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Nightmare Fuel / Sky Does Minecraft

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  • The "John" mod.
  • The intro to the "Arctic" mod. The model of the polar bears was offsetting enough... but seeing a mob of them swarm/attack Sky...
  • In a Fridge Horror sense, the Fisher Kingdom aspect present in the Klüb IcE edition of "Cops and Robbers 3.0".
  • "Modded Cops and Robbers: Spongebob Edition". Take your pick: the Spongebob model itself, the fact that the prison is covered in his remainsnote  or seeing him go on a homicidal rampage once attacked.
  • While doubling as a CMOF, the ending moment of "Modded Cops and Robbers: Assassin's Creed" where a flying (and in Creative Mode) Gumpy Cat Brotato spams tomahawks in revenge against Dartron and Sky for leaving him to drown in the ocean is also kinda terrifying if only for the fucking demented voice he uses...
    MunchingBrotato: (while Laughing Mad) YOU LEFT ME BEHINNNNNND... HOW COULD YOOOOOOU??? I'LL KILL YOU ALLLLL...
    • Especially how he was dangerously close to killing Sky, even though he wonnote .
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    • Also happens in a survival games when Bratato uses a Revenge Pass and goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against Sky with the same demented voice. Also Moments of Awesome and Funny, but still, Bratato can actually be terrifying when he's out for revenge.
    MunchingBrotato: (standing right next to Sky at Death Match, staring right at him holding an ax) HI! (proceeds to go balistic on Sky with an ax while screaming 'REVENGE!')
  • While their reactions are also comical, Modded Teacher: SLENDER! in general. The entire school has most of the lights destroyed, leaving them trapped in a dark, enclosed space with an army of Slendermen trying to kill them. Particularly whenever he teleports out of nowhere and kills someone (which happens multiple times). One of the worst parts is sometimes Slenderman just stands there doing nothing, other times he teleports in and kills someone.
    • One moment in particular is overhearing Bashur's commentary, which from Sky's POV we have no idea what's going on, just that he's freaking out (which was actually legit, Bashur was legitimately scared by this point).
      Bashur: Oh Jesus! He's breaking the door down! Run!
      Chat: Bashur was slain by Slender Man.
      • The actual context is even scarier. Bash and Dartron were in the bathroom looking for notes when a Slenderman appears right behind Dartron. The two of them hide in one of the stalls. Slenderman proceeds to destroy all the lights in the room while slowly approaching them, then tears the doors down and blinds them before killing them. Seeing one of the Slenderman mobs act like a monster in a horror film like that is terrifying.
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    • This happens in Modded Cops N Robbers: Creepy Pasta.
    • Basically it involves Sky and the gang trying to escape a prison full of Creepy pasta monsters. These monsters can pretty much ambush them at any time in this video AND can 1-2 hit kill all of them, any WILL kill anyone that isn't them (they go after Pewdiepie's NPC's throughout the video) and repeatedly manages to kill them even Bashur who is the Warden, but especially Sky (who pretty much forgets about being scared at that point and JUST wants to make it to the boat to the point were he starts to get a little insane).
    • At one point Bashur ends up getting killed by a pack of Rake's and Sky...just laughs at him as he's getting killed which is pretty chilling.
  • This video. While the mob in question IS scary in and of its self, the number of them that they use turns it from scary to terrifying. Though some of Sky's commentary acts as Nightmare Retardant.
    • One particular moment in that video involves a minigame in which Sky must shoot Sub off fence into a pit of said mobs. Once he succeeds, he gives a Big Yes of victory, only to scream in horror as the mobs rip Sub to shreds.
      Sky: Yes! Yes! YES!
      Sub is mobbed and killed almost instantly.
      Sky: *While laughing in horror* Oh my god!

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