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Nightmare Fuel / R.L. Yoshi

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  • Sometimes, Max's chanting of "Kooyanisqatsi..." comes off as more ominous than it should.
  • Anyone with aquaphobia will relate to Max whenever his comes up. And the general reasoning for his aquaphobia is also worth noting: barring his general fear of unknown sea creatures, he nearly drowned from falling in a lake as a very young child.
  • The three-parter about Cupcakes in Cutie Mark Laboratories. The second episode isn't too scary, but the first and third could creep people out.
    • The first part is about analyzing Pinkie Pie in the show to determine if she is, in fact, psychotic enough to become the killer she is in Cupcakes. She is.
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    • The third part goes right into looking through the story itself, highlighting particular points that can either scare people or gross them out if they're unfamiliar with the story.
  • In the second part of Wheel of Fortune, after getting bad spins a bit too much, Max is heard taking out a knife and cutting. We then hear, as Rhino and Jero put it, a "juicy" sound, and Max goes quiet. He actually just cut the arm of his chair to give the impression he slit his throat.
  • Okay, the event and description itself really isn't scary at all, but there's just... something creepy about how Max mentions in a Cards Against Humanity video breaking an Xbox 360 controller against his kneecap, and the controller being ruined while he himself was perfectly fine.
  • His let's play of Part Time Job. Naturally, considering the game, but... yeah.
    • Doesn't help that his let's play gave the game a Colbert Bump and many people decided to experience it for themselves.
  • In Luigi's Mansion Max talks about a recurring nightmare theme he has, where he'll be in some way trapped or being chased by something scary, before opening up a video game menu and frantically trying to "exit the game" despite it being real (well, real in the dream, if that makes sense). It's a very specific and very horrifying thought to have as a frequent dream.
    • Turns out this actually happened because of a moment in the very game he's playing, back when he was a kid: when the blackout happened, because he was so young, his first instinct was to go to the mansion's foyer (the only place in the game ghosts never appear in, and is lit up for 99% of the game). Finding it completely dark and no Toad there put him seriously on edge, and as soon as he entered the parlor and was surrounded by ghosts, he panicked and kept hitting buttons to try and exit the game, opening pretty much everything besides the proper menu in the process. The game might seem lighthearted to us, but that sort of thing is understandably scary, especially considering his aversion to horror nowadays.
    • Also noteworthy is that Max originally recalled the foyer as having ghosts during the blackout. That doesn't happen, but imagine: you got scared by the blackout as a kid and went to the only safe spot in the game you knew of, and found that not only was it dark with no save point, but the ghosts were there too and nowhere was safe.
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  • In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, while climbing Mount Lanayru, Max notices something demonic-looking a distance away; he briefly thinks it's a shrine, but when Tim tells him it isn't, he just hesitantly decides not to go near it. If you don't know what he was actually looking at, it'll be just as creepy to you as it was to Max, especially since it seemed to be moving and breathing. If you do know what it was; specifically, Naydra the dragon, chances are you'll tense up at seeing Max in such an early game state considering going after it. It doesn't help that Tim didn't even know what it was.
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • For a human, Max can really sound like a wild beast when he tries. See his manticore growls followed by his roar. Dranthar may not have been intimidated, but you will be. Granted, this comes with being a voice actor; it just comes so out of the blue.
    • Also, the fact that Max put a group of level 1 players up against a manticore. A manticore that, as he later revealed, he made more powerful than the compendium listed. Granted, none of them got knocked out, let alone killed (though Talak came close), but that was more due to Max's bad rolls; had a single multi attack actually hit with all three strikes, or even just two of them on the same person, literally any member of the party could have easily been taken down then and there.
    • That session ended with Sweety (Jerry's character) getting attacked in the middle of the night, while sleeping in the heavily guarded city castle. Who was his assailant? Charon Tarnish; Max's tiefling rogue from the Faleburg Chronicles, hired by the Big Bad. There's just something very unnerving about knowing that a former player character is now going after our heroes.
      • One can't help but worry what would happen if Fiora Shiranti-Vimy was called in as a new foe...
  • Minecraft Hardcore:
    • In season 2, Rhino's death. For one thing, it's the death of a Sole Survivor from the first season (alongside Jero) and the group's main strategist and leader. For another, due to the bump in editing detail, rather than just the dramatic death sound and a brief lingering on the deceased's death screen, we get a very sudden representative image of Rhino being gutted and lifted off the ground by a zombie pigman's sword, complete with a realistic blood splatter in the background and a very loud, wet stabbing sound effect.
    • Also in season 2, each Cliffhanger episode ending. All of them are designed to make the viewer feel tense about what comes next, and they work. Check under the Cliffhanger trope on the main page for the list.
  • In Dead By Daylight, everyone gets pretty creepy when they play as the killer and get into character. Rhino is eerily polite and softspoken, Jero is loud and hits on all sorts of horror movie tropes, Dan is so casual it's scary on its own, and Max alternates between all three at a moment's notice.
    • When Max is the killer the second time, he's approaching Rhino's position. Rhino, seemingly in a panic, just crouches against a wall and hopes for the best. Max runs over, standing mere feet away from him, checks an empty closet, and leaves without seeing Rhino. Failed a Spot Check, sure, but you can tell Rhino was damn terrified.
    Jero: My kingdom for a generator!
    Rhino: (muttering) My kingdom for a urinal...


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