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  • The Wither Fight Special on September 29th: not only do they manage to gather sixteen players in one place and one Skype call, which is a feat in and of itself, but when the first Wither goes down too easily, Zisteau makes things more interesting: how about they fight the next two Withers at the same time? And they do, and it is GLORIOUS.
  • Also, the end of the second season of UHC, when Guude, Beef and Pause defeat the dragon and dedicate the portal to Baj's memory.
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  • Kurt's victory over Pause in Season 3. It's clear that Kurt is horribly outclassed, and he' s at death's door when suddenly:
    Pause Unpause was slain by wolf. YES! The wolf! The wolf! Amazing!
  • The group's defeat of the dragon to celebrate Guude's 300th Mindcrack video and 1000th Youtube video. They might spend a lot of time trying to prank and/or kill each other, but when they do come together, it's a sight to behold.
    • The fact that the final blow against the dragon was dealt by Zisteau's sign makes it even more awesome.
  • Nebris' MVP performance in Season 7, killing a grand total of FIVE other contestants single-handedly, including two of them from full while he was at one heart before being killed by Baj's dog during his victory celebration.
  • Zisteau's pranks are often referred to as works of art.
  • Etho manages to set a record for most kills in Season 8, with SIX other players dying at his hands over the course of five episodes, with three of them going down in the same battle to boot. Compounding this is his end health total: eight hearts.
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  • UHC Season 10, Episode 5. Team Sobriety (Kurt, Mhykol, and Avidya) runs into Team M.A.N (Millbee, Anderz, and Nebris). They get into a drawn out battle, with each team trying to flank the other. Eventually, Kurt gets the drop on Team M.A.N, with Mhykol and Avidya not far behind. By the time the dust settles, Team M.A.N has been killed off entirely, and Team Sobriety has suffered no casualties.note 
  • Bdubs's recovery from a fall into the dangerous environment of the Nether showing his incredible skill with the enderpearl teleportation mechanic.
  • Blame The Controller's victory in UHC Season 11. He only found a single Gold Ingot, dropped by a Ghast, so he never restored even half a heart of health. After killing Etho for the win, he had six whole hearts remaining - the guy's hilariously cautious, but boy did it pay off.
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  • Blame The Controller decided he wanted a beacon of his own on the Season 4 map after the Wither had been killed as a group. With the Ultra Hardcore Mode still in effect, he proceeded to kill another Wither solo (a feat he had not previously accomplished in vanilla) while remaining at 0 deaths incurred.
  • The livestream of October 19th to 21st. Basically, Kurt's Far Lands or Bust had the 100.000 goal set for season 4, but after over a year of waiting, it was stuck at the 45K-mark. So Kurt calls in the help of the guys of the Mindcrack Server to set up a special 48 hour livestream to raise money for Child's Play and let Far Lands or Bust reach its goal. It did. In just a little over 24 hours, Kurt reached 100K
    • And in fact, by the end of the stream, they raised over $118,000 all together. That's right, they surpassed the original flob goal in 48 hours, on top of the 45K that had already been raised.
  • The entire tale of the "E-Pranker": An unknown person pranked Bdubs several times over the course of a year. Initially, it seemed to be Etho's doing, but that turned out to be a set-up. The pranker left no identification, only sculptures of the letter "E", along with signs showing decimals. The pranks included things such as vandalizing the arena, building a floating Home Depot, and even perfectly recreating Bdubs's first house (Right down to the durability of the items in the chests). Then, in the eighth and final prank, the pranker revealed their identity: it was none other than Zisteau, and he did it just to screw with Bdubs.
  • Season 17. Nebris ends up with a lot of gold. He decides to find some more and then makes a Notch apple. For the record, that's an apple, in a crafting table, surrounded by 8 gold BLOCKS, meaning 72 gold. He pulls this off without losing even half a heart. Watch it here.
    • And then he proceeds to fight AnderZEL after having eaten it. However, due to the regeneration buff, the battle is very one-sided as Nebris automatically regenerates any wounds he receives. He just stands there, letting Anderz shoot him, whilst he absolutely wrecks him. Watch it here.
  • From the "For The Kids" charity UHC: AnderZEL getting 13 kills over the course of the season after half of his team dies, with help from CaptainSparkles. After this, PauseUnpause wipes the floor with both of them after the rest of his team dies in battle, further proving his unparalleled PVP ability. And then he gets bored and goes after the Wither that was spawned as a result of the charity event, and beats it effortlessly.
  • Nebris, from UHC 17 to UHC 21, has been the first person to win FIVE UHCs in a row.
  • The November 7, 2015 UHC for the Extra Life Charity: Kurt, for the first time in UHC history, has won a UHC competition, after losing the rest of his teammates of Pakratt, MCGamer and SethBling, by defeating the second-last remaining player JSano19. After so many close victories in past UHCs, the Iron Kurtain has truly stood, indeed.

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