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  • This troper has been over Ruby Quest multiple time and most all of the loose ends seem to tie up one way or another, but there's still one thing I don't understand... If Ruby and Tom have been through the facility at least three times... WHY HASN'T TOM ALREADY GLEEFULLY FUCKED THE SHIT OUT OF EVERYTHING BEFORE??!!
    • That is part of the cure. When a subject dies, it comes back to life without any mutation (As can be seen when she gets her third eye, and had advanced a lot earlier so she probably had it before). It can be assumed that from time to time Tom killed everything out of rage, and it came to life again.
Before you say anything, remember two things: the guy who literally broke the crowbar with his theets, and Tom takes out his head out of pure strength. Consider than to be able to chew a crowbar you need very good musculature in the neck, so his neck was probably harder than a crowbar.
  • Spoiler for the ending: If Tom was actually #6 rather than #5, then why when he saw the note about not trusting #7 (Ruby) in #5's locker (which would be Tom Nook's) did he identify it as his own handwriting? Shouldn't it be in Tom Nook's handwriting instead?
    • It was his. My guess is that in a previous loop, Tom had just discovered Ruby's past life treachery and the fact that they kept doing the same things again and again, and, assuming he was subject 5, wrote a message to himself in future loops out of fear and anger so that his future self wouldn't trust the supposedly-backstabbing Ruby, and never had the chance to erase the message once he and Ruby were getting along again, if they even got along again at all.
      • But that's the part I don't understand, the file we see in the ending sequence suggests that Tom was subject 6, not subject 5 like we had been led to believe. So shouldn't he have been locked up in a different locker instead?
      • But he didn't know he was Subject 6 at that point. He thought he was #5. So when he wrote the note, he put it in Subject 5's locker.
      • Oh... I think I get it now. Thanks. :)
  • Who the hell was in the "Do Not Open" box?
    • Pretty sure it was Ruby. Red assaults Ruby when she's looking into the box. Afterwards Ace looks into the box and she reaches out her hand, but it's not clear whether he let her out or not. She was looking at her own corpse.
  • At one point, Ruby and Tom remove an object that was bolted to the wall by unscrewing it with a screwdriver, uhhhh...

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