace at.
  • Emile intentionally hits the Reversal of Fortune space to try and keep Jon from winning by stealing the coin lead from him.
    • This deserves elaboration. As soon as a random board event made all the players mini, Emile hatched this plan. He needed a specific number on the die, which due to the aforementioned event, could only go up to 5. Then, he needed the chance time to show himself and Jon, specifically - a 2 in 12 chance (one for Emile-and-Jon, one for Jon-and-Emile). And due to the way the exchange segment of the chance time is "randomized", a coin swap is all but guaranteed. So his plan had a one in THIRTY probability of working. Emile bet on a one in thirty chance AND SUCCEEDED.
  • Emile wins GOOOOOOOAL!, after all previous rounds of the mini-game ended with the goalie losing.
  • Tim suprisingly winning Paths of Peril, a game Jon usually wins, despite Jon doing a perfect run. Jon is baffled.
  • Emile pulling out all the stops in Bowser's Gnarly Party to try and prevent Jon from sweeping every board in Mario Party 4. This includes the aforementioned Reversal of Fortune coin lead steal and invoking more of his luck to hit three happening spaces in a row out of six in the entire board. He lands on the first one, narrowly avoids having his mini mushroom destroyed, uses it and rolls a one to land on the next, has a random Bowser event turn him mini, and rolls a one again to promptly steal the happening star from Jon.
  • The AI (Wario, no less) finally winning on a board, even if it wasn't one of the main boards.

Rayman Origins

  • Despite his lackluster performance in most of the game, Tim does pretty well on the Land of the Livid Dead, having many moments where he's the only person alive.

Super Mario 3D World

  • Episode 16: Tim finally wins his first crown of the playthrough, with an impressive buzzer-beating long jump to the top of Hands-On Hall's flagpole.
    • In the same episode the four finally get all four images on the slot machine to line up after numerous failures, earning them 8 1ups.
  • Tim gets a big one in Episode 22, where he goes through all of Bowser's Lava Lake Keep while the rest of the Guys ran out of lives, and was a few hits away from beating Bowser before he, unfortunately, fell down into a pit.
  • In Episode 24, they have to go into Deepwater Dungeon with no lives left. They manage to make it through in one try, even bringing Tim back to life with the 1-Up after the flagpole after he died.
  • In Episode 25, just before they completed Grumblump Inferno with all Green Stars and the stamp, Jon touched the flagpole at the bottom. At that point, it was near-impossible to get the top of the flagpole, meaning they would have to redo the level to get the golden flagpole in order to get 100% completion. In a split-second, Emile made a well-timed wall jump behind the flagpole to reach the very top, securing the level for them.
  • In Episode 28, on World Star-3, they were kind of near the end of the stage, but were out of lives and under 100 seconds. They tried to find a shortcut further to the right, but that turned out to be a bad call. So they go back, and due to a mistimed jump, Emile (playing as the newly-unlocked Rosalina) didn't make it to the previous platform, leaving him and Jon (still playing as Blue Toad) to fall only for Emile to execute a frantic combination of wall jumps and spin jumps and make it back onto the platform, THEN to rush through the rest of the stage and complete it with one second on the clock, just narrowly avoiding a third Game Over.
  • After three episodes attempting Champion's Road (episodes 39- 41), Masae is the only player to get to the end with 0 lives remaining and even gets enough coins to revive one of the guys, with the game deciding it should be Tim. The moment gets even better when you realize that Masae had said that she had never beaten Champion's Road and Tim later said he only made it to the Star-1, while both Emile and Jon have said they both did beat the level before.

Sonic Adventure

  • Emile spent most of Sonic's story not doing very well. Jon started Sonic's second-to-last level, Lost World, with 12 lives and ended with 8 lives. Emile finished Sonic's last level, Final Egg, with 17 lives, not only a net gain, but more than offsetting Jon's net loss in the previous level.
  • Tim and Jon manage to make it through Tails' last 2 levels with 0 lives, narrowly avoiding a Game Over.
  • Emile effortlessly clearing the "whack-a-Sonic" minigame on one try, especially since thanks to mistakenly thinking he had to have Jon beat it earlier he unintentionally made it harder for himself by giving himself a higher score to surpass.
  • Emile has said that he replied to one of Sega's tweets with a pun, which Mike Pollock (voice of Eggman) responded to.

Super Mario Bros. 3

  • Episode 4, Emile's run of World 3-2 by skipping on the water without being hit is pretty impressive.
    • Episode 7, He manages to repeat this feat by having no less then three lucky dodges near the end of World 5-2.
    • Episode 10, World 6-5. Jon and Tim both force Emile to play it and expect him to have a hard time. However, not only does he figure out the gimmick on his second loop but he nearly cleared it before the time ran out. His second time was cleared with very little trouble. Not bad for someone who's bad at 2D platformers!

Mario Party 5

  • The AI finally gets an official board victory on Toy Dream.
    • The kicker? The AI (Mario) beat the second-place recipient, Emile, by A SINGLE COIN. May or may not be karmic retribution for Emile, as he mocked SlimKirby for losing to Mario by one coin as well.
  • After a very close race for first place the entire board, Tim ends up winning "Rainbow Dream."
    • One of the stars he gets is earned in an especially awesome manner. Late in the board, Tim manages to get to the DK Space and has to beat DK's high roll of an 8 to get a star. He effortlessly rolls a 10. In addition, he ended up winning the board because he got this star.
  • Near the end of Pirate Dream, Emile tries to take the coin lead by challenging Peach to a high-stakes duel in a luck-based minigame. And he wins. Even more awesome is that this doesn't stop Jon from taking back the coin lead and sweeping all three bonus stars anyway.
  • The totals at the end of "Undersea Dream" speak for themselves.
    • Daisy: 2 stars, 8 coins
    • Wario: 3 stars, 45 coins
    • Yoshi: 5 stars, 3 coins
    • Waluigi: 10 stars, 16 coins
  • Overall, Jon managed to win five consecutive boards (the last five out of seven) despite speculating he would do poorly in Mario Party 5 due to the previous odd numbered Mario Party games screwing him over.

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

  • As seen in Stephen Georg's vlog, their entire setup for recording this game is massively impressive. To wit, they have four GameCubes, all of them with Game Boy Players, and all of them connected to a Wii running the game connected to the TV, and all of them connected to their respective computers.
  • In episode 12, Jon spots a giant Force Gem (worth 1000 gems) behind some impassable trees, as Tingle swoops in on his balloon to snipe it. Jon quickly yells at everyone to run off screen to reset it, but Tim goes to the opposite side of the screen. At first we think it's just Tim being absent-minded... and then he throws his boomerang over the trees to grab the 1000 Force Gem before Tingle can. The funny catch is, that gem is too heavy for Tingle to carry, so it was a somewhat senseless save. Doesn't make Tim's bout of quick thinking any less amazing, though.
  • After being Overshadowed by Awesome most of the game by Jon, Tim gets the second highest number of victories in the Shadow Battle video, ironically thanks to the same factors Jon's been using to win (such as being the only one to notice a giant bomb is about to go off). Stephen also finally gets one victory, albeit more by accident.

Super Metroid

  • Just to preface this section: most of the accomplishments listed here are from Emile. Emile, at the time of the recording, had never beaten Super Metroid (or any Metroid, period), in part due to him getting stuck at an obvious morph ball tunnel. For all intents and purposes, he's going in blind.
  • There's an Energy Tank early on in Brinstar that requires Samus to obtain the High Jump Boots to get, but it can be obtained early by performing a successive chain of bomb jumps. It's expected, by both Jon and Tim, that he wouldn't be able to do so due to Emile's lack of experience. After about 5 minutes of trying to get the rhythm down, he successfully pulls it off, causing everyone to freak out and cheer for him.
  • Likewise, Episode 10 shows him learning the Shinespark, and he manages to sequence break his way to a second energy tank by wall jumping up a short ledge, getting down a sprint rhythm that lets him build up the Speed Boost energy needed to Shine, and Shinesparking in shallow water, in an area where you normally would need to Speed Boost through after obtaining the Gravity Suit.
  • Episode 11 is a testament to how good Emile's gotten with the Wall Jump, which are considerably more finicky to pull off in 2D Metroid as opposed to Mario or Rayman. First he manages to wall jump nearly all the way up a very long shaft, making twelve consecutive wall jumps before missing the thirteenth, impressing both Jon and Tim; and the episode ends with him wall jumping up to the X-Ray Visor without the Grapple Beam. While both demonstrations are Pyrrhic Victories (the first puzzle requires Shinesparking and he ran out of health at the X-Ray Visor), he's shown considerable improvement at the game nonetheless.
    Tim: "Look at the master go. Holy-"
    All: (Disappointedly, after Emile misses the wall jump) "OOOOOOOH!"
    Emile: "That was so-"
    Jon: "That was disgustingly good!"
  • Episode 12 has Emile attempt to get the Wave Beam early a second time, and promptly falls down into the chasm below, in the square just before before the Grapple Beam section. On a normal playthrough, at least as Jon was aware, it's impossible to get enough speed to obtain the shinespark necessary to get back up there, but speedrunners have long since figured out a way to get a quick shinespark with limited ground. Emile, having played this game blind, would have obviously not known of this technique, as it's way beyond his skill level, but thanks to Tim teaching it to him back in Episode 10, he pulled it off within minutes of falling down that chasm, and quickly managed to get back up to the ledge just before the pit of spikes. Unfortunately, by doing this he lost a lot of health, and he still didn't make it over, meaning he STILL has to come back later to get it., but the fact he pulled that one technique off is impressive in of itself.
    • This is also partly how Emile managed to get that Energy Tank behind the Chozo Statue.
  • Emile trounces Phantoon on his first try, with basically no help from Jon and Tim.
  • Episode 19 has Emile getting what both Jon and Tim consider the hardest, or the very least the most annoying, missile tank on his 2nd try, and plans to show his imaginary future kids, and Jon real future kids these moments!
  • Episode 23 also has Emile beat Draygon, itself That One Boss unless you know the optional trick to beat him beforehand, even if he had to break into Reserve Tanks to do it. Once again, Emile had no help from Jon or Tim, meaning he didn't figure out the trick on his first go.
    • Tim then showcased the trick to kill Draygon quickly shortly afterward, and took a little time before the battle began to show off how skilled he is at bomb jumping.
  • Finally, in Episode 26, Emile defeats Ridley on his first try, making Kraid the only boss (if you don't count the Elite Pirates) to have killed Emile his first time around.
  • Emile performs a near flawless run through Tourian, managing to evade the Metroids in every room save for the last one, and manages to get to his ship after taking the detour to save the animals after the escape sequence with only seconds to spare. Twice (the first time he died because of a pixel-poor timed press on the d-pad leading him to Morph Ball instead of enter the ship. That he still made it to the ship is still an impressive feat in and of itself).

Mario Party 6

  • The end results of E. Gadd's Garage were both this and a funny moment at the same time. At the last turn, Jon got one last Action space and won the last minigame. Unexpectedly, this caused Jon to swipe both the Mini-Game and Action stars on a tie with Emile, making Jon the overall winner of the board right at the last second. It was... surprising, to say the least. Not bad for Jon, who was having a stroke of bad luck, doesn't it?
    • This moment was a huge testament of awesomeness and funnyness, that everyone decided to keep the footage that got corrupted and Emile tried to sync the video and audio at the best of his abilities, even making it like a presentation. That's some serious dedication right there.
  • Towards the end of the first part of Snowflake Lake, Tim challenges Jon to a duel. Not only does Tim win, breaking Jon's Duel win streak, but outright curbstomps him, which is exceedingly rare for Jon.
  • Tim wins Snowflake Lake, breaking Jon's long streak of winning boards (between this and Mario Party 5, eight boards in a row).
    • Additionally, this means Tim finally wins a board in an even-numbered game in the series.
    • This also ends up serving as a perfect book end to the beginning of Jon's winning streak, as Tim had previously won Rainbow Dream in Mario Party 5 right before Jon began winning all the following boards.

Mario Party 7

  • Emile finally breaks his losing streak of 14 boards and wins Pagoda Peak, and in quite dominant fashion too, claiming 4 of the potential 6 Bonus Stars (even if only one of them was in play)!
  • The ending to Pyramid Park. It's an incredibly close game, with Jon and Tim both having six stars and Jon having a slight lead in coins (by nine, only reaching that from the final minigame). Emile and the AI are behind, but not so far that bonus stars don't matter. Jon gets the Minigame Star, and then Tim surprisingly gets the Orb Star. Then the Running Star goes to Tim by one space (though he still would've won if he had tied with Emile), giving him the game.
    • To amplify the awesome, Tim spent the majority of the board lingering around last place due to some questionable decision-making (i.e., going on a path where he could lose a star along with Jon if someone chose that junction) and bad luck. By the last three turns on the board, he won a crucial duel against Dry Bones (the AI) and stole two of his stars, putting him back in the game. What really cemented the win, however, was Emile getting a low roll on the last turn, allowing Tim to win the Bonus Star needed to beat Jon.
    • Also strikingly fitting considering that Tim won Snowflake Lake in 6. He now has wins on both of the Chain Chomp boards.
    • With Tim winning this game, it also marked the first time since Mario Party 3 that all three Runaway Guys won a board in a Mario Party LP, and first time since Mario Party 1 that it happened in the first three boards. Coincidentally, it happened in the exact same order: Jon winning the first board, Emile winning the second, and Tim winning the third.
      • On top of that, considering that 1 has 8 boards and 7 has 6 boards, this marks the very first time all three guys have caused a tie in the first half of a Mario Party LP.
  • Jon gets a perfect on the matching minigame in Neon Heights, winning him a star. More awesome considering how much he struggled with the matching minigame in his solo Yoshi's Island LP.
  • Emile wins Neon Heights, in a near Curb-Stomp Battle. While it looks like Jon might make a last-minute comeback, the results screen shows that Jon only had 2 of the potential bonus stars and Emile had all four remaining ones, meaning he had a guaranteed victory.
  • For the first time in a Mario Party game, the guys managed to achieve a three-way tie between board wins.
    • The way the tie came about itself was incredible. Before the last video, it looked like Emile was a shoo-in for the victory. Then, out of nowhere, Tim manages to get two stars on one turn. Before the game is up, he manages to collect two more, and still has more coins than Emile after that. Just when it seems like it's over, Emile makes the last roll of the game, lands on a blue space, and he and Tim are tied going into the final minigame. Tim and Jon win that minigame, meaning Tim's in first by just ten coins. Each of the guys gets a bonus star, cementing Tim's win in an incredibly close board between him and Emile.
  • Even though all three guys have won two boards each, Emile wins overall in terms of stats, beating Jon by just one star, netting him his first overall victory in a Mario Party project since the first one. Though they all agree that each game they played was close and intense at the very end.
  • Jon manages to beat "Bowser's Lovely Lifts" in one shot. Even better, judging from the comments, Jon's time would place him at #3 worldwide for the fastest time on Speed Demo Archives.

Dokapon Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

  • Emile defeating the infamous Moldorm in only two tries.
  • Emile managing to make it all the way to the boss of the sixth palace in the Dark World. For sake of context, he had managed to sequence break and get into that dungeon early. He did end up dying, but he successfully made it to the boss.
    • And beat it in the next episode.

Star Fox 64

  • After Emile's Game Over on Area 6, Tim takes over. He beats the stage and its annoying boss in one try, with a score of almost 300 points, and keeps Hyper Lasers the whole time.
  • Emile manages to win the true Andross fight on only his third attempt, and beats the escape segment on his first try. During the escape, he even guesses the right path when he loses sight of James just before one of the forks in the tunnel.
  • On his third run through Venom's easy path, Emile Curb-Stomps the Golemech boss, which gave him a lot of trouble on his first attempt.
    Tim: Who are you and what have you done with Chuggaaconroy?
  • After taking a backseat for most of the LP, Jon gets his chance to shine in the final episode, where the Guys compete against each other in the game's three Versus modes. He wins all three.

Mario Party 8

  • The first five turns of DK's Treetop Temple, Emile already received three stars.
  • In DK's Treetop Temple [Part 2], Tim uses his Slowgo Candy to roll a 4 so he can land on the Lucky Space. Following that in the next part, he uses a Bitsize Candy (giving him an additional 3 coins for every spaces he pass) on top of gaining 3 coins for every space he got in the Lucky Space area, rolling a 9 so he ends up having 72 coins in the end. And that's not where it ends...
    • Tim later uses a Thrice Candy and rolls perfect sevens. Emile assumes that Tim would get the standard 50 coins...but them screams in shock when Tim gains 100 coins instead.
    Emile: (shocked) The worst possible is the best possible roll!
  • At the end of DK's Treetop Temple [Part 4], Emile uses his Duelo Candy and challenges the AI (Daisy). He barely manages to win, and then steals two stars, despite currently being in first, putting him far in the lead. Everyone has a meltdown over this.
    • Earlier, Tim ends up on the Lucky Space again (this time not by using a Candy) and Jon uses his Springo candy to warp to the Lucky Space area.
  • In Part 2 of Goomba's Booty Boardwalk, Emile manages to get a perfect score of 800 on Aim of the Game.
  • In Part 3 of Goomba's Booty Boardwalk, Tim, one step away from the Lucky Space, forgoes using the Thrice Candy and decides to see if he rolls the 1. He does and is off to the Lucky Space. This is especially meaningful since the previous video's editor stated that Tim missed a chance to get it the first timenote 
    • In the following episode, Tim then uses the Thrice Candy to roll a 21. This gives him enough to not only gain his free star, but he also uses the coins he received to pay for a dolphin (for 10 coins) to move enough spaces for him to get another star.
  • Emile wins Goomba's Booty Boardwalk by a hair, even when it seems Tim is on the verge of catching him. His victory ended up being in part due to the bonus stars aligning in just the right way, as well as Jon rolling a 1 on a crucial roll where he could have destroyed half of Emile's coins with anything but said 1, and even then the gap between Emile and Tim was all of 12 coins.
  • On Koopa's Tycoon Town, Tim finally gets a board victory by being handed the Running Star, the only Bonus Star he was eligible to receive.
    • Notably, this is the first even-numbered Mario Party to end with each of the guys getting at least one board win. It is also the first game which Jon won overall to not have any of the humans getting shut out (Tim in Mario Party 2 & 4, Emile in Mario Party 5 & 6).

Luigi's Mansion

  • Tim manages to end the game with Rank A, the highest rank one can get on the Gamecube release, and just barely too (one needs at least 100,000,000G to achieve the highest rank possible; Tim managed to score just over that by about 770,000G). Did we forget to mention he was playing the game blind?

Nintendo Land

Pikmin Adventure

  • The Guys manage to complete the final Extra Stage Boss Rush on their first attempt!

Secret of Mana

  • This time Tim is the expert at the game while the others are playing blind, and he shows off his knowledge and skill at the game frequently.
  • In Episode 10, the Guys beat the infamous That One Boss Spikey Tiger in one attempt, with no deaths due to Tim's quick-thinking with candy.
    Side Projects 

Super Smash Bros.

  • Jon beating both Emile and Tim at the same time during a fight with a single attack.
  • The fact that Tim managed to hold his own against Jon during their one on one match. He still lost, but it didn't happen nearly as fast as one would come to expect of Tim during Runaway Guys.
  • Emile beating Tim 4-0 with Ness on Saffron City. For those of you not in the know, Ness on Saffron does not make for a favourable stage combination due to Ness's only form of recovery being unusable between buildings.
  • The whole Emile vs. Jon round. Two players with a goal of making one another's life hell and bragging rights hinging on the match? Intense. Tim's traditional commentary also deserves mention.

Mario Kart 64

  • Both recordings of Rainbow Road are big ones for Tim. The first time he managed to snag first place and never lost that position for the entirety of the race. Unfortunately the recording was lost, but even in the second version he's able to keep first place most of the time and soundly beats Jon and Emile.
  • On that note, the lost recording of the Mario Kart battles was one for Jon. He won every battle. He still wins overall in the second recording, but it's not as much of a curbstomp.

Wii Sports

  • Emile delivering a Curb-Stomp Battle to Jon in Boxing, finishing with a combo of punches.
    • Even better is the fact that Jon had Emile down to one sliver of health for the whole round, but didn't even manage to knock him down once.
  • Tim sinking a 30 ft. putt in Golf.
  • Jon's comeback in Bowling, where he had a bad start but ended up winning the game.
  • Jon hitting 9/10 home runs in Baseball.

Burnout Revenge

  • Tim manages to rack up a score of over 14 million dollars on the third stage, beating everyone else. And Lucah, who had had an Epic Fail earlier on and thought she'd just fall straight off the bridge, comes second for that stage.

Wii Play

  • Jon beats Tim in Billiards despite some lagging between his Wiimote and the Wii's sensor bar and the multiple fouls he scored in the game.

Wheel of Fortune

  • Tim consistently guesses the right answers after only a few letters are revealed, especially in Happy Holidays Part 2. The others suggest he should try to get on the Real Life version of the show.
    • Made even more awesome by Tim now turning pretty much every game after the first few into a complete curb stomp in his favor. It's probably safe to say he's done better at Wheel of Fortune than any other game they've played so far.
    • Tim also apparently knows off the top of his head that Season 2, Episode 6 of Lost is called "Abandoned".
    • During the second wave of Wheel of Fortune matches the trio plays, Emile shows some noticeable improvement, and manages to start successfully solving puzzles, a far cry from the first set of matches where he was unable to solve a single one. In fact, because of this in the Las Vegas board he's able to place 2nd over Jon.
    • Combined with Epic Fail, the Washington DC game has Tim figure out a puzzle's solution before a single letter is guessed. It's only fail because he said it out loud when it was Emile's turn.
  • Against odds, Jon manages to land on the One Million Dollar wedge, and proceeds to completely dominate the rest of the puzzle. He manages to hang onto the wedge for the the rest of the game despite coming very close to hitting Bankrupt again several times.
    • Partially subverted, however, in that in the end he still doesn't actually win said million dollar prize.
  • Emile, at the end of Part 1 of Hawaii, actually manages to solve "ON TOP OF SPAGHETTI ALL COVERED WITH CHEESE", and wins $5,800 and 1/2 car. He unfortunately doesn't win the overall game, but still.
  • The finale of the New Orleans round had Emile actually winning a game of Wheel of Fortune for the first time. Nothing bad for the guy that became famous for his hilariously bad guesses like the Calibrary Cuff episode. And not only that, he also managed to pull a coherent guess by spelling Biology Professor at one point. It was not right, but points for thought.
  • If there's any remaining doubt that Emile's improved in the time between the first set of videos and the second, then it has to be quelled when he winds up winning Happy Halloween as well due to a combination of good guesses and luck, being able to figure out several answers after a rough start, which results in him being neck-and-neck with Tim by the end of it. This culminates in him successfully sniping the final puzzle even after Tim had figured it out which gave him the win.
  • Not quite part of the game, but Emile's impersonation of Monokuma on Game 8 of the Wii version is a little too on the nose.
  • Jon solving "On A Wing And A Prayer" with just the N's revealed in Game 11

Fortune Street

  • Tim consistently staying in first place with a huge lead on Yoshi's Island.
    • Even better, he won even when Jon seriously threatened his victory. Emile did cheer Tim on and strategically put what little money he had into Tim's stocks at the end, but it was mainly Tim's own win over the usual ace of the team.
    • And according to the beginning, Tim has never played the game before! Though he is apparently good at Monopoly, so it makes sense.
  • The "Waluigi Bonanza" moment at the end of part 4 of The Observatory. Jon invests a lot of money into a property, bumping up its price by more than 500G (turning it into "some Boardwalk shit", as Tim calls it). The very next turn, Tim draws a card that raises everyone's prices by 30%, then immediately lands on Jon's expensive property, having to pay him over 800G in one turn. With stocks, Jon ends up with a profit of more than 1000G!
    • What makes this even better is that Tim is doing well enough to be able to pay the 800G without having to sell anything, and he's still in second place afterward.
  • Lucahjin, never having played the game before, manages to finish in second, after a hard-fought contest with Tim.
  • The tense finale of Mario Stadium. To counter Emile's lead, Jon barricaded the spaces next to the bank with shops so expensive that landing on one would change the tide of the game. Both Jon and Emile were in positions to win. Emile's ridiculous luck kicks in as Tim draws a chance card that causes all shops to charge a rate of 100G for everyone's turn. He rolls a 7, the exact number he needed. This let him take advantage of Tim's card by landing on Jon's most valuable shop...which was one space before the bank, guaranteeing himself the victory.
  • Real Life Example: Jon learning how to swim. He was visiting a beach once and he borrowed an air mattress that he laid on while floating on the water. He went far out and the mattress flipped over. Jon panicked for a moment before he started breathing calmly and paddled towards shore. The mattress wasn't as lucky.
  • The final move in Slimenia. Jon manages to get a suit by teleporting to a suit space, before getting a card that let him teleport to the bank, snatching victory from Jake in a matter of seconds. As Emile said, Wombo Combo!
  • Tim's amazing run of good luck in Delfino Plaza.
    (Tim forms a line of 7's in Round the Blocks, winning 1500 gold.)
    Jon: "Tim, this is what we call a Curbstomp Victory."
    • Even better, Jon STILL won the game by what happens the next entry and by him increasing his stock the next turn and increasing one of his shops AS WELL as Jake than landing on one of his less expensive shops ALSO with the bonus of Tim deciding to taunt everyone by buying Emile's shops, pretty much keeping him under the 10000G goal.
  • The formation of not one, but three monopolies in part 5 of Delfino Plaza. Jon and Jake form monopolies after trading properties. Tim lands on Jon's most expensive space right after its value is inflated to 2811, almost costing him the lead if it wasn't for Emile landing on his 1676 value property right after that. This all happens in a single turn.
  • Jon's major comeback in Delfino Island. With a combination of luck, manipulating the stock market and taking advantage of Tim deciding to taunt when he was so far in the lead, Jon manage to come back from LAST PLACE to FIRST PLACE!
  • In Peach's Castle, we got a nice reminder on why Tim is a good mastermind at this game. He played Stephen (the guest player) like a fiddle by trading properties and getting benefited from investing stocks on the district near the bank, which eventually got a monopoly on Stephen's part, and when Stephen invested a good bunch of money in one of his properties near the end, that gave Tim enough to get the 10000G goal. The cherry on the top is that Tim's victory come out because of Jon and Tim's property trade to get their own monopolies. The extra 100G that Tim asked for that trade was enough to ensure him the victory, even at the best efforts of Stephen, Emile and Jon to disrupt him. Moral of the story: Never invest in properties on districts in which you don't have enough stocks invested.
  • A combination of smart investing and luck allow Tim to win on the Starship Mario board both by having enough funds to win and he ends up with more money than the others combined after Tom lands on a piece of property with a rent of 4,205 G, causing him to go bankrupt and end the game there.
  • In the finale of Alefgard, Jon raises one of his shops' prices to a devastating 4332G. This is immediately followed by Emile getting the worst possible roll and landing on that very shop, which bankrupts him and gives Jon the victory. There's a reason this episode is titled "LUCKIEST THING EVER".
    • Furthermore, Alefgard's victory almost went to MasaeAnela, whose final net worth was only marginally lower than Jon's note . In fact, she had more money than him right before the game-ending payout. Jon clinching the win by such a small amount—partly through luck and partly through strategically buying out one of Masae's crucial shops earlier—makes the finale even more impressive.
  • Tom Fawkes becoming the first guest star to win a Fortune Street board on Bowser's Castle.
    • He follows it up with an absolutely crushing victory in the next board, Good Egg Galaxy. Tom made it to the 20,000g needed to win, while Jon wound up in 2nd place with just over 10,000.

Kirby's Dream Course

  • In hole 5 of the Kracko course, Emile salvages a bad shot by using abilities and just barely manages to hit Jon with tornado. That's not the awesome part. Emile hit Jon into the second-to-last enemy, which made the hole appear. It is now Jon's turn and he manages to sink the hole... FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MAP.

Wheel of Fortune: 2nd Edition

  • After Emile's notoriously bad performance in their first Wheel of Fortune LP, he successfully solves both of the puzzles in the first episode. Bonus points for Tim and Jon not even getting to play the first round.

Wheel of Fortune (Wii)

  • Tim utterly dominates the first game, winning over $86,000. Sure, most of that was the spinning car, but he once again showed his strength at the game. When the game ends, Emile tells Tim to try to get on the real show.
    • During the final minigame, the three guys are stumped, and Emile buzzes in early to try to snipe it. He can't figure it out either... until the last 10 seconds, where he figures it out and solves GOLF HAT, leading to cheers from all three.
  • Tim continues to prove that he's capable of competing in the actual show at the start of Game 13, where he manages to immediately get the answer three times in a row. It gets to the point where Jon literally yells at him to "GET ON THE DAMN SHOW!"
    • In the same game, Emile actually manages to pull a Tim by correctly guessing "CIRCUS CIRCUS" on his first try. This baffles Jon since he assumed it was just another one of Emile's bad guesses, completely unaware that it's the actual name of a Vegas hotel.

Heavy Burger

  • In case you had any doubt that Jon is The Ace of the group: In part 2, he faces off against Emile, Tim and Masae in a full 5-round default game... and wins it just as the timer hits 0.

    Thrown Controllers 

Thrown Controllers (PAX Prime)

  • A contestant had to select a challenge made by one of the Runaway Guys. He chose Tim's, which revealed that he had to beat Glass Joe while blindfolded. He pulled it off, and got a very nice 3DS XL with two free games as a reward for being the winner of the panel.

Thrown Controllers (PAX East 2013)

  • A contestant had to select a challenge made by one of the Runaway Guys, and chose Chuggaaconroy (being the second contestant to do so). At first, the challenge was to beat Emile in the Day at the Races minigame, but Emile's Wii U crashed. That's not the awesome part. The Guys then gave the contestant another challenge, this one being a Pokémon Stadium challenge where the player must defeat Emile in a 1-on-1 Pokémon battle, using a starter Pokémon (from any of the Pokémon games). Emile selected Squirtle, and the contestant selected Meowth (a starter in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games). It seemed Emile was all set to win... but then it was revealed that this Meowth knew Thunder! With both the contestant and Emile shocked and the audience amazed, the contestant proceeded to win with a Thunder and a Take Down.
    • And previously, ANOTHER contestant defeated Emile in Mario Party 1's Tug of War.

Thrown Controllers (PAX East 2014)

  • A contestant finally answers a Brutal Question correctly. The question: Name all of Bowser's offspring. The answer: Bowser Jr; the Koopalings are canonically not his children. note 
  • Maxwell Adams gets called up and proceeds to steamroll the competition, winning the grand prize of a 3DS XL and five games.

Thrown Controllers (MomoCon 2014)

  • The MomoCon panel had no technical mishaps. The closest they got was the projector screen flickering during the switch to Dead or Alive 5 - making this the smoothest run of Thrown Controllers ever. While that doesn't sound like much, remember how these panels usually suffer from dozens of issues, due to how complex the Thrown Controllers gameshow is, with several different game systems, controllers, microphones, and the projector, and must be able to switch over to any of four or five different consoles at a moments notice. And despite all of that, they got away without any problems.
  • A second brutal question was answered, this time asking about the technology used in Prince of Persia. The answer: Rotoscoping. note 
  • The Runaway Guys challenge, which was uncommonly picked in past panels, came up four times. Each Guy won at least once (with the exception of Emile's second challenge where he lost another Pokemon Stadium random battle).

Thrown Controllers (Magfest 2016)

  • The final contestant had to beat the score of 3 points to win the grand prize. He blitzed through Screenshot, Tricky and Easy Questions, tying the score before picking the game-deciding category... which was the Brutal Question about three pilots (other than Captain Falcon) appearing in the first F-Zero game. He guessed the first two (Samurai Goroh and Pico) relatively easy, then, after some time to think, picked Dr. Stewart as the final one... and got it correctly, stealing the victory on the last possible moment and earning a standing ovation from the crowd (and a "Holy shit!" from Jon).
    • Even better? The contestant did this dressed as Wario.

Thrown Controllers (Otafest 2017)

  • The ultimate winner of the games after a 2 way tie is neither of the standing winners. A Waluigi cosplayer comes up, and after scoring a point on a Videogame challenge, WILLINGLY selects a Brutal Question off Choose Your Destiny: the agreed name of Doom's protagonist note . Answering correctly immediately puts him above the two standing leads, winning a Galaxy 3DS and a copy of Pokemon Moon. The best part: he never breaks character.

Thrown Controllers (Magfest 2019)

  • Let's start with the fact that Jon did the show despite suffering from food poisoning. In fact, since he is the one who puts the game together, if he hadn't showed up at all, there would have been no panel!
  • The first contestant up managed to score six points, while the eventual winner ended up tying the Thrown Controllers record of 8 points!


Super Smash Bros. Tournament #1

  • The guys play a free-for-all match and Tim manages to kill Jon twice, and it ends up so that Emile beat both of them, with Tim in second place. Not an example of this trope for Jon, but for the other two.
    • The second match counts as one for both Emile and Jon: Tim loses all of his stocks early in the match, leaving Jon in the lead. Emile manages to pull ahead and win rather epically, though it takes three PK Starstorms to do it. The fact that Emile managed to win both matches is one of these moments, and the fact that Jon put up such a good fight in the second round is another.
  • In the tournament, during the Sudden Death match between Tim and Donnabellez, Tim wins in just one attack within seconds.
    • The fact that Donna managed to tie the game to enter Sudden Death with only a second left on the clock also counts.
    • The fact that Tim's fight with Donna was so evenly matched (both were probably the least experienced players in the tournament) makes it serve as one for both of them.
  • On the opposite side of the spectrum is Jon's fight with ALG, where both players are very evenly matched, experienced, and using very similar characters (Ike and Marth). The match finally ended with Jon knocking ALG into the air and watching as an exploding block spawned on him, sending ALG off the map.
  • Emile's victory against Josh:
    Emile: "FIRE YUMS, BALLS!" (smashes a flaming soccer ball into Josh, knocking him off the stage and killing him)
    • For that matter, his victory over Lucahjin. He wins without losing a stock, but how much does she do to him? A mere 27% damage. Curb-Stomp Battle indeed.
  • In the second round, between SyKhotic and SuperJeenius, they are fighting on Norfair. At one point, the giant lava wall (which covers the entire screen and deals massive damage to anyone hit by it, with the only way to avoid it being by either staying offscreen long enough or hiding in a safety capsule) appears, and SyKhotic hides in the capsule while Jeenius just stands around casually. He then jumps up at the last second, dodging the lava.
    SyKhotic: "What."
    SuperJeenius: (completely nonchalant) "Problem?"
    SyKhotic: "Gah-what?"
    SuperJeenius: "Trollface.jpg?"
    SyKhotic: "No, that's... that's not-"
    SuperJeenius: "That's what I thought. Don't mess with me."
  • Diabetus and Chuggaaconroy's fight could be the best one yet. Both of them were completely serious for once, matching each other move for move.
  • And the winner is... Jon. How they won was pretty Curbstompy.
    • And ironically, Ike, who was Killed Off for Real in the Subspace LP, gets his chance of glory.

Smash 64 Tournament #2

  • AttackingTucans, who had never played the game before and picked a character who Josh said isn't very good in Smash 64, beats Josh without losing a life and (thanks to 2 healing items) finishes the game with FULL HEALTH.

Mario Power Tennis

  • JoshJepson and Lucahjin have an incredibly long match, and Josh] gets his first major victory in a Runaway Guys tournament.
  • Josh's match against Rodri was also just as long, and it was epic. Ending on a tiebreaker. Too bad Josh lost.
    • Rodri's comeback in the aformentioned match also counts. It goes all the way to a tiebreaker, and he was down by four points. He then forced it up to the point where he and Josh were tied at 6-6 (forcing a duce), and then took advantage and won with two consecutive volleys.
  • Emile's tournament victory.] Most of it was a straight up Curb-Stomp Battle against the other contestants, and he emerged undefeated after a very close tiebreaker match with Rodri.

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Tournament

  • The StreetPassers (Chuggaaconroy and MasaeAnela) vs. StephenPlays (Stephen and Mal). In the final lap of the final round, StephenPlays took the lead...until the StreetPassers got a star and promptly rammed StephenPlays to the side while zooming ahead. The StreetPassers got hit by a blue shell right before the goal, but managed to barely cross the finish line first. Emile and Masae's combined ear-shattering screams must have broken some kind of volume record.
  • The beginning of Round 2, The StreetPassers vs. Purple Pwniez.The end of the third match had The StreetPassers far in the lead due to multiple Golden Mushrooms. Mirroring their last match, they got hit with a blue shell right before the finish line...but this time the opposing team timed it perfectly when they were over a pit, giving Purple Pwniez the victory.
  • The final race between Sir Enobmort and Koopa Kung Fu] just makes the whole tournament worth watching. RIP headphone users. Emile says it best:
    Emile: "That was the most amazing final match we had ever ever had!"

SSB4 Tournament

  • Guest Yoshiller2 actually managing to beat Jon in the preliminaries.
  • Masae Anela manages to defeat Emile in an epic 3-round match, then defeats Stephen in the next round, making her the only girl in the semifinals. The latter is even better if you recall that she once battled Stephen on his own channel in an SSB4 match, and lost. They use the same characters as that match, Toon Link (Masae) and Ness (Stephen). Masae took her revenge.
  • The fact that all four of the semifinalists came from the preliminary rounds, managing to fight their way to the end despite being saddled with an extra match due to random chance. Special mention goes to Masae, who made it there despite being a relatively casual player compared to the other three.
  • Guest Johnny's near-perfect round as Samus against Smooth McGroove in Round 1.
  • In the semifinals, PKSparkxx proves his worth by beating MasaeAnela without losing a single stock.
  • From the final episode, Tom Fawkes' third-place victory. Despite having 66% damage to MasaeAnela's 0%, he somehow hangs on to his last stock and comes Back from the Brink.


May 2014 TRG Stream (on ProtonJon's Twitch channel)

  • The gang decides to play Mario Party 6 for one board, since Jon and Tim would be playing it blind. Although the guys get completely steamrolled by the AI, none other than Tim manages to pull home the Minigame Star despite the games being new to him and despite the gang never practicing.
  • Emile actually winning in Wheel of Fortune by a sizable amount, despite his tendency to place dead last in the videos on TRG's channel.
  • The stream itself capped at 5300 viewers, and was top 10 on Twitch on a Saturday night. That in itself is impressive.

May 2016 TRG Stream

  • During Ultimate Chicken Horse, after ending up in an awkward position note , Masae makes a very precise jump and makes it to the goal. She even gets a solo bonus due to the other players all failing to make it that round.
    • Made better when, in spite of their poor performance in other rounds and everyone making the level difficulty ridiculous, they win the match.

May 2018 TRG & More Colosseum Stream

  • The Super Mario 64 speedrun race with Masae against FamilyJules. The race manages to be incredibly close right up until the end, even with the handicap of Jules doing a 70 star run vs Masae's 16 star run. Despite not being as experienced at speedrunning as he is, Masae proves to be very skilled at her run, not having much trouble with tricks like the Mips Clip and consistently pulling off Backwards Long Jumps up stairs while wearing oven mitts. And the fact that neither gave up despite repeated console resets via donations made it all the more amazing.
  • The last "Falcon Roulette" match is pure awesome. A rollercoaster of a match between Glass Doug (Emile's chosen amiibo) and Birdman (Masae's chosen amiibo), both fighters take turns racking up huge combos with their Assist Trophies and Poke Balls until they're both in KO range on their last stock when Glass Doug, who actually LOST about as many matches as the dud, breaks Birdman's shield and KO's him, netting Emile the win.
    • Which is also an awesome Double Subversion of Emile's Born Lucky status since everyone was giving him a hard time for having drawn The Dud in the first round.
  • The mere fact that they were able to easily surpass their initial goal of 50,000 dollars and earned over 111,000 dollars as well. This is doubly impressive when remembering the marathon ran only 3 days and not for 24 hours per day.

May 2019 TRG XD: Gale of Charity (Colosseum 2019)

  • During a music segment, a donation incentive is that Jon will attempt to play the saxophone, which he used to play at school but hasn't touched for 15 years. The incentive is reached and Jon does surprisingly well, with the musicians helping turn the simple practice songs he remembers into an epic jam session.
  • One of the challenges for the A-Z segment was Super Mario Kaizo. After both teams give it an attempt but can't make it pass the Bullet bills, Jon takes over and does it perfectly.
  • During the third round of The Extrordinary Adventures of Baron Munchhausen, Tim gets more votes than the other two combined all by telling his story in his usual style and expecting it to- in his words- fail spectacularly.
  • During the Adriana concert, one of the incentives is for her to sing Lifelight... with Emile. Though Emile is far from enthusiastic about doing it at first, he at least decides to give it an honest try. And he does better than anyone expected, to the point that some members of the live chat were even cheering him on during the performance.

November 2019 TRG Stream: Mario Party Time

  • For this stream, the Guys, Masae, and Tom Fawkes play a 40 turn round of Mario Party 3, but with one catch. The board that Jon decides to play? TRG Land, a brand new modded board (created by Jewker and SmashToons) based solely on the trio and their many antics. Each member gets an entire section dedicated to them (stuffed to the brim with Mythology Gags from past videos), and an enormous Wheel of Fortune lies at the center of the land. Jon and the others couldn't thank the creators enough for putting so much effort into such a kickass board, and bonus points for SmashToons perfectly mimicking the Mario Party art style when designing it.
  • During the game, Tim uses the Bowser Phone on himself. The others think Tim made a mistake, until Tim reminds them he had 0 coins going into it. Bowser then gives him 50 coins, which he uses part of to buy another Magic Lamp. And if that's not enough, he lands on the Game Guys space and doubles his money.

The Runaway Guys Colosseum Direct

  • Even in spite of the Coronavirus outbreak and plans needing to be changed in order to adapt to it, the event is still planned to happen. Props where it's due to the people involved for being creative enough to adapt to it.
  • Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Jon prefaced the entire event saying he does not expect to reach the 150k goal, and respects people who don't donate simply because they feel the need to keep the money to themselves. The 150k goal is hit by the end of day 2, out of the 3 days.
  • The donation total surpasses the total raised at last year's Colosseum halfway through day 3. This, despite the global economic situation limiting donator's funds, Jon blatantly stating they aren't expecting to reach the goal, and a Games Done Quicknote  event running at the same time, competing for views and donations.
    • The gang not only broke the record for 2019, but also breached the 200k mark. To put that into perspective, the aforementioned Games Done Quick marathon wrapped up partway into Day 3 with a final total of a little over 400k. TRG and friends, somehow, against all odds, managed to raise more than half of what Games Done Quick raised.
      • As well, the Colosseum is only run 12 hours a day and GDQ goes for 24 hours. Colosseum had a higher money-to-time ratio than a GDQ event.
  • Jerod, a.k.a The 8-Bit Drummer's, entire Stepmania segment. He plays some of the hardest songs (most exceeding 200 beats per minute) like it's nothing (and the stream eventually turns into nothing but hard songs, due to the donation incentives), and can even play some segments without looking at the screen. The finger-cam needs to be seen to be believed. He gets another moment when he admits that, although he's never been able to beat one particular song in the game, he can drum to it. The best part? He didn't practice at all, he only installed the game on that computer the day of the event, and he hadn't played in 3 months.
  • During the final hours of Day 2, D.C. Douglas (Albert Wesker himself) gives a shout out to Colosseum in his Wesker voice. Seriously, who expected that?
  • Jon announces that when the donation total reaches $132,000, he will do a bonus stream of Paper Mario: Sticker Star with Emile. The chat immediately begins donating in large amounts, reaching the goal (about 15,000 dollars) in half an hour.
  • The very fact that despite being unable to meet-up in person, streaming from home, and with one less day than either 2018 or 2019, the TRG family managed to raise over $230,000, more than DOUBLE than what they raised in their first year.

The Runaway Guys Colosseum 2021

  • Jon considers it a point of pride how many viewers felt "something" for his RosaJon cosplay. Many of his lesbian viewers said he made them feel "gay panic".
  • Chugga manages to land the jackpot in Game Guy's Lucky Seven in Mario Party 3, walking away with a whopping 630 Coins! Any wonder why he had an epic pop-off? Later in the game, he gets roped into another Game Guy space and wins again, capping his coin count and effectively gives him a permanent Coin Star lead. His luck and coin count was so impressive, that it glitched out a board event that simulated Bowser Communism, raising everyone else's coin count but keeping his the same.
  • The TRG family bypassed their old record of $96,128 during the Mario Party 3 segment, officially marking it as the day they raised the most money out of any single one of the days they ran Colosseum (not counting the cumulative total)...and this was only the FIRST day of Colosseum 2021.
    • To add further perspective, Day 1 of Colosseum 2021 ended with them raising 52.6% of the total amount that they raised at the end of last year.
  • Following the Mario Party segment and its accompanying bumper, MC popped in to show off a special video he had gotten close to when the segment started. Said video? Oh, just a thank-you from the CEO of Direct Relief himself, recorded while he was overseeing the airplane boarding of various medical supplies headed to India, one of the nations most affected by COVID-19. You know, just in case everyone needed a reminder that their hard work and donations really were helping.
  • Jirard the Completionist himself hopped in for the Bizhawk Shuffler race! He also, in a move very much in character for him, offered to double the number of Switch-related giveaways available to donators if the donation total broke Colosseum 1's total. For the record, that meant there'd be six Switches, six Pro Controllers, and SIXTEEN GAMES given away to lucky donors. AND CHAT WON.
  • During his Enter the Gungeon segment, Jerod is forced to fight the Resourceful Rat using only the Gunslinger's default pistol. Just as he's about to get killed, Jerod somehow manages to hit the final shot of the Rat's second phase. He loses the Punch-Out phase, but still manages to survive all the way to the Dragun and finish the run!
  • During the Among Us segment, Emile was having an amazing time as an imposter, and the three times he was imposter, he won, either alongside his partner (the first time alongside Mal, then Sab, the third alongside Masae), or by himself, getting away with kills he shouldn't be able to get away with, which was the case in his first imposter game, in which he got away with a kill in front of four people, and he used to BS his way through, and any time that he would had the chance to be voted off, he wasn't, and instead, either nobody else was ejected, or somebody else was ejected. Not bad for someone who says that "isn't good in this game", doesn't it?
  • Day 2 continued the insanely rapid increase of the donation total. Chaos Fortune Cookie in particular saw mad, MAD amounts of cash come in when it started, not only becoming the highest-funding segment in TRG Colosseum history, but pushing Colosseum 2021 past Colosseum Direct's total AND THEN SOME. Let's put it like this: RosaJon had to perform FIVE HIKER DANCES IN A ROW after letting game choices roll in, and SEVEN HIKER DANCES OVERALL. Oh, and not only that, but Day 2 broke the "most money raised in one day" record. AGAIN. WHAT.
  • The Bowser's Fury speedrun race ended up heavily delayed due to technical difficulties and ultimately started without Jules, who joined over half an hour into the run. He later had to take a break for the final donation incentive (which had him put on a latex catsuit) - and despite all this, he still won the race, stealing victory from Tyler at the final boss fight.
  • The "final" total at the end of Day 3: $411,115. Three words: HOLY. FUCKING. SHIT. It's also worth keeping in mind that proceeds from the event's t-shirt were not included in that total, due to it still being available to buy for another day- with those added on, the actual total for Colosseum 2021 would likely be around $200K+ more than Colosseum Direct's total. Again: WHAT.
    • Confirmation via Twitter post from Chugga: the grand total for Colosseum 2021 is... $434,715.

  • TRG use a system of recording content well in advance to ensure they have plenty of material to schedule in between their spaced-out meetings to record. We learned just how effective this was during the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020, in which the Guys managed to go almost nine months before they needed to record new content (using online multiplayer) because they had finally got to their last LP in reserve.

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