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SiIvaGunner has seen an ongoing plot (or lore) ever since it was rebooted in June 2016, and although usually takes a backseat to the channel's usual content, it is ever-present. The cast of its lore is a Massive Multiplayer Crossover with characters from all over the place, fitting with the channel's Reference Overdosed nature.

In The ’Verse, most of these characters exist as figments. Figments are essentially Tulpas, they are merely representations of an idea and can't go to the real world (that is, until The Voice creates a program to transport figments to the real world at the start of the Christmas Comeback Crisis).

For comprehensive lists of the memes and running gags that spawn these characters, see those respective pages.

SiIvaGunner spoilers will be unmarked bar rip jokes.

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Channel hosts

The big man himself.
"I only upload high quality video game rips."
Voiced by: Wiseguy (VoiceForge)

Based off the real GilvaSunner's avatar, SiIvaGunner (formerly GiIvaSunner) is a Living Statue who only upload high quality video game rips.

  • Advertised Extra: Despite the channel bearing his name, he has minimal involvement in the lore. His only significant act so far is going to sleep at the end of Season 1.
    • He ran the channel during Season 1, but didn't play a significant role in the Season 1 storyline SiIvaGunner: Rebooted due to being rebooted.
    • He is asleep during Season 2, with other characters running the channel instead.
    • He "returned" at the start of Season 3, but didn't take part in anything lore-related... and was eventually revealed to be a fake.
  • Author Avatar: Has some elements of this, but it's mostly masked by the Kayfabe.
  • Backstory Horror: SiIvaGunner is a completely harmless Living Statue that just wants to create high quality rips, right? Nope. According to Haltmann's Archives, SiIvaGunner is a Humanoid Abomination from space that killed a completely innocent person just to steal his computer.
  • Big Good: He's the leader of his self-named channel.
  • Catchphrase: "I only upload high quality video game rips."
    • During the reboot, it was "I upload high quality video game rips only."
  • Cloudcuckoolander: He's quite the eccentric person, dedicating his life to creating "high quality video game rips" that he insists are exactly that.
  • Convenient Coma: While not actually a coma, him going to sleep at the end of Season 1 has functioned as this trope.
  • Depending on the Artist: Occasionally, he is depicted as Grand Dad (as in the announcement video for Volume 6.66), though in most cases the two are separate.
  • Depending on the Writer: His relation to the rips posted on the channel. In this rip he acts as quality control for an incoming rip, with some regular personnote  actually making it; in this rip he's shown working with the Power Trio to make rips; in this rip he says that making high quality rips is a job that he landed; and finally, in the Season 1 ending, when it shows him witnessing the rip he just created, he's all alone at a computer in his house.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: "The Evil King Bowser" from Super Mario World features him speaking, but his voice is provided by Microsoft Sam, rather than VoiceForge's Wiseguy. This is not considered an Early-Bird Cameo for Mr. Rental, who would be voiced by Micerosoft Sam much later on.
  • Eyepatch After Time Skip: Although the time wasn't skipped in this case, he gained his eyepatch after the week-long break following the termination of the original GiIvaSunner channel.
    • after the second termination, Siiva Gunner once again got a minor redesign, this time having scars on his body.
  • Heavy Sleeper: He's managed to sleep through everything happening on the channel since Season 1 ended.
  • Hidden Depths: "The Creation of GiIvaSunner [FILE-01] - Haltmann's Archives" provides us with GiIvaSunner's backstory.
  • Jerkass: In "Menu - Garfield", a Garfielf parody, SiIva plays the role of Garfield. He repeatedly demands things from Grand Dad and gets Nozomi to shoot herself.
  • Living Statue: Depicted as the statue of Antinous with a bit of datamoshing applied to the hair and right eye, that is also wearing an eyepatch. Interestingly, the "living" part is connected to the channel; he's only alive when the channel is.
  • Pirate: Changed his name to "Long John SiIvaGunner" to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day. Notably, this is the only time in the channel's history that the actual YouTube username was changed.
  • The One That Got Away: Nikki from Swapnote is implied to be this. Though, this is probably an Aborted Arc since she hasn't been mentioned again and the rip seems to contradict the later Haltmann's Archives on SiIva's origins.
  • Original Character: Everything about him is either original or a product of the channel imitating GilvaSunner.
  • Put on a Bus: He's been sleeping since Season 1.
  • Read the Freaking Manual: "Please read the channel description."
    • During the reboot, it was "Read the channel description, please."
  • Taken for Granite: When the GiIvaSunner channel was terminated, he became a lifeless statue. However, this was rectified upon the creation of the SiIvaGunner channel.
  • Unobtainium: He is made of an unidentified alien mineral that came to Earth in the form of a meteor.
  • Welcome to Corneria: SiIvaGunner replies to comments almost exclusively by just repeating his Catchphrase. In some cases, he'll make a small variation. This is mostly exclusive to the pre-reboot era, as he stopped replying to comments by the time of the reboot (possibly due to the fanbase growing too large for the team to reasonably manage comment replies and/or Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things).

    Wood Man
Leitmotif: mm2wood
A crudely drawn Robot Master from Mega Man 2. He can upload rips and change the channel description on the channel without doing a full takeover, identified through his style of writing. Nonetheless, he took over the channel for both Halloween specials, and on his first birthday.
  • Affably Evil: Despite being a villain, Wood Man doesn't display any real hatred of anything SiIva-related. When the Voice criticizes him for uploading his own rips, he says that he likes making people laugh, and he's hesitant to try and kill Nozomi, though he still goes along with it.
  • all lowercase letters: This is his usual way of speaking, although it's not strictly followed (i.e. sometimes the word "I" is capitalized).
  • Big Bad: In a meta sense, as he was responsible for corrupting the names in the albums. He was also responsible for SiIva's sleep-ripping.
  • Big Fun: He's pretty big and is a laid-back comedic relief.
  • But Now I Must Go: After the 2016 Halloween special, he left the channel to fight Mega Man. He eventually came back and was revealed to be working for The Voice.
  • Catchphrase: "nice"
  • Catching Some Z's: He caused SiIvaGunner to do this during the 2016 Halloween special (replacing the "Please read the channel description" line of each rip) by uploading rips while SiIva was still asleep, but without fully taking over the channel himself.
  • Character Blog: Not really a blog, but he runs the website
  • Computer Virus: Heavily implied to be such. Not only was the Mighty No. 9 rip with his Leitmotif identified as one, but he's also behind the "corrupted" names in the albums.
  • Dimensional Traveler: According to The Voice Inside Your Head, Wood Man is somehow able to exist in both the real world and the digital world, something only The Voice itself is also capable of.
    • If this video is any indication, it's possible for him to mess around with the channel's timeline, prompting a temporary takeover by an alternate universe Chad Warden for example.
  • Dragon Their Feet: The Voice set up Wood Man's eventual appearance, yet the Robot Master didn't actually show up until long after The Voice was defeated by Chad. Wood Man later plays a crucial role in The Voice's return, which would technically subvert this trope.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: His actual debut was during the Continuity Reboot, as seen here.
  • Fourth-Wall Observer:
    • He knows who really made each high quality rip (out-of-universe), and in Season 1 he used this knowledge to "corrupt" the artist/song names in SiIvaGunner's albums (in other words, gave proper credit to the rippers).
    • After stopping the reboot's "Genocide" timeline, he makes a comment about how Genocide Chad Warden is more like his real-life counterpart than the version we originally saw in the reboot.
    • In "Wood Man & Robbie Rotten", Wood Man explains that he aware of the fact that it is not Christmas 2016 anymore, despite that being when the Christmas Comeback Crisis takes place. He also knows that it is the release date for Kirby Star Allies.
  • "Groundhog Day" Loop: How he describes knowing that it's not Christmas 2016 anymore. Interestingly, he says that he could leave at any time and he'd be free from the loop, but doesn't because he wants his friends to be free, too.
  • Green Thumb: His signature weapon is the Leaf Shield. Though as he found out when fighting Nozomi, throwing a bunch of leaves at your opponent isn't a very deadly attack.
  • Halloween Episode: Hosts both of the channel's Halloween specials, dubbed The Silva Gunner Spooktacular Halloween Horror Special. His leitmotif is one of the main memes for the event along with "Haunted House" and "Kyun! Vampire Girl".
  • Heel–Face Turn: While he's not taking Nozomi's side per se, he decided to quit working with The Voice in Episode 4 of the Christmas Comeback Crisis. Subverted in Episode 5 when he teams up with Robbie Rotten to capture Nozomi.
  • One-Winged Angel: As of Episode 9, he can now turn into a Smolitzer-like mech for Robbie to pilot.
  • Power Trio: For the Halloween specials, along with 8-Bit Beast and Takane Shijou.
  • Read the Freaking Manual:
    • When he uploads rips without doing a full channel takeover, it will usually say something like "please read the channel description. nice", if not just "nice"
    • During the 2017 Halloween special, "please read the nice and spooky channel description. oooooooo nice."
    • Averted during his other takeovers.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: The King for a Day Tournament is hosted by John Notwoodman.
  • Reality Warper: He has several odd abilities, likely resulting from him effectively being born from a computer virus. He can enter the real world (something that that only human-Figment hybrids are supposed to be able to do), he can "corrupt" the artist/song names in the albums, and he can temporarily whisk the channel into an alternate timeline.
  • Stylistic Suck: His entire existence is basically this. From his character design, to his Leitmotif.
  • Squishy Wizard: Has the power to transcend dimensions, corrupt files, take over the channel, and revive the Voice... but his Leaf Shield does absolutely nothing and his arm falls off when he tries to punch Nozomi.
  • Those Two Bad Guys: With Robbie Rotten.
  • Troll: Often messes with the channel for his own amusement.

    The Voice Inside Your Head
"You may call me... THE VOICE INSIDE YOUR HEAD."
"Greetings, my dear Chad."
Voiced by: UK Graham
Leitmotif: P-R-O-G-R-A-M

The Voice is a human-Figment hybrid and the channel's Big Bad. His ultimate goal is to destroy all anime (except for Jojos Bizarre Adventure... sometimes).

  • Affably Evil: The Voice always presents himself as being polite and reasonable, even if his goals are usually quite anathemic to the well-being of the channel.
  • Ascended Fanon: His appearance that debuted in the Christmas Comeback Crisis was based off this fanart made during the reboot.
  • Ambiguously Human: He appears as a silhouette of a man, with an inverted pyramid for a head and a purple eye in the middle... except he's not just a silhouette due to lighting, he actually is all black (besides his eye). Later appearances also indicate that he also wears a suit.
  • Ambiguous Situation: It's not entirely clear what he's been doing since Haltmann took the channel from him.
  • Back from the Dead: Thanks to Wood Man's cooperation, he's able to return for the Christmas special.
  • Berserk Button: "Weeaboo anime bullshit".
  • Big Bad: His desire to purge all anime places him as the main antagonist. AMUNO Le Film, having killed the original Silvain and thus becoming AMUNO's main target.
  • Blatant Lies: According to the Voice, "Snow halation" was never popular until it rode on the coat-tails of Grand Dad. This, of course, ignores the fact that "Snow halation" was already the most popular and well-known Love Live song years before Grand Dad was made infamous on Vinesauce, let alone the creation of SiIvaGunner.
  • Came Back Strong: Upon his return, the Voice recreates Haltmann, obliterates the beacon, seemingly terrorizes the city, crushes Grand Dad, Loud Nigra, and Meta Knight's attempt at retaliating, and captures CG, Sens, Haruka, Robbie, Tito, and Felix. All in less than two minutes.
  • Evil Brit: He has a rather noticeable British accent.
  • Hypocrite: Criticizes "Snow halation" for being "weeaboo anime bullshit", yet is perfectly good with "GO MY WAY!!" taking its place. Later on, his goal becomes "purge all weebs", yet he's perfectly good with anime content that he likes, such as JoJo-related material.
  • In-Series Nickname: "The Gay Mexican-Ass in my Ass", courtesy of Chad.
  • Knight of Cerebus:
    • After he showed up, things became noticeably more serious. The humor didn't completely disappear from the channel, but his appearance brought more conflict than anyone anticipated from a channel that uploads Bait-and-Switch high quality video game rips.
    • Manages to become an even bigger one during the Christmas Comeback Crisis. Not only did he kidnap all of the memes, but he also kills off the entire Cinderella Girls crew, just to show that he isn't fucking around anymore. And that was just the first episode.
    • And then later subverted when Inspector Gadget took control of the channel, ruining The Voice's office in a comical manner while The Voice himself is, ironically, utterly powerless to stop him.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler: His return in the Christmas special spoils his demise in the reboot arc.
  • Malicious Misnaming: "The Gay Mexican Ass In My Ass", from Chad Warden.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!: Him offering Chad to rule together over SiIvaGunner managed to give Chad an opening to revive "Snow halation"... which he destroyed before.
  • No Need for Names: Insists that he be called "The Voice Inside Your Head" because names are not important to him.
  • Original Character: The most original character in the entire SiIvaGunner canon, actually, since he is not based on anything at all, and he does not represent any pre-existing meme or Running Gag.
  • Painting the Medium: His speech is always rendered in a pixel font. Though this may have originally been done to differentiate his dialogue from Chad Warden's, it carried over to the Visual Novel presentation of the Christmas Comeback Crisis, where the distinction a moot point because all the dialogue is labeled.
  • Purple Is Powerful: His single facial feature is a glowing purple eye.
  • Read the Freaking Manual: "I order you to read the channel description."
  • Sharp-Dressed Man: In the Garry's Mod rips.
  • Stock Scream: Does the Howie scream as he dies from the power of the MF LIKE BUTTON, and again when Chad shoots him in the alternate timeline.
  • Synthetic Voice Actor: He is voiced by UK voice Graham, which is available on the Acapela Box and the NaturalReaders voice demos.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Pizza. To an... unhealthy extent.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: He claims to have caused the reboot to prevent "Snow halation"-related discourse from destroying the SiIvaGunner fanbase. As for his actions in the Christmas Comeback Crisis... not so much.
    • His apparent real motive, revealed in Pokémon: Grand Dad (a Pokémon FireRed ROM hack which was part of the reboot ARG) does not change his position as well-intentioned, as he was trying to protect the channel from an (as of now unknown) bigger threat. However, this seems to be an Aborted Arc, since it hasn't been mentioned again despite The Voice returning in the Christmas Comeback Crisis.
  • The Worf Effect: After being the main villain during the reboot and most of the Christmas Comeback Crisis, Inspector Gadget takes the channel from him with minimal effort.
  • The Voice: He is never given a proper physical appearance during the SiIvaGunner: Rebooted story arc. Eventually subverted with him appearing in the Christmas Comeback Crisis, though it wasn't entirely clear at first (see Ambiguously Human).

    Inspector Gadget
I'm always on duty!
"I love building bricks with Minecrap!"
Voiced by: Mike Matei
Leitmotif: Inspector Gadget Theme Tune
The bumbling cyborg inspector from the classic 80's cartoon. The particular incarnation of Gadget used on the channel comes from the infamous, now-deleted "Minecraft with Gadget" video made by Cinemassacre's Mike Matei. As the video and the above quote imply, Gadget loves playing Minecraft (or "Minecrap", as he says it), and especially enjoys building with "brown bricks."

A clone of Inspector Gadget known as Gadgetini Clone 2.0 was created by President Haltmann to attack The Voice. Gadget succeeded in performing a Hostile Show Takeover of the channel, which lasted for two weeks. After that, Gadget broke down due to "DMCA violations", allowing Haltmann to take over the channel for himself.

On April Fools' Day 2018, the "SiIvaGunner" that had been running the channel since the beginning of Season 3 seemingly malfunctioned, revealing himself to be Inspector Gadget. The Nostalgia Critic immediately took a stand against this new Gadget, citing how repetitive the previous Gadget takeover was. On April 9th, Gadget gave up the channel after a battle with the Nostalgia Critic and several other YouTubers, thus leaving it open for The Nostalgia Critic's takeover.

  • Catchphrase: Anything regarding "brown bricks" or "Minecrap."
  • The Dragon: His ultimate role in Haltmann's scheme is to usurp the Voice's position as the one in control of the channel and eventually hand it over to Haltmann himself.
  • Elmuh Fudd Syndwome: Very subtle, most notable when he says "Minecrap."
  • Giant Space Flea from Nowhere: While he was a major in-joke amongst the SiIvaGunner backroom members and frequently referenced in the channel's liked videos, he didn't make a notable appearance directly on the channel until this rip, which wasn't lore, but it has high production value and predates Gadget Week by only three days.
  • Hostile Show Takeover: Destroys The Voice's office and takes control of the channel.
  • Final Battle: Your Best Nightmare - Alpha Mix seems to chronicle one between Gadget and the several YouTubers vying to take control of the channel; this battle is won by the Nostalgia Critic.
  • Knight of Cerebus: Inverted; he takes over the channel from the much more serious and imposing Voice in a highly comedic manner, while The Voice himself is utterly powerless to stop him. He becomes more threatening during his takeover in 2018 though.
  • Not Quite Back to Normal: "SiIvaGunner" of Season 3 was a fake.
  • Pre-Asskicking One-Liner: To The Voice.
    Gadget: You can shut up now. I'm always on duty!
  • One-Winged Angel: The Final Battle in Your Best Nightmare - Alpha Mix seems to imply he has such a form, given that his voice becomes very deep and distorted and that the rip itself is of the battle with [[Undertale Omega Flowey, likely one of the most infamous One Winged Angels in video games.
  • Read the Freaking Manual: "Go-Go Gadget Channel Description!"
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: His in-universe fate. A DMCA from "Mark Timotei" makes him malfunction and shut down.
  • Toilet Humor: "Brown bricks" is an obvious poop joke, albeit not a very good one.
  • Uncertain Doom: What became of him after the Nostalgia Critic took over the channel during his second reign is currently unknown.
  • Unexplained Recovery: Despite breaking down almost a year beforehand, he returns to take over the channel again in April 2018, with no explanation for how he came back (though it's implied that Gadget was disguised as SiIvaGunner the whole time after Haltmann relinquished control).
  • Virgin-Shaming: In the "Minecraft with Gadget" video, Inspector Gadget is quick to assume that a person who built the starship Enterprise in Minecraft has never had sex.
  • Voice of the Legion: Gains one prior to his final battle with the YouTubers.

    President Haltmann

The CEO and President of the Haltmann Works Company. His modus operandi is to invade a world, deplete its natural resources, and repeat. He takes over the channel after Inspector Gadget, whom he created to overthrow the Voice, malfunctioned due to DMCA violations. His ownership of the channel has been the status quo for the channel ever since, but at the start of Season 3 he created a SiIvaGunner/Inspector Gadget clone to host the channel for him.

  • Ascended Extra: The Haltmann Works Company leitmotif was mainly popular among Kirby fans, with most other people being indifferent. Then President Haltmann became the The Dragon of the Christmas Comeback Crisis and started showing up nearly every other rip, thanks to the sudden relevance. Considering that the other main leitmotif of the event, "Snow halation", was already one of the channel's major memes, Haltmann received a serious boost in presence.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: He's the head of a gigantic company, and is a villain to boot. His stated reason for uploading "high quality rips" is because the higher the quality, the bigger the price he can fetch for selling the channel to an off-world buyer later.
    "I'm sure the Galactic Federation or the Gogol Empire will pay very good money for a channel like this one..."
  • The Dog Bites Back: After he got pissed at the Voice for lying to bring his daughter back, he created Inspector Gadget to overthrow the Voice. After Gadget broke down, he took the whole channel to himself.
  • The Dragon:
    • He is this to The Voice Inside Your Head during the Christmas Comeback Crisis. At first.
    • Plays this straight in AMUNO Le Film, taking up the role of the final obstacle between AMUNO and Silvain/the Voice.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Loved his daughter, Susanna, and her death caused him to go insane in Planet Robobot. The Voice Inside Your Head has apparently promised that he'll bring Haltmann's daughter back in exchange for his services in Episode 2. He eventually did, but the "Susie" in question is actually Haruka in Susie's outfit. This caused Haltmann to lost his trust in the Voice.
  • Hidden Villain: Before the Christmas Comeback Crisis, he hadn't made any appearances outside of his leitmotif.
  • Mythology Gag: The way his theme song appears in various rips is identical to how it shows up in his game of origin, "invading" other songs while still maintaining the style of what it shows up in.
  • Puppet King: He is ostensibly the president of Grandiose City, but it's quite clear that The Voice Inside Your Head is the one pulling all the strings. Averted when he takes over the channel with Gadget's help.
  • Read the Freaking Manual: "Please read the channel description for glorious profit."
  • Totally Radical: Exaggerated when he allowed rips featuring Crazy Frog - a meme which had come and gone a whole decade prior - to be uploaded to the channel.
  • The Unfettered: The Softendo arc (see the B-list folder), which had taken place during his tenure as channel host, implied that he wasn't above sponsoring products that could actually harm their users in order to turn out greater profits.
  • We Can Rule Together: In AMUNO Le Film, he offers ZVARRI a partnership in ruling the Internet and getting rich in exchange for his cooperation. He refuses and blows up Haltmann.

    "Genocide Route" Chad Warden 
"Fuck Snow halation. Fuck SiIvaGunner. And FUCK you, aight?"
Voiced by: Himself (through the use of Manipulative Editing)

Chad Warden in an alternate timeline, who unlike the one from the canon timeline is closer to his actual real-life counterpart. We get a brief glimpse of what a channel run by him would look like to celebrate the anniversary of the Reboot arc.

  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Him wanting to bring back "Snow halation" here was all a front: once he made a deal with the Voice, he kills both it AND The Voice.
  • Evil All Along: Instead of bringing back "Snow halation" in this universe, he kills both "Snow halation" AND The Voice. And eventually, he kills SiIvaGunner himself.
  • Hero Killer: Kills SiIva himself in this universe.
  • Jerkass: Unlike the Reboot arc Chad, he has no redeeming qualities. All he does is for his own selfish gain.
  • Pre-Mortem One-Liner: "GUESS WHO'S WRONG?!"
  • Read the Freaking Manual: Averted.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: If the rips uploaded during his takeover are any indication, he really likes chicken & chips.
  • Troll: Like his real-life counterpart.

    The Nostalgia Critic
"I love whores."
Voiced by: Himself (through the use of Manipulative Editing)
Leitmotif: The Review Must Go On

The internet critic (played by Doug Walker) who remembers old (and often new) movies so you don't have to. When Inspector Gadget took over the channel again on April 1, 2018, he made a stand against the cyborg, stating that Gadget could really do some good for the channel, but wastes his power by only uploading rips referencing himself. On April 9th, Inspector Gadget left the channel for an unexplained reason, and The Nostalgia Critic promptly took over the channel. His takeover ended on April 15th with the channel being "rebooted" again, returning to the status quo of Season 3.

Notably, Nostalgia Critic's inclusion in the lore coincided with a major controversy surrounding his network, Channel Awesome, as several of its content creators came forward with their stories of abuse and apathy from the owners of the network.

  • Absentee Actor/Advertised Extra: Exactly 2 of the 158 rips uploaded during his takeover relate to him: The third-to-last rip, where he has a brief cameo at the end, and the second-to-last rip, which is a mashup of "Snow halation" and his theme song. Though this is all justified by the fact that Critic took issue with Gadget's use of the Inspector Gadget theme in almost all his rips.
  • Continuity Nod: Some rips during his takeover are references to older rips.
  • Finger-Tenting: The channel's profile picture during Critic's takeover has him mimicking Monika's use of this trope. It's not as innocent-looking on Critic though, as while Monika had a Held Gaze, Critic sports a knowing smirk.
  • Hidden Villain: He is implied to be the reason behind the fake SiIvaGunner glitching out during the first two months of Season 3, but he never made an appearance on the channel until Inspector Gadget's second takeover.
  • Hostile Show Takeover: In addition to usurping the spot of channel host, some rips have him blast through the video itself while his theme song plays.
  • La Résistance: He tried to form one when Inspector Gadget returned, but his first potential recruit wasn't too enthusiastic.
  • Missing Episode: Defied; his takeover included many reuploads of rips from the original GiIvaSunner channel.
  • Nostalgia Filter: The Central Theme of Critic's takeover.
    "We must all remember that while nostalgia is fun, we can't dwell on the past forever—and sometimes things aren't always as good as you remember them. But you should never forget your past - learn from it, appreciate the present, and move onto the future."
  • Read the Freaking Manual: "Read the channel description so I don't have to."
  • Stealth Pun: His takeover harkens back to the old days of SiIvaGunner. In other words, it's about nostalgia.
    • The profile picture. As mentioned above, content creators from Channel Awesome came forth with stories of mistreatment by the network. A common thread between several of the stories is that Channel Awesome exclusively promoted the Nostalgia Critic, acting like the other creators didn't exist. This explains the reference to Monika; it's parodying the scene where she has deleted all the other characters, and thus is the only person left for the player to pay attention to. Though this connection may not have been intentional.
  • Stylistic Suck: As part of the "nostalgia", not every rip is up-to-par with the channel's usual standards and a lot of them have issues. IceCap Zone (Act 1) (JP Version) from Sonic 3 & Knuckles certainly takes the cake, though, being a "Snow halation" mashup... that is completely unsynced.
  • Stylistic Callback: Critic uses his takeover to take the channel back to its roots: A new rip every two hours (at least), with nearly every rip containing the Flintstones theme, and older, pre-reboot channel memes like Loud Nigra, Chip tha Ripper, and blue balls becoming common once again while newer ones are mostly absent.
  • Very False Advertising: In his channel trailer, he boasts about the channel having pornnote .

    Unregistered HyperCam 2
Qualifier: Most Interesting Fan Suggestion
Against: Will Smith (Round 1), ZUN (Round 2), King Dedede (Semifinals), Off the Hook (Finals)
Leitmotifs: Dreamscape, Paralyzer

Winner of the King for a Day Tournament, where the SiIvaGunner audience voted from sixteen characters to determine what rips they would like to see for a day. Unregistered HyperCam 2 represents YouTube, more specifically, videos that were uploaded in the late 2000s, which were frequently recorded using unregistered versions of the HyperCam 2 recording software.

  • Strange-Syntax Speaker: Speaks like a typical YouTube user of the era. During the tournament, its quotes against the other competitors frequently reference tutorials and Let's Plays that it is apparently hosting, or in some cases it just makes up a relevant video title.
  • Surveillance Drone: Most likely, considering it's a camcorder.
  • Thanking the Viewer: At the end of every rip description, and again in a comment on its last rip.

    The Grinch 
The Grinch from the 2018 reboot, who takes over the channel shortly after Joker's inclusion in Smash Bros. and tries to leak information about SiIvaGunner onto the channel early.

Christmas Comeback Crisis characters

Leitmotif: Snow halation

A character from Love Live! who represents the song "Snow halation". On the SiIvaGunner channel, she's usually depicted as a miniature version called "Smol Nozomi".

  • Action Girl: In the Christmas Comeback Crisis, after aquiring the Smoltizer.
  • Adaptational Villainy: Her AMUNO Le Film counterpart betrays the original Silvain, Loud Nigra, Robbie Rotten, and Grand Dad to the Voice and ultimately becomes a prostitute for AMUNO, which breaks her mind.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Not too surprisingly, the channel's Christmas rips are dedicated to her. More surprisingly, this is because she's the only meme not kidnapped by The Voice when he invades.
  • An Ice Person: Naturally, considering that her theme is called "Snow halation". In the Pokémon FireRed hack, she is an Ice-type Pokemon with Ice attacks.
  • Art Shift: A very downplayed example - the art used for her in the Christmas Comeback Crisis videos arranges her face to more resemble Kirby's. Fitting, since the arc is a Whole Plot Reference to Kirby: Planet Robobot.
  • Back from the Dead: After seemingly dying alongside μ's and "Snow halation" after the events of the reboot, she is brought back to life thanks to the power of the MF LIKE BUTTON.
  • The Cutie: She's youngest-looking meme with a cheery attitude.
  • Decomposite Character: Usually her normal self and "Smol Nozomi" are the same person, but sometimes they're treated as two separate entities like in "Title Theme & Ending - 7 GRAND DAD".
  • Driven to Suicide: Her (non-canon) appearance in "Menu - Garfield" (as an expy of Odie) has SiIva invoke the CG Rap to goad her into shooting herself.
  • The Heart: She inspires the other memes and Chad to be happy.
  • The Hero: She is this in the Christmas Comeback Crisis. Additionally, Chad Warden is this during the reboot because he defends "Snow halation" (and Nozomi herself couldn't do anything about it, since she was just a figment at that time).
  • Heroic Mime: Doesn't speak at all in the Christmas Comeback Crisis, since she takes the role of Kirby. Otherwise averted, since she's a singer.
  • Last of Her Kind: Presumably the last member of µ's alive, given that The Voice is stated to have literally dissolved the rest of the band, unless those deaths were indeed faked (or if Knuckles was killed instead of Maki).
  • Mini-Mecha: Her Smoltizer, as she aquired it from a scouting robot whose the size is around an average human.
  • Pokémon Speak: "Todokete" to some extent. Averted in the Christmas Comeback Crisis, where she's silent.
  • Power Trio: Part of the channel's main meme trio (along with Grand Dad and Tito Dick), acting as The Hero and The Heart.
  • Super-Deformed: Smol Nozomi is this for Nozomi.
  • Token Mini-Moe: But of course! She's the cutest and tiniest member of the Power Trio.
  • Voice of the Legion: In Swapnote's Main Theme, her two lines are done by sentencing mixing "Snow halation", consequently giving her the voice of everyone in μ's at the same time.

    Loud Nigra
Voiced by: "Big Ben"

A man having an extremely loud orgasm. He is unique in that rather than being associated with a song, his screams are sampled and used as a Running Gag.

  • Audience Surrogate: In this "Snow halation" rip that pretends to be a reupload of the first ever rip (since it wasn't uploaded to the SiIvaGunner channel yet at the time), Loud Nigra says "God damn it!" at the very end, referencing the community discourse caused by the "Snow halation" rips at the time.
  • Badass Back: He's almost always shown with his back turned away from the audience. This is because his appearance is taken from a porn film, which obviously has to be censored for YouTube.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Is Dark-type in the Pokémon FireRed hack, but is very consistently one of the good guys.
  • Demoted to Extra: Used to be a Part of the Power Trio along with Grand Dad and Nozomi, but his spot was taken by Tito Dick when it became clear that Loud Nigra was no longer used enough to be considered a main meme. Over time his appearances became even less frequent, to the point where now he hardly ever appears. This was eventually Defied by The Nostalgia Critic, whose takeover frequently featured Loud Nigra just like the old days of the channel, but this inevitably subsided once the takeover ended.
  • Hidden Depths: In addition to screaming loudly, he apparently runs the store that SiIva buys his high quality ripping equipment from.
  • I Am Not Shazam: The actual scream is from an unidentified porn actor with the nickname of "Big Ben", but it's commonly attributed to OG Mudbone.
  • The Immodest Orgasm: A living embodiment of the trope. His scream while orgasming serves as a Running Gag.
  • Intelligible Unintelligible: Only communicates by screaming, but the other characters can understand him just fine.
  • Jump Scare: Many of his appearances, naturally.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: In the Pokémon FireRed hack, he is capable of using sound-based attacks, such as a variation of Hyper Voice.
  • Naked People Are Funny: Fitting for a character who debuted in a pornography film, he never wears any clothes. Averted in the Dodo's Coming!! rip, where he's fully clothed.
  • No Indoor Voice: Mainly because he's constantly orgasming.
  • Power Trio: Used to be a part of the trio, acting as The Big Guy.
  • Shopkeeper: He runs the Nigra Store, where SiIva buys his high quality ripping material

    Justin RPG and Reshiram
Lubby chudder! Lubby chudder!
A bizarre man and an Olympus Mon from Pokémon Black and White respectively. The former has a fetish for the latter, amongst other things. Originally sent by the Voice to further destabilize the universe for the Reboot, he continues to work with him during the Christmas Comeback Crisis by manufacturing Christmas Spirit. He ends up succeeding in his goal of creating a real-life Reshiram, but ends up being eaten by her and submerged in Christmas Spirit, causing the two to fuse and become a monstrosity known as Ju'Reshoggoth.
  • Balloon Belly: Reshiram's appearance in Pokemon Grand Dad (playing into Justin's vore fetish).
  • Body Horror: Ju'Reshoggoth is a hideous fusion of Justin and Reshiram, with misshapen body parts and patches of skin that have bulging veins or are outright rotted off.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: Justin's fetish, obsession with Legendary Pokemon, and truly awful music made him a prime target for mockery even before GiIvaSunner used his material.
  • Dreadful Musician: Justin is an awful singer, and his singing is used in Stylistic Suck rips.
  • Eaten Alive: Justin has been shown to have an unhealthy fetish for being eaten by various Legendary Pokemon, especially Reshiram. In the Pokémon FireRed hack, he's actually inside of Reshiram's stomach. One of Reshiram's attacks in said hack is a variation of the "Crunch" move, fittingly called "Vore". This is also his fate at the hands of Reshiram before becoming Ju'Reshoggoth.
  • Eye Scream: Ju'Reshoggoth gets stabbed in the eye with one of his own ribs, all in graphic detail.
  • Fusion Dance: Justin gets devoured by Reshiram, then the Christmas Spirit they are submerged in turns them into the monstrous Ju'Reshoggoth.
  • Inside Job: Justin was sent by The Voice Inside Your Head to devastate the pre-reboot universe.
  • Instant Awesome: Just Add Dragons!: Reshiram is part Dragon-type, and can use Dragon Pulse in the Pokémon FireRed hack.
  • Interspecies Romance: Justin repeatedly engages in sexual activities with Reshiram and is convinced he is married to her.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Reshiram is a Legendary Pokemon with extremely high stats to match. She's also the second strongest member of The Voice Inside Your Head's team in the Pokémon FireRed hack.
  • Mad Scientist: He perform experiments on both figments and humans while working with Christmas Spirit, and his goal is to create a Reshiram for him to marry.
  • No Biological Sex: Subverted. While Reshiram is normally genderless, the one that Justin is specifically in love with is shown to be female.
  • Olympus Mons: Reshiram is a Legendary Mon, acting as a member of the "Tao Duo" alongside Zekrom.
  • Playing with Fire: Reshiram is part Fire-type, and in the Pokémon FireRed hack, she can use Sacred Fire. Ju'Reshoggoth is also capable of using both of Reshiram's signature moves, Fusion Flare and Blue Flare.
  • Slasher Smile: Ju'Reshoggoth, made even worse by his exposed gums.
  • You Are Already Dead: After getting shot in the chest with a Christmas Spirit-infused lump of coal, there's enough time for Ju'Reshoggoth to taunt Santa, and for Santa to reference the trope namer.

    Angry Joe
A gamer known for his energetic reviews and rants and creator of The Angry Joe Show. In-Universe, he is also the high-ranking crime lord Dinkleberg, as well as the person who terminated the original GiivaSunner channel. He later appears in the Christmas Comeback Crisis as one of The Voice's main generals and weapons engineers.

    Nathaniel Welchert
A boy who goes on a Christmas adventure.

    Robbie Rotten
We are number one!
"Just follow my moves, and sneak around..."
A Harmless Villain trying to get the population of LazyTown to stop all their running around, so he can have some peace and quiet in his subterranean lair. He is kidnapped by The Voice along with many other Running Gags, but later manages to escape.
  • Alliterative Name: Robbie Rotten
  • Arc Number: Number 1, natch.
  • Author's Saving Throw: Invoked, since he was introduced in this rip, soon after the discourse that Green de la Bean and the 9/11 rips had created. By the time Slider (Number One Mix) came out (confirming his song as a meme), there were comments clamoring for more.
  • Breakout Character: Robbie's song "We Are Number One" became an Internet sensation in the latter half of 2016, and Robbie's been embraced by the Internet as one of its favorite memes.
  • Dastardly Whiplash: His behavior definitely fits the definition of the trope. The only thing missing is a mustache and a top hat.
  • Does Not Like Spam: Despises eating vegetables. He immediately spits out Wood Man's "steamed beans", and isn't very amused when Wood Man turns himself into Pickle Woodman.
  • Dressed to Plunder: On September 19, 2016note , he appeared on the channel banner in his pirate disguise.
  • Edutainment Game: Robbie has been in one of these before, which he points out while questioning Wood Man's lies in "Wood Man & Robbie Rotten".
  • Failure Montage: The entire point of "We Are Number One" is that Robbie and his three lookalike goons repeatedly fail in their villainous attempts, sometimes before their target even shows up.
  • Master of Disguise: During the Christmas Comeback Crisis, he disguises himself as one of the Voice's guards in order to escape after being captured. Not to mention his song all about it from LazyTown.
  • Villain Song: But of course! "We Are Number One" is one of Robbie's various villainous tunes.
  • Villainous Friendship: Becomes friends with Wood Man so that he can capture superheroes.

    Rapper's Union
Excluding Parappa.
Leitmotif: "The Next Episode", "Drop it Like It's Hot" (Snoop Dogg), "Crank That" (Soulja Boy), "S.L.A.B. Freestyle" (Chip tha Ripper), "Space Jam" (Charles Barkley)
A group of rappers who have their songs frequently used on the channel as Running Gags. They quickly ally with Nozomi upon meeting her. The members include Soulja Boy, Snoop Dogg, Charles Barkleynote , Chip tha Ripper, and Parappa The Rapper.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Barkley. Even after the Face–Heel Turn, though not as much.
  • Fanwork Ban:
    • "S.L.A.B. Freestyle"
    • "Space Jam", except for songs that aren't in 4/4 time.
  • Foreshadowing: Did you notice that Charles Buckley was a basketball player, not a rapper?
  • Improbable Weapon User: Barkley uses a pair of basketballs as his weapons.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: Episode 9 reveals that Soulja Boy owns a katana, due to his love for anime.
  • Noodle Incident: During An Acrimonious Assault, judging from Snoop's line before he kills Angry Joe below, Biggie Smalls was a part of the Union before Joe killed him for seemingly unknown reasons.
  • Pokémon Speak: Barkley's dialogue, until the reveal, consists only of "SLAM!" and "JAM!".
  • Pre-Mortem One-Liner: Snoop says one to Angry Joe before he kills him.
  • Parrot Exposition: When Parappa the Rapper speaks, he repeats the entire previous line of dialogue, only from his point-of-view, similar to his game of origin.
  • Red Herring: Parappa is introduced after the existence of The Mole in the Rappers's Union is revealed, implying that he is said Mole. However, it turns that Barkley is actually the Mole in the Union, and Parappa is killed during Barkley's attack.
  • Scary Black Man: Snoop Dogg. The others... not so much.
  • Stylistic Suck: Rips with "Space Jam" are more often than not an example of this. This plays into Barkley's character, as his attack features him bouncing two basketballs at different tempos.
  • The Mole: In Episode 8, we find out that someone in the Union is working for The Voice. The next episode reveals that it's Charles Barkley.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: Snoop, again.
  • Uncertain Doom: It's unknown whether or not Barkley is alive after he gets sucked into the Kazoo Master's portal.
  • Walking Spoiler: Barkley, after the reveal.

    The Kazoo Master
A mysterious mercenary working for The Voice who's incredibly proficient with kazoos.
  • Berserk Button: Insulting his kazoo.
  • Blood Knight: Claims to be looking for the strongest warrior when he arrives, and he's rather pleased when Soulja Boy gives him an even fight.
  • Composite Character: On top of representing the kazoo rips and their creator, Fvida Auron, the Kazoo Master takes a lot of elements from AMUNO. AMUNO's scream can even be heard right before the Kazoo Master comes out of his portal.
  • Defeat by Modesty: He conceded defeat after Soulja Boy destroyed his cloak.
  • Graceful Loser: Compliments Soulja Boy on his skills after he loses, promising to meet him again.
  • Gratuitous French: Peppers several French words and phrases into his speech.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Wields a giant Kazoo as his main weapon, and he also has a normal sized kazoo that shoots lightning.

    Wade L.D. 
The subject of the Season 3 finale, The Life and Times of Wade L.D.. He was a Waddle Dee working as a secretary for Haltmann, and he designed Gadgetini 2.0. His crumbling life led him into a trans-dimensional conflict that would ultimately end up killing him, in order for 2B to complete her mission, but not before ending the syndicate formed under Chase (Chaze the Chat) and his underlings.

AMUNO Le Film characters

A French Youtuber who makes... very interesting videos. He has his own channel, which includes all of his videos uploaded to SiIvaGunnernote , as well as some other videos
  • A Day in the Limelight: Stars in his own "Le Film" as the Season 2 finale.
  • Author Appeal: Nintendo (primarily Mario), Undertale, and Naruto are frequently used in his videos.
  • Gratuitous French: Every single video by him is in French, and not all of them have English subtitles.
  • Intentional Engrish for Funny: The English subtitles on his videos are very poorly-translated and full of typos - but also convey how incoherent and trashy the original French dialogue is.
  • Invincible Hero: In “Le Film,” he defeats every enemy with ease and is never injured, even after being shot from point-blank range.
  • Mind Screw: His videos are very peculiar, to say the least.
  • Piss-Take Rap: His "Epic Pixel Battle" videos.
  • Precision F-Strike: There are several cases of this in the videos.
  • Stylistic Suck: All of the characters shown in videos are artwork with a white box background or drawn in MS Paint. The backgrounds are often stock images.
  • Sensory Abuse: When AMUNO screams, he screams.
  • Widget Series: All of AMUNO's videos handily qualify for WTF due to their nigh-incomprehensible nature and references to obscure corners of French urban and pop culture.

One of the YouTubers that composes SiIvaGunner's channel team. In the AMUNO Le Film, he acts as AMUNO's manager/assistant. Represented as a sprite of Hector wearing a pair of Cool Shades and a customized Mario hat.

Other characters

    Knuckles the Echidna
"Knock, knock! It's Knuckles!"
"Oh no."
Leitmotif: "Unknown from M.E."

One of the main protagonists of the Sonic the Hedgehog games. He does not come up often, but the rips that do involve him tell us a lot, such as his Image Song "Unknown from M.E.".

    Chad Warden 
"More like the Gay Mexican-Ass in my Ass."
Voiced by: Himself (through the use of Manipulative Editing)

The protagonist of the Reboot arc. After accidentally starting discourse amongst the fandom, he sets out to bring "Snow halation" back from its disappearance.

    Mr. Rental
AAAAH! Call Mr. Rental!

The mascot of an Australian rental company, and a big fan of SiIvaGunner. While initially portrayed as a protagonist, he was later portrayed as a violent serial killer intent on the destruction of all mashups... until it was revealed that the latter is a separate character entirely.

Mr. Own

"Ban. All. Mashups."
Voiced by: Microsoft Sam

An alternate-universe Mr. Rental whose embitterment against mashups led him to become a Serial Killer with a vendetta. It's only revealed that he's separate from Mr Rental in a "behind the scenes" video.

  • Alternate Universe: Eventually revealed to be from one.
  • Berserk Button: Mashups.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: A character with such a goofy design surely can't be dangerous in any way, right? WRONG.
  • Car Fu: One of his two main methods of killing mashup characters is running them over with his car. It's the only thing that he shares with his good counterpart.
  • Driven to Suicide: Shot himself for accidentally creating a mashup at the end of one rip, though he got better.
  • Evil Counterpart: To Mr Rental, naturally.
  • Freudian Excuse: Chip the Ripper murdered Mr. Own's entire family, which is the root cause for his immense hatred of all mashups.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Mr Rental shoots him with his own shotgun.
  • Knight Templar: Believes in the destruction of all mashups, regardless of quality.
  • Serial Killer: Is explicitly referred to as one in this rip.
  • Shotguns Are Just Better: His other method of killing mashup characters is by shooting them with a shotgunnote .
  • Spotting the Thread: The biggest clue that he and Mr. Rental are two different people is that he actually buys a cell phone, which is something that Mr. Rental is opposed to doing.
  • Walking Spoiler: Isn't shown to be a unique character from Mr. Rental until the Mr. Rental finale.

    King for a Day Tournament competitors
All competitors.
(See the channel hosts section for Unregistered HyperCam 2's entry.)

A motley group of characters (mostly video game characters and real-life musicians) who are all competing to have control over the channel for a single day, wishing to upload rips using their discographies, their styles, or what-have-you. The winner of this tournament was Unregistered Hypercam 2, who temporarily took over the channel on October 9.

Note: The hypothetical matchups and victories refer to the "All Victory Fanfares and VS Lines!" video.

Off the Hook (ft. Paruko)
Click for KFAD 2 Picture 
Qualifier: Backroom Pick
Against: Solid Snake (Round 1), Wario Bros. (Round 2), Reggie Fils-Aime (Semifinals), Unregistered HyperCam 2 (Finals)

Finalist, having lost to Unregistered HyperCam 2. Off the Hook is a pop duo based in Inkopolis formed by an Inkling named Pearl and an Octoling named Marina. Joining them is a sea anemone named Paruko (or Glennanote ) who serves as the lead member to a contemporary band, the Chirpy Chirps.

  • Catchphrase: "Don't get cooked... Stay off the hook!"
  • Insult Friendly Fire: In a hypothetical victory against Pitbull, Paruko calls him "overrated mainstream garbo" before doing a Verbal Backspace, since her teammates are also a mainstream pop duo (in their home game).
  • Token Heroic Orc: Prior to the Octo Expansion update in their home game, Marina was the only known friendly Octoling.
  • The Knights Who Say "Squee!": Paruko is apparently a fan of DJ Professor K and asks for his signature in their hypothetical matchup.

Reggie Fils-Aime
Click for KFAD 2 Picture 
Qualifier: Backroom Pick
Against: Dancing Alien Team (Round 1), Thanos (Round 2), Off the Hook (Semifinals)

Semifinalist, having lost to Off the Hook. President of Nintendo's America branch, Reggie Fils-Aime serves as the spokesman for the gaming company's overseas endeavors. Reggie is well-regarded by the gaming community as a never-ending supply of memetic phrases and in this tournament represents Nintendo as a whole rather than a single specific franchise... oh, and Fortnite, too.

  • Big Fun: Although not fat per se, Reggie does have a sizable build.
  • Power Fist: In his character art, he wears brass knuckles... made out of Nintendo GameCubes.

King Dedede
Click for KFAD 2 Picture 
Qualifier: #1 Top-Voted by Fans
Against: "Weird Al" Yankovic (Round 1), Etika (Round 2), Unregistered HyperCam 2 (Semifinals)

Semifinalist, having lost to Unregistered HyperCam 2.

  • Big Eater
  • Cool Mask: Wears his mask as Masked Dedede in the King for Another Day Tournament.
  • Drop the Hammer: His trademark. It even comes with a built-in jet turbine for extra oomph.

Wario Bros. / Wario Partners, LLP (Wario & Waluigi)
Click for KFAD 2 Picture 
Qualifier: Rippers' Pick (Wario), #2 Top-Voted by Fans (Waluigi)
Against: Geno (Round 1), Off the Hook (Round 2)

Round 2 competitors, having lost to Off the Hook.

  • Butt-Monkey: Waluigi gets this treatment in his home franchise.
  • Fat and Skinny: Wario is the fat, Waluigi is the skinny.
  • Greed: Wario would go to hell and back if it meant grabbing even a single coin. Marina references his greed after beating him.

Click for KFAD 2 Picture 
Qualifier: #4 Top-Voted by Fans
Against: Ajit Pai (Round 1), Reggie Fils-Aime (Round 2)

Round 2 competitor, having lost to Reggie. Hailing from the moon Titan, Thanos has an obsession with Mistress Death and wishes to kill off half the universe to win her heart. In the tournament, Thanos represents the Marvel vs. Capcom series and other Marvel Comics-based spinoffs, in addition to Fortnite due to his appearance in that game.

  • Badass Fingersnap: It's said that he could wipe out half the universe with one snap of his fingers at his Infinity Gauntlet's fullest power, and he does just this in his starring role in the Marvel films. He manages to use one of these snaps just once on a single target, see Cessation of Existence below.
  • Cessation of Existence: On the giving end to Ajit Pai.
  • Nice Hat: Dons a Mickey Mouse hat for his appearance in the King for Another Day Tournament.
  • Power Fist: His Infinity Gauntlet, which he is depicted wearing with all six Infinity Gems socketed in his art for the tournament.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: His art for KFAD 2 has him dressed in a full Mickey Mouse outfit, which naturally doesn't have a shirt.
  • Worthy Opponent: Says this about DJ Professor K in a hypothetical victory against him.

Qualifier: #6 Top-Voted by Fans (by merging all votes for Touhou characters)
Against: Pitbull (Round 1), Unregistered HyperCam 2 (Round 2)

Round 2 competitor, having lost to Unregistered HyperCam 2.

  • Drunken Master: Regarded as a masterful musician and is never seen without a bottle of alcohol at his side.

Qualifier: Backroom Pick
Against: DJ Professor K (Round 1), King Dedede (Round 2)
Round 2 competitor, having lost to King Dedede. Was also supposed to be a competitor in King for Another Day as part of a tag team with Reggie, but was cut from the competition.
  • Non-Gameplay Elimination: While he was originally intended to be in a tag-team with Reggie in the King for Another Day tournament, SiIvaGunner's team removed his character due to recent events regarding the actual Etika's mental state.

Click for KFAD 2 Picture 
Qualifier: #5 Top-Voted by Fans
Against: Wario Bros. (Round 1)

Round 1 competitor, having lost to the Wario Bros.

Solid Snake
Qualifier: Rippers' Pick
Against: Unregistered HyperCam 2 (Round 1)

Round 1 competitor, having lost to Unregistered HyperCam 2.

  • Super Soldier: Solid Snake is a genetic clone of Big Boss - who is widely regarded as one of these - and he definitely takes after his biological father.

Ajit Pai
Click for KFAD 2 Picture 
Qualifier: Backroom Pick
Against: Thanos (Round 1)
Round 1 competitor, having lost to Thanos.

Dancing Alien Team
From left to right: Popoy, Howard, and Marcianito.
Qualifier: Most Interesting Fan Suggestion
Against: Reggie Fils-Aime (Round 1)
Round 1 competitors, having lost to Reggie. Comprised of the aliens Marcianito, Popoy, and Howard.
  • Aerith and Bob: They consist of Popoy, Marcianito, and... Howard.
  • Amusing Alien: Given that all three originate from humorous music memes, this is expected.
  • Alien Autopsy: Inverted in a hypothetical victory against Off the Hook.
  • Anal Probing: Implied when they went up against Reggie. Popoy asks for Reggie's ass since his body is ready.
  • Benevolent Alien Invasion: Despite wanting to Take Over the World, they do not want to destroy humanity, and are only here to dance... but the team's character bio still wonders if this is some kind of deep-space takeover ploy.
  • Bilingual Bonus: Popoy and Marcianito speak exclusively in Spanish. Marcianito even originates from a Spanish meme.
  • Caps Lock: Howard speaks exclusively in this manner. Marcianito also slips into this in a hypothetical matchup against Unregistered HyperCam 2.
  • Crossover: This is the only team of characters competing that were not already part of the same canon (unless you count Popoy and Howard both belonging to viral 2018 memes). The team character bio is something of an original narrative by the SiIvaGunner team to unify the three memes.
  • Dance Sensation: They sway millions into copying their dance moves, taking advantage of human fascination with aliens. Popoy especially, as he represents "Dame tu Cosita", likely the most infamous Dance Sensation of 2018.
  • Exposed Extraterrestrials: All of them are nude. Somewhat averted in the King for Another Day tournament with Howard wearing a tie and Cool Shades.
  • Gratuitous Spanish: Popoy and Marcianato both originate from Spanish music videos.
  • Little Green Men: Popoy and Marcianito are this kind of alien, Marcianito moreso.
  • The Greys: Howard is this kind of alien. The team in general exhibits typical behavior for this alien type.
  • The Quiet One: Howard. In the hypothetical matchups video, he has only four lines of dialogue (and one is just an ellipsis) with Popoy and Marcianito providing the rest of the team's dialogue.
  • Take Over the World: A goal of theirs. They also take over Pop Star in a hypothetical victory against King Dedede.

Click for KFAD 2 Picture 
Qualifier: Rippers' Pick
Against: ZUN (Round 1)

Round 1 competitor, having lost to ZUN.

Will Smith
Qualifier: Most Interesting Fan Suggestion
Against: Unregistered HyperCam 2 (Round 1)

Round 1 competitor, having lost to Unregistered HyperCam 2.

DJ Professor K
Click for KFAD 2 Picture 
Qualifier: Most Interesting Fan Suggestion
Against: Etika (Round 1)

Round 1 competitor, having lost to Etika.

  • Respected by the Respected: In the hypothetical matchups video, his music is complimented by Paruko/Glenna, Popoy, Weird Al, Unregistered HyperCam 2 (possibly) and even Thanos.

"Weird Al" Yankovic
Click for KFAD 2 Picture 
Qualifier: Rippers' Pick
Against: King Dedede (Round 1)

Round 1 competitor, having lost to King Dedede.

Qualifier: #3 Top-Voted by Fans

A disqualified competitor. Despite being the third-most requested character by fans (behind Waluigi and King Dedede), she was deemed too big to participate in the tournament.

  • Bait-and-Switch: Used as the bait, twice.
    • At the beginning of Season 3, several signs (loosely) indicated she would be taking over the channel. It was later revealed that the Nostalgia Critic had actually caused them.
    • As the characters for the King for a Day Tournament were being revealed, her silhouette was shown as the final character teaser. After 24 hours, the final character was revealed to be Etika, and his character bio followed not long after.
  • Humor Dissonance: Invoked in "Okay, Everyone!", where Yuri's poem is literally just a transcript of Joel's reaction to 7 Grand Dad. Monika, Yuri and Natsuki think it's hilarious and are anticipating the Player Character's reaction... only for him to not get the reference at all. But that doesn't stop the three from laughing about it anyway.
  • Recurring Extra: Probably the closest you can get to this trope on SiIvaGunner. While Doki Doki Literature Club! has its fair share of rips and references in rips, Monika has yet to make any formal appearance in the lore, despite on multiple occasions being mentioned or making minor cameos in it:
    • The 2017 Halloween special's end credits list her under "Executive Producer".
    • The end of The Nostalgia Critic's takeover contains a clarification that she didn't take over the channel.
    • During "Wood Man & Robbie Rotten", while Wood Man is explaining figments coming from the future, she appears in a brief background image (along with the rest of her club), and earlier in the same video, her game is specifically called out as being from 2017.
    • Her silhouette appears as a Bait-and-Switch during the King for a Day character reveals, and the King for a Day credits reveal that she was highly-requested, but disqualified.
  • Too Qualified to Apply: The reason she was excluded from King for a Day; she would easily beat everyone with the large number of votes that the Doki Doki Literature Club! fanbase would be able to give her.

    King For Another Day Tournament competitors 
(See all other returning King for a Day tournament contestant entries in their separate section.)

The sequel of the previous tournament that was officially announced at the 2019 SiIvaGunner MAGfest panel. Featuring many of the previous contestants from King for a Day, this tournament will have a total of 32 contestants. All of the newcomers have random surprise reveals at the end of their rips.


Reveal Trailer Rip: Plant - Cave Story
Qualifier: Random Fan Submission
Against: TBD

The amnesiac protagonist and Player Character from the popular platformer Cave Story, who was picked on-the-spot from a random selection of 8 characters sent in by fans during the MAG Fest 2019 panel's character poll. His character represents rips from Studio Pixel games, rips from games published by Nicalis, and other rips from old classic indie platformers.

Adam Levine

Against: TBD
The lead singer of Maroon 5, Adam Levine enters the competition as an "executive decision" made by Chaze the Chat. While his source list mainly consists of rips related to Maroon 5 and its previous/current members, it also contains rips featuring 90s alternative rock music.

Johnny Bravo
Reveal Trailer Rip: The 2019 Channel Update Vlog
Qualifier: Art Team's Choice
Against: TBD
With an ego as gigantic as his muscles, Johnny Bravo frequently attempts (and fails) to impress women in his show. His sources include rips featuring music from Cartoon Network originals and other music from Hanna Barbera-shows that have previously aired on the same platform.
  • Casanova Wannabe: Johnny's whole shtick.note 

Mr. Krabs
Qualifier: Rippers' Pick
Against: TBD
Owner and proprietor of Bikini Bottom's famous resturaunt the Krusty Krab, Eugene H. Krabs is a selfish shellfish who's lust for money knows no bounds. He enters the tournament representing rips related to his series, Spongebob Squarepants, as well as rips that relate to piracy, money, and crabs.
  • Greed: Mr. Krabs's main personality trait is his unending greed and (sometimes literal) penny-pinching.

Mariya Takeuchi
Reveal Trailer Rip: SiIva Direct 4.1.2019
Qualifier: Unique Fan Submission
Against: TBD
After her song, Plastic Love, went viral overseas, Mariya Takeuchi became famously known worldwide for her contributions towards the Japanese pop/funk genre. She joins the tournament with rips featuring music from herself and other rips from city pop and future funk music.

Dr. Robotnik
Reveal Trailer Rip: SiIva Direct 4.1.2019
Qualifier: Popular Fan Submission
Against: TBD

  • Big Beautiful Man: Sees himself as being this and was intentionally designed by DiC's Milton Knight to be "animation's sexiest fat man".

Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams
Qualifier: Unique Fan Submission
Against: TBD

Reveal Trailer Rip: SiIva Direct E3 2019
Qualifier: Popular Fan Submission (Sans)
Against: TBD
The immensely popular puzzle-loving skeleton from Undertale. Papyrus enters the tournament in the place of his brother, Sans, who felt like being a king was too much work. A vote for him is a vote for rips featuring himself, music from puzzle games, music about skeletons, and pasta.

Jack and Elmo
Reveal Trailer Rip: SiIva Direct E3 2019
Qualifier: Art Team's Pick
Against: TBD

Dr. Piccolo
Reveal Trailer Rip: SiIva Direct E3 2019
Qualifier: Unique Fan Submission
Against: TBD
When Son Goku was diagnosed with the Ligma virus, Dr. Piccolo came out of his retirement to save his ally and the rest of the world by using his daily doses. His character provides rips from Shonen Jump content, rips related to medical practice, and (not surprisingly) rips featuring Green and Purple by Kritikal.

Jack Bros.
Qualifier: Unique Fan Submission
Against: TBD
Hailing from the Megami Tensei series and its spinoff titles, this tag team consists two of the most recurring demons in the franchise: Jack Frost and Mothman. The team provides rips featuring music from games developed or published by Atlus.

Qualifier: Backroom Pick
Against: TBD
An Australian-made cake-mixer... That's it. Short for Hyper Operative Baking and Ripping Technology, HO Ba RT is certainly one of the most unorthodox challengers in a set of already unorthodox challengers. The mixer provides rips from or about Australia, rips about cooking, rips featuring Lil Jon, and rips featuring... Hobart.

Rhythm Masters
Qualifier: Popular Fan Submission (rhythm game characters)
Against: TBD

Nico Nico
Qualifier: Rippers' Pick
Against: TBD

Donkey Kong
Reveal Trailer Rip: SiIva Direct 9.21.19
Qualifier: Popular Fan Submission
Against: TBD

Reveal Trailer Rip: SiIva Direct 9.21.19
Qualifier: Rippers' Pick
Against: TBD

  • Painting the Medium: Its page on the Mojo Website is filled with coding errors and glitched text, referencing its qualities. Its art isn't even visible on the site without zooming out or making the window wider.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: Its reveal trailer has it reluctant to join the tournament out of both feelings of neglect and its data-corrupting abilities.

The Jazz Cats
Reveal Trailer Rip: SiIva Direct 9.21.19
Qualifier: Backroom Pick
Against: TBD

Reveal Trailer Rip: SiIva Direct 9.21.19
Qualifier: Backroom Pick
Against: TBD

Law & Disorder (Phoenix Wright & Monokuma)
Reveal Trailer Rip: SiIva Direct 9.21.19
Qualifier: Art Team’s Choice
Against: TBD

  • Order vs. Chaos: They could not fit this dynamic any better, considering that Phoenix is an official defense attorney who fights to get his clients declared innocent through courts of law, while Monokuma is a maniacal teddy bear designed to spread despair by arranging students into killing games. The main thing that ties these two together is their use of court trials in both of their games.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Monokuma is the manic counterpart to Phoenix's comparatively more subdued personality.

Running Gags


"I think we already know this is not Five Nights at Freddy's related. Start the rip."
Representative: Freddy Fazbear

One of the channel's oldest and most enduring gags. A tune from Five Nights at Freddy's that always transitions into something else (i.e, a completely unrelated song, some random dialogue or even a video) after the initial three seconds.

  • Alphabetical Theme Naming: Initially, the mixes were identified through letters from the Greek alphabet.
  • Creepy Circus Music: The original tune is supposed to be this, but it barely lasts 3 seconds until the transition happens.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: Mixes in post-reboot Season 1 and 2 had names that are more indicative of the joke used in them.
  • Grumpy Old Man: The "Cranky Mix" contains one, who appears to be disgruntled fan who misses the "old days" of the channel.
  • Non-Indicative Name: The actual song doesn't even last five seconds, and the gag is always completely different. Sometimes subverted in that the "(___ Mix)" could be a clue to the content of the rip.
  • Pun: In late Season 3 and continuing into Season 4, the mix names started becoming puns on the word "Mix" or "Version". These puns usually have nothing to do with the rip in question.

Sens (Sans/Ness)
Leitmotif: "Megalovania" (as Sans), "Onett" (as Ness)

A laid-back, pun-happy skeleton of short stature who punishes those that intend to murder everyone in his underground home... and also a young boy gifted with psychic powers who fought against the machinations of a mindless malevolent alien.

Pannenkoek2012 and TJ "Henry" Yoshi
Now, you're probably wondering what I gonna need all that speed for. After all, I do build speed for 12 hours! But to answer that, we need to talk about parallel universes...
Leitmotif: "File Select"

A Challenge Gamer who is notorious for his incredible knowledge over Super Mario 64 and its mechanics, allowing for absurd gameplay where Mario is able to manipulate both literal and technical bugs, accelerate his own speed to infinity in half a day, and travel through "parallel universes"... all to obtain a power star without pressing the A button (he holds it down the entire time, but it's not actually pressed).

T.J. "Henry" Yoshi, an orange Yoshi wearing Godot's visor, is a related character who became well-known as he is mocked within the video of Pannenkoek's explanations (for saying that half A presses don't exist).

  • Beyond the Impossible: Pannenkoek manages to make Mario move at a "speed" that even reality itself can't keep up with.
  • Butt-Monkey: T.J. "Henry" Yoshi, both in-universe and in a meta sense, as the man himself occasionally shows up in the comments section of some videos, leading to a few jokes at his expense from the other commenters.
  • Dimensional Traveler: Pannenkoek can make Mario do this in a way, and he's more than happy to explain how.
  • Foreshadowing: The whole idea of parallel universes becomes relevant in the Reboot Arc.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Parallel universes and the many other glitches necessary to get the star have been referenced on occasion.
  • Overly Long Gag: The extended version of "Cave Dungeon" from Super Mario 64, when combined are over 12 hours long. It's an extremely slow version of the song getting faster for 12 hours until it returns to normal speed. It eventually transitions into "Jellyfish Jam" from SpongeBob SquarePants at the very end.
  • Self-Imposed Challenge: The whole meme was created because of all the setup Pannenkoek had to do in order to obtain an otherwise rather simple Power Star. Additionally, it's part of a full 120-star run, which has been narrowed down to about 30 A button presses.
  • Your Head Asplode: T.J. "Henry" Yoshi ends up blowing up from frustration in the Slot Machine (Beta Mix) rip, when he gets served only half of a Super Mario 64 rip.

CG Rap
It's finally here, firing in spurts for you.
"He's the leader of the bunch; you know his coconut gun is finally back to fire in spurts. His coconut gun can fire in spurts. If he shoots ya, it's firin' in spurts."
Leitmotif: "The DK Rap"

The CG Rap is a sentence mixed version of the "DK Rap". This version is about the members of the Coconut Crew and their Coconut Guns.

  • Broken Record: "She's quick and nimble and quick and nimble and quick and nimble and quick and nimble..."
  • Department of Redundancy Department:
    • The members of the Coconut Crew all have coconut guns, and they all fire in spurts, and the song will let you know.
    • Also, "She's quick and nimble and quick and nimble and quick and nimble and quick and nimble!"
  • Disproportionate Retribution:
    • He kills Kongo Jungle (Melee's version of the DK Rap) because SilvaGunner says it isn't as good as the DK Rap or the CG Rap, and because there isn't a clear acapella of it.
    • Similarly, he kills Green de la Bean and Nathaniel Welchert because he's sick of their shticks and thinks they aren't funny. Welchert's death doesn't last, though, as he inexplicably returns twice after being CG'd (and the second time this happened, it was explicitly shown to be fatal).
  • Dummied Out: The CG Rap is actually labeled as the "Unused Version", with the used version being each of the Kong's verses being played at the same time (with a bit of Snow halation).
  • I'm a Humanitarian: In the Reprise: "Donkey Kong is Hannibal Lecter, he wants your face!"
  • The Klan: One lyric in the CG Rap is "KKK! Ku Klux Klan!"
  • Manipulative Editing: The "CG Rap" was created by splicing and rearranging audio clips used in the actual rap. The group of rappers, when given dialogue, also talk through this manner.
  • Self-Deprecation:
    • "This coconut shit! Isn't funny!"
    • The rappers do this in the Reprise rip from the last day of the reboot, saying that the Silence of the Lambs joke in their rip wasn't funny, and that the channel should just bring back Grand Dad.
  • Subverted Rhyme Every Occasion: Done at least once per rap.
  • Take That, Audience!: "If you know the words, you need to shoot yourself!"
  • Voice of the Legion: There's multiple rappers, but the rap's vocals are treated as a single entity, presumably falling under this trope. Played with in that only some of the rap has multiple rappers, so creating new dialogue/lyrics via Manipulative Editing results in the number of rappers changing constantly.

Bob Dylan

Voiced by: PinkieOats

A folk singer who sings "his own special way." And "smokes the weed."


During the reboot, the main running gags were all replaced with "parallel" versions. Specifically, the Flintstones theme was replaced with The Simpsons and Family Guy themes, "Snow halation" was replaced with "GO MY WAY!!", and Loud Nigra was replaced with the Howie Scream.

  • Continuity Reboot: Their existence is the result of this.
  • Demoted to Extra: The main reboot gags have appeared much less frequently since the end of the Reboot arc. For a time after the reboot, they appeared in the channel's banner alongside the original trio, only to end up disappearing again when Tito Dick officially replaced Loud Nigra. The only one to make somewhat regular appearances after the reboot is "GO MY WAY!!".
  • Dishing Out Dirt: In the Pokémon FireRed hack, Homer can use "Mr. Plow", a variation of Earthquake.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: The Simpsons theme , "GO MY WAY!!", and the Howie Scream had appeared in a select few rips before the Reboot began.
  • In-Series Nickname: Homer is sometimes referred to as "GRAND MA", enforcing his role as Grand Dad's counterpart.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: The Voice attempts to pass Haruka off as Haltmann's daughter, Susie. It doesn't work.
  • Shock and Awe: Haruka is Electric-type in the Pokémon FireRed hack, as is her attack Mic Feedback.
  • Squashed Flat: After The Voice's takeover, the Cinderella Girls and a few other iDOLM@STER characters are publicly executed this way on camera. It's not as humorous as it sounds.
  • Stock Scream: The Howie Scream, naturally.
  • Olympus Mons: Haruka replaces Lugia in the Pokémon FireRed hack, and is even stronger.

Felix the Cat (Continue?/Puzzle Room)

A minor running gag that came about during the reboot. Long story short, the "Game Over" music from a Russian Sega Genesis bootleg starring Felix the Cat is placed into a rip of "Program Rhythm" from Kirby: Planet Robobot... along with some some other notable content.note 

  • The Artifact: All of the Kirby: Planet Robobot rips were renamed when the official English titles became available... except for "Puzzle Room", which has kept the unofficial title due to the infamy of the original rip.
  • Body Horror: Felix the Cat rips his own face off.
  • Demoted to Extra: Unlike the main reboot memes, this is Averted due to the fact that Puzzle Room was always a minor running gag.
  • The Dreaded: All rips of "Program Rhythm" since the original, due to Song Association and general Paranoia Fuel.
  • Het Gone: The original "Puzzle Room" rip is not featured in the channel anymore due to the massive backlash. The rip's creator has reuploaded it on his own channel, though. Happened again to the first remake of it because it included Green de la Bean.
  • Nightmare Face: The baby in the original "Puzzle Room" rip has one due to its disease. Whether being edited to look like it has the Hypernova ability makes it more or less a fit for this trope varies.
  • Unlicensed Game: The "Felix the Cat" game is one. The source of its Game Over music, Uwol: The Quest For Money, is an example of this that averts Shoddy Knockoff Product.


Tito Dick
"Tito Dick "Dickman", baby! He raised Phil and loves the ladies!"
Leitmotif: The Nutshack

A character from The Nutshack, an animated sitcom of infamously bad quality. The Nutshack's theme actually debuted during the reboot as a very minor running gag, but it became a main running gag once the reboot ended (though it didn't officially become one until September 12th when Tito Dick took Loud Nigra's place).

  • Aborted Arc: Word of God is that he was originally intended to be the "greater evil" mentioned by The Voice Inside Your Head, but this changed after people started liking The Nutshack as a meme.
  • Ambiguously Evil: While Tito's initial actions lead people to believe he was a villain, Mr Rental's arrival has led some to reconsider.
  • Breakout Character: Originally meant to be an occasional Running Gag, Tito Dick and The Nutshack became popular enough memes to overtake Loud Nigra's place in the Power Trio.
  • Evil Overlooker: After a few weeks post-reboot, he showed up on the channel banner, covering the other memes (his transparency changed randomly during this time, just to tease lore-obsessed fans). Of course, once it became known that Mr Rental was not as nice as he seemed (and the banner was updated to include his shotgun pointed straight at the lighthouse), some have begun to believe that Tito was in fact protecting his fellow memes from death.
  • Either "World Domination", or Something About Bananas: The rap section of The Nutshack theme isn't of a very clear audio quality and can easily be misheard. For example, the lyric claiming Tito Dick "raised Phil" was originally thought to say that he "hates Phil".
  • Gag Censor: His head is frequently used as one.
  • Good Is Not Nice: One Rugrats rip portrays him mocking people about Grand Dad's disappearance, even though he's a fellow Running Gag.
  • Power Trio: After 9/11/2016, he took Loud Nigra's place in the trio.

Misha (Mishovy Silenosti)
I play pokemon go.
"I play Pokemon Go every day!"

A young boy who plays Pokémon GO every day.

Green de la Bean
i taste a VEGETAL
"Uh oh! You friccin moron. You just got BEANED!!!"
Leitmotif: U Guessed It (intro), No Words

A bizarre character who appeared at seemingly random times. Its presence often included Sensory Abuse, both of the visual and audio kind. It and all of the videos that included it were deleted after one of them was flagged, but the character soon returned with changes made to make it less unpleasant.

  • Anthropomorphic Food/Plant Person: It's a cartoony bean pod with limbs.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Its modus operandi invokes this. It shows up out of nowhere, Sensory Abuse ensues, and it leaves just as quickly as it appears
  • Creator's Pet: For most of the team. They really like him, whereas the fans effectively murdered him for a time. Even Chaze considers Bean his favorite.
  • Disney Death: Was seemingly Killed Off for Real after one of its videos was flagged, but soon returned without explanation amidst the channel mourning its "death".
  • Hero of Another Story: Despite being Demoted to Extra on the main SiIvaGunner channel, he's the proud mascot of the Flustered Fernando channel, where all of his rips were reuploaded.
  • Jump Scare: Its sole purpose was to scare the ever living daylights out of viewers. This aspect was removed ever since its revival.
  • Lighter and Softer: When it returned to the channel around the time of the Christmas Comeback Crisis, its appearances were toned down so that they were loud, but not ear-piercing.
  • Mind Screw: Whenever it showed up, with its strange imagery and distorted audio.
  • Sensory Abuse: Its appearances included extremely loud and distorted audio, alongside bizarre and overwhelming imagery of itself.

Nick Meowleksiak

"I took the time of day to cover this music for SiIvaGunner..."
Voiced by: Nick Oleksiak

A game composer who does covers for the channel, and a self-confessed NEET who hates his otaku lifestyle.

Egghead (Life Jacket Kid / Lil' Nibba)
A strange young boy who sometimes appears at the beginning of a video, which is usually quickly followed by disturbing images and sounds.
  • Creepy Child: After his first appearance, the fan community quickly became paranoid of him appearing in their videos.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: While he first started crashing videos and gaining notoriety in April 2017, his first actual appearance on the channel was as an in-universe Youtube thumbnail on a computer in a Mr. Rental video in January 2017.
  • Fictional Video Game: Egghead: The Video Game.
  • Jump Scare: Most of his appearances involve him randomly teleporting in front of a white screen at the beginning of a video. The screen then zooms on his face, but then quickly cuts to an edited, demonic-looking photo of a celebrity with glowing white eyes and a creepy red tint, accompanied by Sensory Abuse.
    • In the LSD: Dream Emulator rip "Lucy in the Sky with Dynamites" , he himself serves as a jumpscare; shortly after the oddly creepy video of a birthday cake being lit up, the screen cuts to static for an unusually long time, and then blacks out. After several seconds of silence, he suddenly jumps out of nowhere as a loud noise is played, and then disappears as quickly as he came.
  • Mood Whiplash: After the frightening jumpscares he triggers, the video usually shifts to an unrelated, usually humorous Vine.
  • No Name Given: Didn't have one until The Bus Came Back.
  • Nothing Is Scarier: What is his purpose? Why does his appearance trigger a jump scare? Is he connected to the channel's "lore" in any way?
  • Sensory Abuse: The jumpscares he triggers have the "Aural Invasion" kind, with a bit of Optical thrown in too.

Farting D. Va
Nerf this!
The teenaged mech-suited Gamer Chick from Overwatch, and Gasshole extraordinaire.
  • Catchphrase: "Nerf this!". Depending on the rip, the audio used for the catchphrase can originate either from Overwatch itself or from ChelHellBunny's twerking cosplay video.
  • Creator's Pet: Among the fanbase, she's considered basically the second coming of the Bean, except less prone to Sensory Abuse but far more gross and vulgar. She also appeared in almost every alternate rip between late August and mid-September 2019, and still occasionally appears afterwards.
  • Excrement Statement: The original edit made a mockery out of ChelHellBunny (deliberately or otherwise), while the SiIvaGunner channel uses it to aggrevate its viewers.
  • Fan Disservice: As used by SiIvaGunner. Even without the original video in context, viewers (that aren't fart fetishists) really don't want to visualize a young woman in a skintight bodysuit letting out a wet fart.
  • Gasshole: Her most well known trait in the SiIvaGunner universe, popping up in all her videos just to yell out her catchphrase and rip a big one. It's worth noting that this joke originates from an edit made by fart fetishists to an (NSFW) twerking video by cosplayer ChelHellBunny (still to the right), in which a fart is edited in while Chel twerks in a D. Va costume.
  • Stealth Pun: Her rips are... rips. As in farting.
  • Toilet Humor: What this meme amounts to.

(See the channel hosts section for Wood Man's entry.)

8-Bit Beast

Leitmotif: Haunted House

A beast, and the creator of an 8-bit "tune".

Takane Shijou

An idol who often sings about being a vampire. Appears during the Halloween Specials.—-

Spooky Scary Skeletons

A song often used to mark the beginning of the Skeleton War, which happens on the first of October.

Various very minor running gags that were introduced and didn't have much effect on SiIvagunner or GiIvasunner or the fans but made multiple appearances.


An advertisement for a series of fitness training equipment.
  • Ad Dissonance: Played for Laughs, of course. The dissonance comes from the fact that it shows up out of nowhere in the middle of videos that are supposed to only contain music.
  • Dada Ad: The ad by itself isn't that weird, but it becomes rather surreal when it shows up in rips of songs that have nothing to do with it.
  • Hard-Work Montage: What did you expect for an ad for fitness training equipment?
  • Product Placement: Well, it is an advertisement, after all.
  • Repeating Ad: Since it's a Running Gag, it technically counts as one.


A well known Super Mario 64 song that has been ripped many, many times.

Bird Up!


The mascot of now-defunct electronics store hhgregg, HH. Rips that contain him usually pull samples from the infamous "Christmas in July" commercial, which was mocked for having forced lyrics set to the tune of "Deck the Halls" before becoming a YTPMV meme.

Undertale 2

"Undertale 2"
A fake sequel to the immensely popular Undertale, whose rips are always bizarre shitposts. Not to be confused with Deltarune.

Love Plug Guy

A man who tries an experiment involving his penis, some tinfoil, and an electrical socket. It goes very badly. Like Loud Nigra, he usually appears in rips in the form of his scream.


"mario games super mario brothers games download mario games super mario brothers download games on PC mario games"
A loud voice appearing in several Mario Forever rips.

Throughout these rips, Softendo is revealed to be a malicious digital entity who consumed the work of Mario Forever's creator, Buziol, after the latter tried to stop it, and turned it into an incoherent, malicious cesspool. When Buziol takes on Softendo personally, Softendo declares that the convoluted mess that was the current state of Mario Forever's public image will live on, before absorbing Buziol into its consciousness.

Years later, one of Softendo's employees alert it to a strange issue within the game's ending. The area of concern was the credits, which awaken Buziol within Softendo and forces the latter to end itself.

"Good Ending" reveals that this mini-arc is a metaphor for the 14-years-long history of the actual Mario Forever game. When Mario Forever was released, it was hosted on a service called CNet, infamous for injecting bloatware, bundleware, and even malware into the files it hosted. The incessant rambling of Softendo in some of the rips turned out to be real texts ripped from the site (they were poorly written and machine-translated from Polish), and character!Buziol ending character!Softendo was the real Buziol realizing that Mario Forever was being laced with viruses, and promptly rebuilding everything from the ground up.

     7 Grand Dad
Leitmotif: The Flintstones Theme Tune
Voiced by: Vinesauce Joel, Jerkface (VoiceForge)

A bizarre Mario recolor and the titular hero of 7 Grand Dad (or Super Mario 7), a bootleg of The Flintstones: The Rescue Of Dino & Hoppy that became a meme after Joel played it. He is associated with the theme song of said bootleg, which is also the theme song for The Flintstones.

See the Vinesauce character page for his presence there.

  • Adaptational Heroism: He was The Hero of his game of origin, but was turned into a Serial Killer Villain Protagonist and later Big Bad in some ROM hacks Joel played on Vinesauce, the first channel that made him famous. On GiIvaSunner/SiIvaGunner, he's The Leader and once more a hero (though he is not The Hero; Nozomi plays this role).
  • Adaptation Name Change: The bizarre Mario sprite that came to be Grand Dad actually appears in multiple bootleg games (most notably the infamous "PUSH START TO RICH"), and is known as "Fortran" by the Mario community, though this specific sprite's hat has the Chinese character for "king" (王) on it instead of an F. However, Joel didn't know this when he played Super Mario 7, so the Grand Dad name stuck.
  • Arc Number: The number 7 is heavily associated with him.
  • Badass Grandpa: He is the hero of his original game.
  • Character Title: Inverted; Joel named Grand Dad after the title screen, which refers to the game as 7 Grand Dad instead of Super Mario 7. The cartridge itself has the text "Grand Dad 3M" on it.
  • Cool Old Guy: An affable, fun-loving old man, or at least on SiIvaGunner. On Vinesauce, he's completely the opposite.
  • Depending on the Artist: Is portrayed as either the Mario recolor from the title screen, or as Fred Flintstone with Mario's head from the gameplay.
  • Depending on the Writer: In contrast to his usual chipper demeanor, "Menu - Garfield" portrays him as frustrated and insulting towards the (rather trying) SiIva (though this is of course justified by the fact that the two play the role of Jon and Garfield, respectively, from Garfielf).
  • Dishing Out Dirt: In the Pokémon FireRed hack, he is a Rock-type and capable of using Rock-type and Ground-type attacks due to his association with the Flintstones.
  • Dolled-Up Installment: His game is advertised as a Mario game, despite clearly being a Licensed Game based on The Flintstones.
  • Face of the Band: As the oldest and most popular meme on the channel, he and The Flintstones theme are the things most commonly associated with it.
  • Head Swap: His in-game sprite is Fred Flintstone with Mario's head.
  • Lazy Artist: The aforementioned Head Swap and the infamous title screen are the only changes made to the game. Everything else from the characters to the story is largely the same, right down to the Hanna-Barbera characters still being in the game and calling Mario/Grand Dad "Fred".
  • Leitmotif: An 8-bit version of the opening theme song from The Flintstones.
  • Non-Indicative Name: Despite being called Grand Dad, he isn't shown to be anyone's grandfather.
  • Off-Model: His title screen sprite is miscolored and he appears to have either bloody teeth or no teeth at all.
  • Older Than They Look: He doesn't look much older than Mario, but the name Grand Dad seems to indicate that he's elderly.
  • Palette Swap: Of Fortran, a poor recreation of Mario from a bootleg slot machine game.
  • Pokémon Speak: As shown in various videos, he seems to be only able to communicate by screaming "FLEENSTONES?!". One of the only times that this is averted is in "Menu - Garfield".
  • Power Trio: Part of the channel's main meme trio in 2016 (along with Nozomi and Tito Dick), acting as The Leader.
  • Say My Name: GRAND DAD?!?
  • Scary Teeth: Teeth that look like they're covered in blood.
  • Shoddy Knockoff Product: Where he came from.
  • Technicolor Eyes: His eyes have orange sclera and blue irises. They also appear to have no pupils.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Which is the same color as the title screen background.

    Muse (μ's) 
(See the Christmas Comeback Crisis characters section for Nozomi's entry.)

μ's in general
In their current state.


"Nico Nico Nii~!"

A member of μ's who is well known for her Catchphrase, "Nico Nico Nii".

    Recurring Music Artists 
These music artists have their songs frequently used on the channel. Basically a supergroup to the Rapper's Union, though they do not have any significant character role. These running gags are likely human, in contrast to most gags, which are presumed to be figments.


Channel Contributors

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