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Slowbeef is Adam Sessler of X-Play.
Just listen to him. Only problem is that I think the Metroid Prime 2 LP said he lives in New York (or was that Diabeetus?) and G4 is in California. Or maybe I'm reading too much into there being two nasal guys who play video games.
  • Well, Slowbeef's actual name is Mike Sawyer and in the LP for Parodius he actually did a skit where you see him. He looks nothing like Sessler.
    • I was mostly kidding, really. I already knew he's from New Yawk/New Joisey and Adam's from California. I thought it was true for about a second, then spent another second fact-checking, then posted it here for fun.

Deceased Crab's LPs are a mind control ploy.
Just take a look at his application to the Evil League of Evil.
  • But the problem with that is that he played Eversion. Now why would somebody trying to control others mess with their own mind? I'll tell you why. Because it's the people who made him play that game that are trying to control the minds of others. It's a test. If somebody can pass through the game with their mind intact, then they are known to have a strong enough mind that they can't be controlled.

Characters/Games that Let's Players personify:
  • Chuggaaconroy: Mario. He's The Hero, is often cheerful and determined, kid-friendly and popular.
  • ProtonJon: Mario Romhacks. He's not quite mainstream, has updating lags, and can be a total jerk when he feels like it, but is still fun.
  • medibot: Kirby. Strange and cheerful, but with hidden Dark Depths.
  • DeceasedCrab: La-Mulana. Darker, adventurer because he plays games that aren't as mainstream and are sometimes just plain messed up and really hard.
  • Pewdiepie: Banjo-Kazooie. Playful, nonsensical humour in which everything is personified and not afraid to make thinly-veiled dirty jokes.
    • If we're sticking to games that they've Let's Played, then Pewdie could be Façade - the games he plays are supposed to be serious, but their potential for farcical comedy utterly ruins the mood.