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  • When Vintage Beef accidentally tried to grow melons on trees, he got bashed through the stratosphere in his comments section (and by Dinnerbone on twitter, no less). Obviously, it hurts when thousands of people call you out for a mistake (even worse when it's one of the developers). And then comes Etho. He went to Beef's and showed everybody that his melons actually grew. Take That! subscribers (and Dinnerbone)! Doubles as a Funny Moment. Of course, Etho probably silk touched them, but it's the the fact that Etho went out of his way and took time to defend his friend (in a creative way) that counts. Team Canada, indeed
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  • Guude, Etho, Generik, Kurt, Pyro, Beef, Zisteau and Doc teaming up to fix the roof of Bdubs' arena after it burned down, due to fire spread getting turned back on. The guys are usually having fun and making their own videos or pranking each other, but when their friend was -really- bummed and heartbroken about his build being so damaged, and that it would take him hours spread over days or weeks to fix, they came together and rebuilt the burned half of the roof in 20 minutes after he logged off. Just imagine his face, seeing it restored the very next day - that shows a true bond of friendship and community that few servers can claim.
  • The Charity Marathon in mid-October 2013 raised more than 116,000 dollars in 48 hours. Notch himself donated $10,000, and Skrubzilla's $2,000 donation caused the server to be rolled back after the destruction of Generik's mansion (itself the result of a 4-digit donation) and the death of Vechs.
    • It probably wouldn't have ended so happily without a good friend like Bdubs. He snapped Generik out of his funk by asking, "When Plan A fails, what does B-Team do?" and Genny answered "Plan B?!" as if it was the last thread of hope he had to hold onto.
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  • Zisteau recreating Bdoubleo's first Minecraft house as a prank. Bdubs was quite touched.
  • After Mine Con 2015, the members of Mindcrack started to play on the server more once it seemed as though it was "dead" and fans started to believe its remaining members would soon leave as well. Even Shree, who decided to not play again after not feeling like he fit in, is starting to play on the server again!

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