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Tim is purposely playing bad.
It's been noted that he can do complete all sorts of self-imposed challenges. However, he doesn't understand how to press A to not die, and at one point in Brawl, he spawns with Ice Climbers and simply walks off the stage. It's all because Tim is TRYING to play badly. The reason is either to lull the other guys into a false sense of security, or because he thinks he won't be able to be funny otherwise, between Chugga and Jon's rivalry.
  • That's not the reason. The reason is he's distracted by Chugga and Jon's conversations. THAT'S what makes him bad at games.

Alternatively, Tim is too busy thinking about screwing Lucah/Josh/himself (take your pick) to bother to play well.

One of the people joining the guys in the SSBB tournament will be Diabetus.
There were rumours circulating a while ago that Diabetus would be joining the guys in their next Let's Play, but he never appeared during Subspace Emissary. It could be that he was going to appear in the tournament, but not the story mode.

Every game they do an LP of will be a Mario game, or have Mario as a major character.
So far, they have played Mario Party, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and Mario Kart 64, and their next LP is confirmed to be Mario Party 2. All of these are Mario games. They have also done Super Smash Bros., both the Nintendo 64 version and Brawl, both of which have Mario as a major character. This is likely going to be a running theme.

Jon is Tsundere for Chugga
Need I even explain?

At least one of the tournament guests will come back and be a main guest a la JoshJepson.
Why not?

Maxwell will be a guest player on an upcoming video series.
A lot of parallels are drawn between Freelance Astronauts and The Runaway Guys, so the idea of a crossover between the two is not out of the question.
  • Oddly enough this ended up comming true, albeit completely unintentionally. Maxwell ended up being picked completely at random during one of the Thrown Controllers events to participate.

They will do an LP of Super Smash Bros 4's Adventure Mode when it comes out.
Wii U version, naturally. And really, considering the three of them, they are going to get the WiiU. Or at least Chuggaaconroy will...
  • Jossed. It's been announced that there will be no Adventure Mode.

There will be another tournament with loads of other let's players again in the future, just like with SSBB.
Not only did they ask on Twitter if anybody would be interested in another tourney (as well as suggestions for possible games and guests), but really, why not?

There's a different reason for Jon constantly trying to kill Chugga in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.
The given reason was that Chugga accidentally nearly gave Jon a black eye, but when you think back, they never mentioned this in the recording; when Chugga asked Jon why he was mad, Jon would just keep saying "We've been over this" like he doesn't want to talk about it. It's not that hard to say "Because you gave me a black eye", so my theory is that there's a different — or additional — reason for Jon's anger that they don't want to bring up, and the pillow thing was either a made-up story, or something else that happened that they put all the blame on.
  • I think it's more likely that Jon simply didn't want it brought up, or didn't want to constantly be drawing attention to it every time Chugga asked. Considering that they're good friends, I doubt there was anything else going on to cause such ire. There is also the possibility that Jon simply enjoys killing Chugga in game, since he does it quite often in the other games where he does not have such an excuse, so it may just be him embracing his troll, jerkass and token evil team-mate tendencies.

NCS was playing a Zelda handheld during Subspace Emissary downtime
How else do you explain "I didn't think I got that rupee!" at the end of the game?

The next game the Guys do will be a Zelda game, likely Four Swords Adventures.
It was stated on Twitter that the next game after Mario Party 2 was chosen by NintendoCapriSun. Knowing him and his love for Zelda games, it's very likely he chose one. Since FSA is the only real multiplayer Zelda game (that is realistically recordable), it's a very likely choice.
  • Nope. It's Mario Power Tennis.
    • That's just a filler tournament, isn't it? FSA might be the real next game.
    • People kept asking this on Jon's formspring, and he has confirmed that it's not FSA.
    • Buth there's another The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords that was re-released on the DSi...
    • How would they record the DSi?
      • Ever heard of a capture card? How do you think Chugga recorded Super Mario 64 DS and Okamiden?
  • Jossed anyway. Kirby's Return To Dream Land.

Jon kept getting hidden stars in MP2 through sheer force of will.
Because there are two hidden block variants: star or coin. So, if he hadn't gotten the stars, he would have gotten coins... and we all know how Jon feels about invisible coin blocks.
  • Also to make up for Pirate Land.

Tim's Mario romhack will eventually make an appearance.
In the New Super Mario Bros. Wii LP, NCS mentioned that he was working on a Mario World romhack, but it was stuck in Development Hell. If he ever finishes it, there'll be a Runaway Guys special (maybe for April Fool's?) where Tim unveils his romhack and then Chugga forces Proton Jon to play it in the style of his old Mario World romhack LPs.
  • When was this mentioned? I don't remember it.
  • I believe it was during World 6.

And he'll share some of the more outlandish theories with Chugga and Tim. Their reactions will be priceless.
  • Confirmed.

Their planned fourth player for Kirby's Return to Dream Land was actually NOT JoshJepson.
They probably just joked about it being Josh to keep the true person a secret in case they have them in a future LP, so as to avoid spoiling it for their viewers.

For the Endgame of Kirbys Return To Dreamland...
Chugga will keep the helium voice for Magolor even after he goes One-Winged Angel. Because let's face it, it'd be funnier that way.
  • Nah, it would be better if he did the "Maxie of Team Magma" voice.
  • Partially confirmed. He used the same high pitch, and yet also tried to add a demonic growling to it. The result is described as "Sinister Elmo".

They will have ElectricalBeast as a guest.
Chugga joked about it, so it could be Foreshadowing, like how they foreshadowed JoshJepson.

At some point, one or all of The Runaway Guys will go through one of their collabs while completely plastered.
Because it would be brilliant.
  • This was suggested in the comments to one video. Jon replied that this is almost certainly not going to happen, since none of the three main guys drink.
  • In the invitational Smash Bros. 64 tournament, however, Donnabellez and Lucahjin had a few drinks before their match against each other. Hilarity Ensues.

They will play a multiplayer DS game at some point.
Chugga recently started doing an LP of Okamiden, a DS game, after having built his own recording device for said system. He may make two or three more so the guys can do a DS game, possibly with a guest.
  • 'Somewhat true, due to the NSMB 2 Coin Rush tournament.

Collab #6 will be...
Four Swords Adventures. Just a guess
  • Jossed. Jon already confirmed on his Formspring that the next LP is not going to be on a Nintendo System.
  • Jon has said that they will do it in the future, but it's not LP#7 either.

Jossed. It's LittleBigPlanet.

LP #6 will be...
Knuckles Chaotix.

I myself will be amazed if I am right.

  • Sonic Shuffle Maybe?
    • Or perhaps Rayman Origins, a 4 player platforming game which certainly promotes being a dick to all your allies.
      • Jossed. It's LittleBigPlanet.
      • However, they ARE doing Rayman Origins, but it's going to be their 15th LP.

Jon's character in Mario Party 3 will be...
Waluigi. Because come on, how could he not after his spectacular and hilarious performance as Mexican Waluigi in Fortune Street?
  • Alternatively, he'll switch to Waluigi in the inevitable Mario Party 5 LP - with Donkey Kong Demoted to Extra, it'd be a good opportunity to shake up the characters.
    • But doesn't Chuggaaconroy play Donkey Kong in the Mario Party games? While I admit that it would shake up the characters a bit, I thought Chugga played DK.
      • Chugga won't be able to play as DK because DK stops being playable in Mario Party 5 and onward. Besides, they don't HAVE to play as these characters, they just choose to.
  • Confirmed, Jon is indeed playing as Waluigi.

NTom64 will be a guest
  • Don't tell me I'm the only one who wants to see this.
  • Yes, because Tom is going to fly across the Atlantic to star in an American/Canadian co-op channel.
    • They could play an online game and talk on skype...
  • Well, you never know. If not him, maybe Helldragon.
  • You seem to forget that HFC HATES calling playthroughs "Let's Plays" and that the guys call ALL of their playthroughs that.
  • Well, none of their stuff is actually called a "Let's Play". They're called Collabs. Also, explain this.
  • That's Helldragon. It's Tom who hates calling video game playthroughs "Let's Plays".
  • Alright. Well, they're still called Collabs.

JoshJepson will return for the eventual New Super Mario Bros. U Let's play
Pretty Self Explanatory.
  • Confirmed!

Just like the above theory, Lucajin will return to do a LP of LittleBigPlanet 2
Exactly What It Says on the Tin
  • Likely, as Lucahjin recorded with them again around May 2014.
  • Confirmed.

ProtonJon is a time lord
In Wii Party: Spin Off, he makes jokes about the bow ties and even signs off at the end as number 12. It sounded like he was making a joke, but what if he was telling the truth and knew that no one would believe him?
  • This would explain his poor updating schedule; he's so busy off saving worlds that he doesn't have time to record, and when he does, he ends up steering his TARDIS incorrectly (as the Doctor tends to do) and ends up landing a few weeks or months later than he intended to upload.
    • I guess there has to be at least one of these per page... JON! BRING IT UP IN THE NEXT COLLAB!!!!

Alternatively, Chugga is a time lord
His personality matches that of the Eleventh and (to an extent) Tenth Doctors. He's just playing dumb and pretending not to know anything about Time Lords so he doesn't blow his cover. Plus, he could have polo shirts as his bowtie substitute.

Alternatively, Tim is a Time Lord
How else could he get three Wacky Watches, an item that you can easily play through every board without anyone getting, in Mario Party 3?

Collab 8 will be...
My guess is Nintendo Land for the Wii U.

Masae Anela is going to be a future guest.
When Masae's Mii showed up during the Match-Up game in Wii Party, the guys awkwardly fumbled and Jon remarked, "Spoilers...". That probably implies she's going to show up in a future project, or at least a tournament.
  • Plus recent videos have shown Chugga and Masae to be good friends.

Masae Anela will be player 4 during the LP recorded at Chugga's apartment on December 2-9, 2014
In Breaking NCS vlogs for that time frame, Masae was shown with the rest of the guys the entire time, and she also made an appearance playing Fibbage. No other guests were shown.
  • Masae has also been with them plenty of other times when she didn't appear in videos. She just drops in whenever she can because she lives about ten minutes from Chugga.
  • Confirmed in episode 2 of Super Mario 3D World, under this exact timeframe!

Masae's real name will be spilled (again) during Super Mario 3D World.
It's not like Jon hasn't already yelled it out at the top of his lungs before.

StephenPlays will be a guest in their Super Smash Brothers Tournament.
A tweet by Stephen revealed that he and his wife would make an appearance in a Runaway Guys video on Tuesday (mistakenly referred to as Thursday until Chugga corrected him).
  • Confirmed.

Jon will win the SSB tournament.
Not only was Jon the victor of the last Super Smash Bros tornument, Chugga also mentioned in one of the filler videos that Jon has won everything they recorded at Pax Prime. Possible foreshadowing perhaps?
  • Jossed. Tyler from Wii Rike to Pray won, though Jon was his final opponent.

After the Smash 64 tournament, they will finally do another session of Fortune Street
This tweet mentions that they'll be revisiting a game that a lot of people have been waiting for them to revisit. What else could it be?
  • Confirmed.

Slowbeef, Diabetus, and Cherry Doom will all take part in the next Runaway Guys invitational tournament.

This must happen.

ClementJ642 will be a guest
On something Sonic-related.
  • Sonic Riders?
    • Unlikely to happen because Jon said that Sonic games were permanently banned from The Runaway Guys.

Josh is Death
Because Josh is Four, and Four Is Death.
  • Or perhaps he's not death, but maybe dead.

One of their future Let's Plays will be Dokapon Kingdom.
In one tweet, Chugga said that he'd procured "one of the rarest Wii games" for a future Guys collaboration. Dokapon Kingdom is one of the rarer Wii games, and one of the few multiplayer ones — among the other rare multiplayer Wii games are One Piece and Dragon Ball Z fighting games, neither of which seems to be the guys' "style." But DK is a board game just like Mario Party, but with massive amounts of screw-over-your-friends potential, which their fans would love.
  • Confirmed in Jon's RE 5: Mercenaries livestream.

Ending a guest's turn on an LP with a board of Fortune Street will become a tradition
After what has happened with Lucah and Josh, now every time the Guys have a guest for a full LP, they will finish it with a board of Fortune Street. And, because the game is relatively obscure, they will probably end up having to explain the rules to the guest every time.
  • Possible- after Castle Crashers, they played a game of Fortune Street with SuperJeenius.

If, heaven forbid, The Runaway Guys comes to an end...
The last Let's Play they do should be Sonic '06. Now, before you say it wouldn't be possible because it's single player, I'd like to remind you that multi-person Let's Plays of this have been done in the past: Ba. Boom.
  • Possible - They have managed to make Sonic Adventure work under the channel's format...

The schedule for Mario Party 3...
To accommodate with the new uploading schedule, TRG will alternate the game modes. On one day (i.e. Saturdays), they'll do a full board. On another (i.e. Tuesday), they will play a duel board. This would result in one of the three days (Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday) where they normally upload to have no content uploaded.
  • Jossed. Mario Party 3 is being updated on a daily basis.

The will do Super Mario 3D World but not with JoshJepson
Instead, it will be a female guest star, as Josh's character, Yellow Toad, is missing.
  • Lucahjin
  • Masae Anela (Confirmed)
  • Donnabellez
  • As for male options... SlimKirby (Oh, the irony...)

  • Or, for another male option, they will play it with Super Jeenius as the Guest, since he already played as Peach in the Mario Party 9-videos together with Josh, stating he plays as her because he likes her hair. It would fit, in an amusing fashion.
    • Except probably not, because Jake is going to be in Japan for the next few years.

If the guys play New Super Luigi U, Chugga will be replaced by someone else.
Since Mario isn't playable in NSLU.
  • Unlikely, as he is a main commentator, but I like where you're going with it.
    • Maybe either Chugga will take over as Nabbit or Tim (NCS), who dies more often than everyone else, will be Nabbit and Chugga will take over as Luigi.
      • They are indeed doing a collab for New Super Luigi U as their 12th collab, but Chuggaaconroy is still there, and this time it's just the three of them. Here, Chugga plays as Yellow Toad! And he will be the best Yellow Toad you'll ever see, even better than JoshJepson.

They will do a Fortune Street board with SuperJeenius
Considering that the past boards with a fourth person were with people they finished a game on, this is very likely.
  • Confirmed!

The guys will eventually do a filler of Nintendo Land
It's the perfect thing for a filler, and perfect for how competitive the guys are.

There will be a filler involving the multiplayer of Star Fox: Assault
Chaotic, fast and full of unexpected moments. It's not unlikely they'll bring in a fourth player as well.

BattleBlock Theater will be a future project
Its co-optional nature would be perfect for the Guys.

There will be a Let's Play of Rayman Legends
Which would most likely be on the Wii U. Not only is it a co-op platformer where the players could screw each other over, but the Wii U version can support up to five players! With that in mind, it gives JoshJepson and SuperJeenius a chance to return as guest players (as they both did an LP of Rayman Origins together).
  • Alternatively, they could do it with Stephen and Mal from Stephen Plays, fitting a bit with the fact that Chugga did a demo of the game with them on their channel and that they'd need 5 players.
  • It's also possible they did it with Masae and Tom. My reason for thinking this? Lip reading Tom's vlog on recording with them.
    • Tom ended up being the fourth player, but that's it. Given one of the things Chugga says in the first video is that he has to play both Rayman and Murphy, it's possible they didn't realize that five players was an option.

The Guys will switch personas (or even outright act as each other) for an April Fools' episode
Jon will be loud and enthusiastic, NCS will be snarky and irritable, and Chugga will be quiet and laidback.
  • I would actually like to see if they could pull that off.
    • Or it could be the other way around: NCS will be loud and enthusiastic, Chugga will be snarky and irritable, and Jon will be quiet and laidback.

The next tournament they're going to have is Super Smash Bros. Melee one
The Guys have had four tournaments by now and a Super Smash Bros. one has always been an uneven one. It's a small connection, but I think it's likely that their fifth tournament is a Super Smash Bros. Melee one.
  • Confirmed via StephenPlays' Vlog. Looks to be a tournament in the style of Mario Kart: Double Dash!! as well.

The Guys will do a Let's Play of Dragon's Crown
The best multi-player game of the PS3, so there's no doubt it's on the table.

The Guys will do Earthworm Jim HD with PCull44444 as a guest.
During Tim's LP of Yoshi's Island, he mentioned buying a game off of the PlayStation Network that he had to practice for an upcoming TRG project, and that it would include a new guest. However, a few episodes later, he mentioned that the project had to be postponed because the guest had "health problems".

Now, let's look at the facts:

  • PCull has been a participant in past TRG tournaments, but has yet to appear as an official "fourth player".
  • Earthworm Jim 2 is one of PCull's favorite games.
  • The HD remake of the first Earthworm Jim game has a 4-player co-op mode, and is available on the PSN.
  • PCull has had a history of health problems, and may have caught mono again.

Put two and two together...

Chugga will play as Koopa Kid when they LP Mario Party 5.
Since Donkey Kong is Demoted to Extra after the fourth game. Also, the fact that he played as him during their May 2014 Mario Party 6 live stream.
  • Jossed: Chugga chose to play as Daisy in Mario Party 5.

Chugga will play as Toad in Mario Party 5 and onward.
This will be done to add consistency, as Toad is basically the replacement for DK, first being playable in 5, then being playable in every game afterwards.
  • Jossed: Chugga chose to play as Daisy in Mario Party 5.

There will be a Let's Play of Animal Crossing amiibo Festival.
With plenty of references to Chugga's New Leaf LP.

The next one-player game will be one Tim doesn't know well.
Makes sense after SMB3 (Emile was the only one unfamiliar) and Sonic Adventure (Jon was the only one unfamiliar).

When they decide to play Mario Party 7, there would be three guests.
At the first episode of MP5, Jon said that he had played 7 several times (due to him actually owning it) with friends, noting that 8-Player Mario Party was fun to play.

Mario Party 6 will end with Jon winning.
6 is an even number game, and on the GameCube, which both lie in Jon's favor as seen in 2, 4 (especially 4), and 5. He's nearly guaranteed the game, unless his even blessing died with the odd curse.
  • Confirmed!

Yoshiller2 will appear as a future guest player in a main LP.
He's already appeared in the Smash 4 tournament (and almost won) and also has collaborated with Chugga on some occasions. (Pikmin 3 Mission Mode on Chugga's channel and Super Smash Bros. & Pokémon Emerald fights on Yoshiller's channel.)

When they get around to Mario Party 7, it will be a collab with Brainscratch Commentaries.
Both TRG and BSC have played through several Mario Party games with the notable exception of 7, and Jon has commented that eight player Mario Party was fun during the Mario Party 5 LP. Not entirely sure how they'd handle the AI though.
  • Jossed for the first several videos. The Runaway Guys confirmed that some groups were interested in helping out with the 8-player minigames, but they were disbanded before recording could begin.

Chugga will ditch Daisy in Mario Party 7
Since Chugga have went 0-13 as Daisy in Mario Party 5 and 6, he will likely swap her out with a different character in Mario Party 7. The following suggested characters is listed:
  • Mario: If it worked with Jon and the AI (since Mario is the only character that won as an AI), why not on Chugga. He might do more of his Italian accent that is on par with Sly Cooper.
    • Jossed. Mario is the first AI to be played against.
  • Luigi: Just so he can do Luigi wins by doing nothing and/or do some Luigi's Mansion references. (more likely the former)
  • Toad: If it wasn't for the whole Daisy debacle, Toad would have been his pick, and I think he really kicking himself of going with Daisy. Toad maybe able to be played by one of the TRG after all.
    • Confirmed. At the start of the LP, Chugga chose to play as Toad instead since he had better luck while practicing as him and because of the massive losing streak.
  • Koopa Kid: It's one the most likely by fans since he can think he's Bowser Jr for the most part, just for kicks.
    • Jossed. Koopa Kid was only playable in 5 and 6.
  • Wario: Most likely to counter Jon's Waluigi. Not a real contender, just want to throw him in the mix.

Daisy will show up as an AI again.
Three characters are taken, and there are six boards in total. Toad, Waluigi, and Yoshi are being played by Chugga, Jon, and NCS, respectively, and Mario is the first AI. That just leaves Wario, Birdo, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Boo, Dry Bones, and Toadette. The odds arent god, but it is possible. For bonus points, if they do use Daisy as an AI, then she could potentially smoke all three guys again in an epic case of Woman Scorned against Chugga for ditching her.
  • Confirmed for Daisy reappearing as the AI in Mario Party 7; Windmillville part 1 features her as the AI for that board.

They will not play Sonic Shuffle.
Sonic games were permanently banned from the channel according to ProtonJon, so they will pass over this game for other ones.

Esteban, Frederico, or Derek will do something outstanding during the Pikmin LP that will cause Jon to praise him, and thus elevate him to the same memetic status Steve the Trooper once held.
And then Jon will begin getting sick of him/them being namedropped constantly by fans and Emile, just like the latter once was with Steve.

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