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Generally, almost every single video of Sky Does Minecraft can be considered hilarious. But these are some of the more notable examples:

  • Every. Mod. Showcase. Intro.
  • Sky Plays 1.3 is a collection of failures and discoveries from his first attempt at the 1.3 update. At one point, he enters a desert village house and says "Father, forgive me, for I have sinned" to the villager inside. Then he proceeds to STEAL THE TABLE.
    • While this is happening, deadlox was shot by a skeleton off-screen, revealed by the chat-log
  • "This mod has nothing to do with fruit." The intro to the Ninja Mod showcase has Sky... In a ninja suit... Surrounded by melons.
  • The Paper Mario Mod gives us this gem;
    Sky: (surrounded by Mario mushrooms) What the fuck are you looking at?
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  • Apparently, Sky himself is a walking, talking RANDOM DANCE PARTY FOR NO REASON.
  • Sky's total mental breakdown at the end of Super Mario Failaxy 1.
    SCGBarbierian: (trying to give Sky a yellow flower) It's a flower of love!
  • During the Bosscraft review, he slowly becomes more and more pathetic as each boss that he reviews destroys every single freaking attempt of his at making a mod showcase area.
    • The funniest part is the first time they did it was a Noodle Incident, all we see is the opening of him huddled inside a shelter while one of the bosses is triggering huge explosions outside with Sky yelling this was a bad idea.
  • Sky now has a Minecraft cape. What is the design? A butter pickaxe, of course!
  • The Belzium boss fight in the Wrath of the Fallen adventure map has Sky being... well, Sky.
    Sky: (talking to a villager who he has to trade with) YOU!! GIMME YO STUFF!
  • ''Wheel of Misfortune''. ALL OF IT.
    Caveman Films: (not 20 seconds into the video) I LIKE SURVIVING! (jumps straight off)
    • Especially the video description for part 2 of Sky's point of view video.
    Sky: Oh god... I think we lost...
  • Sky's dog in the Doggy Talents Mod: Bob Summonsudoihgiksdnlgds of ri—
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  • Deadlox ruining an attempt at The Towers, a PvP map, by blowing everything up... And Sky's subsequent reaction.
    Sky: YOU FUCKED EVERYTHING UP! This could've been REALLY cool.
  • Sky's One Million Subscribers video is mostly heartwarming, but one bit stands out. Three words: WE HAVE DEADLOX.
  • Everything deadlox says in the Valentine's Day Map Part 3. EVERYTHING.
    • At 12:21 in the video, Ty is building a snowblock tower, before Sky hits him with a snowball with huge knockback (called "Trollface"). Ty dies by falling, and after Sky tells him he can't cheat, Ty smacks his head on his desk, trying very hard not to laugh, and Sky loses it.
  • Nega-Squid. Especially Sky's "Really? This is actually happening?" attitude throughout the scene.
    Sky: Well. That was... random.
  • In his Mine Little Pony mod showcase, he has a few other co-stars to show what other types of Ponies there are... And these co-stars trash the set by the end. Why?
    "We're building Equestria!"
    "And that's how Equestria was made!"
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  • Sky's Easter was completely random and nonsensical, but pretty funny.
  • In every Mario map, Sky is Wario. And it's hilarious.
  • According to Survival Games 3, a "Deadlox Foot" is a lucky charm in the same vein of a rabbit's foot. The following conversation is extremely random but very funny.
    • This later became a Running Gag in the form of #Ty'sLeftFoot.
  • This bit from Jerome in "Run From The Beast"
  • His first escape in The New Cops and Robbers 9. He runs outside and starts screaming things like "Yahoo!" and "Freedom!". He's the warden.
  • From the 10th Cops and Robbers 2.0, Ssundee, who appears to have gone mentally unstable as he hates Sky yet sees him as a friend, and is obsessed with cake.
    Ssundee: Do you know what I had to do to make this cake? Do you know what I had to do?
    • At one point, Ssundee places a cake in front of the Dead Cell door. Later in that round...
    Sky: I can't get out, there's a cake in my way!
    • Explosions were turned off for both rounds during the video, but mobs were not. Jerome found a Creeper in each round. Think about it.
  • SHORTEST SURVIVAL GAMES EVER has Sky singing a song about butter, which he created himself. Hilariously, he rounds the corner to find CaptainSparklez and FLIPS OUT, bringing the song to a screeching halt.
    Sky: All I need is Budder to build up my castle- WOAH OH SHIT
  • From the Pink Men Slapping On Each Other mini-game
    • Especially this conversation.
    Sky: -reading the rulebook- Pants must be worn the entire duration of the game.
    Jerome: THATS BULLSHIT! -smacks his desk-
  • From Hot Potato 2, we have Sky singing about BajanCanadian being AFKnote . It's super random and freaking hilarious.
    Sky (singing): Mitch is AFK. This is the "Mitch is AFK" song. Mitch is AFK! Mitch is AFK! Look at him, over there AFK. Oh my god, Mitch is AFK. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! (continues song)
    cuts to another scene when BajanCanadian has returned
    Sky (still singing): Mitch is back! Mitch is back! Mitch is back! Mitch is back!
  • Cops and Robbers: Watermelon Massacre, which was pretty much inevitable due to Bashur being the warden. BajanCanadian takes advantage of this by placing melons (which he and Bashur refer to as Bashur's children) everywhere. Sky, xRpMx13, and BajanCanadian spent the rest of the episode trying to escape from the prison as Bashur tries to stop them. And this involves a lot of melons.
    BajanCanadian (who has filled the hallway with watermelons): Mr. Security Guard! If you want to get over here, you're going to have to kill your own kind!
    • A rather notable example: Bashur somehow getting stuck underneath the prison, which is referred to as "Hell". (Luckily, he managed to make it back out.)
    • A very confused Fluffy (who was the first to escape and thus was not involved for most of the video) listens in to the others' conversations while he builds a house outside the prison.
    • Plus, the final nail in this bizarre coffin? Sky's out-of-the-blue Bob Ross reference.
  • The Klüb ICE episode of Cops and Robbers. All of it. Everybody speaks in weird voices, appears to have their memory and personality altered (at least until they escape the prison) and are Ambiguously Gay. It's very, very funny.
    "Svens"note : Dis ist nice!
    "Bruno"note : Klüb ICE! Klüb ICE!
  • Only four words can describe the second round of this particular Cops and Robbers episode: Sky the Bipolar Cop
    • Seeing Janet as the warden is also rather amusing.
  • From Episode 8 of Pixelmon, Deadlox catches a Tentacruel and brings it back to the Pokémon Centre, where him, Sky, MinecraftUniverse and MunchingBrotato had set their spawn. This exchange follows:
    Deadlox : I just captured something and I think it's pretty offensive.
    Sky : It's an STDnote , isn't it? You caught an STD, didn't ya?
    Deadlox : It's close. It's a Tentacruel. It looks like a squid.
    Sky : Don't. Don't bring it back.
    Deadlox : I brought it back. It's here.
    Sky : Oh, I'm not coming back. I'm not coming back.
    Deadlox : Can we eat it?
    Sky : Probably.
    Deadlox : Sushi?
    • For a grand total of five episodes, Sky kept failing to catch any Pokémon, usually by "killing" them in battles with his Ivysaur. Think about it.
    • In one that crosses over with Moment of Awesome, when he finally does catch Pokemon...he ends up with a Gyarados. He sends it out...and they find it's freaking huge. Everyone's reaction qualifies as this.
  • Modded Cops And Robbers the Extreme Weather Mod installed and Jerome is the Warden. Jerome triggers a tornado at one point and the reaction from the others is hilarious, especially once Sky gets trapped in it. He then proceeds to taunt Jerome before and after he escaped...Jerome responds by triggering a tornado right in front of him, resulting in him being carried out to sea trapped in a tornado since he's won and can't die. Gizzy tries to teleport him out...and accidentally teleports to him, getting trapped with him. They end up in the middle of the ocean, forcing Sky to kill him so they can get back to the map, during which Jerome apparently made another tornado that the rest of the group has to deal with. Jerome then gives Sky the tornado gun, resulting in him going Drunk with Power and summoning like 50 tornadoes and destroying most of the map, managing to somehow kill himself, which shouldn't even be possible after he's already won. Twice.
    Sky: This was a bad mistake. Giving me the power to create tornadoes. What the hell were you thinking?
    Jerome: I have no clue, I didn't think you'd abuse it! With great power comes great responsibility!
    Sky: Do you know who I am?
  • I got you a bucket of APPLE JUICE.
  • The first Mod Vs Mod episode, Star Wars Vs Harry Potter. The Star Wars group, led by Sky, are completely terrified of what power the wizards could wield... And proceed to utterly wreck the other team, with the only two deaths (Jerome) being teamkills.
  • "Deadlox, help! He's firing arrows at MAH SEXAY BUTT!" This even blend over to his intro, which had him repeating the word "BUTT" in time to the music.
  • The entire first episode of Crazy Craft survival. The group has no idea what they're doing and spend the entire 20 minutes is more or less spent screaming and dying. A lot. One point that stands out is when Deadlox and Sky get attacked by a Mantis (from Ore Spawn) and the group doesn't stop screaming for about ten seconds straight.
    Sky: We had one job. I said one thing: "can we make a base?" "Oh no, let's just get eaten by Mantises."
    Bashur: These squids are freaking trying to kill me!
  • Modded Cops and Robbers: Godzilla Edition. The game becomes completely derailed from almost the very beginning when Warden Kkcomics manages spawn Kiryu in one of the cells, getting it stuck in the map, causing it to spaz out and roar in pain nonstop. Eventually, the group (after an aborted attempt at evacuating the prison) wind up having to spend time trying to either kill him or get him free so he'll stop roaring. This ranges from Kkcomics attacking it with the G-Sword to HouseOwner and Bashur trying to blow him up with a rocket launcher. Then Godzilla gets summoned and starts blowing up the prison even more. Eventually, both monsters die, and everyone tries to continue the episode as normal. Unfortunately, Godzilla managed to blow up the "teleport players to the dead cell" pressure plate, leaving the group trapped in "Hell".
    • And then Ross summons another Godzilla, which spends the next few minutes killing everyone at spawn until (after King Ghidorah is spawned to deal with him) he lights everything on fire, at which point everyone decides to run for it. Particularly funny is when Sky looks back at the main prison room while leaving, and all there is is Godzilla's head coming through a gigantic hole in the floor, with the entire room on fire. When they finally get outside, they find three King Ghidorahs flying around that they didn't spawn.
      Sky: We've destroyed the entire map, there's nothing we can do.
      • Them booking it is especially funny since, except for Sky who decided to do it legit and had to parkour over the bridge to the boat after MunchingBrotato destroyed it, everyone flew to the boatnote .
    • At the beginning, we have Bashur managing to confuse Kylenote 's Walter White skin for a Jamie Hyneman skin.
      • This then segues into a mini-discussion over what would happen if it turned out that Jamie was a drug dealer.
    • During the aforementioned evacuation attempt, when Kyle catches Rossnote  and Sky in the warden's office, Sky tries to make a deal with Kyle: he gets Ross if Sky is allowed to leave.
    • Sky's first use of the rocket launcher gets himself blown up.
      • His second use (thanks in part to MunchingBrotato) winds up killing himself and Ross. This is followed by Kyle being murdered by Bashur and he and MunchingBrotato killing themselves. All involving rocket launchers.
    • There's a universal acknowledgement over how the episode became a PETA video for the safety of "giant Godzillas".
    • There's also Sky declaring this the worst episode of "Cops and Robbers" ever.
    • The episode ends with everyone deciding to pit Godzilla, Kiryu and King Ghidorah in a three-way deathmatch. Due to everyone spawning in a ton of them, the sever keeps almost-crashing, and eventually the amount of spawns happening at once causes the server to begin raining them.
    • Really, though, this entire video was chaos.
  • Modded Cops and Robbers Rival Rebels, but particularly from Bashur's POV. Bashur plays the part of an Ax-Crazy psychopathic warden and makes the other fight to the death...and forgets just how powerful the weapons are, resulting in the main prison area being blown to bits...then the sumo room...then the area outside the prison. SSundee also blows up the library For the Lulz, forcing Sky and Deadlox to fight in the crater...and they manage to collapse the prison on top of themselves with , killing them both. At the end, Bashur goes Drunk with Power and starts blowing everything up laughing insanely.
    • The capper is the others give up, making it the first time in a long while the Warden actually won... right as Bashur runs out of ammo, having stranded himself at the bottom of the crater he blasted in the ground.
  • In a recent Crazy Craft episode, Bashur gets back at Sky for his parkour prank by blowing up sections of Sky's house and blaming it on a creeper. How does Sky respond: craft a flint and steel and burn Bashur's house down (which is inside a tree), all while singing Love the Way You Lie. Doubles as CMOA.
  • Modded Cops and Robbers: Pandora's Box Mod rivals the Godzilla Mod in terms of sheer chaos. Before the midway point it's hard to tell the difference between the main room and a parkor map. By the end of the video, the inside of the prison is essentially unrecognizable.
    Sky: I don't know this new map yet, so I have no idea where to go.
    MunchingBrotato: It definitely does not help to change everything into hay bails and melons.
    • Eventually Munching Brotato's Minecraft crashed and he comes back to find the room completely destroyed and filled with Blazes and reacts accordingly.
      • And earlier, when said crashing happened:
    • It ends with them opening a bunch at once for the fun of it... and essentially causing an apocalypse then trapping everyone in a giant mycelium pile.
      • During this, MunchingBrotato teleports Kyle into the pile... but since, for whatever reason, the game didn't recognize he reached the helicopternote , he suffocated to death.
  • Modded Coppers and Robbers: Assassin's Creed. Not even a few seconds into the recording and MunchingBrotato is seen swinging around on the ceiling like Spider-Man... and dies once he falls to the ground.
    • Because Kyle didn't/couldn't get rid of his Throwing Knives, he manages to kill Warden Ross right off the bat.
      • This becomes doubly hilarious when it's later revealed that he was in Creative Mode the whole time.
    • "THE WARDEN'S HERRRRRRRRE!!!" "(long, awkward silence)" "(Corpsing)"
    • The way MunchingBrotato reveals that, under his Assassin gear, he's using his Grumpy Cat skin.
    • Sky calling out/revealing that Ross knows jack all about Assassin's Creed, and is just quoting what he's read off of a wiki.
    • Speaking of killing Ross, later on Sky manages to accidentally kill him with one punchnote .
    • Near the end, when Sky (having won) goes back to help Kyle:
      Dartron: Never leave a man behind...
      MunchingBrotato: (in a matter-of-fact voice) Um... you both left me in the water to drown, you stupid bastards...
      • Never leave a man left behind, if you recall...
      • This comes back to bite them in the ass later when MunchingBrotato goes into Creative Mode and goes apeshit with tomahawks.
  • Sky's complete and utter Rage Quit at the end of Reverie: The Uprising.
  • Modded Teacher: Pandora's Box: Like the Cops and Robbers, it's total chaos. The first box opened pretty much destroys the school and drowns Bashur if that's any indication.
  • Modded Cops and Robbers: Nicolas Cage edition. For one, the prison is overrun with Nicolas Cage faced everything in a fashion that's treated as a Zombie Apocalypse, which is funny in and of itself, but apparently it's Adam's fault because he was messing around with Nicolas Cage's DNA. Why? He was trying to make the perfect pig to hunt truffles, and had watched National Treasure movies three times. And why is everything trying to kill them?
    Sky: My thought is we should probably get the Hell out of this prison, because for some reason, I didn't know this, I guess maybe Nicolas Cage is in some kind of cult where he eats people because these things are all trying to attack us.
    Dartron: How did you not know that? It's on wikipedia!
    • Another funny line comes after the above explanation:
    Dartron: Wait a minute, you were experimenting with pigs. Explain the zombies, the skeletons, and the spiders.
    Sky: ...That's a different story. Look at me, I'm dressed like a gangster, what did you expect?
    Dartron: Even better idea, who would give him the funding?
    Sky: NASA. I told NASA I was making a new thing to get to the moon, don't tell them.
    • And then Adam actually gets hotsauce in his eye in real life.
    • What do they decide to do in the end?
    Sky: Just to be safe guys, I feel we should cleanse the prison. I'm going to go blow it up.
    • And there was when Deadlox was infected and turned into Nicolas Cage before chasing the others quoting lines from National Treasure.
    Cage!Deadlox: We need to steal the declaration of independence!
    • And that's before he's promptly blown up by a creeper.
  • Survival Games: INSANE KILLING SPREE has a few, but one thing that stands out is that Sky completely misses the fact Munching Brotato used a Revenge Pass on him until they reach death match and Brotato is right next to him. Despite the fact that he and Kyle were openly talking about it.
  • Crazy Craft 2 Episode 2, Munching Brotato doesn't listen to Sky's warnings and goes to the unstable ant world. He ends up trapped there at night and dying repeatedly. Particularly karmic because he spawns the King later just to Troll the others.
  • In this episode of Mine Factory 2, they try to make a mob grinder. It goes horribly. Night falls before they finish and as a result their entire base ends up overrun by mobs and they all end up stuck in a hiding hole Adam made to protect himself. After they all die in there, they spend the entire night trapped in trees by hordes of mobs. By the time they finally manage to clear them out, their base is poked full of holes by Creeper explosions. And then they end up getting a bag that gives you a gift, and get Captain Sparklez's head and end it with a discussion on it anyone has a Stalker Shrine to him.
  • In episode 2 of Modded Artifact SMP, everyone is showing off their base, which goes relatively smoothly... until they get to Sub. Cue a solid minute of everyone panicking because Sub's forcefield keeps disintegrating them. Watch it here at around 13:49..
  • In Episode 1 of IHOP Hide and Seek, Ross shouts "Mom, get the camera!" That's not even the part where it gets funny. That part comes when Ross actually calls his mother to tell her that he won IHOP Hide and Seek.
    • Even funnier if you can hear the conversation over the phone.
  • From the Do Not Laugh series, Earl. Just.....just Earl.
    • And as of recently, Burt.
  • Also from the "Do Not Laugh", the Apple. The demented psychotic apple with a voice that will make you roll around on the floor laughing. Voiced by none other then Red Vacktor.
    • Any character Red voices sounds hilarious, but special mention goes to the demonic Mickey Mouse he does at the end of one episode.
  • From this episode of Do Not Laugh, titled Maple Syrup Thief, Sky gets verified on twitter. He screams in excitement... and falls backwards in his chair, prompting him to say that he "almost died".
  • From his Dragon Ball Xenoverse playthrough on his gaming channel, he gets mocked by Jin for having made his player character short on accident and they suggest he use the Dragonballs to wish himself taller. The punchline comes with the fact that's exactly what he does when he finally gets all seven Dragonballs and literally only uses it to wish himself taller by a notch and change his hair style.
  • His review of a GTA5 Star Wars mod has plenty. Starting with him instantly crashing a TIE Fighter within seconds of starting the video, launching himself through the windshield and into the ocean. He ends the video dropping Michael from orbit. Twice.
  • Modded Cops and Robbers Pokémon, in which Sky is a trainer who must defeat four gym leaders to escape a prison run by Team Rocket leader "Gizvanni" (GizzyGazza) Naturally, Hilarity Ensues.
    • The first gym leader is "Bash Ketchum" (Bashur), whose team consists entirely of Squirtle. Sky immediately defeats them all with Pikachu, and then tries to get the badge, which Bash refuses to give to him, instead spawning more Squirtles.
    • The next gym leader is "Esmeralda" (Tyler), who flaunts his superior "psychic powers"note  over everyone, claiming that he "knows" what Sky is going to do. His team includes a completely overpowered Gengar, which takes out all of Sky's Pokemon in quick succession, earning him the badge out of pity.
    • Next is "Grandmaster Baka" (Jerome) who has two weak, underleveled Pokemon...because he spent all his time training with Hitmonlee. He’s also under the impression that this is a different sort of gym, and he knocked out the actual gym leader and stuck him in the back room. Bashur ends up stealing the badge from him and attempting to take a thoroughly annoyed Sky on in a rematch.
    • After those battles, Sky is done with everything and tries to escape...only for Gizzy to intercept him and fight him for the last gym badge. In his team is a Magikarp nicknamed "The D", which naturally becomes the subject of a few dick jokes.
  • Any episode of Do Not Laugh where Aphmau brings her Midnight series (a pastiche of Twilight) to the game. The second time, Ross decided to give her a point before she even started reading it, knowing that she was going to make him laugh.


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