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Pokémon Yellow Adventure

  • The final battle against Gary at the Pokémon League, which has him using Pikachu against his Jolteon to end the adventure the same way it began, despite an 11-level disadvantage AND the fact that he had Porkchop with a 100 power super-effective attack.

Pokémon White Adventure

  • In the battle against N, when he's down to his final Pokémon, Archeops, Devin brings in Marriland (Samurott) against it, and a Stone Edge does about 3/5 of its health. Devin then uses an X Defend, allowing Samurott to survive with 3 HP-almost a CMoA on its own, so he heals up, but just as Samurott is about to restore the glory of the relationship between people and Pokémon, Archeops uses Stone Edge, which gets a critical hit, destroying Samurott's X Defend and knocking it out. He then brings in Wylia (Beheeyem), which gets the Quick Claw activation and knocks out Archeops with a critical hit on Thunderbolt, winning the battle.
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  • Similarly, the final battle against Ghetsis in his English Black version: after Hydreigon takes two of his Pokémon (Scrafty and Serperior), Drizelle the Simipour comes out and takes Dragon Pulse from it for more than half, before hitting with Blizzard for enough to kill Hydreigon with another hit. Then Hydreigon uses Focus Blast and misses when it could have killed it with Dragon Pulse, then Drizelle hits with Blizzard again and kills Hydreigon. Blizzard like a boss.

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

  • In the Japanese Black 2 version, Ducky the Golduck kills Iris' Hydreigon with a critical hit Ice Beam on his first attack of the battle (after taking around 2/5 its health from her Dragon Pulse). Which in turn saved them from getting swept by her Haxorus with Dragon Dance.
  • In his Japanese White 2 version (which he used to write the walkthrough), he uploaded the Elite Four and Champion on Challenge Mode. There were two CMoAs in the Champion battle: first, Iris' Hydreigon OHKO's his Crobat while confused, with a critical hit Dragon Pulse. After knocking it out, his Serperior sets up Reflect, only for her Aggron to speed up with Autotomize, and break through it with a critical hit, knocking it out. He then revives it, and after doing a little less than half its health with Giga Drain, he then scores a critical hit with Leaf Blade and knocks it out just before his Reflect wears off. The second one is when his Metagross gets an attack boost with Meteor Mash against her Lapras, then sweeps her team with it (surviving her last one with 18 or so HP).
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  • Also, Part 81 in the English version, his final battle against Iris, which had his entire team getting chances to perform in it, and while it came down to the wire between her Haxorus with Dragon Dance and the Archeops, it was still a very memorable battle.
  • And the Memory Link battle with Cheren, whom it's safe to say he holds a grudge against as a Gym Leader. He pretty much completely sweeps the floor with him.

Pokémon Emerald Nuzlocke

  • He gives his Pokemon "bro badges" whenever they pull off one of these in a cinch of what would be extremely close to a death, or along those lines. Here are all the bro badges he has given, in order:
    Omelette (Illumise): After Devin desperately looks for something to do against Wattson's Magneton after it kills Waffles (Combusken), he spends around 20 minutes stalling it out of PP for all its attacking moves, and manages to knock it out, even while paralyzed and with no healing items left. It also puts the final blow on that Manectric.
    Sushi (Tentacool): Gives his life against Wattson's Manectric, but not without poisoning it with Poison Sting, confusing it with Supersonic and lowering its Defense with Acid, all three of which were critical to knocking out the Manectric.
    Pizza (Dustox): Similarly helped to stall out the Magneton much like Omelette did. Also used Protect to stall out Norman's Slaking. Similarly, he also used Protect at just the time when Wattson's Voltorb used Selfdestruct.
    Frittata (Crobat): After Norman's Belly Drummed Linoone knocks Couscous (Graveler) out with a critical hit on Facade, Frittata survives it with 4 HP left, allowing him to knock it out.
    Fries (Linoone): Against Winona, survives a critical hit Earthquake after a Dragon Dance with 3 HP, allowing him to 2HKO her with Ice Beam. In the past three gym battles prior to this, he had had four deaths, three of which were due to critical hits.
    Spaghetti (Gyarados): In a double battle at the end of Victory Road, survives a Slaking's unexpected Thunderbolt with 21 HP.
    Taquito (Magneton): While not specifically mentioned what earned it the bro badge, it did survive an Endeavor in the Fortree Gym and hold its own for a bit against Drake.
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  • The fight against Wattson, in general. Stalling that Magneton out for 20 minutes and several Contrived Coincidences (namely with Sushi, as shown above) still leading to victory in a horribly desperate situation, earning THREE Pokémon their bro badges.
  • In Episode 49 "Victory Road: The Movie!", Devin is faced with a Torkoal that has used Amnesia, but Spaghetti uses Surf and gets a critical hit, breaking through that and OHKO'ing it. He then says that Spaghetti avenged Potato (Swalot, died against Flannery's Torkoal from a critical hit on Overheat in sunlight with +4 Sp Def) in doing so.
  • Getting Lasagna, a Pokémon with THREE perfect IVs, off of a random wild encounter. Without breeding for RNG manipulation, the odds of a Pokémon getting three perfect IVs are 1 in 32768. To add to the awesomeness, the Nuzlocke rules limit the number of captures to one per area, and he was lucky enough to get this as his FIRST ENCOUNTER.
  • Battling Tate and Liza in Episode 44 "Double Trouble!" and using Spaghetti and Lasagna to make them look pathetic.
  • He gets a minor one in the comments of Episode 45 1/2 of Emerald "Today's Tragedy..." where he calls someone out for being selfish and only caring about the fact that there wasn't going to be a video after the Sandy Hook shooting, saying that he only wants to do his series for "real fans" after that.
  • Lasagna, the flying shark dodging an Earthquake.

Pokémon Heart Gold Wedlocke

  • Carrot, as a Lv 14 Rattata, defeating a policeman's Lv 17 Growlithe in part 9. It did more than 50% with Ember, if it weren't for one timely Headbutt flichs, both he and Pear would have died. Truly the point where Carrot first established himself as a total bro.
  • Bro badges given so far include:
    Plum (Gengar): Beats Chuck's Poliwrath after stalling it out for around eight minutes, between confusing it, it having Hypnosis, and being out of Awakenings, along with many close calls, and not a single critical hit, to boot.
    Turnip (Feraligatr): After Pear (Victreebel)'s life is taken at the hands of the Double Team on Route 47 with Electabuzz and Magmar, Marriland brings out Turnip (as a Croconaw), and the Electabuzz uses Thunderbolt, but Turnip survives with ONE HIT POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This allows him to gang up on the Electabuzz with Turnip and Carrot (Raticate), and knock it out, just in time for Turnip to reach Level 30 and evolve into Feraligatr. To think that it was one hit point away from dying when it was just about to evolve makes it even more amazing. It also survives a critical hit from the Kimono Girls' Espeon with 1 HP, then gets a critical hit Crunch to OHKO it.
    Peach (Primeape): Weakens the Vaporeon in the Kimono Girls fight with Screech, survives Last Resort with 3 HP after Swaggering it, and 2HKO's it with Karate Chop to win the battle-and the set of the five.
    Cauliflower (Dewgong): As a Seel, tanks Ho-Oh with Water Sport and Thick Fat, allowing it to take Sacred Fire and Fire Blast like nothing. It even survives a critical hit Extra Sensory with 9 HP, and knocks out Ho-Oh in three hits of Waterfall (the last one while burned, to boot).
    Carrot (Raticate): While it is not specifically mentioned what earned the bro badge, Part 56 had Marriland state that Carrot had an entire wall of bro badges. In that same episode, while Arms' Alakazam has Reflect up, Carrot uses Crunch to get it to half and lower its Defense, then after Crunch is disabled, Headbutt still takes it out (after taking a Psychic for roughly half and the Special Defense drop) thanks to the Defense drop.
  • Even though episode 31 "One Last Dance!" has him losing two of his three pairs, his Pokémon fought bravely. Turnip not only survived the Espeon's critical hit Psychic, with 1 HP AGAIN, but survived with 4 HP then got a critical hit on it with Crunch, knocking it out. Then, after the Jolteon uses Double Team and takes Plum, Turnip AND Scallion (Tauros), Grape (Jumpluff) saves the day against it. While Grape comes to her untimely end against the Vaporeon, Peach uses Screech to half its Defense, uses Swagger which doubles its Attack, and survives Last Resort with 3 HP, allowing Peach to 2HKO it with Karate Chop. To add on to that, the final sendoff he gave the four was beautiful. The fact that he even won with only two Pokémon remaining is definitely an applause-worthy moment. It rivals the Wattson battle for most epic victory he's pulled in a Nuzlocke.
  • Getting through the entire Elite Four + Champion without anyone from his team dying.
    • Will wasn't anything of major significance, but first, against Koga, Banana (Kingler) beats his Forretress to the punch with Crabhammer before it can explode, then gets a critical hit against the Venomoth with Crabhammer, OHKO'ing it.
    • Next up against Bruno, Spinach (Nidoking) gets another critical hit against Hitmontop, OHKO'ing it before it can use Counter, which very well could have been fatal had it not been for that (though that did not come to his attention at all during the battle, someone did bring it up in the comments). Then, at the end of the battle, Banana, thanks to No Guard, OHKO's the Machamp with Guillotine. Even better because Bruno was the one many people saw him having the hardest time with (at least out of the Elite Four, Lance may have been a different story).
    • After that was Karen. After Carrot (Raticate)'s Chople Berry (which he had planned for Gengar's Focus Blast) gets Plucked by Murkrow, he uses Swagger with Peach, and after switching in Carrot, Gengar misses with Focus Blast twice, allowing Carrot to get in a Crunch. Peach then Swaggers it up to +6 Attack, and it eventually does hit itself and get knocked out. (The self-KO preventing it from pulling a Taking You with Me with Destiny Bond, which would have got Carrot earlier had Marriland not switched out) And against the Vileplume, Pluck doesn't even do half, but despite getting paralyzed and stopped one turn, it takes out Vileplume the next turn thanks to Guts.
    • Finally, to top it all off, against Lance, Spinach hits twice in a row with Blizzard against the Dragonite without Hail, OHKO'ing them both. It gets a little awkward against the Aerodactyl when he misses with Blizzard and drops to 0 PP and then is forced to use Struggle thanks to holding Choice Specs, but his entire team still escapes all alive.
  • As if fighting Red under the normal Wedlocke restrictions was hard enough, Marriland imposes an additional one for the fight: he can only use as many healing items as Red does. Not only does he win despite this, he ends up using one Full Restore less than Red, beating him with only 3 item uses for the entire fight.

Pokémon Platinum Nuzlocke

  • Bro Badges given so far:
    Firebutt (Infernape): Took a critical hit Night Slash from Jupiter's Skuntank while it was down on health and yet still managed to live by 2 HP. Note that it was only mentioned as a bro badge in the original screenshot playthrough.
    Aquaducked (Golduck): Came to the rescue against Giratina and delivered the final blow to it after it killed Starwing the Staraptor and Eggpie the Crobat, and after Giratina hurt itself in confusion twice.
    Extremely (Leafeon): Critical hit Razor Leaf to kill Bertha's Rhyperior in one hit while he was below half health and would have died to Avalanche or Megahorn.
    Slippers (Quagsire): Quick Claw AND hit with Blizzard (on the same turn) to finish off Cynthia's Garchomp that had a little over half its health left.
    • Firebutt later ends up pulling off almost the exact same thing in the rematch against Jupiter with Mars. It seems he has a knack for surviving critical hits.
  • Heck, the fact that he's gone through the first five badges so far with only one death (that was due to Horn Drill, so it wasn't even his fault) is a CMoA itself! Keep in mind that in this Nuzlocke, he's doing this without the use of items, the battle style on Set (which means he can't switch out a Pokemon before the opponent does) AND with the limitation that his Pokemon's levels cannot go beyond the next Gym Leader's highest level. That and he refuses to look up the foes or moves of any of his opponents.
    • He's gone through 7 Badges with 2 deaths. In most of his earlier runs, his number of deaths equalled his Badge count for most of the run, so that's really something.
  • In the episode Hasta Fuego, his awesome moment isn't a particularly thrilling battle. Oh no, he just so happened to find a SHINY MAGNEMITE, which is the first Shiny Pokémon he's ever caught on-camera in any if his 800+ videos.
  • His fights against Cyrus and Giratina were amazing, both could have easily been disasters to a worse player, but Marriland kept his cool. Sure he did lose one against Cyrus, but that was due to a cheap critical from an unexpected move. The fight with Giratina took a horrible turn when it not only kills Starwing with Ancientpower, but it gets the all-stats boost. But Eggpie pulled an amazing Heroic Sacrifice to hit it with Confuse Ray, that confusion single-handedly preventing a Total Party Kill. Aquaducked did surprisingly well too.
  • The finale against Cynthia, which he said himself was the most intense battle of any of his Nuzlockes or Wedlockes yet. The entire team played parts in contributing to his success, with insane luck on both sides, but his coming at exactly the right moments. And what's more is that Ninjarisu, a Pokémon he at first didn't think would ever see the light of day, was still alive. Easily one of his best videos to date.

Pokémon LeafGreen Sleeplocke

  • For 24 hours, on September 28-29 2013, Marriland and Sephazon did a Sleeplocke together that was streamed live via While Sephazon lost the Sleeplocke outside the Elite Four, Marriland went through the whole thing from start to finish all in one sitting WITH ONLY TWO DEATHS!note 
  • Sephazon had a moment of awesome as well with his Golbat, Batman.note  The battle video can be found here:
  • Additionally, they both found wild Clefairy for their encounters in Mt. Moon. And that has a 1% chance of appearing. Talk about a freaking jackpot.
  • Speaking of jackpots, Sephazon got two female starters in a row. (They were forced to restart their games once) The chance of that is 1.5625%.

Pokémon X Adventure

  • While playing through the game, unlike most of his past walkthrough series he's been catching everything in sight. But in Part 68, Victory Road, the final part before the Elite Four, a wild Hydreigon swoops down from above. Which he does indeed manage to catch. Those things are incredibly rare to find (with Fearow and Skarmory being more common in swoops), so it's safe to say that running into this thing in a blind playthrough, never mind a walkthrough-oriented one, was surely a CMoA and very valuable catch, even if he didn't use it.
  • To show off how to get a Sylveon, he needed an Eevee. He wanted one at Level 19, so that it would come with Baby-Doll Eyes. After finding one, it REFUSED to be caught, shrugging off Poké Balls constantly. Then he at last managed to get it with a critical capture. And then, after checking it, we saw that it had Pokérus! He didn't even notice until after it evolved. But regardless of whether you caught a glimpse of that Pokérus before or after he did, it is still just as sweet.

Walking Wonderlocke Y: "Get Fit or Die!"

  • After making some sufficient progress through the game, he makes it to Route 7 and before heading to Ambrette Town, finds a SHINY CROAGUNK. He opted to keep it on his party for use.
    • And then, after that, he finds a SHINY MALE NIDORAN.

Pokémon Black Wedlocke

  • He accidentally ends up fighting Cilan underleveled, and still manages to win with no deaths in spite of Lillipup spamming Work Up. Even better, he used his starter and Lillipup pair for the fight, which means he didn't use his elemental monkey at all! Sadly his moment of triumph was to be short lived...
  • Leading up to the second Gym he has so many deaths he was left with three lone male Pokemon (meaning they could only take on the gym solo with no switching), so many doubted he would even make it past the notoriously difficult Lenora. The fact that he did is a moment of awesome in itself. Even if it cost Warbler's life.
  • In Episode 25, Though Quail ends up dying to a trainer's Excadrill, he fought extremely hard. With most of its attacks being resisted or doing little damage, Quail managed to bring Excadrill's health low enough for his partner Wren to finish it off, by activating Quick Claw three times and surviving two Hone Claws-boosted Rock Slides, once with only 2 HP left. If he hadn't held on that long, his partner would have certainly died too.
  • Episode 37, the battle against Caitlin. Wren's first Megahorn against Caitlin's Musharna missed, allowing Musharna to use Psychic. In spite of it being super effective, Wren managed to barely survive with only 15HP. Due to the rule against spamming healing items, there was nothing that Marriland could do but use Megahorn again and hope for the best. Fortunately, Wren landed her second attack, taking down Musharna in one hit, winning the battle and earning her Bro Badge.
  • As of the battles against Marshal and Shauntal, the two he was most fearing, the awesome moment can be summed up in one name: Turkey. The. Garbodor! Despite being hated so much even Marriland was reluctant to use him, and utterly dismayed when he had to resort to using him after Aquilavus died, Turkey managed to single-handedly solo Marshal with Stockpile and Protect-Toxic Spikes stalling, despite Marriland realising too late he forgot to pick up the Rest TM. He even tanked a critical hit Stone Edge from Conkeldurr at the end and team up perfectly with Chickadee to take down Shauntal's team, even surviving through Cofagrigus' Psychic despite it getting TWO SPECIAL DEFENCE DROPS. Someone in the Youtube comments said it best:
    Turkey is actually making me not hate Garbodor...
    • Turkey then went on to survive a critical hit Stone Edge against N with ONE HIT POINT LEFT!!!
      • Turkey had yet another awesome moment when he survived a Psychic from Ghetsis's Cofagrigus with only 2HP left. Sadly he died shortly afterwards to a critical Head Charge from Bouffalant. Chickadee then went on to prove she was no slouch either by destroying the rest of Ghetsis's team all by herself. Special note should go to her surviving a Fire Blast from Hydreigon and taking it down in one hit with a critical hit!

Pokémon Black 2 Wedlocke

  • An in-universe example, after so many people being ones to simply skip to the end just to see if Pokémon were dying, he decided he was done with that and deleted the comments that made it obvious people skipped to the end in Part 3, where Limbo the Lillipup died.
  • Capoeira the Gurdurr managing to take out N's lv 35 Darmanitan, which would have easily swept Marriland's entire team if he hadn't. And he earned vengeance for Swing in the process.
  • Capoeira, now a Conkeldurr, managed to survive a critical hit Explosion during the battle with Clay. Sure it was coming from an Onix, but still amazing.
  • In Episode 26, he once again runs into a Rival battle when he isn't expecting it. This tended to cause disaster in most of his earlier runs but here... Volta the Galvantula curbstomps Almost's entire team.
  • During the battle against Marlon, Polka repeatedly disappoints by only hitting twice with Bullet Seed and Rock Blast, and she nearly dies when a rain-boosted Scald does a huge amount of damage and burns. With Bergamask on low HP and burned too, Marriland is forced to rely on her for Jellicent. Things look awful when not only does Bullet Seed hit an insufficient amount of times, it gets disabled by Cursed Body, forcing Marriland to gamble Polka's life on Rock Blast. She proceeds to hit four times... two of which are Critical Hits! This wins the battle and saves the pair.
  • Volta lands two Critical Hits against two of Iris' Pokemon. One with Archeops (knocking it out in the process), and one against Haxorus, which knocked it into low HP. Unfortunately, she succumbs to Haxorus' Outrage.
  • Hula lands yet another Critical Hit to Iris' Haxorus with Ice Punch, knocking it out the process, making it three Critical Hits in a row that Marriland have landed with.

Pokémon Omega Ruby Wedlocke

  • After a terrible run of luck in previous episodes, it seems like the curse is about to strike again when Crisps finds herself in a battle against Collector Edwin's two Grass types, who could each kill her partner with a single attack. She takes down Lombre with some difficulty, but is left weakened and has to face Nuzleaf next. She survives a Nature Power/Energy Ball from him with just one hit point, and then hung on using all of the remaining healing items available to her in the battle while Nuzleaf used Growth twice, which boosted Energy Ball to a level where it had a good chance of killing her in one shot... except, Nuzleaf never got to use it, as Crisps struck with a critical hit, taking Nuzleaf out and winning the battle. If she hadn't got that well-timed crit, both she and Pickles would have certainly died. Crisps earns the first bro badge of the series in this fight, complete with the badge being visible on her sidebar image. Oh, and she pulls this moment off while still a Zigzagoon. Fries would be proud.
  • A pretty minor one, but in Part 10 after the sudden deaths of Crisps and Pickles against Pokémon Breeder Lydia, and then releasing them, he calls out when people tend to post in the comments and say "OH WHY DID YOU RELEASE YOUR POKÉMON? JUST HEAL THEM!!!" when he releases his deceased, suggesting those people read the rules of the Wedlocke.
  • He swept Champion Steven with Onion, a Minun.

Pokémon X Wedlocke

  • After she nearly caused a Total Party Kill in the Wonderwedlocke, Marriland gets his revenge on Korrina in this series, with Allspice the Espeon oneshotting all 3 of her Pokemon. Very cathartic after Viola saw the death of Caraway and Grant nearly killed Mandrake.
  • Sage being the only one of Marriland's starters to survive a Nuzlocke.

Pokémon Yellow Sleeplocke

  • Marriland ends the series in an amazingly unexpected way: despite losing to Mewtwo, he decides to have the four main Pokemon of his Sleeplocke team battle against the main four from his original Yellow Adventure. With the Twitch chat "controlling" the Sleeplocke team by voting on which moves to use. Yes, Marriland challenges all his fans to a battle. The battle itself was pretty awesome too, being extremely tense and close right up to the end, even featuring a 1/256 miss! The fact that Marriland managed to coordinate all this while extremely sleep-deprived is awesome in and of itself.

Pokémon Crystal Sleeplocke

  • In a Sleeplocke, on Set mode, with Wedlocke restrictions, Marriland manages to get through 15 out of 16 badges, including the Johto Elite Four, with zero deaths!!!

Pokémon Gold Nuzlocke Stream

  • This series becomes Marriland's first Nuzlocke to end with NO DEATHS. From the start all the way up to Red!

Pokémon Sun Nuzlocke Revenge Stream

  • After his original Sun Nuzlocke series in 2016/17 ended in a brutal failure against the Elite Four, he started this series up on stream, with significantly harder rulesnote . And managed to survive in the end, doing significantly better with only four deaths for quite a bit of the game, with the first fight against Guzma giving him his last death until the final Gladion fight. He ended with six deaths, the last being against Kukui's Primarina, thanks to the right strategizing and getting things he needed to happen at the right moments.


  • Recently, he documented on his personal Twitter that he bred a SHINY CHANSEY WITH BOLD NATURE AND 31 IVS IN ALL STATS EXCEPT ATTACK. Even with Serene Grace, that is a crazy breed. He's also hatched two shiny Marill in addition.
  • Additionally, he also documented a Wedlocke on his physical X version with no bag items in battle, or Amie, Mega Evolutions, Exp. Share, Super Training or anything like that. For starters, Laffy Taffy the Psyduck was the only survivor against Viola, beating her Vivillon with 2 HP left and about to die from Infestation. Despite having deaths left and right, half of them after the seventh badge, he completed the game on April 8, with over 120 hours logged and a total of 35 deaths! Listing every awesome moment throughout would likely fill up this page, but the fact that he made it through every last bit of the game's bulls*** that was thrown at him and refused to give up is a gigantic CMoA in itself.
    • What makes this even more awesome is that what he had left were two lone females, Starburst the Gyarados and Pop Rocks the Golem. Starburst gets a special mention for not only surviving two separate electric attacks in the Elite Four battles (despite having a 4x weakness to it), but for soloing Drasna and Diantha!
    • AND obtaining Pokérus TWICE in the same spot, between this playthrough and the X Adventure. While he got two shinies in the Walking Wonderlocke Y (which this is more rare than), this was an amazing obtain.
  • In his collaboration stream with Chuggaaconroy, he recounts that Chugga asked him to breed a Snivy for him earlier that day. While breeding, Marriland hatched a shiny one very early, and decided to give it to him as a surprise. (Marriland already had a shiny Snivy) Doubles as a Funny Moment, as Marriland mentions having an amazing Freudian Slip at the time: "I hatched your shin... I mean Snivy!"
  • While playing a spare copy of Alpha Sapphire, he swept Champion Steven with a Plusle. He won by using Charm and Nasty Plot against Skarmory and then going to town on the rest of his team. Then he proceeded to do basically the same thing five months later, except with Minun (see above).


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