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    Monster Hunter World 

  • During the official Deviljho quest, they try to escape Deviljho through the hollow log in the Ancient Forest. This is the result.
    [Deviljho destroys the log.]
    Cotton: I don’t think he needs to fit through there.
    Josh: Well, he can’t close distances—
    [Deviljho lobs a boulder at them]
    Cotton: (cracking up) I don’t think he needs to close distances.
  • When fighting Tempered Deviljho in the Elder's Recess, while dressed as schoolgirls...
    Josh: Oh, I've always wanted to do this. [shoryukens Cotton off a cliff toward Jho] Go fight the dinosaur!
    Cotton: WHUUUUUUH! If I die, I swear to God...!
  • Extreme Behemoth turns a single video into a Sadist Show.
    • When about to sign up for the quest, Josh doesn't even want to.
      Josh: (after reading the quest description) ...and then in brackets, "EXTREMELY DIFFICULT," in all red. (as Cotton cracks up) It's like at that point, just, no, love, honestly, put the quest book down, I've... I'VE CHANGED MY MIND! I'm just gonna walk away from that hot mess. Really, he can have the Recess, who gives a—
      [Cut to Dodogama's intro scene, as David Guetta's "Don't Leave Me Alone" plays]
    • The start of the fight firmly establishes that This Is Gonna Suck for our heroes.
      Josh: So I'll be honest here, how hard can he actually hit? Like, how hard could it be? How hard could it fucking be? Come on, hit me! HIT ME!
      [Josh gets pegged by Meteor... it doesn't do much damage, but he misses the Defense Down icon popping up.]
      Josh: THAT'S PATHETIC! I was expecting more, you pansy. Extreme my ass, extreme boredom!
      Hagrid: I shouldn'ta said that.
      [Cuts back to "Cotton has fainted," followed by "You have fainted," all while "Die Die Die" plays, and the Quake announcer yells out "FIRST BLOOD! DOUBLE KILL!"]
      Hagrid: I should NOT have said that.
      Josh: Look... what's important is, we got a feel for the initial part of the fight.

    Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate 

Cotton reactions

Silly Weapons Showcase

General Shenanigans


    Other Games 

Lost Ark

  • From the first episode:
    • Josh and Cotton are rambling as normal, with both of them in the camera... when an old woman suddenly photobombs in front of them.
      Cotton: That’s quite the insect glaive.. DAMMIT WOMAN, GO AWAY!
      Josh: [through laughter] CAN WE HELP YOU, LADY? Like, honestly!
      [the woman walks away while sad music plays]
      Josh: [as both of them crack up] Aww, she just sadly shuffled off!
    • Josh criticizes an NPC’s outfit.
      Josh: And look at how she’s dressed, like a wannabe pirate attention-seeking whore.
      Cotton: Wow.
    • Josh and Cotton run into the boss of a quest.
      Cotton: Oh shit, this dude’s orange! [immediately starts attacking] Whoa, he’s got a lot of health!
      Josh: [while laughing] It’s, like, “this dude’s orange! FOR THAT HE MUST DIE.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

  • Bewear! If you go down in the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise...


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