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  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Scott in Emerald is depicted as a diabolical evil mastermind out to get Devin's Pokemon killed... though this is Played for Laughs.
    • In the Black Wedlocke, Ghetsis is running for Unova President, and so is Burgh. Alder is the current president. Lenora Hulks Out when someone threatens her bones. Cheren is evil and wants to take over the world. Team Plasma is a political party. And in Black 2, Colress is the new president.
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    • In regards to his Pokemon, fans are split on how to interpret Sage, the Greninja from Marriland's X Wedlocke and the fact that his partners keep dying. Is he a weak, cowardly boyfriend who has failed to protect his lovers from their untimely deaths? A horrifically unlucky guy who loses his loved ones due to circumstances beyond his control? Or is he simply a heartless jerk who throws the lives away of his loved ones when he grows bored of them?
  • And You Thought It Would Fail: He started his Pokemon Yellow Adventure as an April Fools joke, genuinely thinking no-one would be interested in watching such an old game. Fans loved it and it eventually became a full series.
  • Anticlimax Boss: Tate & Liza in Emerald.
    I expected a massacre, but I just didn't think that I would be the one inflicting it.
    • Black Kyurem in the Black 2 Adventure Let's Play Thingy. His slightly weakened Lucario survives its Fusion Bolt, then gets a critical hit with Aura Sphere and kills it in one hit. Then White Kyurem in his Japanese White 2 (which he did to show the cutscene where Kyurem transforms), where his Absol gets two critical hits against it in a row, with Night Slash then (after Kyurem charges up Ice Burn) Sucker Punch before it can even do anything.
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    • Articuno in Part 61 of the HG Wedlocke. He even calls it an anticlimax himself!
    • Lucian in the Platinum Nuzlocke. Thanks to a very fast Leafeon with X-Scissor, and Psych Up from Zeppelin the Togekiss to copy Bronzong's Calm Mind boosts, AND Gallade missing with Stone Edge, he makes pretty short work of that battle. But then he had Cynthia, who wasn't exactly as much of a pushover.
    • The Black Wedlocke had Clay, who has been widely regarded as THE Nuzlocke killer with that Excadrill. Doesn't help that his forgetting about having to battle Cheren resulted in a near-wipe before he even reached Driftveil City. However, Aquilavus the Tirtuoga and Chickadee the Deerling win him the fight without any casualties or even him having to use any items.
    • Steven in the Emerald Nuzlocke, who turned out to be a pretty one-sided battle on Devin's part. Not only did his Aggron miss with Thunder against Burrito the Wailord, but Quinoa froze his Cradily solid with Ice Beam and Encored his Claydol into Earthquake. He ends up winning without using any items. This is probably because, due to Schedule Slip, he completed no less than three Nuzlockes with much harder rules by the time he went back to Emerald, which was just a bare-bones Nuzlocke, so his skill at Nuzlockes had grown massively in the meantime.
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    • Wattson in the Omega Ruby Wedlocke. After he lost Pickles and Crisps against Pokémon Breeder Lydia in Part 10, he was at a loss on what he could do, considering Wattson caused him a lot of trouble in the Emerald Nuzlocke. Come around Part 11 and he swept Wattson with Souffle the Illumise and without using any items either.
    • The X Wedlocke introduced Trainers of Death, which Marriland must defeat before moving to a new area. The first one, Rising Star Hamish, who has an underleveled Kadabra, was taken out in one hit by Carob the Bibarel.
    • Also, in the X Wedlocke, there was Korrina in her gym battle. In the X Wonder Wedlocke, her Hawlucha ended killing almost all of Marriland's party members. Here, Allspice the Espeon swept the Gym Leader without much trouble, even outspeeding the dreaded Hawlucha and taking it out in one hit.
  • Awesome Music: "Dead Quiet" by BlueGem, the song used in the final team lookback of the Platinum Nuzlocke.
    • The Black 2 Wedlocke tops this with an original song written specifically for the Wedlocke.
  • Breather Boss: Jasmine in the HeartGold Wedlocke. He beats her in as many turns note  as she has Pokemon.
    • Double subverted with Bugsy in the same series-his Scyther is faster than Cantaloupe, but it then dies to one Rock Throw, as do his other two Pokémon.
  • Broken Base: His tendency to talk to most every single NPC (especially as of Gen V) to see what they have to say, and repeating their dialogue out loud, and that of the trainers. He does this because note  he dislikes when people play through and don't acknowledge the dialogue the Trainers say or talk to any non-Trainer NPCs who don't give them items. While some people like it, others find it very annoying because they only want to see action and not have their time wasted by things not productive to the gameplay.
    • The Platinum Nuzlocke. The fact that there are so few deaths compared to his other runs has led some to find it boring, others to praise it as an amazing show of skill.
  • Crazy Awesome: As said in Part 23 of the Emerald Nuzlocke, he has a degree in awesomeness, is proficient in rocking…and does some web based programming and languages.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Ninjarisu the Pachirisu from the Platinum Nuzlocke has been very popular with the people who viewed the first half or so of the game while it was being posted to the forums.
    • Before him, there was Omelette the Illumise in his Emerald Nuzlocke. Her popularity was for the same reasons as Ninjarisu: She performed surprisingly well in battle despite being a sub-par Pokémon.
      • Her successor, Souffle from the Omega Ruby Wedlocke, and her partner, Onion the Minun, have since followed suit very well and gotten Hungry through some very difficult fights.
    • The Black Wedlocke's equivalent would be Turkey the Garbodor, who despite being one of the most hated Gen 5 Pokemon, ended up being a total bro against the Elite Four.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Spagetti the Gyarados and Almonds the Sandslash in the Emerald Nuzlocke, who are often considered an unofficial Wedlocke pair due to often fighting together.
  • Fridge Brilliance: The Heartgold pokedex says that Rattata produces offsprings continuously. Carrot was part of the only wedlocke pair that had babies.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In the comments of the Elite Four and Champion battles in the Black 2 Adventure Let's Play Thingy, he says that he finds Wallace the least intimidating Champion yet. Then three months later comes the finale of his Emerald Nuzlocke, which after watching that, that claim looks pretty funny.
    • The "We MUST have more Honey! We need it to attract Pokemon in great numbers!" meme is this now that, in Pokémon X and Y, Sweet Honey is used to trigger Horde Battles, making it an unintentional Ascended Meme.
    • Marriland wasn't very thrilled in part 2 of the Heartgold Wedlocke. No Mareep and no Wooper. Just a Rattata.
    • In Part 50 of the Heartgold Wedlocke, he tells the Game Freak president "Thanks for not doing that Ruby/Sapphire remake, come at me haters!" Needless to say, that's pretty funny now...
    • A cross-L Per one. Chuggaaconroy once claimed Pokemanic Steve was out for blood. In Marriland's Omega Ruby Wedlocke, Steve kills two of his Pokemon.
    • Due to the Fire Red/Leaf Green Sleeplocke being recorded in 2013 but not posted to Youtube until 2017, many moments from it stand out, but especially Sephazon joking that "Eevee evolves into Sylveon when you max out its happiness in Pokemon Amie". This turned out to be almost exactly right.
  • Memetic Loser: Ambidextra the Aipom from the Gold Nuzlocke stream, who spent three hours using Thief on Magnemites and didn't steal a single Metal Coat.
  • Memetic Mutation: BIG SERVICE!
    • We MUST have more honey! We need it to attract Pokemon in great numbers!
    • While he wasn't the first Pokemon player to use the FEAR strategy, he was the one that got it widespread community notice.
    • V-Wheeeeeel!!!
    • BENCHES!
    • Bunnying!
    • Tch!Explanation 
  • Never Live It Down: He had two rather embarassing moments of this:
    • In his Yellow adventure, when facing the Jr. Trainer in Brock's gym, Devin's Mankey misses three times with Low Kick against his Sandshrew, which then knocks it out. This left Devin backed up with only Pikachu, who had only Thundershock, which couldn't hit Sandshrew, and he was forced to restartnote . Thanks to this, he makes a few more references to Sandshrew being Pikachu's nemesis when he encounters one.
    • At the very beginning of his White adventure, Cheren beats him by his Snivy getting a critical hit on Devin's Oshawott. He mentions this multiple times throughout the video series.
      • He reeeeeeally holds a grudge against Cheren as a Gym Leader. In the Black 2 Adventure Let's Play Thingy, the Lillipup uses Work Up twice and OHK Os Devin's Riolu with Tackle (without a critical hit, to boot) before it can use Counter, then sweeps his team. In the English White 2 Adventure, he had Snivy set up with an X Defend in the hopes of tanking it, but after a Work Up, Lillipup uses Tackle and gets a critical hit on the first usage of the move, knocking it out, then sweeping his team. He does win on the second attempt, and in both playthroughs, he then proceeds to destroy Cheren in the Pokémon World Tournament. He also said in the Q&A segment of Part 50 of Emerald (the final episode before the Elite Four) that he's had several attempts to Nuzlocke Black and White 2, but before the Black 2 Wedlocke series, couldn't beat Cheren to save his life.
      • It got even worse. In the Black Wedlocke, Cheren kills Bluejay the Oshawott and Partridge the Lilipup, his first pair, in only episode 3.
    • The Kimono Girls' Jolteon killing three of his Pokemon in the Heart Gold Wedlocke caused him to be uneasy around Jolteons ever since and made him reluctant to evolve his own Eevee into one.
    • He feels the same way about any member of the Porygon family due to one killing Kohlrabi the Dodrio and Hall of Famer Tangerine the Tangrowth. This fear was heightened due to him almost losing Firebutt the Infernape to an Ace Trainer's Porygon 2 in his Platinum Nuzlocke.
    • Scyther as well. Doesn't help that he's lost a Pokémon to one in both his Wedlocke and Hard Mode Nuzlocke
    • Part 20 of White 2 has him exploring Nimbasa City. He rides the Ferris Wheel with some Nursery Aide who keeps talking about sweat, which he hates. He then brings up his discomfort with sweat again in Part 93 (Twist Mountain) when a worker mentions being covered in sweat. And once more, he mentions it in Part 35 of the Platinum Nuzlocke, where a Worker tells him he feels hot and sweaty (which he protests to because he's playing as a girl). In short, he hates sweat.
    • He doesn't seem to like Goldeen, either, ever since PI Carlos' killed Caesar the Roselia in Part 21 of the Platinum Nuzlocke. Further evidenced in Part 7 of the X Adventure (Route 22), where he mentions having bad memories of said Goldeen after a Lass uses one herself.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Kiwi the Lanturn and Wasabi the Hariyama. They only appeared in the finale of the Heartgold Wedlocke, but came this close to soloing Red by themselves.
  • Pandering to the Base: The reason the Omega Ruby Wedlocke exists, in a nutshell. After trying to go back to his original walkthrough style and being met with a huge amount of negative comments from all the Nuzlocke fans on his channel, he decided to do a challenge because he felt that's what the fans wanted, when he wasn't really keen on the idea himself.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Turkey the Garbodor in Black. Big time. See the Awesome page. Ninjarisu in the Platinum Nuzlocke was a similar boat.
  • So Bad, It's Good: On his secondary Twitter, he showed an image of Fettuccine, the Gyarados, that he had worked on for the Elite Four battles of his Omega Ruby Wedlocke, but he did not like the drawing and asked followers to Photoshop it onto random things for kicks. They did, to very amusing results.
  • The Scrappy: As if Scott from Emerald wasn't hated enough by regular players due to his annoying tendencies, thanks to the Emerald Nuzlocke series, now the hatred of him by Devin and the viewers of his Nuzlockes couldn't possibly go any higher, thanks to killing so many of his pokemon.
    • Cheren in the Black Wedlocke, due to killing 4 of Marriland's Pokemon. Marriland himself says he hates him now.
  • What an Idiot!: Broham the Tepig in PMD: Gates to Infinity for often screwing up Marriland's strategies.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: He does not consider his Nuzlocke series strictly G-rated. In Episode 6 of Emerald "Big Service!", he lampshades this big time.

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