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Note: Do NOT discuss the Champion battle in Emerald here. He has already gotten enough flack for it, given that he had to disable (which now also deletes) comments on that video, and we don't want to make it any harder for him now than it was then. We don't know why he did what he did and probably never will. For that matter, please try to avoid making any topic into senseless ranting or complaining. Also, there may be unmarked spoilers ahead, so beware.


  • Why is it such a big deal to the viewers that he abuses items in many important battles in his Nuzlockes? I mean, if they're gonna say that then I would like to see them try one, let alone one without in-battle healing. For one thing, I read in the comments of Episode 48 in Emerald (where he battles Juan) and someone said that it was boring of him to just stall that Kingdra out of PP, and that the Kingdra could have wrecked his entire team with just one Hyper Potion. What did that guy expect him to do, just let that happen?
    • To add to this, this troper has found from experience with Nuzlockes that it's actually harder to play the game with the restriction of "no items outside of battle" than "no items during a battle", because then you have to take a hit every time you want to heal. This makes the complaints even worse.

     Post-commentary series (Diamond, Platinum, Soul Silver, White, etc) 
  • I get that he's not continuing Soul Silver or White, but if he recorded Soul Silver in 2010 after the game came out, why didn't he finish it then as opposed to only having 29 episodes as of over two years later?

     Black 2 and White 2 Japanese Coverage 
  • In the Black 2 Adventure Let's Play Thingy, he gives Dragon Pulse to his Lucario over Close Combat. While he did know there were Dragons coming up, Lucario had more Attack than Special Attack, and STAB Close Combat = super-effective Dragon Pulse. The only Dragon-type that Dragon Pulse would really have been more effective than either Ice Punch or Close Combat was Iris' Haxorus, due to it having lower Special Defense than Defense (and had Earthquake, which says screw you to Lucario), so what good did Dragon Pulse really do?

     White 2 Adventure 
  • Near the end of his trek through the White Treehollow, why didn't he reteach Leaf Storm to Scaleaf instead of Giga Drain? It would have been much more powerful and effective, because even after -2 Special Attack it would have been roughly as powerful as a Giga Drain. And against hordes of trainers with only two Pokémon where he'd be switching out afterward a lot, i'm sure the 140 power would have been much better, especially with the -Sp Atk nature on Scaleaf.

     Emerald Nuzlocke 
  • In Episode 26, after he loses Couscous against Norman, he says that part of the Nuzlocke Challenge is being a team. I get that he had to use Waffles against Roxanne because he had nothing else to use against her, but then why did he solo Brawly with Pizza? I'm sure he could have found an opportunity to get Frittata in there.

     Heart Gold Wedlocke 
  • In Episode 60 of the Wedlocke "Blame Blaine's Brains!", he did beat Blaine without losing any of his Pokémon, but there was one thing he did against the Rapidash that I don't quite get. After the Rapidash used Bounce and was in the air, why didn't he just use Waterfall with Pomelo instead of trying to put it to sleep with Hypnosis? He still had the rain, so he would have been very likely to kill the Rapidash in one hit with Waterfall.
    • The Rapidash was Level 59. Pomelo (Politoed) was only Level 57. Because of that, he wasn't certain that he could take it out in one hit or two. He figured that if it was asleep and therefore unable to attack him, he'd be able to buy more time in order to hit the Rapidash with Waterfall. That way, regardless of whether it took one hit or two, he would win after the second turn. This makes sense, as he'd have to take a hit from the Rapidash anyways, since it was faster than Pomelo. And he knew that the Rapidash would have to stay asleep for that one turn at the very least, due to how the sleep status condition works. However, Rapidash used Bounce, thereby causing Hypnosis to miss, which left him vulnerable to the Rapidash's Bounce attack, paralyzing him (because he ALWAYS gets paralyzed), and making it all the more difficult.
  • In Episode 56 "New Moon!", after Banana and Spinach died to Arms' Alakazam, why didn't he send in Squash? With that Reflect up, and Disable sealing Crunch from being used, things got dicey with Carrot. It was this close to becoming another massacre. Had it not been for Crunch lowering that Alakazam's Defense, he would have lost 2/3 his team AGAIN, thanks to that Special Defense drop from Psychic AND Peach not being able to do anything against Golbat or Gengar except Swagger. Squash would have been able to take hits from that Alakazam with no problems, and the only thing he really would have had to worry about was that Magneton resisting all Squash's attacks and Pomelo being weak to it. So why didn't he use those two instead of Carrot and Peach?
  • This may seem like a rant that shouldn't be here, but I must be one of two people who thought Episode 27, "Dropping the Basement!" was absolutely terrible. I seriously wanted to throw something at my computer when Apricot died. In Episode 15 when he used them against Arms in the Burned Tower, he had the diligence to use a Persim Berry immediately, so why didn't he use the Full Heal here? At least he seemed to learn from that (to use Full Heals when confused immediately), if nothing else, but then there was the fact that he forgot he had the rival battle in the first place (a mistake that Episode 56 implies he didn't learn from very well). I don't know about anyone else, but I really feel that battle was honestly worse than the Emerald finale (other than Turnip beasting that Haunter through confusion, which, admittedly, was quite awesome).
  • In Part 36 (the penultimate part before the Elite Four), he said that if he had lost against the Elite Four, he would not end the series, but rather put it in hold. Why would he put it on hold for the same reason that he would have ended Emerald had he failed? He said in one of the comments in Platinum that he would end that challenge if he failed against the Elite Four and Champion, which he said is policy for all his Nuzlockes. Then why was he going to put this series, which would have most likely taken even more time to train in than Emerald or Platinum, on hold instead of ending it? Was he that passionate about this series? That's really the only explanation I can think of.
    • With Emerald and Platinum, the Elite Four mark the end of the game. With Heart Gold, they mark the HALFWAY POINT. He wanted to show as much of the game as possible, which would include Kanto.

     Platinum Nuzlocke 
  • While I certainly understand why he would want to impose a rule that prevents overleveling, why is he making it so he has to permanently release a Pokémon if it exceeds the highest level of the next Gym Leader? Not being able to use them in the Gym battle I understand, but losing them for good? Why not just temporarily put them in the box until after the Gym battle?
    • To make it more difficult. That's kinda the whole point to the challenge. Additionally, his dupes clause rules make it even harder, since he can't just catch another copy of the Pokémon in question to replace it.
  • Why do I have a feeling that this is gonna be White 2 all over again in the sense that he's gonna act angsty in pretty much every episode and say no to every "yes/no" question, even the ones he has to accept? If the first episode wasn't any indication, I have a feeling that habit is gonna get old quickly.
  • In Part 11 "Jupiterrible!", after Firebutt was left with 2 HP from Jupiter's Skuntank, how did he not get the suspicion that Skuntank could have had Aftermath, which could have revenge killed Firebutt? It didn't have that, and Firebutt lived, which if he's played through Platinum so many times i'd imagine he knows, but if he wasn't certain on that, then he could have been in risk right there.

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