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  • In Season 1, at the end of the purge using invisible purge, Tom decided to go all out and use the Dianite Armor, it ends in a Mutual Kill though Jordan was armed with nothing but a diamond sword and a strength potion. He wins the armor.
  • Jordan's plan in Episode 107 of his Mianite Season 2 Series. Mianite asked Jordan and Tucker to kill the 4 Ianitas that were known of in order to get enough quintessence to revive Lady Ianite. Unbeknownst to them, Martha had the original the whole time. Mianite found out about it, and told Jordan and Tucker to find it and kill it, despite saying a few minutes beforehand that the 4 Ianitas should be enough. Jordan got suspicious, and made a decoy Ianita, acted out a silly farce with Martha to convince the other players that the decoy Ianita was real, and gave Decoy Ianita to Tucker to kill for Mianite. Nobody figured it out.


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