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  • Masae collab'ing with Chuggaaconroy. Whether you ship them or not (hell, you'd be forgiven for thinking that they are together), you can't deny that they have great chemistry as friends.
    • Their chemistry gets even better. Sometime in the middle of her Ocarina of Time 3D: Master Quest, her computer crashes, which wipes out all of her assets for the whole LP. This would have made for a very long hiatus just to redo everything. When she enlists Chugga's help to fix it, he manages to fix Masae's computer AND recover all of her assets for the LP, saving her so much time.
  • The first part of her Ocarina of Time 3D: Master Quest playthrough has her deliver an awesome monologue about how her entering the Let's Play community was her first attempt at trying to overcome her fear of speaking and people in general, something she never though she would overcome. Judging by her Chuggaaconroy-level perkiness, you can really tell she's succeeded in this regard.
  • On Mother's Day, Masae starts a short collaborative side project. Her guest? Her mom. Even the very fact she did this is heartwarming in itself, as is the fact the commenters love Mom Anela and really want to see her in more videos. It's become a yearly tradition since then.
    • Their collab of Pikmin Adventure was the most prominent example. While Masae admits on Twitter that editing those videos have been frustrating to her, she does share that she does cherish the time that they had spent recording together.
  • This reaction to an Easter Egg in Ocarina of Time.
  • Masae recalls a story about her first experience with Paper Mario 64. She rented it a time ago from Blockbuster, and got roughly 3/4 way of the game before she had to return it. She rented it again the following week, determined to finish the game, even if it meant having to start from a fresh save. To her great delight, she ended up with the same cartridge that had her original save file, and was so overjoyed that she was shouting with excitement during a time when she was a huge Shrinking Violet. She still has that very cartridge to this day, because Blockbuster went under before she could return it, making it a memento of her happy memories.
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  • Sometimes after her Twitch streams, if Masae does not have a raid message in mind, she has her viewers do "complimentary raids", in which each viewer must add a compliment or any other uplifting message for the targeted streamer followed by the raid hashtag. Reactions to those raids as shown on her stream when raiding is in progress makes it even sweeter.
  • Her nostalgia during the Sprixie Kingdom levels of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, remembering the Super Mario 3D World collab she did with The Runaway Guys and looking back on all the good times that were had fondly.

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