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  • Sky is pretty much horrible at Minecraft. So any time he actually WINS at it, it's pretty awesome.
    • He's getting better at it.
  • In the Clusterchunk match that was played and recorded, Sky took out an enemy player who would've stolen their bed otherwise, saving his whole team in the process.
  • Sky beating Deadlox in "Epic Jump Sprint". Especially satisfying after viewing "Complete Failure".
  • Sky was dealing with some personal family issues, so HuskyMudkipperz temporarily took over. That's awesome in of itself, but what does he do? Reviews the Too Much TNT mod. The best part is when the squids make their obligatory appearence. However, Husky doesn't get irritated. He simply calmly states "Sky's not here", and when that doesn't work, he demonstrates what he was about to show off-the Vaporize TNT- and GETS RID OF THE WATER AROUND THEM, proving you should never screw with this man.. Then we get this exchange;
    Squids: You suck!
    Husky: How does it feel? How does it feel?!
  • Recently, Sky participated in "Survival Games", with Deadlox and Jason there as well. At the start, all Sky got from the chests was a leather cap and baked potatoes, and got a wooden sword a minute later. Sky is then ambushed by six guys, all trying to kill him. Sky proceeds to kill all of them in the span of four minutes. With a WOODEN SWORD. He then beats everyone and wins the Survival Games. Watch it here.
    • Think about this. The guy who normally SUCKS at Minecraft managed to kill SIX PLAYERS with the smallest amount of the worst armor in the game and a measly WOODEN SWORD. IN ONE SMALL SPACE. IN FOUR MINUTES. And then kills around 6 more and WINS.
    • Icing on top of the cake: That wasn't the first Survival Game he has won. And it sure as HELL isn't the last.
    • Special mention of the moment where two of the guys Sky is fighting try to ‘’run away from him’’, only for Sky to beat them to the exit and continue killing them.
  • In at least one of the Cops and Robbers videos, Sky proves his skill as an escape artist by escaping from the prison AT LEAST TWICE. Doubles as a Funny Moment, because the ways he escapes are hilarious.
  • Another Survival Games example: In the version that is playable on his friend, Bajan Canadian's server, if you die, you come back as a Zombie Pigmen, and must kill the person who killed you to come back fully. The downside; you can't attack anyone else besides your killer, while EVERYONE can attack you. Though Sky didn't win this one, he came second place, Sky still got the MOST KILLS OUT OF EVERYONE IN THAT SURVIVAL GAME, around 14 kills. killing five of them at spawn. 13/14 of those kills were with a single Stone Sword. Though he was killed by an ambusher, he came back as a Zombie Pigman, (armed with a Butter Sword), and runs past everyone in his way, goes across a quarter of the map and one-shots his killer's sorry behind. The best thing about that; NO ONE STOPS HIM, OR TRIES TO FIGHT HIM ON THE WAY. In fact, they were ALL CHEERING HIM ON. That's right, most of his opponents in that match were his fans, and they all specifically collected butter (gold), knowing that Sky would kill them, so that Sky could have all of their butter. Heartwarming too, seeing how Sky has fans in so many places. Watch it here.
    • Special mention must go to NoochM in the Survival Games 6 video, where he is able to avoid everyone, gather all of the equipment he needs, and gets Seto Sorcerer,Minecraft Universe, Sundee,and Sky(who were the only other tributes left) into the enclosed space with the pirate ships by making them follow him., then tricking them into thinking that he had run away and was hiding somewhere, when in reality he was just on the smaller ship.. Also, during the staredown between Seto and Jason (who have teamed up and are on the big ship) and Sky and Sundee (who teamed up and are trying to get on the ship), he circles around, goes through the back entrance of the ship and onto the gangplank, (with Sky and SSundee being the only ones noticing), and inflicts enough damage onto Jason and Seto before being killed that Sky and SSundee were able to beat them, being near death themselves. He truly earns his epithet "Ninja Nooch".
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  • "When Squids Strike", the sequel to the Wham Episode "Derpy Squids" mod showcase. Sky, ASFJerome, Ssundee, Deadlox, and Jason storm the squid hideout, take out their leader, and rescue Dawn with very little trouble.
  • Sky (with a little help from Deadlox and Husky, who had lost already) defeating a cheating ASFJerome to win "Pink Men Slappin' On Each Other" deserves mention.
  • This can only be described as Sky Does Splinter Cell. It's an animated Minecraft version of the Splinter Cell: Blacklist trailer. Guess who narrates it?
  • Sky finally sang a fully-fledged song, which is a parody of "When Can I See You Again" by Owl City. See it in all its glory here.
    • He's planning to do another parody. HELL YES.
    • It's finally here. It's a parody of Coldplay's "Paradise". But here's the thing: It was released at MINECON. And he sang it live.
  • Sky reached 1 million subscribers. Heck. Freaking. Yes.
    • Sky hits 5 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS, a couple of months after hitting 1 million subscribers. Just.. wow.
    • It's shot up to 9 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS since then.
  • Episode 6 of Pixelmon, Sky finally catches two Pokemon. What are they? A Graveler 12 levels stronger than him and a freaking Gyarados!
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  • The entirety of the Battleship episode is one of these for Sky. Despite never having played the Minecraft version before, placing his ships with any strategy and having no idea where Ant put his, Sky manages to clean out more than half of Ant's fleet without any hits to himself, and it's due to pure luck that Ant got a hit at all.
  • In Modded Survival Games Rival Rebels, Sky does really well throughout, but at the end he's got to kill Gizzy, who has gotten the most OP armor possible and shrugs off nearly everything. Sky's solution?
    Sky: Alright, if push comes to shove SHOOT EVERY THING!
    • Cue Sky unloading his plasma cannon and rocket launcher as fast as he can, blasting Gizzy with so many explosions so fast that Gizzy's game lags and he's shot so high in the air he dies on impact.
    • There's even a layer of meta-awesomeness here: Sky and everyone in his call were freaking out over how "powerful" Gizzy was. In reality, Gizzy and those in his call were the ones freaking out... about Sky. In fact, ASFJerome outright said that not only was Sky gonna win, but that Gizzy was screwed.
  • On the Pixalmon Server series, Sky finally defeats the Gym Leader that had been kicking the group's tails.
    • He's also the one who defeats the second gym leader.
    • And the third and fourth.
    • Brotato managing to beat the Psychic Gym Leader. Made all the better by the fact Sky was jabbing at him the whole time. Sky managed to beat him too, but the fact Bratato was the first one to do so was impressive.
  • During the Crazycraft Let's Play, the group has more or less spent the entire time struggling to survive...then they manage to a Golden Ore Tree (a massive tree made of essentially every type of high tier material in the game) and Bashur breaks the King spawner before it can activate. The next episode has them all get the Ultimate Set (each Dual Wielding Ultimate Swords) and proceeding to take on a Water Dragon that was kicking their collective butts since day one. It doesn't even hurt them. Sky instantly suggests they got find a Mantis (a mob that was causing them Hell at first) and take it out too.
  • Apparently, some of the admins on Sky's pixelmon server have been demeaning and insult transgendered minecrafters. Sky was unaware of this, and is enraged to hear it and makes it clear the offending party will be punished. Also counts as Heartwarming Moment.
    Sky: If you have anymore information that I can use to rid the server of these people then please let me know. I’ll be dealing with the swiftly and IMA SLAP SOME BITCHES.
  • Kylenote  making it to the boat and winning in "Modded Cops and Robbers: Assassin's Creed". Why is this awesome? Sky was in the middle of ending the video and MunchingBrotato came this close to killing him... again.
  • The finale of Crazycraft where Sky, Deadlox, and Bashur managed to kill the King, one of the single strongest mobs in Minecraft.
  • In the "Insane Killing Spree" episode of Sky Network Survival Games, MunchingBrotato ultimately winds up being the victor thanks to backstabbing and Revive Pass-ing. This also doubles as the second time he won a Survival Games and, when you think about it, the first legit onenote .
    Kyle: Alright guys, it just goes to show, if you betray your friends, you'll win life!
    • Sky deserves credit to for his epic number of kills.
  • Batman Modded PVP: Sky is playing as Green Arrow, only having a bow and a few buffs while most everyone else have a far larger arsenal (Adam doesn't even have a melee weapon). He kills everyone in the first round and wins the game in the last round. Even better? He wins by being smart and luring his opponents into narrow alleys where they can't dodge which is what lets him kill Bash in the last round and win.

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