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  • You may not expect to find one in a cutesy game like Kirby's Epic Yarn, but Medibot and Kaz are here to prove you wrong by turning into a giant robot and rocket-punching the heck out of Yin-Yarn. He barely gets a shot in! In fact, anything involving the giant robot ends up awesome.
    medibot: Mother of shit!
  • At the end of Milky Way Wishes, Kaz is one good hit away from death against Marx; cue an entire final boss on the edge of their seats as Kaz alternates between guarding in a corner and taking potshots while medibot does the fighting, only for Kaz to get in the last hit after surviving the entire fight and one unfortunate case of being frozen.
  • Medibot gets one during Wolfshirt's Dungeons and Dragon's let's play in Episode 34, Act 4. They have their character Miriam powerslide over to one of the enemies and rap at him so amazingly that the DM counts it as an attack of their choosing.
    "Pick any damage. Any damage".
    • Earlier when faced with an unknown enemy chanting around a corner, Miriam's response is a strong desire to crush her. This leads to her using Angelic Alacrity to bounce around a corner and smash through all of the witch's defenses, breaking her chant.
  • From Pokecapn's Mario Party games:
    • In Mario Party 2, medibot, who has no coins at the moment, lands on a Bowser space and gets "30 coins for Bowser." Since they have no coins, Bowser gives them some. medibot: Just as Planned!
      • And "I have gained an alliance with the Dark Lord Koopa."
      • It's worth mentioning that they landed on the Bowser Space intentionally, since they had nothing to lose.
    • In Mario Party 5, medibot — thanks to a golden mushroom — makes it to the star space and its new location... twice in the same turn.
    • medibot utterly cleans up in Tally Me Banana, complete with using Kaz and pokecapn as stepping stones.
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  • In Kirby's Return to Dream Land, medibot makes it through stage 5-2's Sphere Doomer area without dying once, despite great adversity, tension, and Heroic Sacrifices.
  • yocobot, medibot's Yoshi's Cookie-playing AI, has become better than its creator. Of note is the 25-1 victory it scored against the in-game AI.

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