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Pretty much all of these videos could be counted as Crowning Moments of Funny, but here are a few choice moments:

Medibot's Let's Plays:

  • Medibot's Let's Play of Kirby 64 is narrated in a soothing voice intended to keep the viewer relaxed. Then in one level, they find some Invincible Candy and starts speaking in a demonic voice about killing and being indestructible. It is certainly Narm, but that's the idea.
    • Also, they fail to grab anything at the picnics several times in a row, and they clearly know it.
    • After combining the Cutter and Bomb powers "And now this is the best power in the entire game. Because it turns Kirby into a ninja."
    • Their reaction to the demonic King Dedede shows that they were clearly not ready for it.
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    • One episode has an alternate commentary done by Illuminatus Vespucci, talking about Kirby as if he is a Humongous Mecha on a test run. He stumbles a few times, but gets a few good moments, such as complaining about the enormous cost of Kirby Mechs after Medibot dies.
    • "Remember children, the beach is a fun place, but always remember to wear sunscreen. If you do not wear sunscreen, you could get a terrible sunburn. And from that sunburn, alien space monsters will emerge from beneath your skin to terrorise mankind for at least six to eight weeks. You don't want to be the one responsible for that, do you?"
    • "And when you combine cutter with the shock power, you get... Darth Kirby, Sith Lord. He fights for the Dark Side of the Force. He's extremely evil and has a doubled ended lightsaber." And seconds later, "But even Sith Lords love ice cream."
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    • "And remember children, destroy all ducks."
    • "So now the volcano is safe, the farmers can come back to harvest delicious, nutritious volcano cake."
    • From Video 6 "Arrival on Aqua Star", Two Words: Jihad Snowman. (Ice + Bomb, if you're wondering)
    • This crab is life.
    • Oh, I see we are at the flattening room. Be careful not to get flattened Kirby, this room isn't for you. It's for things like marshmallows that need to be flattened into...thinner marshmallows, and other worthwhile flattening exercises.
  • Kirby's Dream Land 3: "If you have never jumped up and down on a pogo parasol while a giant cat carries you around, you're missin' out."
  • Also their co-op Let's Play of Kirby's Epic Yarn with Kaz, where they keep running into each other and jumping on each other's heads and it's clumsy cute adorable.
    • There is a Running Gag of them yelling at the sleeping Waddle Dees on the loading screen.
      • Kaz: "Tom! Wake up, Tom. These Dees... I'm gonna... You know what it is, I'm gonna have to throw some bitches at these Dees."
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    • Kirby (medibot) tells Prince Fluff (Kaz) about his home world of Dreamland as they go through the levels. "You grew up in a rough neighborhood, Kirby."
    • After turning off the gravity in the Mysterious UFO:
    Kaz: Oh no!
    Medibot: We're in ooooouuuuter spaaaaace!
    Kaz: I have made something whimsical happen.
    • In one of the beach levels, when they pull on the portal patch, Medibot starts humming The Moon... complete with "blargarble" when the cloud spits them out.
    • You helped:
    Kaz: There was a waddle doo right there.
    Medibot: There was a YOU right there.
    • They give a French accent to Dom Woole, the NPC who gives Kirby an apartment to decorate. When they first go inside:
    Welcome to your new home! Ehehe, well I suppose it's not much to look at just yet-uh. And (the next lines get skipped) But uh... -french sounding gibberish-!!
    • Squashini's rope trick. "TA-DA!"
  • Whenever they go off on a tangent in Superstar Saga, which happens a lot.
    Medibot: It's something that their financial officers try to keep sort of under wraps, but Prince Peasly doing that actually accounts for somewhere in the neighbourhood of 40-45% of the kingdom's expenditures per year.
    Kaz: Ugh, don't tell me facts that disgusting. I don't want that fact to exist. It's terrible. The full realisation of it...
    [Prince Peasly sparkles onscreen]
    Kaz: Oh, he keeps doing it! Mind-boggling!
    Medibot: Yeah, he keeps doing it. It's like, each time he does that, is 12 citizens' annual income tax.
    Kaz: How could they get away with usury so profound? Such... just, despotism?
    • One tangent (one of the Woo-Hoo Hooniversity videos) is notable not only in that it's hilarious in its own right, but it's entirely displaced all discussion of what's actually going on in the video, which would itself be ripe for much hilarious postulation.
    • During the credits at the end, they make a plan for the Mushroom Kingdom to stage a hostile takeover of the Bean-Bean Kingdom.
  • For Kirbys Return To Dreamland:
    • Kaz's inexplicable and ongoing quest to remain as chufty as possible.
    medibot: This warp star has a weight limit.
    medibot: Fire is hot. *Walks right into a fire block.* Oh, fun fact, you can't fly while carrying an item. Also, as you can see, fire is hot.
    • Mega Chufty Kirby
    • Throughout Olive Ocean 3-4: No less than four verses of the hit song, "Sharks are gonna eat you up"
      Sharks are coming to eat you
      There you also got some squid!
      Sharks are going to eat you all up
      Sharks are gonna eat you
      Sharks are gonna eat you up

      Sharks are everywhere you know!
      They live everywhere in the world!
      Sharks are going to- Cannot be avoided!
      Sharks are gonna eat you
      Sharks are- Depth charges!

      Sharks are coming to eat you
      Sharks are coming to eat you
      Sharks are going to eat you all up
      Sharks are gonna eat you
      Sharks are gonna eat you up

      Don't get eaten by the eels!
      Eels think that you are tasty and good
      So don't let them find out if they're right or not!
    • Medibot fighting Goriath with several abilities while Kaz reads from Beowulf with his Dracula voice. Doubles as a Call-Back and continuation of a previous video Kaz did.
    • The powerup challenge videos divide the commentary between medibot's version of a gameplay tips video and Kaz reprising his role of ProYoCo e-sports commentator HDDB Dog's Breakfast.
    • Medibot and pokecapn both get Kaz killed in the first stage of Nutty Noon.

  • For Kirby: Triple Deluxe:

    • During the final level, Medibot lists off the names of the flower people Kirby rescues. In addition to noticing two flowers were named Azalea, Medibot has this to say about Belladonna;
    medibot: This is Belladonna. [beat] I know that Belladonna is a poisonous plant. But...they're perfectly nice once you get to know them. Just...don't lick them. This applies to most people you know. So, really, common courtesy, when applied, will keep you safe.

Guest-Starring Medibot:

  • Has some under Pokecapn's entry here, and Sonic 2006 here. Special mention must go to them naming all the collectables in Sonic Unleashed.
    • This. Live action Medibot dance party!
  • From the DND Experience on Ice:
    • Medibot plays Miriam Webster, who has a book for everything. Everything.
    • Episode 4 Act I: Kensington has just tried to steal some of the food that Miriam has cooked, and failed.
    Miriam: Kensington, why are you always so sneaky like that?
    Kensington: I don't know, let's roll for Stealth and find out. *rolls* I got a 21 for Stealth, so I'm just gonna go over here and you won't notice. *begins moving around the room*
    Miriam: *rolls* I get a 22 Perception, I see you. *everyone cracks up while Kensington continues jumping around* Kensington, why are you running around the kitchen like a fool?
  • Episode 34 act 4: Medibot powerslides to an enemy, truly believing they have an overdue book cue:
    Miriam: Are those your best moves there Monty three? You move around so wooden, thought you were a tree. Fat beats you can't drop it tunes you can't carry go and do some rhythm research at the local library. Now let me fill you in. Now let me give you a clue. I know you've got a book you've borrowed that's overdue. The book's not yours, it's the library's possession, that's why I'm here: to punish your indiscretion.
    • Shortly after, Miriam meets the real book thief, who decides to rip a few pages out of the book, in spite of the fact that she had witnessed aforementioned rap smackdown. Miriam proceeds to kill her. A lot. Namely by first hitting her a bunch for a large amount of damage, and then shifting her into a hell portal, in addition to the instant death caused by the thief being forced off the dance floor. Notably, she does all of this without saying a single word.

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