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Nightmare Fuel / SiIvaGunner

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You think a parody soundtrack channel won't give you nightmares? Think again.

Spoilers are unmarked

  • The very, very not safe for life rip of Rhythm Code, then called Puzzle Room (which was taken down) ended with a Vinesauce reference - a screen with "да"note  and "нет"note , and annotations for both. Clicking the former lead to a music video for "Russkij Pusskij" by Carlito; clicking the latter lead to a shock video of a harlequin babynote  screaming; what's worse is that a human hand slowly inched towards "нет"; when it did, it displayed a still from that video with the Hypernova filter applied to it (accompanied by "Игра окончена" - "the game is over"). explanation  Virtually everyone thought it crossed the line as a result of its gory content (though for some, it came across as Nightmare Retardant because of the Hypernova filter), and SiIva broke character to apologize for it (as one person had uploaded it without permission from the rest of the group - he was removed for this, of course). Funnily enough, the original uploader, Le Ruse Bird, uploaded a song to his Soundcloud titled What Harlequin Baby?
    • Puzzle Room would eventually get re-uploaded again. The song is the same, but this time... you get BEANED!!!. The rip has been deleted however.
    • The song was, once again, reuploaded... but this time, Felix the Cat's Game Over theme is recreated using samples from Rhythm Code. Clicking да leads to a harmless Tetris rip while нет leads into later in the video, which shows a crudely drawn image of Kirby with Harlequin Ichthyosis (in reference to the Baby incident). The rip has currently resulted in numerous fans losing trust in SiIvaGunner as they believe he has gone back on his apology.
      • It should be noted that this rip was most likely meant to feel like the last Puzzle Room-related rip, because it was uploaded the day before the September 30th ending and has a much higher production value than the two previous versions.
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    • And now, they seem to have used audio from the original Harlequin Baby video in a rip titled "Bathroom - P.T.". No link here, it's NSFW.
    • Continue? - Filix VS Jerry was uploaded among a rash of (mostly tame) Puzzle Room-related rips, and sounds much creepier than the baby ever could. At least until Epic Flintstones kicks in, after which it becomes a truly epic Puzzle Room remix.
  • "Title Theme (Director's Cut)" is mostly audio of the Flintstones parody from The Simpsons... except for the end, where a second scream is dubbed in right before Homer crashes, followed by Batman saying, "From this moment on... none of you are safe." The video then cuts to static.
  • Remember the rip that caused the reboot? Well, some new information has come out. Basically, someone was behind it and Chad Warden's #AQAP crusade is to blame.
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  • "Ending" from The Terrible Whiteness of Appalachian Nights. Granted, the original game was rather terrifying anyway, and the creepiness factor decreased once you realized that The Eight Melodies was playing, but it combined with the description (a reference to the "game") is still really unsettling.
  • The rip of Mickey Mousecapade's Game Over screen, aka the theme from Suicide Mouse. Thankfully, there's some Nightmare Retardant at the very end.
  • The rip of "Destruction of the Sammer Kingdom" from Super Paper Mario. It starts out playing the Theme Tune for The Simpsons (albeit in minor key), but then it gets interrupted by the sound of The Void engulfing Sammer's Kingdom, topped with Homer's Catapult Nightmare scream from the episode "Moaning Lisa" (which is also heard in The Simpsons Arcade Game), the scream echoing into nothing but dead silence. And unlike the Mickey Mousecapade Game Over rip, there's no Nightmare Retardant in sight — just pure, uncomfortable silence. It's disturbing enough on its own, but consider the context: It's July 7th, the date that was promised to be the end of the reboot storyline. People were expecting the video in which Chad Warden finally decides whether or not to accept the lack of Snow Halation in the Merged Reality, and the end was repeatedly teased with uploads of ending themes and the like. And then, at 5:00 P.M. EST, this video shows up. Does this indicate that the merging of both universes is not happening? Was It Really Worth It?
    • Just a few hours later, a rip of "Twinkle Circuit" from Sonic Adventure went live. The rip includes the sound of a loud crash, seemingly killing off some of the Sonic characters. It seems as if something or someone is killing off the reboot memes. So now the question is: whatever happened to the deal about merging universes? Was the Voice playing us for fools? Is this his doing, and if so, was this his plan? (Although it's more likely this was a one-off joke, as the universes were merged in the end.)
  • The Ocarina of Time Fire Temple rips can be pretty creepy, due to the fade, and also due to the original already being known to be terrifying to some.
  • In a mild sense, the rip of Lavender Town from Pokémon Red and Blue during the reboot (already infamously creepy on its own). The main melody is altered into The Simpsons theme, but at certain times begins to break into The Flintstones theme before pulling back (which some interpret as Grand Dad attempting to break free). Not helping is a bit of intentional distortion near the middle of it.
  • The reupload of Title Screen (Demo) - Super Mario 3D Land. The original was deleted and this one has surfaced. Once you get to the 10 second mark, a gun click is suddenly heard, and the screen is shot multiple times before it shuts off. Then, we get this Wham Line, before the entire video goes silent for the rest of its duration:
    Mr. Rental: Ban. All. Mashups.
  • The Intro Title / Minigame Theme from Barbie Horse Adventures: Blue Ribbon Race is presented with a grainy television filter over the image of the boxart, but the music is otherwise normal, amplifying just how unintentionally creepy the song is. Then Barbie's face starts distorting, and the video and song glitch out. It then cuts to an Emergency Alert System message letting viewers know that there is a serial killer in Bedrock. The description of the serial killer's features match those of Mr. Rental.
  • Any of the rips that contain the Green de la Bean meme can be this due to the Sensory Abuse Jump Scare. It also leads to Paranoia Fuel as this is now a Running Gag and can show up anywhere.
    • The rips stopped appearing temporarily after the Bean died before he came back with no explanation before his rips died out again. However, with the Bean being reconstructed by Haltmann as a robot, he's come back again.
  • Theme Song - Caillou, a series of creepy videotape-quality clips revolving around kidnapping, abuse, and dark places. The description also contains a series of numbers that direct to an empty road in Texas near where a girl was kidnapped and murdered. This, as well as a few elements outside of YouTube, have led fans to believe that Chaze the Chat was kidnapped, and that it might be related to the current state of the channel or even the ending announcement from the previous month. Part of how frightening this rip is can be attributed to how straightforward it is with the horror elements. Unlike the rest of the entries on this page, Theme Song - Cailou has zero instances of Nightmare Retardant or humor, and is just plain scary from beginning to end, offering nothing in the way of rhyme or reason for the Surprise Creepy. But according to this video, this turns out to be Nightmare Retardant if you find the hidden Pastebin link, kicking off a false ARG that ends with you getting beaned. Oh, and the original video had to be deleted after it came to light that the "each day I grow some more" section of it, which came from Worldcorp Enterprises and features an unknown voice singing the line while a young child can be heard crying in apparent pain, might have involved real child abuse.
  • On December 14th, 2016, a certain series villain returned, taking advantage of Siiva's sleep and created a Villain World, defeating and/or capturing all the memes except for Smol Nozomi. Before the opening of the arc plays, only one line is said:
    The Voice: Hahahahaha... I'm back.
  • Lost Life - The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants starts eerie, then slowly gets worse. The video ends with a distorted image accompanied with Russian text. Doubles as a minor Tear Jerker if you know what said Russian text means and what the video itself is expressing and portraying.note 
  • Egghead rivals even Green de la Bean as one of the most terrifying characters from the rips. He's a Creepy Child wearing a life vest who typically warps into the screen with the camera zooming in on him, before almost instantly cutting to a (sort-of) screamer of a distorted and glowing-eyed celebrity before fading back to white. The Nightmare Retardant usually comes in afterwards with a humorous vine being played, but even that isn't always the case. In later rips he just pops out of nowhere and subjects the audience to earrape (possibly a distorted Flipagram roast laugh) with the caption "HOWIE DOIN?" The creepiest thing about him is that NO ONE seems to know where this meme and the picture used in it even came from. It's a good thing his rips had a relatively short run, (mostly) only throughout early-mid 2017.
  • LSD: Dream Emulator rip Lucy in the Sky with Dynamites (20. Flashback) is a very unnerving rip even by Siivagunner standards. The whole video is very creepy, first starting with a dark screen as the sounds of something starting up can be heard. The screen suddenly shifts to the POV of a camera filming a birthday cake's candles being lighted, as a creepy "Happy Birthday" song can be heard in the background. Suddenly the screen shifts to static as unsettling distorted noises can be heard in the background, and then to just silent blackness. Then Egghead suddenly JUMPS AT THE SCREEN straight out of the darkness as a terrifying noise is played. The succeeding screen, which is just a silent clip of Silento doing the Whip/Nae-Nae on a Game Boy, does nothing to balance out the creepiness from previously.
  • Shellfie (Alternate Mix) - Splatoon begins with Egghead suddenly warping on the screen, and then cuts to a rather disturbing, red-tinted picture of a possessed-looking Kevin Hart with Paruko's hair and black, empty eyes with white dots in the middle. The video then cuts to a "smol" Paruko floating in a white void as faint screaming can be heard in the background and birds and cats float in and out of the screen. As she floats closer to the screen, the scream gets louder and louder (verging on Sensory Abuse) as the screen starts to shake and become red. Luckily enough, the video then becomes much more humorous, but the beginning is terrifying.
  • Calm - Minecraft, a Garfield Minus Garfield styled video, while funny in how it's So Unfunny, It's Funny ends on a weird and kinda scary note, all things considered. In the original video, Gadget shot Mike dead with a finger gun, but without him being in the video, Mike instead just straight up twitches as if he had a stroke or seizure and dies on the spot. It's pretty unnerving, to say the least.
  • Though not physically scary, the first two Haltmann's Archives episodes possess this unnerving atmosphere that makes you feel alone, and that someone could find you at any minute.
  • File 13 can make you feel like your home could end up mechanized at any second and without any remorse.
  • PlayStation Format Disk Error - Console BIOS/Startup Fanfare. Basically what happens when you take Sayo-nara, an already pretty unnerving and creepy song, and combine it with video distortion and a sound font that makes it sound like it's coming from a broken PlayStation console.
    • Speaking of Doki Doki Literature Club! related rips, there's also N's Room - Pokémon Black & White 2. It's the same song as the above rip, but this time sounding like it's coming from a broken music box.
    • The PlayStation 2 version is potentially more disturbing. An arrangement of the Lavender Town theme as the model of the PS1 logo corrupts throughout the whole rip.
    • There's also this rip of Sayo-Nara (at least until Monika herself comes in singing "Look At Me"), uploaded only a week after SiIva's possible awakening. If anything it looks like Monika is hacking into the channel, if the glitching, spelling errors and swapping channel descriptions are indicative of anything.
    • The SuperDisc version, which begins as normal, but then plays a remix of Super Mario 64's Merry-Go-Round theme. It then plays again, but out of pitch. The music becomes increasingly distorted and out of pitch. The visuals of the rip have the camera moving back in a hallway reminiscent of the area where the Wario Apparition is supposed to be found. When the music begins to distort, the hallway turns red... and eventually, the video footage itself distorts. To quote one youtube viewer, "Every copy of Super Mario 64 is personified fear".
  • Beelzebub - Pony Island, Awesome Music aside, does have some rather abstract and bizarre imagery that could weird out some viewers. That seizure warning at the beginning definitely isn't lying.
  • Christmas Comeback Crisis Episode 10 has brought us what is likely to be the most uncomfortable imagery the entire channel has produced. Even more than the Harlequin Baby. The majority of the episode is based around a fight against JustinRPG, who has finally found out how to bring Reshiram to life. While he does succeed, he also gets eaten whole by the Pokemon. Eventually, he also fuses into it, becoming an unholy abomination. What makes it worse is that the heroes seem to have no chance against the monster, with Santa being eaten. He does escape the jaws of the monster, though not in one piece. They do succeed, but it surely isn't a pretty victory. The entire second half of the episode is a horrific display of Fan Disservice, Ludicrous Gibs, and Fetish Retardant.
  • On Halloween 2018, the Christmas Comeback Crisis resumed, skipping from Episode 10 to Episode 13, which is simply titled "Comeback Crisis". If you look at the video itself, it's actually an original creepypasta where the reader comes across Episode 13 of the CCC. It turns out to be Puzzle Room for FOUR HOURS, and then the да and нет screen shows up. The reader clicks нет for the funny meme only to find Felix the Cat with hyperrealistic eyes, and then everything goes downhill from there. See the video here.
  • MissingNo.'s role as a contestant for KFAD2 naturally has plenty of this:
    • The reveal is rather unnerving. After Meowth get its attention, Siiva constantly tries to hand the invitation to MissingNo., who refuses. Siiva continuously gets weaker and weaker, due to being exposed to MissingNo.'s glitchy nature, untill the point where he blacks out, leaving MissingNo. to simply take it for itself.
    • Then there's MissingNo.'s victory theme, featuring the opening notes of Lavender Town fizzling out into a deep, static drone while a slower version of the infamous Kefka laugh plays as it closes off. It manages to take the often infamously silly history of glitch-related creepypastas MissingNo. is tied to so heavily and make it into something genuinely unsettling, resulting in what sounds less like a victory theme for MissingNo. and more like a game over theme for anyone to lose to them. Not helped at all by MissingNo.'s first victory in the tournament being against HOBaRT, whose icon was uniquely shown as giving off smoke after losing.note 
    • When eventually facing Mr. Krabs in the tournament, a dual arrangement regarding the two characters was released, titled "Red Mist", which can best be described as a remix of Red Mist Cue, a 15-second jingle from the Red Mist scene from "SpongeBob in Randomland", to represent the infamous Squidward's Suicide creepypasta, with droning ambient noises, turning into a creepy clarinet song playing through the middle section concluded by the sudden sound of a gunshot, ending with a creepy rendition of the Lavender Town theme in the aforementioned ambient noises from the first part of the song.
  • Pull Up A Chair - Hearthstone may be one of the most disturbing rips produced by the channel, full stop. An unsubtle Take That! to Blizzard Entertainment acquiescing to the Chinese government's demands and blacklisting a Hearthstone champion who spoke out in support of the 2019 Hong Kong Protests, the rip features actual audio from the protests (including screaming, glass breaking, and what sounds like someone being beaten) as the mellow song plays in the foreground. Aside from the horrible and depressing Real Life context, the rip itself is not pleasant to hear.
  • Nowhere to Run - Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator. You want to know how to make the the original track all the more ominous and dread-inducing, which is best known for an ending speech that makes it crystal clear that those hearing it are trapped in an inescapable situation that will end with their death? Swap the ending speech with... a more sadistic one.
  • In a similar manner to Egghead 3 years prior, there have been a bunch of rips in early 2020 that will Jump Scare the viewer with footage of an extremely unsettling taxidermized baby goat, modified to have a humanoid posture and dark, forward-facing eyes. Though not as bad as the other three, one rip has the goat as a Super Mario Bros. 3 character.
  • Circus (Let's Mix) - Five Nights at Freddy's. After beginning with the typical bait and switch associated with a Circus rip, it starts with a clip of Joel's playthrough of FNAF 4. After several seconds pass, it gets interrupted by static (with sounds that appear to have been taken from Vinny's corruption streams). As the static dissipates, it cuts into a video done in the style of The Wyoming Incident , telling the viewer that "YOU WILL SEE SUCH FUNNY THINGS" as a creepy remix of the Flintstones theme plays. Right when the viewer thinks the rip is about to end, the viewer gets jumpscared with the rotating head of YandereDev, with the video ending with the message "WHAT DO YOU CODE?"
  • "Last Stand (Ingame Version)". At about 49 seconds in, you hear the Rebel Flagship's cloak activate. Followed by the Power Surge warning. Then the entire run goes to hell. The last thing you hear is a scream cut short, implying the final moments of the player's crew. Although the scream in question being Loud Nigra might be Nightmare Retardant to some.
  • To commemorate the end of Super Mario Bros..'s 35th anniversary (which infamously involved Nintendo discontinuing the sales of the games tying into said anniversary, with the centerpiece game being Super Mario 3D All-Stars), the channel delisted all its prior Mario rips and uploaded new ones with altered game logos. For the majority of them, it's a simple omission of Mario's name. For the three games featured in Super Mario 3D All-Stars, however, they're very obviously corrupted, sticking out like sore thumbs in this otherwise Mario-less alternate reality. Some of these rips, most notably the Gusty Garden one, are a distorted, hollow imitation of the original song, with howling wind to highlight Mario's vanishing. Some other rips ("Big Robo Bug" and "Athletic Theme (Alpha Mix)") reference the first track of Everywhere at the End of Time, an album which is focused on dementia and the decay of memory.note 
  • Thorns (Beta Mix) from Friday Night Funkin'. What was already a very creepy battle in the original game is now made even scarier as Spirit, along with the level background, is replaced with the character he was probably inspired by; none other than Giygas himself, who proceeds to give a variant of his infamous "it hurts" speech before initiating the battle, which is set to a very creepy remix of "Thorns" but with noises and instruments from the Giygas battle, and with some uses of "Porky Means Business". In contrast to his usual portrayal of being motionless and adrift in space, here Giygas makes wobbling and stretching movements throughout the song, especially when he sings, giving off an extremely unnatural and uncanny vibe. Special mention goes to the portion around 0:36 where Giygas unexpectedly screams in the middle of the song. Despite involving a rap battle of all things, the rip manages to do quite a good job of capturing the hopeless, terrifying feeling of the original Giygas battle.
  • Released during the Beatles event, "'It's a me, Mario!' - Super Mario 64DD" parodies "Revolution 9", a song that in itself is on The Beatle's Nightmare Fuel page. It begins with Mario going "It's a me!" from ear to ear, as various tracks of Mario 64's music and sound effects play, some forward, some backmasked.
  • "Mad Jack Battle (Beta Mix)" goes full-on Creepy Circus Music by combining the instrumentation and style of Mad Jack's battle theme with the melody of "The World Revolving." As if that wasn't enough, Mad Jack's creepy laugh plays multiple times throughout the video. However, the song also incorporates the Flintstones theme in one section, adding a little levity.


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