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Let's Plays and Gaming Videos

  • Surgeon Simulator 2013 starts off with Max constantly failing, discovering glitches, and being snarky as per usual. After he evidently tires of the game, he declares he'll try it only one more time. In this attempt, he actually completes the heart transplant, while only properly using one tool: broken glass. Max himself is amazed that he succeeded.
    Max: Broken glass can be a hero!
    • In the second video, Peter is playing and Max is watching. Peter manages to complete the surgery in one attempt, despite joking around for a large portion of the video. He ends up taking just a few seconds over ten minutes.
  • Episode 81 of Skyward Sword. Max and Peter finally reach and battle Koloktos, and Peter is the one controlling. Because of a horrible start, he's soon down to very low health and has to drink their Guardian Potion just to stay alive. Yet he has an amazing come-from-behind victory, despite being taken down to half a heart of health, thanks to using the "Iron Knuckle Tactic" of making the boss destroy the pillars to acquire hearts. "You can't best the Best" indeed.
    • The moment is actually almost identical to when Max went against Twinrova in Ocarina of Time; both times involved using an item to try and survive with extremely low health, both times involved the situation resembling a Darkest Hour scenario, and both times involved just barely avoiding death.
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  • The utter Curb-Stomp Battle in Sonic Spinball in the Super Vexation Saga. Peter only gets one try, and his final score is still more than what Max got with three tries combined (one of which was a practice round that wasn't going to be counted anyway).
  • Resident Evil 5:
    • Max proves to be adept at sniping with his rifle in several parts, often getting headshots or sniping a BSAA emblem in only one shot with them.
    • In part one of Resident Evil 5, as the Executioner is advancing on Max, the latter is currently engaged with trying to pick up a gun Dan directed him to. The Executioner, whom Max did not realize was right behind him, swings his axe...and does nothing because Max had a few frames - not seconds, frames - of invincibility due to the animation of Chris picking up the gun.
    • Earlier, Max punched a Majini that, thanks to good timing, crashed through an opening door and into another Majini. This incident repeats itself in the third episode, but the Majini crashes into three others this time.
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    • Max getting the "Be the Knife" achievement, which requires using the knife to swat an enemy's crossbow bolt out of the air. The reason for it being awesome? This is Max's first time playing the game, and he gets it relatively easily.
    • In the fourth part, Max is sent into the dying state with a Cephalo right behind him. Dan heals him literally just before the Cephalo can attack him, which would've killed him. Dan even lampshades this in a comment on the video.
    • Dan shoots a crossbow bolt out of the air in part four. Max does the same later on.
    • During the DLC Desperate Escape, one achievement is for killing a hundred and fifty enemies. Max gets the achievement partway through with relative ease. Dan mentions a couple of times how he'll probably reach the end and discover he was close to the achievement without getting it. What happens? The very last enemy he kills gets him the achievement just before time in the final section runs out.
    Dan: If I don't see this on the Awesome page, I will flip!
  • Max is a casual Pokemon player who just plays the games for the purpose of beating them. Zero is a competitive battler who specifically selects his teams to beat other competitive battlers. It's a Foregone Conclusion how any online battles between the two of them go, with one example being a video on Zero's channel and another happening during a livestream. Yet in the latter, Max actually almost wins, being Genre Savvy on several occasions and knowing how to use tactics he has previously expressed disliking of, such as having a wall.
    • This makes an awesome moment for both Max, who has the advantage a few times and is adapting to a team he just created; and Zero, for winning despite it all, and the Curb-Stomp Battle on his channel.
  • The fact that Max played through Cave Story, in one sitting, despite being a game he's never played before and is on Normal rather than Easy mode.
  • In the description for the first episode of Typing of the Dead: Overkill, Max mentions that his typing speed is 110 WPM. Average. Sure enough, he blazes through the game, only getting hit due to not noticing something or typing so fast he hits the wrong key.
  • In the first game of Battle Chess: Game of Kings, Max checkmates Dan in four moves. Doubles as a Funny Moment because he didn't realize that's what he was doing.
  • When Max and Zero take on the Encore Stages (i.e. bonus levels) of BattleBlock Theater, they naturally have some trouble with them. One stage in particular causes them to fail twice, and on the third run it seems as though they're about to fail again... and then this happens.
    • For those unable to click the link: the exit must be accessed by: bouncing off a fire block onto a moving platform, riding the moving platform over to another fire block, using said fire block to reach another moving block, which leads to the exit... and spikes at a couple locations to make it harder to aim. While Zero is going through this, Max is standing at the bottom trying to bounce up with his slime bubbles. Only a couple seconds left on the clock, Zero takes one last go... and misses the moving platform. Only to land on Max's head as he jumps off a slime bubble, giving the platform he needs to jump back up and get to the exit. With less than four seconds on the clock. That is the sort of thing that does not happen without extreme luck or extreme skill.
    • Complete with a slow motion replay (with awesome music), focusing on the two of them back and forth for anyone who may have missed it.
    • The moment actually combines a couple Chekhov's Guns from throughout their normal playthrough, as well: Zero's aim bouncing off the fire blocks, Max's Sequence Breaking with the slime bubbles, and of course, the ability to stand on one another's heads. The last one is even more of a Chekhov's Gag considering they only really did that previously as a joke.
    • Also, on their previous tries, they had a moment of ingenuity; when unable to properly cross a gap and landing on spikes, they instead pulled a Heroic Sacrifice, one of them falling on the spikes and creating a temporary platform with their body for the other person to get across. And on the third try, while this is not required, Max sacrifices his body again to block a moving platform, causing it to go back, saving them the few seconds that would have otherwise cost them the win.
  • Max mentions that, when he was younger, he didn't understand the proper way to defeat Queen Bean in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (you are supposed to attack her arms so that her crown falls off, so you can jump on her for normal amounts of damage). So he instead just continued using Hammer on her. Which does only one damage per attack even if pulled off perfectly. So he was doing a maximum of two damage per turn (sometimes one or even none, as he stated he had to use lots of healing items) on a boss with 120 HP. While some may consider this a moment of What an Idiot!, the fact stands that Max had the patience to defeat a boss through Cherry Tapping over the course of what he says had to be at least an hour.
  • Sonic's Story of the Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 race ends with Dan emerging victorious, quite a bit closer than they had anticipated.
  • Punch-Out!!:
    • Max is playing the game with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk combo, meaning he has to do actual punches in order to do punches in the game, meaning he tires out in real life as he plays along. He goes through the entire first part of the game in one session anyway.
      • He also has Courier Dan acting as "his Doc Louis". While this may seem like just a funny reason for having a co-commentator, Dan actually gives helpful tips during the fights, allowing Max to have an easier time winning. Even when only one of them is playing, they can still be a team.
    • Special mention to the contents of his first video: the Minor and Major circuits. He blazed through them so fast, they fit into one video without going above his average video length.
    • Max, after getting a star from hitting Great Tiger at a good moment, immediately uses it. While Great Tiger has disappeared. Expecting a complete miss? Great Tiger teleports back in just in time to get a Star Punch to the jaw!
    • Max goes until Don Flamenco, the final battle of the Major Circuit, without even being knocked down once. Even Great Tiger gets him close, but no cigar.
      • Aran Ryan, a character Max has admitted to giving him a lot of trouble (and, in a failed recording, he only won by decision), loses by knockout after forcing Max to use his Second Wind for the first time. And later, Bald Bull is the first opponent Max actually loses to... and only once.
    • Things start to go downhill after Bald Bull; first, Max loses three times to Super Macho Man, and then thirteen times to Mr. Sandman. Epic Fail, right? Well, Max was still doing the Wii Remote and Nunchuk combo, while standing up, and it's the same recording session with no breaks. He's tired. But aside from the occasional moment to sit down, he doesn't stop, and manages to persevere in the end after a well-fought battle.
  • RLYoshi's Minecraft Party is, basically, Mario Party in Minecraft built and run by Max. And it is amazing how everything looks, especially considering it was built in only about three days by Max with no help (besides Rhino giving at least one minigame suggestion, building the Spleef arena, and helping code the spawn point command blocks).
    • In the same series, the first minigame has the players dig through a gigantic stone block for a single diamond ore. Jero finds it within about a minute.
    • Despite it being an unbalanced three-on-one minigame, suffering from lag, and the other three guys all having a good strategy, in the minigame "When One Door Closes", Zero only loses by one door out of forty.
    • Any time someone uses an ender pearl and gets right on the block of packed ice.
  • His let's play of Master Spy. For those unaware, the game wasn't released at the time; Max was contacted by the game creators and given a free early copy of it to play. For what one would arguably consider a comparatively less popular let's player, being asked to promote a game is pretty big.
    • The fact that he noticed and pointed out the flicker of the motion sensors, and how that could potentially cause some people to experience seizures or at least eye strain, even remarking how his own eyes are starting to hurt. Turbo Gun, the game creators, themselves watched the video, and commented saying they'd fix it. Max may have helped them dodge a bullet there.
    • As for his actual gameplay, Max definitely lives up to his reputation of being bad at stealth games and subpar at platformers. However, in the same comment as mentioned above, the creators said that he apparently blew right through Mission 2 (despite getting caught over seventy times), and pointed out how the game has a double jump, which Max never was aware of and likely could have done a lot better with.
  • Max is an excellent sniper in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. He rarely, if ever, misses his target, with or without the Hawkeye.
    • An example: when doing the archery game for a Piece of Heart (the one given to you by Talo that has you instructed by Malo), the third target is a thin pole that's so far away, it literally can't actually be seen without the Hawkeye. Max hits it. Without the Hawkeye.
    • Another example: Max is able to snipe a Beamos's eye when it isn't looking at him!Explanation 
  • The ending of one bomb in Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes: with only seconds left, the guys have to solve a "Who's On First?" puzzle (which they call "word pad"). After Max quickly tells them the words they need to know to determine the list of words to use, they start telling him them, and he has to press the button holding the first word they say that he actually has. The second one they say is "You Are". Max hears this as "U R" and presses that button, only for Dan to remark that it's the words, not the letters. Max screams...and the bomb deactivates. "U R" was the button Max needed to press, even though it was actually much further down the list after several other words Max didn't have. Oh, and did we mention that they had only one second left on the clock?!
    • If you want close calls, how about the final bomb of part 4? Not only do they once again finish with only one second, but because Max was looking at the side of the bomb that didn't have the clock, they were completely unaware of this. It's only when the results screen comes up that shows his best time as 0:01 that Max has a freakout.
  • In Majora's Mask, Max decides to show off a couple speedrunning tricks he learned from watching the run of the game at Awesome Games Done Quick 2016. In particular, he tricks out the Deku Scrub playground through quick mask equipping and de-equipping, causing the Rupees to fall off the platforms onto the floor. Rhino is completely shocked.
  • Max suddenly pulling out a victory in Fortune Street on the Ghost Ship. Winning after being the Butt-Monkey for four boards is cool enough, but the true awesome part is how he got over the limit: due to having to sell stocks, he was just barely under the ten thousand goal, and was on his way back to the bank without the four suits, meaning he'd have to make another full lap (and go through dangerous territory) to get another shot at winning, while Jero was also extremely close and on his way back to the bank with the chance of promoting. Max then rolled a three, landing on a venture space...and his next venture completed his row, earning him 200 gold, putting him over the ten thousand. And then the venture in question allowed him to sell stocks at a huge percentage increase, thus allowing him to bail out and get a huge buffer. On his next turn, he made it right to the bank, not giving any time for Jero to make a comeback.
    • And a few boards later, Max not only becomes the only person to win two boards in a row (Peach's Castle, then Alefgard), he goes on to win three in a row (Mario Bros. right after Alefgard)! By the time they play all the boards, Max pulled himself into a solid second place from dead last.
    • And of course, props must go to Jero. The eventual winner of the overall game, to the point where even before the final board, his lead was guaranteed; the only way he could "lose" would be if he got last place in Alltrades Abbey and Max took first, which would merely result in the two tying. Throughout the entire game, Jero shows surprising strategy with his districts, and is careful with his deals and alliances to make sure he's constantly able to pull ahead without being seen as a threat at the start.
    • Rhino wins the final board of the game, and while it doesn't take him out of third, it deserves special mention for being a victory he worked for against the two powerhouses Jero and Max. Compared to his infamous luck-based win on Mt. Magmageddon, this was quite a good win even for those who aren't really rooting for him.
  • In Pokkén Tournament, something must be said about how Max beat Shadow Mewtwo in his first appearance, considering the first two battles against him are meant to be a Curb-Stomp Battle, and not in the player's favor (to the point where the game progresses the same whether you win or lose).
    • In his third match against Shadow Mewtwo, he loses the first two times, but on his successful third run, he takes no damage at all.
    • And then in the final battle, he wins first try. Against a deliberately overpowered beast with 3000 health, who is literally incapable of losing the second round, thus invoking Down to the Last Play. He also shows little difficulty in the battles beforehand that take away Synergy.
  • Story mode aside, Max pretty much curbstomps 834rCu8 when they have a "first to three" challenge. He only plays Chandelure in the first round, then uses fighters he's never used before for the remainders, and only loses once (and that loss was against Shadow Mewtwo).
  • Max and Peter take on Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes again, this time with Max reading the instructions to Peter...while Max is being speech jammed. They still do very well, even managing to defuse some bombs fast enough to rank in the top percentages for speed worldwide.
  • Max's Dungeons & Dragons gunslinger, Fiora, is quite overpowered - and it's glorious:
    • When rolling her stats, Max got an 18 for her Dexterity (the maximum you can roll), and being an elf gave her +2 in that stat, meaning she has maxed out Dexterity at the start and thus has a +5 to all Dexterity-based attacks. Her guns are Dexterity-based, and she's proficient in them, meaning that at this point she has a +7 to rolls to hit with them and a +5 to damage.
    • Later, he gets the Firearm Fighting Style perk, giving him another +2 to attack rolls, meaning he has a +9 to hit. At this point, barring a nat 1, the least he can get is an 11, which can beat the AC of quite a few creatures.
    • Aside from his attack rolls, he has +10 to his initiative (his 20 Dexterity means his Initiative is +5, and he took a feat that adds another +5 to it), meaning he pretty much always goes first. It's considered an awesome moment for someone whenever they go before Fiora.
    • Thanks to the Swift Reload feat, he no longer has to spend an action reloading his weapons, and can use his rifle every turn. His rifle, Cordial Invitation, does 1d10 damage, plus the 5 from his Dexterity.
    • And finally, he took the Sharpshooter feat. Meaning that whenever he wants, when attacking with a gun, he can choose to take a -5 penalty to his roll to hit, in exchange for +10 damage if he does hit. So his roll to hit becomes merely a d20 +4, and in exchange, if - or rather, when - the attack hits, it does 16 damage minimum. At level 3. And that's not even getting into his Sniper's Mark, or what happens if he crits, or the fact that he also has the highest HP of everyone on the team, including their goliath barbarian.
  • In a side video, Max beats the mission "Cheating the Race" in A Hat in Time without using the time slow hat. For those unaware, it's usually considered impossible to do this, and was designed as such by the developers.
  • In Dead by Daylight, Rhino and Max put on amazing performances as the killers. Rhino keeps a scarily calm tone and makes threats in far too pleasant of a voice, and Max dips back and forth between similar calmness and downright horrifying guttural roars.
    • This is also the first time the two of them have ever played the game (Jero and Dan have experience), and yet Rhino kills all the survivors, while Max kills everyone but Jero and he only escapes because Max didn't realize there was more than one exit.
    • During Rhino's turn, Max pulls off the four percent chance to pull himself off the hook, once Jero and Dan are either dead or doomed. He doesn't escape, but still.

Super Vexation Saga (2018 reboot)

  • Just the series getting rebooted in 2018 will induce awe from longtime viewers.
  • It started with Max challenging Peter to Sonic 06 - specifically, seeing who could clear the Crisis City mach speed section in fewer tries. The result is awesome for them both: Max clears it in only five tries; pretty good. Peter clears it in two, which is particularly awesome because he's never played the game before and Max was the one to pick the game and challenge! And his first attempt, he was this close to the end!
  • Peter challenges Max to Dead Cells, and while he does give Max extra tries, it's still awesome to see Max win despite having never played the game before. Peter genuinely is too impressed to be annoyed at his loss.
  • Max challenges Peter to Tetris. Max wins. Peter immediately challenges Max to Puyo Puyo, which Max has never played and Peter plays a lot. Max wins again. And he racks up such a combo for his final move that Peter remarks how it basically was a one-hit kill no matter what.
  • Max more or less nailing "Slow Jamz" in Def Jam Rap Star despite not knowing the song. And while it doubles as funny, Peter managing to get a pretty good score with his own song by just making random noises into the microphone.
  • In retaliation for being made to rap, Peter breaks out Sonic Mania and shows just how good he is at Sonic games. The challenge: he plays through Green Hill Zone and Max has a number of chances to beat whatever time he sets. He sets a time of roughly 40 seconds and Max doesn't even come close to beating it, despite all the handicaps and advantages Peter gives him.
  • And then Max retaliates with the infamous Battletoads Turbo Tunnel - specifically, playing the stage with one life and seeing how far they can get. It's basically a repeat of the above, but with the roles and games switched. Though props to Peter for managing to last over a minute.


  • Max is now voicing in a video game! Specifically, he's going to be in the video game adaptation of Fallout: Equestria, voicing DJ Pon3! (The altered male voice, not Homage herself.)
  • As of writing this, Max is in the top 1% of all Overwatch players for accuracy as his main, Junkrat. Considering his relative inexperience with the game and the fact that Junkrat's weapon is a grenade launcher, this makes it all the more awesome.
  • GameHouse, the creators of the Delicious and Heart's Medicine game series' (as well as others), end up crediting Max (and by extension Rhino) in Heart's Medicine - Hospital Heat as among their favorite streamers and let's players, ostensibly for their playthroughs of the first two Heart's Medicine games. See for yourself.
    • Related, Mental Block Gaming, the creators of the Minecraft adventure map Templars of Hyrule that Max, Zero, and Rhino played through for Mirror and Sol, kept up with their playing of the series and left a few comments along the way.
  • Depending on how much you value Max's opinion, the fact that A Hat in Time managed to dethrone Fallout 3 as his favorite game is pretty awesome, considering the latter had been his favorite game for many years and A Hat in Time is an indie title that had to go against the likes of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Overwatch, and Pokémon Sun and Moon - and that's just at-the-time relatively recent releases that we know Max has played.
    • On a related note, one for Max himself, his response to GameSpot's 8.8-type review of the game, throwing a certain infamous criticism of theirs right back at them.

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