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  • Most of the Prank Wars counts - turn a castle into Candyland, fill a house with mushrooms or spider eyes, set off sporadic TNT underground...
  • When Bdubs and Generik attempt to bribe Baj with an under-the-table 'gift' of 10 emerald blocks, he not only returns the emeralds, he also returns the table.
  • MC's hilariously unconvincing "assassination" of the B-Team, which makes a child's first camcorder recording look like Spielberg by comparison.
  • During a free-for-all at VintageBeef's village, KurtJMac starts the round sniping people from a boat. Then PauseUnpause runs at him with a sword. Kurt panics, picks up his boat and starts smacking Pause with it.
    PauseUnpause: Why are you hitting me with a boat?!
    KurtJMac: It's WORKING.
    • Later, the entire team drinks potions of invisibility and proceed to beat each other to death with raw fish.
  • Vintage Beef, PauseUnpause, and Etho are playing through a Minecraft adventure map called "Ruins of the Mindcrackers", a map which recreates memorable structures from the Mindcrack server. Beef somehow ended up as the Team Mom, leading to this exchange:
    Etho: *being attacked by skeletons* Mom! Help!
    *Beef is attacked by the skeletons instead*
    Pause: LEAVE MOM ALONE! *kills all the skeletons*
  • The sheer hilarity that is the slapstick of Team PIMP in the last 3 minutes of episode 6, season 10 of UHC:
    • When coming up from their mine, PauseUnpause gets a scare from Paulsoaresjr's head, which was put up for display after they killed him and Pause mistakes for another player.
    • Moments later, MCGamer checks if it's daylight and screams in panic when Pause's dog growls, thinking somebody outside is in an ambush. Both of them have a good laugh about this, leading to the following exchange:
    MCGamer: So, between you being scared by dead heads and me being scared by your dog growling, I think we're pretty even on stupidity right now.
    Pause: Speaking of dummies, we'll see you dummies later! AAAAAH CREEPER!
    • In the melee that follows, MCGamer accidentally hits Pause. Not only does he wound Pause even more, it also causes the dog to attack him.
    • What really crowns this moment are the panicked screams of both men while this is going on.
  • Team Uppercat at the end of episode 9, season 10 of UHC. Bdubs puts on the head of a defeated opponent to scare Zisteau, who responds by hitting and wounding him. Doc audibly doubles over in laughter.
  • Pretty much any time B Double O cuts to himself addressing the audience during a UHC.
  • In Season 12 of UHC docm77 and JL2579 somehow manage to seal themselves in a 1x1 hole, while attempting to explore a cave.
  • In his 34th episode of Mindcrack, BdoubleO100 sees Baj two times due to a server glitch. His reaction is hilarious.
  • During the charity marathon in mid-October 2013, GenerikB got quite drunk and offered to blow up his house for $1,000. When a guy called Jaaski actually donated $1,000, at first Generik was fine with it because it was for the kids, but it gradually began to dawn on him that he had agreed to blow up his house, and the other Mindcrackers wouldn't let him back out of it. Everything that ensued over the next 90 minutes became known as one of the finest moments in Mindcrack history.
    • The incident began with offers to blow up the local doughnut shop for $200, burn down GenerikB's RV for $500, and finally $1000 for GenerikB to do whatever. Vechs suggested $1000 to TNT the hermit mansion and Pakratt, perhaps in an effort to shove Vechs' offer off the table, suggested $1000 for GenerikB to dress like a bellydancer for Minecon. Guude requested that Minecon be kept normal though, leading Bdubs to demand that Genny be cut from the Skype call before it was too late.
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    • Poor Genny had several personal meltdowns throughout the misadventure, the first one occuring when the sever was backed up and restarted and the second after the other Mindcrackers finished stuffing the mansion full of TNT.
    GenerikB: I give up! Screw the kids!
    Guude: Nope! Can't do it, man!
    GenerikB: But I love my house! I don't care about no kids!
    Pakratt: It is out of your hands! It is out of your hands. It should've been out of your hands a little while ago, but it's not.
    • BDouble0, the steadfast other half of the B-Team, was constantly trying to negotiate so Genny wouldn't come out of the situation a total wreck.
    Bdubs: We can run this by Jaaski, OK? Would you pay a thousand dollars to save your house?
    Guude: I don't know if this is a good thing whether he's a friend or not, to be honest. I know where you're going with this.
    Bdubs: Wait, I'm not trying to put you on the spot. If I'm putting you on the spot, screw—screw, like... edit, cut! Would you pay like, maybe, ten-twenty dollars, I don't know.
    GenerikB: Oh, oh wait a minute, so I'm recording, you're looking at the stream, right? You guys are looking at the stream, right?
    Bdubs: Dude, no, don't let me put that—
    Generikb: No no, listen—
    Bdubs: I was trying to save your house! I panicked!
    Avidiya: 'It was a mistake! I'm sorry!'
    GenerikB: I got the tears right now, I'm kinda in a panic right now...
    Bdubs: Yeah, I'm sorry dude. I didn't mean to say that.
    GenerikB: If...
    Avidiya: He's still placing TNT?!
    • GenerikB ultimately went along with it for the kids, although his charity of choice was the "Children Can Suck It Foundation". He also called Jaaski "Jaashole" and "the worst person he's ever met" and took out his house and himself in a blaze of glory.
    • Due to his inebriation, Generik repeatedly came to the shocking realization that his mushroom stem walls had been blown up with the rest of his house. Mushroom stems aren't a block you can collect in-game, even with the Silk Touch enchantment. You have to use complex piston arrays to push them into place instead.
    • Generik threatened Etho afterwards, saying he would kill him like he had never been killed before if he dropped an anvil on him at the lowest point in his life. It wasn't enough to deter him.
    • Jaaski decided that if someone donated $2000 they could restore from a backup, that amount was donated shortly afterward by ScrubZilla.
      • Technically it was $1999 thanks to GenerikB's persuasiveness.
    GenerikB: Jaaski, it's just you and me right now.
    Bdubs: He got all the leverage, my friend! He got the kids on his side! They gonna attack you, rip your hair out!
    GenerikB: I will destroy your family. I will take your name. I will take every letter, and I will rearrange it into... household terms, and I will destroy those household terms. You jerk. You janky...
    Bdubs: You messin' with the wrong guy! Jaaski gonna mess you up! He gonna donate ten grand, come and kill ya!
    GenerikB: Alright, fine!
    Etho: Oh, he says nineteen ninety-nine. He lowered it.
    Guude: There you go! Ya'll compromise, find a middle ground!
    • Later still, GenerikB offered to blow up his house AGAIN for $5,000. Jaaski said "Genny, you made this mistake once before" and Notch himself said, "Dear God, Genny, stop while you're behind!"
    • Bdubs played with TNT shortly after that and managed to blow up Guude, Avidya, and Mhykol with one block. Vechs narrowly avoided tarnishing his 0 death record by diving off the pier while Pakratt was left with half a heart.
  • Season 14 of UHC begins with the showcasing of a new Mumble plugin that everyone will be using for that game. What does the plugin do? It kills PauseUnpause.
    • After which it causes a cross-dimensional exchange between team 2/3 Sobriety and team Always Never Dies that can only be described as utter hilarity. Enjoy, it starts here.
    • Later, Doc stalks Generik through the Nether. At one point, Generik READS HIS COORDINATES ALOUD to his teammate, and Doc's pen was heard clicking. Generik is later reduced to half a heart and Doc is stealthily closing in for the kill when suddenly he digs into lava and burns to death. Shortly after, all the teams in the Nether heard an audible "FUUUCK! FUUUUUUUUUCK!".
  • Right at the start of UHC 15, while attempting to bridge over a hole to get some iron ore, Sethbling accidentally turns all his wood planks into buttons.
  • Vechs kills himself in UHC 17... By riding a pig off a cliff for the hell of it.
  • While the Mindcrackers were closing out Season 4 together with a world tour, Anderz, Pyro Puncher, and Baj killed themselves by taking high dives into Sethbling's squid farm, which was covered with nigh invisible blue glass. Etho compared the triple suicide to birds flying into windows.
  • Season 5 of vanilla Mindcrack started off with some ominous foreshadowing when GenerikB starved to death before anyone got a chance to begin playing. This was immediately followed by a thunderstorm, which forced Guude to wrap up introductions quick as the first mobs closed in and led to general chaos and failure to survive amongst everyone.
    • After GenerikB starved, Aureylian joked that Season 5 was one life only and Generik had to leave the server. Ironically, she expired next as she tried to punch out a skeleton.
  • The saga of Snuggles, Arkas's pet rabbit that Anderz murdered in cold blood. It spawned a guilt trip, a hashtag on Twitter, and a monument that Doc M and Arkas built in the lake Anderz claimed for himself.
    • Speaking of Anderz's lake, Zisteau decided that Anderz had claimed too much of the spawn village area. The result? Geyser Problems
  • In UHC 19, he Mumble-plugin returned. And Pause was airdropped again to 'demonstrate'. Not once, not twice, but a hilarious three times. Watch it here.
    • Coestar's microphone wasn't working, so none of his audio was recorded or projected to the other players. As a result, he did a hilarious post-commentary where he snarks and makes fun of himself.
    Coestar: (trying to craft a bucket) Oh, here we go. HOW TO MAKE BUCKET?! *crafts a Minecart* Oh, this bucket has wheels! (laughs)
    Coestar: And now to go for the secondary achievement of collecting all the coal on the map.
    • Also, this exchange between Beef and Pause, who are on opposite teams:
    Beef: (bluffing)Ooh, Sharpness V!
    Pause: Whelp, he has sharpness V, let's go.
    Beef: (Gasp) That's Pause!
    Pause: Fuck you Beef, that's not me!
  • In UHC 20, the five teams of four were chosen by the players, despite there being one extra. Arkas, being the only one not chosen in the end, is allowed to join any team he wants. But on the wiki, his "team name" is Arkas, with his logo being his face repeated four times.
    • Also in UHC 20, the team of Nebris, Pakratt, BTC, and Vechs is called Team "We Need the Reddit to Figure Out a Team Name For Us Since We Didn't Name Ourselves"
    • At the start of the season, Sethbling teleports Pause extremely in the air, killing him again. The funny part is that this season, the new Mumble plugin wasn't being used.
  • In UHC 21, VintageBeef once again hit the ground too hard.
  • In UHC 25 Pause was the sole survivor to go and face the Ender Dragon. The problem? His screen capturing failed!

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