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  • Fan Nickname: Each Mindcracker has a few nicknames for items, mobs, or other Mindcrackers, but the server itself has spawned "Beef" as a synonym for dying of fall damage and "Anderz" for letting a Wither escape, after Beef's first method of death and the first Mindcracker to let a Wither go, respectively.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers:
    • The "Surviving Mindcrack Island" series took over 2 years to come out after filming due to legal issues. This also prevented Old Man Willakers from joining the server in the meantime despite major channel growth as it wouldn't have been fair to the actual winner.
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    • 5 members left the group when it became an official legal entity as they were uncomfortable with signing contracts. It emerged later that the B-Team were fired at the same time as they had both put undisclosed advertising which had caused problems with the Federal Trade Commission.
  • What Could Have Been: Despite a few unlucky and glitch related deaths, Kurtjmac is probably one of the best players to (so far) have never won a Free-For-All Season. He has made it through to the last few places in multiple series, regularly maintains a high amount of health until the very end and shows off good tactical sense by using Mobs and the geography to his advantage. If only his wolves would behave themselves...
  • Word of Gay: MCGamer came out on twitter in March 2015.

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