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  • Masae manages to beat the Cave of Ordeals without using her Magic Armor.
  • In part 10 of Super Mario Sunshine, she manages to beat The Watermelon Festival in one try.
  • In Part 17 of her Donkey Kong Country Returns LP, Masae tries to beat a Kong level for about 9 minutes and rage quits after failing right at the end. When she comes back, she screws the commentary and remains completely silent as she beasts her way through the level while only getting hit once. Manly Masae, indeed.
  • Her getting the One-Hit Kill effect of Geno Whirl on her first use of the move in Super Mario RPG. The fact that it's a blind run makes it even more impressive.
    • She later uses it on Yaridovich's mirage, one of the very few bosses it works on, and even deduces that it might work herself. Again, pretty impressive for a blind run.
  • She actually manages to stumble upon the "Fertilizer" on her own, and uses it to get the Lazy Shell weapon and armor, two of the best items in the game. In a blind run.
  • After a tense battle, she won against Smithy in her first attempt without using Peach or the Lazy Shell armor (because she realized that equipping it would have made that fight a total joke, especially if equipped on Peach) and using Mallow and Geno. This includes a close call when Smithy in his second form decided to use the Scarecrow attack in his Box head, which turned everyone (sans Mallow) into one, leaving her without the chance of using items after realizing she couldn't use those as a scarecrow just after Mallow got hit by Magnum and OHKO'd him before she could get a turn to use a Freshen Up.
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  • After spending all of Space Land as a Cosmic Plaything and in dead last, Masae manages to win the very last minigame, which gives enough coins to take the Coin Star, between this and getting the Happening Star, she managed to jump all the way to second place at the last second. And she could have won if she had beaten Chuggaa in one more minigame (which would have given her the Minigame Star) or had Chugga not gotten two Hidden Block Stars. That is quite a comeback.
  • Finally after losing the last few boards Masae manages to win Western Land. Beating not only Chugga's luck but also Peach who both she and Chuggaaconroy thought was going to win the board.
  • In Kirby Mass Attack, Masae accomplishes the checklist challenge of beating the boss of Dedede Resort (King Dedede) with one Kirby. And it only took her two tries, despite the bombs he drops being One Hit Kills. Commenters were also quick to point out that this means Dedede essentially lost to one-tenth of Kirby.
  • Momanela gets a lot of these when she returns to Masae's channel to guess the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS roster, as she did pretty well compared to other parents that did this challenge.
    • She gets 14 characters in a row correct, which is already impressive in itself, but two of them were Toon Link and Samus, two characters that Masae thought she was going to get wrong.
    • Overall, Momanela gets 31 characters correct. An impressive feat, but what makes it also impressive is that other than the two characters above, she also manages to correctly guess two more characters that no other parent could get right: Olimar and Ness.
  • In her Let's Play of Tales of Symphonia, she managed to beat Sword Dancer I on the first try! And by that, she beat him at a level most players of Tales of Symphonia wouldn't.
  • In her Majora's Mask 3D LP, there's been some awesome moments:
    • In part 9, she got first place in the Doggy Racetrack on her first try, without having the Mask of Truth, and the original plan was only to showcase the place, only to get that pleasant surprise.
    • Also in Majora's Mask 3D, she shows off the Swamp Fishing Hole and its various catches. She not only summons the Ferocious Pirarucu (a boss fish that only appears after catching several others), but manages to catch it on her first attempt.
    • After two attempts (one involving a game crash), Masae snags the second boss fish, Lord Chapu-Chapu, after one hell of a fight. To round off the episode, she goes after the Colossal Catfish, and nabs it with relative ease.
    • Part 63 is the Ocean Fishing Hole, and in a single cycle she manages to land all three Boss Fish. Special mention to the Great Fairy's Fish, which not only needed a Fairy Fish to catch it attention, but took between six and seven in-game hours (slowed down, to boot) to finally catch.
  • In Part 5 of her Katamari Forever LP, she went to a Just Right level (which she struggles with) and she ended up getting the exact size and getting her first 120 Katamari. She proceeded to pull a repeat performance when she tackled the next Just Right level in Part 7.
  • After the appearance of Guppy in her Super Mario Galaxy LP, there were several comments claiming that Guppy was not a whale, but a fish or a shark. Come part 51, Masae addresses this once and for all with a deep assessment of the difference between a whale and a fish, as well as the classifications of the two kinds of whales.

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