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Headscratchers / The Runaway Guys

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  • So Wii Party was LP #6...except no, it's filler again. What's goin' on here man? Why would they change their mind like that?
    • Jon doesn't know why, and apparently neither does Emile.
    • They'll likely continue it again partway through the Little Big Planet LP, possibly alternating. I doubt they'd put off the rest of Wii Party for an entire LP.
    • As it turns out, Wii Party was LP 6, but then it got postponed partway through. It's an actual LP; it just got stopped after Globe Trot in favour of Little Big Planet. So technically, it's LP 7.2.
  • In Brawl, they forget to rescue Ike. Why didn't they go back for him before starting the Great Maze? It couldn't have taken more than a minute or two.
  • So back in New Super Mario 3D World, there was a lot of issues when it came to Emile. Was he just because he was the easy punching bag, or were they literally trying to envoke him as a Butt-Monkey and therefore the others give him a lot of flak unnecessarily-especially Masae?
    • I'm pretty sure the reason Emile got a lot more verbal abuse in that game was because they had Masae as their guest. Their previous guests - JoshJepson, Lucahjin, and Super Jeenius - were, while snarky, not really focusing their vitriol towards Emile unless he actually did something clearly deserving of it. Masae has known him for a while, and even outside of TRG, reacts to him more or less the same way Jon does, which is why it felt like he was being targeted a lot more for even minor things. I personally think it was overdone, but regardless, there's the explanation.
  • In the Brawl tournament, they had items turned on but in the Smash Wii U tournament, they didn't have items and fought on the Omega stages. Why play with different rules for the two tournaments?
    • Sort of Wild Mass Guessing here, but: They may have been experimenting with a more "professional" style, as most official tournaments (or at least ones run by Stop Having Fun, Guys) insist on very strict rulesets with no items, stages without gimmicks, etc. I personally think it turned out less interesting than it could have, but it may have just been a test.
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    • Also, to add on: in the opening rules, they say normal and omega stages are allowed. I think the players just kept voting for omega, it wasn't in the rules that they had to. The "no items" was definitely different, though.

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