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If Marriland makes a Top 10 (or some other) video for his favorite Pokémon from his Nuzlocke and Wedlocke series, predictions for such Pokémon
  • Fries the Linoone (Emerald Nuzlocke)
  • Frittata the Crobat (Emerald Nuzlocke)
  • Omelette the Illumise (Emerald Nuzlocke)
  • Turnip the Feraligatr (Heart Gold Wedlocke)
  • Carrot the Raticate (Heart Gold Wedlocke)
  • Peach the Primeape (Heart Gold Wedlocke)
  • Ninjarisu the Pachirisu (Platinum Nuzlocke)
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  • Extremely the Leafeon (Platinum Nuzlocke)
  • Aquaducked the Golduck (Platinum Nuzlocke)
  • Cardinal the Simisear (Black Wedlocke)
  • Chickadee the Sawsbuck (Black Wedlocke)
  • Turkey the Garbodor (Black Wedlocke)
  • Bossa Nova the Weezing (Black 2 Wedlocke)
  • Polka the Cinccino (Black 2 Wedlocke)
  • Volta the Galvantula (Black 2 Wedlocke)
  • Onion the Minun (Omega Ruby Wedlocke)
  • Souffle the Illumise (Omega Ruby Wedlocke)
  • Cashew the Azumarill (Omega Ruby Wedlocke)

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