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    Tales of Vesperia 

    Super Mario World 

    Yoshi's Island 

    Star Fox Adventures 
  • This conversation with the shopkeeper in Part 6:
    Shopkeeper: You pay this much. [Shows 20 Scarabs]
    Masae (imitating shopkeeper's voice): I offer this much. [offers 17 Scarabs]
    Shopkeeper: No, that's too low.
    Masae (still imitating shopkeeper): Well screw you. [offers 19 Scarabs]
    Shopkeeper: No, that's too low.
    Masae (shopkeeper voice): Double screw you.

    Beautiful Katamari 
  • Her reaction to rolling up the Princess.

    Kirby's Dream Land 3 

    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess 
  • Running Gags:
    • Riding Epona into walls.
    • "UNNECESSARY TEXT BOX!!" (her reaction to how the game starts telling you all over again how much the different rupees are worth if you quit and then load the save file).
    • Pretty much every time she picks up a Heart Piece, she complains about how in this game it's 5 Heart Pieces to make a Heart Container rather than 4 as in all the others.
    • After noting at the beginning that Link's house doesn't seem to have a bed, every time she notices a bed in another character's house she has Link acting aggrieved that he can't afford one.
  • In the first episode, she has the kids discussing slingshots in a hilariously over-the-top avaricious voice.
  • Her reaction in episode 15 when Epona rears up and kicks an attacking bird in the face.
  • A moment of Department of Redundancy Department in episode 18:
    Masae: Hey! It's another Goron dude! This guy looks a frickin' lot like the Majora's Mask one. You know, that Majora's Mask elder in Majora's Mask— "the Majora's Mask elder in Majora's Mask", wow.
  • In episode 20, she takes a long time to find a treasure chest that requires flying to with a Cucco, only to find it contains 100 rupees that she can't fit in her wallet. Cue Heroic BSoD.
  • Masae's completely unintentional Stinger at the end of episode 29 when she accidentally ends the episode with Link pulling out a bomb and blowing himself up.
  • Her reaction in part 30 when she actually uses Ooccoo for the first time and meets Ooccoo Jr.
  • Her reaction in part 40 when she revives a Goron with spring water and he rolls off while making a revving motorbike sound.
  • Claiming Malo has started a cult when she sees his new shop in Castle Town being decorated in an Egopolis fashion with his face everywhere.

    Super Mario Sunshine 
  • Her emotional rollercoaster in episode 3 when she thinks she's fallen to her death, manages to recover, makes the Shine appear... and then falls to her death.
  • In episode 4, her comment "The Piantas are a very dance-iful people".
  • Her reaction in episode 5 when she spends ages making difficult jumps and falling off to get to a Shine Sprite, only to realise there is an easy shortcut to get there if you have the Rocket Nozzle (which she did have).
  • In episode 11 she mixes the names "Bowser Jr." and "Baby Bowser" and ends up calling him "Baby Jr."
  • Her That Came Out Wrong moment at the start of episode 12.
  • Her song about one hundred coin missions at the end of episode 13. (She later does other songs at the end of other 100 coin and blue coin missions).
  • Masae's reaction to the Boos' Off-Model design in episode 18.
  • Her voicecrack while saying "SHINE!" at the end of episode 23 (and her own reaction to it).
  • In episode 25, she spends ages trying to get a coconut to appear to feed Yoshi while dodging Bullet Bills and collecting coins, making every other fruit spawn on the beach but no coconut. Then one finally appears...and she immediately sprays it into the ocean. And then does it again to the next one that appears.
  • Masae decides that there must be a 1-up hidden near the start of the special stage in episode 26. She proceeds to die six times trying every possible place before she finally locates it.
  • In episode 30, her encounter with the glitch that leaves you standing around on the bottom of the supposedly bottomless pit looking up.
  • Her travails with the "Lily Pad of DEATH" in episode 34.

    Donkey Kong Country Returns 
  • The Running Gag that she always gets bananas (the least valuable item) from the end-of-level barrel, especially when she talks about trying to time it carefully beforehand.
    Masae: AND WE GET!...bananas.
  • She refers to Rambi the rhino as "MANLY EPONA".
  • In episode 4, she tackles the first special level and, due to the Difficulty Spike, takes many attempts to beat it. However, in the process she gets very good at bouncing on the enemies to get banana coins and extra lives, to the point that when she finally beats it, despite losing many lives she ends up with twice as many as she started with - and 531 banana coins.
  • Masae's battles with the shop glitch (which freezes the game), especially in episode 14.
  • At the start of episode 28, Masae plays That Cloud Looks Like... with the silhouettes in the background of the first Factory level, including overlaying them with her drawings.
  • Her epic Failed a Spot Check moment in episode 31 concerning a red-blue switch on the wall.
  • Followed by several That Came Out Wrong moments about the boss in episode 32.
  • Chuggaaconroy guests in episode 38 and imitates Masae (badly) at the beginning to do her usual intro. He then infuriates her at the end of the episode by hitting the end-of-level barrel and managing to get multiple lots of something other than bananas.

    Super Mario RPG 
  • As a Running Gag, she has a tendency to get Mallow's name wrong and calls him Geno. Comes with post-production text trying to correct herself. The one time she corrects herself, she gets it wrong soon after!
    Masae: Uh oh, Dark Star. Who's getting hit? Mallow. Mallow's getting hit. He got stunted, N-No! Uh, Geno!?
  • In Part 3:
    Toad: I'm too scared to pass by them.
    Masae: Just walk in between them! Look... [Fight Woosh] Never mind, I'm bad at this game.
  • Her squeeing over meeting the Yoshis when she makes it to Yo'ster Isle.
  • In Part 10, she has two moments of pre-empting the text. Firstly, when two moles say "If only Mario were here" she says "Speak of the devil...", and that's exactly what the next line in-game is (what's even better is that this exact incident also happened to Chuggaaconroy in his run of the game). Then, when fighting Croco and the fight is starting to drag on, she mentions how every time she sees a text box appear on his turn, she hopes it'll be him saying "I give up! You guys are too strong!" and on her next attack he goes down and says something very similar. What makes this so funny is that this is the part where the run becomes truly blind, she hadn't played this part before.
  • In Part 11 she gets a good Super Jump combo going on Punchinello... only for it to do zero damage.
    Masae: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, WHAT?!
  • In the same part, Masae being Late to the Punchline with Dyna and Mite's names.
  • Pretty much the entirity of Episode 12.
  • Episode 15 has "touching Peach's flower." No, this isn't an Accidental Innuendo, Masae acknowledges how wrong it sounds but decides to keep saying it because it's funny. "GIVE ME YOUR FLOWER PEACH!"
    • There's also her reaction to the password to a door being Masae.
    • And her reaction to Booster, who's carrying Peach on his back, not knowing where she is because he can't see her.
    Masae: HE'S STUPID!
  • In Part 21, She uses Geno Whirl for the first time and gets the timing right for 9999 damage. She can't believe what she sees.
  • On Episode 23, she complains how expensive it is to pay for the initiation fee and a Beetle Box and is quick to decline. She checks her coin count, only to find out she has 999 coins. The camera even zooms in to emphasize that.
  • In part 25, she is given three ways to cross the Sky Bridge: Normal, Special and Expert. She tries Expert on her first attempt, saying "I'm an expert at this game!"... and proceeds to fall off almost immidiately.
    • In another attempt, she actually makes it to the end, starts celebrating... and accidentally leaves the screen without collecting her prize. Cue Angrish.
    • Earlier in that episode she finds the Cricket Pie and realizes that you're supposed to give it to Frogfucious, but can't remember his name, so she calls him 'Grandpa Disgusting-Food'
    • When hesitant about weather to jump down to an area full of enemies...
    Masae: But intimidation will not get the best of Masae, because she is MANLY! and she will face this challenge with vigor! So let's just jump right-[girly squeal as she almost hits one of the enemies] That's not quite than manliest sound I've ever made.
  • Part 26 is full of hilarity. The best moment is probably in the fight with Belome. In this fight, Belome can clone your party members, and when he does this the first time (to Peach), Masae notices the, um, suggestive animation.
    Masae: HE JUST FARTED OUT A DOPPELGANGER! That Peach is made of poop!
  • On part 33, she gets into the fight with Valentina...and ends up noticing her big boobs. The camera, once again, zooms in to emphasize her brief fixation. Then she sees them jiggle. The endslate even treats us to an endless loop of Peach using her melee attack on Valentina to make them jiggle.
    Masae: Her boobs are freakin' gigantic! L-Look at how tiny her waist is! And they're- and- tho- those two big- just boing!
  • In part 34, she gets obsessed with seeing all the dreams from the Dream Cushion in the inn. She spends hundreds of coins on staying despite having full HP just to see them. Eventually it jump cuts to her saying
    Masae: Please please please loop soon so I can stop spending so much money on this... This is kind of stupid actually, I should feel bad. Actually I really do feel bad-WHAT THE FRICK (dream consisting of a giant fat koopa sleeping on top of Mario.)
    • In the same part, a meta example. After massive amounts of comments in previous videos telling Masae where to get the Fertilizer, she ends up finding it on her own by sheer coincidence.
    • The episode also contains two gameplay-related cases of Late to the Punchline. She finally realises she can sell the Goodie Bag for 555 coins, and finally realises you can scroll down the list of party members on the "equip" screen. She gets... particularly angry at the latter.
  • Part 39: Masae's reactions to Bowser scaring everyone away. Also, when she prepares herself to fight Croco, only to find that: she isn't supposed to fight him.
  • When fighting Exor in Part 44, he uses Dark Star... and Masae complains about him getting three stars out of the attack when she's never managed more than two with Mallow's Star Rain.
    • There's also her random digressing when she has Mallow attack one of the eyes (Mallow currently has cymbals as a weapon).
    Masae: That sounds really really painful, taking a cymbal smash to the eyes. That sounds really really terrible, just saying.
    • Masae's indecision when at the portal to the final dungeon.
    Masae: What do I do? Need items, but... onward! Need items but onward need items but onward NEED ITEMS!
  • In the final episode, she points out the... unfortunate positioning of Smithy's nose in his Wizard form.
  • In the Culex video, She goes through the wrong door
    Masae And you all can see my uncensored reactions to ... a person's house.

    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D - Master Quest 
  • The Running Gag that she forgets to carry a bug in a bottle to lure out the Golden Skulltulas, despite telling herself and the viewers to carry one at all times.
  • Right in the first episode, she raids Mido's house to, as she says "steal all of his money and his hearts." Cue picture of Mido popping up, complete with a voice clip.
    Mido: S-Senpai...
  • Calls herself nuts because she's planning on getting all 100 Skulltulas while getting Deku Nuts for the first time, so she has the screen zoom in on the word "nuts" as she says it.
  • In episode 3 she calls the guards in Hyrule Castle a joke and that she has never been caught by them. Of course, she then immediately gets caught. The game then puts guards right in front of where she respawns making it seem Unwinnable, prompting a series of Big "What?!"s from here. (The guards were the "night shift", to make the players do the stealth segment during the in game daytime)
  • "An angry chicken in your pants."
  • In episode 5, Masae gets increasingly infuriated at Dampe for not digging up the Piece of Heart. Also, her intro to said episode was both a CMoA and a CMoF.
  • Episode 6: After changing it to nighttime in the Castle Town, Masae sees a lovesick couple is still there. She goes up to them, and hears the lady call her boyfriend "so handsome...just like the king of Hyrule..." Cue a quick cameo from King Harkinian calling out "Mah boi!!"
    Masae: *Beat* I don't think that's a compliment.
  • At the end of episode 6, she walks in the general direction of Kokiri Forest. Just before her signout, she realized she missed the forest.
    Masae: Masaeanela... this is not the forest.
  • Episode 8
    • There's a short sequence of Masae flubbing her bomb chipmunk mode. Complete with nonsensical singing.
    • She throws a bomb down a cliff side, and actually blows up a blockade even though its trajectory was offset by fencing. Hilariously, one of the debris is accompanied with "WHEEE BOOM" for no apparent reason.
  • Masae's battles with the Bombchu Bowling minigame in episode 12, where she keeps winning it when there's an Undesirable Prize and failing it when there's something she actually wants.
  • Episode 15: Masae walks into a room with cows trapped in the walls and hears a sound from above. She admits she is genuinely scared. She shoots one of the cows with a slingshot...and the Like Like falls down right on top of her, freaking her out.
  • Episode 17:
  • Her intro to episode 18.
    Masae: I'm king of the wooooooooorld! *dissolves into laughter*
    • When she goes back to Dondogo's Cavern in order to retrieve some Skultulas, she accidentally raises her wooden shield which gets disintegrated by a Fire Keese. While a little heartbreaking, there's no use holding back a laugh from hearing her chimpumnk/derp voice giving out a Big "NO!" followed by small whimpers of Rapid-Fire "No!". (And it's not the first shield she lost in that dungeon, either.)
      • After a second of silence, she goes back to cheerfully derping the dungeon them song.
  • In Episode 19, she shows off the Bombchu shop and pans the camera to show off an Easter Egg, quoted as follows:
  • She attempts to present the Pocket Cuccoo to Anju in Episode 20...but the hand holding the Cuccoo inadvertently clips through her chest.
  • In episode 22, Masae complains about Redeads and Stalfos and how she wishes 'I hope they all die a terrible death', before realising that both are technically already dead.
    Masae: Everything that I want to die in this game is, like, already dead, and it kind of sucks!
  • In Episode 30, There is a key that is under a block that lifts up. Masae gets the Key, and times doesn't stop in dialogue, so the block crushes her after exiting the text box.
  • Remember the Kokiri Forest theme set to "derp!"s above? She does this to some other songs from the game: Goron City, Lost Woods, Windmill, Hyrule Field, and Gerudo Valley. They even have their own videos. The Lost Woods one, however, was cut from the episode it could have appeared in.
    • The videos for each of them have their funny moments, from Chibi Masae traversing the perimeter of the screen in the Hyrule Field one, to Link pulling out a Chibi Masae from a treasure chest in the Gerudo Valley one.
      You got the Chibi Masae!
      She derps a lot whether she likes it or not. You don't know how useful she'll be, but she makes funny sounds!
  • She mistakenly keeps saying "Grass" when she meant to say "Forest" in Episode 54, while trying to break the barriers. Three times. In a short time span.
    Saria: The Forest Grass Barrier is dispelled! Hurry up, Link!

  • She contantly calls the ship parts "treasures". She even added a counter for added hilarity.
  • The video end slates have Chibi Masae write her own diary entries to reflect what happened that day. Conquering the world is usually brought up.
  • In episode 5, she goes through the fire spout area in the Forest Navel to face the Puffstool and retrieve a part, and segues to an embarrassing childhood story involving sitting in a hill of fire ants to show her father that she won't cry.
  • Episode 8 has her encountering one of her most fearsome enemies yet: a narrow pathway. She ends up losing 51 Pikmin to the water around it and the Burrowing Snagrets beyond it.
  • She notices she left behind some Yellow Pikmin underground, but leaves them be at the end of the day in Episode 13. After the following line, a Yellow Pikmin peeks over on the corner shedding a tear.
    Masae: No one cares about yellows, right?
  • A moment of Black Comedy in Episode 15, a Yellow Pikmin suffers a Rasputinian Death. It gets picked up by a Swooping Snitchbug, which normally can't directly kill Pikmin... unless, of course, it happens to drop a non-Blue into water. The unfortunate Yellow starts drowning, and Masae frantically tries to whistle it from long-range, which seems to be working... and then a passing Dwarf Bulbear comes over and eats it.
  • A horrible, horrible moment from Episode 18: Masae manages to stun Emperor Bulblax and has all of her Pikmin swarm him. When he recovers, he then proceeds to crush all 97 of her remaining Pikmin in a single stomp.
    "Ho! Ly! Crap! Oh my gosh! OOOOOH boy! NO! NO! That did not just happen! That did NOT just happen! That did not just happen!"

    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze 
  • Old Running Gags die hard; the end-of-level barrel continues to give her bananas once more.
  • In episode 4 Masae tries out Squawks the parrot (who appears in the corner of the screen and gets excited when the player gets near a hidden puzzle piece)
    Masae (gets interrupted): Squawks is saying - oh crap!
  • In Part 16, Masae sees a giant bug crawling on her floor, but is determined not to freak out. This leads to:
    Masae (gets Extra Life on the exit barrel): I am the calmest freaker-outer ever - IGOTANEXTRALIFE!!!
    • Later in the same part, she fast-forwards the capsule toys she goes though... just in time for us to hear a chipmonked freakout over getting a Rambi toy. So that's two cases of unintended Hypocritical Humour.
  • In Part 22 she's determined to get a new capsule toy from the machine and ends up spending hundreds of Banana Coins to get one...despite having got one early on in her attempt and simply not noticing.
  • In Part 23 she's in the middle of discussing whether the game would be better if Donkey Kong had Super Not-Drowning Skills when she gets surprised by a Kraken bursting through the background:
    Masae: I dunno, that's just me. I guess if you could just breathe underwater it wouldn't really make sense, but then again tell that to Mario-AAAAAAUUUUGH!
  • In Part 26 she tries to tell a sad story about the death of her pet snake... but keeps getting interrupted by falling into pits and failing a bonus area.
  • In Episode 35, she stares at the snowball section in Blurry Flurry, thinking it was a cutscene...until she falls. A later repeat attempt replaces the game's music with "Katamari on the Rocks".

    Kirby Mass Attack 
  • The fact that Masae missed the 3rd Medal of the first stage due to being ONE KIRBY SHORT. It turns out to have been RAINBOW when she went back with 7 Kirbies.
  • Within the first couple minutes of Episode 3, she absolutely and completely fails a spot check and leaves behind a locked chest with a Medal after picking up its key. Which is about FIVE STEPS AWAY from it! The post-editing text was practically yelling at her to go back.
  • In episode 29, the Let's Play Curse strikes her, hard. In the level she plays, she losses her Kirbys due to spikes, and then crush damage. All in the same video.

    Paper Mario 
  • "#ME. 100%."
  • "Man, I feel like everyone in this entire castle is shipping Mario and Princess Peach. I mean, it's not like I would know what that's like or anything..."
  • The fact that Masae reveals that she never Lets Plays the old games (such as this one) on their original consoles anymore. The ploy's given away once we see the restore point menu that we associate with Wii U Virtual Console titles!
  • In episode 7: "Yes, the best of stories, which consists mainly of periods. Apparently, it's a very feminine story."
  • She has her second fight with Jr. Troopa in Episode 11. What does she do to his unconscious body after defeating him? Beat the ever living crap out of him. She even sicced Bombette on him for good measure!
  • Masae's inability to pronounce 'Parrakarry', including when she's trying to correct her own mistakes. Similarly, after commenters suggest 'Moustafa' is pronounced differently to how she was doing it, she agrees and then (as her annotations point out) immediately unconsciously reverts to her old pronunciation.
  • The Running Gag of Merlee's charm activating with incredibly poor timing, such as getting an Attack boost when an enemy has 1 HP.
  • Masae gets a little miffed she got a Chuck Quizmo question wrong (How many members are in Goombario's Family? She answers 5, which, not counting Goombario would be correct, but the game counts him.), and ends up finding him again while doing a sidequest. She gets prompted the same question, but gets it wrong again. It angers her a bit more, and then she decides to do a mental head count. She counts Goombario, Goombaria, Gooma and Goompa, but forgets about Goomama and Goompapa, and pictures of them pass by, bouncing on Mario's head. She gets incredibly confused why the answer is 6, only getting it through process of elimination.
    Masae: Unless we're talking about his mother who we never see...
    (A picture of Goomama appears with WOW in big letters appear, accompanied with a "BONG" sound.)
  • Episode 35 proves how much Masae is a Lethal Chef (both in the game and Real Life). She, as Princess Peach, has to bake a strawberry cake for Gourmet Guy to progress through the story. However, her inability to not only follow Twink's directions but also properly ask him to remind her (by literally choosing the third option) leads to several hilarious complications such as...
    • Step one:
    Twink: Put "Sugar" and "Eggs" in a bowl.
    Masae: (about 20 seconds seconds later and talking to Twink) What was the ingredient again, I just said it! (Upon choosing "no") He doesn't tell us?! I think it was "Milk'' and "Eggs". I'll start over.
    • Step Three:
    Twink Put "Flour" and "Butter" in the bowl.
    Masae then goes to put "Flour" and "Salt" into the bowl.
  • After preparing for the fight with Kent C. Koopa, she talks to him to initiate the battle... only to accidentally choose to pay him 100 of her coins because she was pressing A during the dialogue. The resulting tantrum needs to be seen to be believed.
  • In Episode 61, she gets to see a Duplighost using Goombario's Tattle for the first time.
  • In Episode 64, she goes to the Post Office to read some letters. She starts with Bombette, which is a love letter...that goes into Chipmunk Mode by the next text box.
  • In Episode 70, during the Bowser fight, she uses Shrink Stomp to shrink Bowser a couple times. One of those times, he had spoken lines. She goes into Chipmunk Mode while reading these lines.

    The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap 
  • When one of the guards tells about rolling to get to places faster, Masae wonders if it's an acceptable means of travel around Hyrule. She imagines "everyone and their grandma's dog" rolling everywhere to get to certain places.
  • In Episode 7, the game trolls Masae hard by having bombs drop when her Bomb Bag is full, and refuses to drop any when she's low on bombs. She even keeps a "Bomb Spite" counter. After the sixth instance, instead of a number, the counter reads "I'M DONE", then "...seriously". When she finishes with the counter, more keep showing up.
  • After accidentally killing a Cucco she was supposed to be fetching, her next attempt features the melody of the Castle Town theme sung with "Derps". Just like those moments back in her Ocarina of Time 3D playthrough, it gets a video to itself.

    Tales of Symphonia 
  • Masae constantly gets interrupted by character skits. Bonus points for character skits interrupting her attempts to end the video.
  • As a Funny Background Event, the skull representing a monster encounter finds its way onto the floor that Masae is standing on and makes square-shaped laps around her.
  • Lloyd failing at making a sandwich.
  • In Episode 5, Masae goes through the tutorial about EX Gems. Due to its length, she goes hyper chipmunk and has the text overlay slowly type out "Blah"s...with a Tidal Wave thrown in.
  • In Episode 7, Masae can't help laughing at an NPC making a major Accidental Innuendo.
    NPC Standing next to her boyfriend: Come on, don't just look at the hole. Look at me, too.
  • In Episode 8, Masae reveals that she thought the golden tabs on Kratos's clothing were his NIPPLES when she first played the game.
  • In Episode 17, the episode she finally acknowledges Colette's Dog Lover title, the second dog she encounters was given the name Bob. This prompts not only a Shout-Out to her Wind Waker LP, but to a story where a group of friends used to call her Bob.
  • In Episode 23, a generic post-battle conversation between Raine and Colette happens at the best possible time. It's about Colette naming the enemy they just fought "Poochie", which makes sense for random monsters... but Masae got the line after fighting Sheena. She declares that Sheena will be known as Poochie from now on. (And can't stay serious throughout the conversation afterwards)
  • The beginning of Episode 26.
    Masae: Y'see that guy in the corner? If you look reeeeeeeeeealy carefully, you'll notice that his feet aren't actually touching the ground!
  • At the beginning of Episode 35, Masae keeps getting interrupted by Skits when she's trying to tell a story.
    Masae: Okay, so as I was saying, when I first saw the Rheairds when I was a kid and I was playing this game [Skit labelled "Tethe'alla's Chosen" pops up] TETHE'ALLA'S CHOSEN FELL FROM THE SKY AND INTERRUPTED ME, AGAIN!
  • In Episode 39, as the group try to rescue Genis and Raine from Papal Knights, there's a scene in which the group must brave the opening drawbridge. Masae makes note of Colette using her wings to cross the gap with a "Lol, nope." text following Colette.
  • In Episode 44, Genis failed at making a Cabbage Roll. That is funny in itself, but what really makes it is Genis's post-victory quote before it of, "I feel good today!"
  • Episode 47 has Masae do a sidequest involving the Puninja manning the shop in Mizuho. Each time part of the text glows to indicate the pun, Masae zooms in on the text while losing it. Then Regal slips in a pun, breaking Masae even further.
    • The comments for that video had a field day about that moment, as most of the comments were jokes about Chuggaaconroy.
  • In Episode 56, the team members reach a point in which they must cook curry for a Gnomelette. There's only one problem: Masae used up the Red Satay required to make it due to cooking it so much, and the only place accessible at this point that sells the ingredient is in Flanoir.
  • In Episode 69, Masae attempts the "Uncle Game", a bizarre minigame where you have watch middle-aged men walk past and memorize the order they finished in. To aid her memory, Masae makes up nicknames for the various men like "Baldy", "Mohawk", "Seedy Mustache" and... "Hitler".
  • In Episode 88, Masae completely fails to notice a chest, even when Zelos is touching it. In editing, Masae puts the words "OH MY GOD ->" next to the chest, blinking and with a sound effect, until it's offscreen.
  • The tension surrounding the fight with Origin in Episode 109 gets hilariously broken near the end when Sheena summons Gnome of all things, which manages to deal enough damage to Origin for another character to take him down with the next hit.
  • The bonus episode with the Colosseum has a few:

    Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker 
  • In Episode 1, Masae manages to nudge Captain Toad off the level using the pink Touchstone--by accident—in Touchstone Trouble.
  • In Episode 2, she wonders how to obtain the last 10 coins in Double Cherry Palace. She does get them after touching the star, as she still has a double active. Confused, she thought it was the turnip she picked up—even though she threw it without knowing. Chibi Masae jumps in to correct her. While normal Masae still speculates that it was the turnip, chibi Masae loses it.
  • Also from Episode 2, Masae's constant frustration at the Shy Guys constantly seeing her, even when she thinks she's out of their line of sight. When all's said and done, she reveals that all the retries took her about 30 minutes. In addition to that, she tells the viewers via on-screen post-editing text that she realized that she could've just stunned the Shy Guys with the GamePad, thus saving her a LOT of time.
  • In Episode 16, Masae fails the secret mission right as she's describing it.
  • A year after completing her Wii U Let's Play of this game in 2017, Masae came back to the series on Switch to show off the exclusive content being offered on the port. Then, in early 2019, Nintendo announced a DLC chapter with even more content. A tweet she posted without context is nonetheless very clearly about this news.
    Nintendo....please... my series is never going to end oh my god

    Majora's Mask 3D 
  • In episode 8, Masae visits Romani Ranch! Much hijinks ensue.
    • To gather the cuccos needed to grow up for Grog, she sings a little tune. It starts out cute and sweet... But as it progresses, Masae grows impatient as the song goes faster.
    I am marching to see these chickens grow
    They're all hiding here, don'tcha know?
    We'll go find them and we will see
    What these little chicks will be!
    (Dun x5)
    Maybe this guy will appreciate
    What we're doing to make his day great
    All he wants is to see his little friends
    Grow up big before the end
    (Dun x5)
    (The song starts to speed up fast)
    Okay this is taking quite awhile
    Can't these chicks just gather in a pile?
    Every time I think it's going to be done
    There's more out there on the run
    (Dun x5)
    Oh my god I can't take much more of this
    These stupid birds are the color of piss
    Maybe I'm just salty 'cause I spent too long
    Creating lines for this song
    (Dun x5)
    Please tell me this is the last one
    This is starting to be not very fun
    I am running out of ideas to use
    I just need some good news
    (Dun x5)
    Holy moly we've reached verse number six
    This sucks more than a bag of d(beep)
    Welp you can tell that I'm getting bored
    Gathering this chicken hoard
    (Dun x5)
    There's the last one right around this wall
    Please stop moving you round yellow ball
    Oh my god stop walking away from me
    Chugga [In the Comments]: I don't like you very much.
    Masae [In the Comments]: :)
  • As Masae traverses the Deku Palace stealth section, she gives the area theme the Chibi Derp treatment.
  • In part 22, when Link, wearing the goron mask, opens a chest, his eyes bug out. Masae even edits in a picture and zooms into the strange face.
  • In part 31, she attempts to sing Mikau's dying message. Keyword being attempts.
  • In part 33, having made her dislike of Zora Link's retooled swimming (needing magic for the faster swim, which also activates the electric shield) clear, she gets a bottle of Chateau Romani for unlimited magic. She has a bit of a power trip with it.
    Post-edit text: Never give Masae a Taser.
  • Part 34 has her start off admiring Zora Link's abs. The post-edit text has a field day with this.
    I mean look
    Can you say Yum?
    Is that weird?
    Oh well
  • At the end of Part 48, a Guay attacks Masae while she's in the middle of her outro.
    Masae: We're going to cut this episode off here, and next time we're going to be continuing our investigation of Ikana Canyon, my favorite AAAAAAAAREA [angrily kills Guay] get out! ...Of Majora's Mask.
  • In Part 51, Masae demonstrates an Easter Egg in the Ikana Castle fight: using the Breman Mask causes the skeleton knights to stop attacking you and start marching to the music. Masae then wonders if it works on the king, so she slowly walks up to him while playing the song... and he immediately kicks her in the face. Guess he has no tolerance for Ear Worms...
  • Part 62 has Masae showing off the Swamp Fishing Hole. She manages to reel in an Ancient Fish that requires the Gibdo's Mask to be worn in order to catch its attention, only to decide to let the fish flop on the ground for a bit. It wriggles off the line and back into the water.
    • She also proves rather tickled by the name of the Moorahna fish, which needs the Romani Mask to unveil.
    • She finally manages to hook the second boss fish, after a time reset and spending 3+ hours trying to catch its attention, only for the game to crash.
  • Part 63 is the Ocean Fishing Hole. After landing a Goodta Goby, she tries for other fish, but the Goby trolls her twice by going after the lure.
    • One of the Boss Fish, the Grand Swordfish, needs Link to have extreme strength to successfully reel it in. The Goron Mask is an option, but Masae shows a more hilarious option: FIERCE DEITY LINK!
    • For a moment, it seems like the Fairy Fish, despite a successful summon, despawned.... then it zooms in from off-screen to grab the lure!
    • The second Boss Fish, the Savage Shark, seemingly trolls Masae by first swimming away, and then seeming uninterested in another Goodta Goby.
    • The Garo's Mask can summon the NINJA FLOUNDER!!

    Kirby's Epic Yarn 
  • As Masae is doing it blind, she mentions that she won't try to get all the treasures. Cue a huge "LIES" placed in post production.

    Katamari Forever 
  • Episode 2 starts off zoomed in at Dangle apparently kicking the house. As he walks off, some text saying "I DIDN'T DO IT" follows him.
  • Part 12 starts off with Johnson dressed up with a giraffe neck, a crocodile for a head, while riding a horse. It has to be seen to be believed. This left Masae basically speechless for a few seconds.

    Super Mario Galaxy 
  • Part 1 - Starry-eyed Festivities
    • The file select screen. No, really. We see her main save file is still intact (last played 2011), and upon making the save file for the LP, we get to bear witness to the Majestic Glory of her... old Mii, which looks vaguely angry. Bear in mind, save files are represented as planets shaped as heads. So, naturally, Masae picks her old Mii to turn into the planet represent her save file, which she states is "mildly terrifying".
  • Once Masae has opened the Garden dome on the top level, she doesn't realise there's a direct shortcut she can activate from near the Starshroom, instead going the long way around. When commenters inform her about it, she activates the shortcut...and then proceeds to NEVER use it, always going the longer way around. Her post-editing annotations get more and more exasperated about this with each episode, especially when she walks AWAY from the shortcut at the start of the episode.
  • Part 46 - Bonus Purple Coins 1
    • In the Good Egg Galaxy purple coin mission, Masae, as she puts it, stubs Mario's toe on a planet. What actually happens? A little past the five minute mark, she encounters the exact same glitch that Chuggaaconroy encountered in his Super Luigi Galaxy let's play, in almost the exact same way, while doing the same mission. Unlike him, she manages to get out of it.

  • Part 17 - When Masae reaches Motzand, she says, "Hey, it's the Smash Bros. guy." This quote went on to be very well timed, considering that the episode was uploaded the day after Banjo was confirmed to be DLC for Ultimate. This can also be considered Hilarious in Hindsight, since she confirmed in a comment that she recorded the episode weeks before the direct.note 

    Hey You, Pikachu! 
  • The first episode was uploaded on April Fool's Day 2019. Almost nobody believed that she was serious about even doing another LP at the same time as Banjo-Kazooie because of the date, but it turned out that, yes, she's really doing a playthrough of Hey You, Pikachu!. To quote one of the comments:
  • At the end of the second episode, Pikachu gets a ruby from Butterfree for doing a good job babysitting. When it comes time to say goodbye to Pikachu for the day, Masae has this to say. The kicker is Pikachu's reaction.
    Masae: We're splitting this 50/50, correct?
    Pikachu: [Gets angry and storms out]

    Okami HD 


  • 2015Wii Party U: Highway Rollers introduces us to MomAnela, who seems to love embarrassing her daughter.
    MomAnela: (Rolls a 38) Okay 38, that's my bust size.
    Masae: (laughs) Whoa! Whoa, okay, no no no!
    MomAnela: (Masae rolls a 25) 25, there's your bust size.
    Masae: WHAT!? MOM! Let's not go there! Life choices, life choices, life choices. Why did I do this?
  • 2016—MomAnela returns, this time tasked with guessing the roster of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS. Her guesses should be seen to be believed.
    • When she tries to guess Marth...
    MomAnela: Guy I wouldn't mind tying up and having my way with-
    Masae: AHEM!
    • For Lucina, it's "Masae going out to get even with Chugga".
    • Once again, she manages to embarrass her daughter to Hell and back by getting into a playful squabble over Masae's bra size, then suggesting a number of... unconventional places for Masae to get a Mr. Game and Watch tattoo.
    • Once they get to Bayonetta...
    MomAnela: Wow. What's that on her arm? She needs to shave her armpits.
    Masae: Oh my god!
    • When they get to Toon Link, MomAnela refers to him as "Sausage Link".
    Masae: Nooooo! Noooooooo! Ruined forever!
  • 2017—MomAnela and Masae play Pikmin Adventure, with Masae using the WiiU GamePad to play as Olimar, and MomAnela playing as the Pikmin.
  • 2018—This time, the two Anelas play Game & Wario: Islands.
    • Both games in Part 1 end with the seagull screwing each of the players. First, in Roulette Rock, MomAnela appeared to beat her daughter, only for the seagull to come and take one of the mother's fronks, causing Masae to win by ten points. Then, in Arrow Atoll, Masae ended up wasting her very last launch, causing MomAnela to win as she had taken the lead on her own final launch, and just to rub it in, the seagull came and took one of Masae's fronks.
    • On Part 2, Masae explains that Tippy Tower is not as stable as Roulette Rock and Arrow Atoll, meaning Fronks can and will slide off frequently. What she didn't tell, is that toppling the island will automatically zero-out the one who tipped it, which MomAnela does within the first few minutes. Masae absolutely eats up her reaction to it.

    Mario Party with Chuggaaconroy 
  • In the first episode of Mario Party 2 with Chuggaaconroy, both of them have a huge Big "WHAT?!" when the computer Wario makes his first turn.
    • Happened AGAIN in the first Mystery Land video.
    • During Space Land, Wario triggers the Bowser Bomb. When the item activates, Bowser rolls a 30, then steals coins from Chugga, who's in front of him. Bowser comes across a junction, with one way leading to Luigi and Masae in the same space. He goes the other way to head for Wario, thus sparing Luigi and Masae. Cue the Big "WHAT?!".
    • The best part of it may actually come from the fact Masae jokingly said how she hoped Bowser would roll a 1 in all of his dice, only for the extreme opposite result to happen, but then he ends up helping her regardless by avoiding her on purpose at the last moment. Talk about subverting Tempting Fate.
    Masae: I would like everyone to know that I love Bowser...
  • This may somewhat border on a tear-jerker moment, but in the finale of Space Land, there is a point where Chugga had just ended his turn by stopping very close to a Star while Masae herself was just within arm's reach of it (four spaces away, to be exact). Chugga, being the malevolent god of fortune that he is, correctly predicted that Masae would roll a 1 on her very next turn. After yelling at Chugga and crying bitter tears, Masae stayed mostly silent up until the Bonus Star awards...where she got the Coin and Happening Stars.
    • And keep in mind that practically everything was against her for the entire game, including herself at times. You would react the exact same way in her shoes.
  • In Part 2 of Mario Party 4 Toad's Midway Madness, Chuggaa has been doing unusually badly in Team Treasure Trek, as he has been getting further form his box, even with Masae following him. Once the game was over, he finally realized that he thought he was on Wario's team the entire time. Even with Masae following him with her treasure chest.
  • Chugga starts off Toad's Midway Madness with a feeling that someone was gonna win the lottery during the Last 5 Turns announcement. Come Part 4, Daisy wins, leading Chugga to show a whole Lot o' Reaction to it, only to end with a regretful "Ow, my throat."
    • Similarly, Masae questions what they would do should the AI win. Guess what happens?
  • Chugga has horrible luck in the early stages of Toad's Midway Madness (getting last place in Bowser's Bigger Blast and constantly loosing coins), almost as if the game is trying to tell him that no, his bad luck at Mario Party 5 and 6 had nothing to do with Daisy.
  • Waluigi utterly dominating Goomba's Greedy Gala. Not only does he get a second star from a hidden block, he was able to buy a magic lampnote  and steals another star from Luigi. And when he reaches the roulette wheel, Masae miserably utters "Watch him just get handed 20 coins on this roulette". He does, and he gets a fourth star afterwards!
  • This beautiful exchange from Part 3 of Greedy Gala, after Emile gets lucky with the roulette and Masae doesn't:
    Emile (innocently): I'm sorry...
    Masae: You're not sorry!
    Emile: How come you never accept any of my apologies?
    Masae: Do you want me to bring you a mirror?
    Emile: HAHAHAHAHOHOHO! Well that's a video ending quote!
  • In Part 5 of Boo's Haunted Bash, a Chance Time causes Emile and Masae to swap coins, putting Emile in first place. Masae is understandably upset...but then they realize that Wario is approaching Boo with enough coins to steal a Star, and will likely steal from the current leader. On the last turn, Wario is two spaces away from Boo, and naturally rolls a 1, landing on a Warp Space and moving to Masae's spot. Emile uses a Mega Mushroom to steal coins from both Wario and Masae, giving him the Coin Star and ultimately winning him the game. Masae is left ranting from the moment Wario rolls a 1 until the end of the game.
  • Koopa's Seaside Soiree dramatically turns the tides for both players, with Masae being the super lucky one and Emile getting crapped on throughout Episode 4.
    • When he's two spaces away from a Star, he ends up rolling a ONE. It's as if he's getting karma for jinxing Masae's unfortunate one back in Mario Party 2.
      Emile: Anything but a one...
      Masae: One!
      (Rolls a one.)
      Emile: AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!
    • Moments later, Masae manages to get a Magic Lamp from the item shop and a Star from a Hidden Block. Meanwhile, Peach wins the lottery and pushes Emile down to last place; if that wasn't bad enough, he then goes to the shop to get a Magic Lamp... and they don't even have any in stock.
      Emile: I'm in last and they didn't give me one. And they gave you one in first!

  • The hint for her next Let's Play after Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker has a heart. Somebody in the comments guessed it was a collab with Chuggaa. Her response? A staring Aku.
    • Becomes hilarious in hindsight when, because of technical difficulties, she had to push the project back and make a filler LP for her channel... said LP ending up being a collab with Chuggaa.
  • A comment Masae left for FamilyJules' cover of the RWBY song "Rising". For context, Jules is wearing a Pumpkin Pete sweater. Based on the comment... it's Masae's.
  • For April Fool's Day 2019, she started her first ever Pokemon title... Hey You Pikachu.
    • What makes it even better is that nobody believed that she was serious about even doing another LP at the same time as Banjo-Kazooie because of the date.


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