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Tear Jerker / Marriland

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Marriland's Pokémon playthroughs and real life issues have a few moments on occasion.

  • Some of the deaths in his Nuzlocke and Wedlocke series, in particular Omelette the Illumise and Frittata the the Crobat in the former and the Ecruteak Massacre in Episode 31 of the latter.
    • And then Cauliflower in Episode 44 of the latter, and Banana the Kingler and Spinach the Nidoking in Episode 56 as well.
    • Just to really make it worse, Polarity the shiny Magnezone in Part 42 of the Platinum Nuzlocke, against Cyrus, along with Starwing the Staraptor and Eggpie the Crobat to Giratina in the following part.
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    • The Champion battle in Platinum results in four deaths and really seems like it's heading towards an outright Downer Ending until a last minute turnaround.
    • Tragedy struck at the very beginning of the Black Wedlocke, with his first pair dying to Cheren just after getting through the first gym battle.
    • Among the deaths in the Black Wedlocke, Turkey's really counts, seeing as Marriland had just started to totally change his opinion on him and see him as one of the biggest bros of the game, and then he dies suddenly after a moment of Tempting Fate, so close to the end. That this character had begun to get a huge fan following helps.
    • Marriland himself considers Polka's death in the Black 2 Wedlocke this, since not only were they his favourite member of the team, they died to something that wasn't even their fault: an incredibly cruely-timed critical hit in a situation that was otherwise perfect. (The killer in question was Burned and at -2 Attack at the time, so a critical was the only way it could do any real damage)
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    • The song that plays over the credits of the Black 2 Wedlocke, commissioned specifically for the occasion.
    • A real-life example: despite putting so much hard work into the Platinum Nuzlocke, he was met with criticism. He's mentioned in the comments how he's seen some of the most loyal followers of his previous Nuzlockes and those who were cheering him on turn into haters, and that the difficult restrictions he imposed on himself made the game extremely stressful for him and often no fun at points. In the end, he was led to quit Youtube Nuzlockes altogether, until Black at least.
    • Another real-life example which was explained in his 1,000th video: After being messed with by some trolls illegally filing a few of his videos under copyright and getting two false strikes, he had to withdraw from YouTube and delete all his videos from YouTube. Over 90,000,000 views. All gone. He felt helpless and begged YouTube to try to get them to understand that he didn't steal any copyright, to no avail. He did come back to YouTube in 2012, however.
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    • Again from real-life, the extreme amount of flack Marriland copped from one accidental rule break at the end of the Omega Ruby Wedlocke caused him to end yet another series feeling unsatisfied, leading to a full-on Creator Breakdown and him abandoning Youtube Nuzlockes altogether. While he ultimately decided to give Nuzlocking another chance, this came close to sticking.
    • Another real-life example: the reception of the Alpha Sapphire walkthrough series, which was extremely high-quality, well-researched and incredibly in-depth, taking a huge amount of time to make... and yet his "fans" gave him nothing but hate over it, making it no fun to continue to the point where he cancelled the entire series in favor of an Omega Ruby Wedlocke... that he also came to feel unsatisfied with, as mentioned above.
    • June 7th, 2020, Marriland releases his final video on YouTube titled; ~Thanks for Watching, Everyone!~ In it, Marriland announces from the start that he's decided to stop posting regular content on his main YouTube channel. For 35 minutes, he discusses that he hasn't felt he's been able to adapt to the new changes and that he's lost relevance since 2017. Knowing he's been a big inspiration for the Pokémon community, it's sad to see someone who's been around since 2007 take his eventual final bow.

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