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  • Every time he shows off the fanart on his Nuzlockes. Just the amount of time and effort people spend over his work is amazing. And the fact he appreciates it so much, at the end of each series, he's shown EVERY SINGLE PIECE of fanart people have made for that series, no matter how good or bad they are.
  • The story of Turkey the Garbodor in the Black Wedlocke. One of the most despised Generation 5 Pokemon, Marriland was audibly dismayed when he got it as his Route 9 encounter, and even more dismayed when he was forced to use it later. Even then, he struggled trying to find a good moveset for it and complained about having to use it. (Remember he gave Garbodor one of the lowest possible ratings in his BW2 Pokemon reviews) But Turkey more than proved he was worth a slot on the team during the Elite Four and final battles (see the Awesome page for more details), and Marriland ended up calling him one of the biggest bros of the run. What's even more heartwarming are the video comments, where just about everyone praises how amazing Turkey is, and many have come to stop hating Garbodor now due to Turkey. His final message in the end-game results screen brings the heartwarming factor home.
    • This video basically sums up the story of how Turkey went from a reject to a total last minute bro.
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  • Can we just thank Marriland for all he's done for us? He could easily not care for what anyone says about his videos, but he cares anyways. That's basically the whole reason why the Pokemon Omega Ruby Wedlocke even exists. Seriously, this guy is awesome.

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