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Drinking Game / Marriland

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While watching Marriland's videos, take a sip:

  • Any time a) a foe gets a critical hit and KO's one of his team, or b) they inflict massive damage to him and/or cause him to waste PP and/or items, then he gets the critical hit on the last turn when the foe is in the red and thus never matters.
  • Every time "BIG SERVICE" is said in Episode 6 of his Emerald Nuzlocke "Big Service!". Marriland himself commented "Do that and you'll be giving the toilet some BIG SERVICE headfirst."
  • Black 2 Adventure Let's Play Thingy: Take two sips whenever he says he needs another Fighting-type on his team.
    • Or says "Literally. LITERALLY!".
  • In addition, take a sip every time Devin rants in Heart Gold when Legs' mother calls her and spends her money.
  • Every time something of his gets paralyzed in Part 11 of Emerald "Paralysis Pests!".
  • Whenever his Pokémon die in his Nuzlockes or Wedlocke.
    • Take two sips if the Pokémon was holding the Quick Claw.
  • In his Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity Adventure, every time Broham (his partner Tepig) does something stupid, like using a Fire attack on a Fire-type with Flash Fire (Litwick, Lampent or Chandelure more specifically).
  • White 2 Adventure and Platinum Nuzlocke: Take a sip every time he says No to questions or requests asked by NPCs.
    • Finish your drink if he says Yes to a question he doesn't have to, or if he immediately says yes to one that he does.
  • Every time he raves about BENCHES in the X Adventure. Your lungs will pass out in the Santalune City episode.
  • In his Generation V videos involving Lenora, whenever he says "BONES" in an up-tight manner.
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  • In the Pokemon Black (2) Wedlocke, take a sip every time he starts making up the characters' dialogue.
  • In the Emerald Nuzlocke, take a sip every time he says "You have no idea".
  • Every time his opponent survives with 1 HP left.
  • Every time someone asks him "ZOMG WHEN'S THE NEXT VIDEO?!?!?!1111111"
  • Every time a Pokemon held by an opponent reminds him of a deceased Pokemon from his own team. Two if the Pokemon in question is from another series he did.
  • In the Omega Ruby Wedlocke, whenever he has captions on the screen.