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  • Author Appeal: If he gets a Marill in a Nuzlocke, he will go out of his way to use it, for obvious reasons. See the Emerald Nuzlocke, Black 2 Wedlocke, Y Wondersleeplocke and Omega Ruby Wedlocke.
  • Throw It In!: Potatoer the Numel's nickname was a result of this. Originally Marilland planned to name him Potatoes, but he misclicked and entered an 'r' instead of the s at the end. He found the name to be much better, so ended up sticking with it, and The Potatoer became a valued and much-loved member of his team foe a while. (Plus it prevented a One Steve Limit issue, he already had a Pokemon named Potato)
  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things: He locked his Platinum Nuzlocke thread and said that he would never update it again after some got mad at him for not updating frequently enough. Never mind the fact that several vocal fans were trying to convince the haters that he had enough to do with working on White 2, Emerald, HeartGold, Gates to Infinity, his website, and his personal life, and that he didn't need to be pressured into working on Platinum as well. He did reopen the thread eventually to inform the viewers that he was about to begin posting it to YouTube, but the unpleasable viewers still might have been unnecessary.
    • He recently decided that the flack he was getting was too much to bear, and disabled comments on a few of his videos (like the Champion battle in Emerald, and the Bug Catching Contest episode in Heartgold to name two) where he was getting a lot of it.
      • He disabled comments on every one of the Omega Ruby Wedlocke's Elite Four battle videos due to a combination of two controversial incidents in the Glacia battle. First, Fettuccine died due to failing to overcome his confusion on his own - something that Devin felt he needed to do for story purposes since confusion had always been Fettuccine's weak point, but some fans weren't happy about Devin choosing not to use a Full Restore, especially since Fettuccine's death also led to the death of Bruschetta immediately after. The second and more controversial incident was when he accidentally broke the item restriction rule. Since the Elite Four and Champion fights were all recorded in a single session and Devin didn't notice what happened until editing the videos, there was no way for him to address it within the run or do anything about it, but that didn't stop people from arguing and complaining about it to the point where all four videos had their comments disabled.
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    • And it's gotten worse: he almost decided to never do another Nuzlocke on YouTube again...until he moved on from that as the announcement in his 1,000th video that he would be doing a Black Wedlocke, Y Wonderlocke and Black 2 Wedlocke that year.
    • In a reverse example, the extreme hatred his Alpha Sapphire walkthrough series got by fans demanding more Nuzlockes eventually caused him to scrap it entirely and replace it with another Nuzlocke. But when that Nuzlocke got met with a lot of flak due to an accidental rule break near the end coupled with a rather unpopular decision he made regarding the welfare of one of his Pokemon, he ended the series declaring that he was also dissatisfied with that and thus shall never do another YouTube Nuzlocke again.

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