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  • Threaten a child character in front of Rythian, and he will make you wish you hadn't.
    • In BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea, he discovers that his ward Sally has been turned into a Little Sister and is stuck in Fontaine's Department Store. After going on a brief rant about how humans are not things to be bought and sold - especially not children, he comes across two Splicers who are attempting to lure Sally out of hiding with a teddy bear.
    Splicer 1: C'mon love, ol' Mickey just wants to give you a little squeeze! You don't want to disappoint your old uncle, now do ya?
    Splicer 2: You come outta there! Ain't no fair keeping that tasty Adam locked up in your stomach! Ain't no fair!
    Splicer 1: Quiet, ya yag. She comes out for the honey, not the vinegar!
    Rythian: (in a low, cold and absolutely furious snarl) She doesn't come out at ALL! (He slaughters the Splicers)
  • Rythian's constant Bond One Liners while playing Hitman (2016). Case in point:
    Rythian: That was a great speech, Victor. You really brought the house down. (Triggers the ceiling fixtures to fall right on top of Victor, his target, crushing him)
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  • His playthrough of Dishonored 2 is this. Hannah Rutherford is also playing the game, but her playthrough style is mostly just her speeding through the levels and accomplishing objectives. Rythian, on the other hand, takes the time to go through each level thoroughly, takes the game more seriously and just generally does a more in-depth (and arguably more enjoyable) let's play.
  • His appearance on the 2015 Jingle Jam livestream, where he rapped Eminem's "The Way I Am". It's even more awesome when you realize how much confidence that takes, especially after reading the tearjerker entry on his YMMV page.
  • Even the "Yogpetshame" blog, which is dedicated to calling out the Yogscast on their "issues" (and let's just leave it at that) has praised him for his professionalism, unflappable behaviour and utterly drama-free personality.
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  • He was very gentlemanly and diplomatic when the D&D group took over one of his stream slots, calmly shutting down any drama by explaining the situation thoroughly and saying he hoped their stream would do well.

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