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  • Approval of God: Has its own page.
  • Banned Episode: A number of rips over the years have been taken down by the team themselves with no intention to reupload them, due to a variety of reasons ranging from fan unpopularity and Old Shames to accidental connections to possible real-world child abuse. The Lost Media Wiki keeps a fairly thorough list of banned rips and the reasons behind their removal.
  • Black Sheep Hit: Pretty much all of the most-viewed rips are of the less common rip variety. Aside from the most viewed.note 
    • The rip of We Are Number One became the number one most viewed video on the channel shortly after its upload and stood there until being passed by the above in May 2019. It's currently the second-most viewed video. All this despite the fact that the "video game" in question doesn't even exist.
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    • The third most viewed rip is the Series Fauxnalenote  medley, "Title Theme and Ending - 7 Grand Dad". Most rips have a thumbnail that stays on screen for the entirety of the video, with a song playing in the background that has some sort of minor edit, but "Title Theme" is actually a little music video with sprites of Grand Dad, Nozomi and Loud Nigra traveling through various locales inspired by many of the channel's running jokes, accompanied with a Reprise Medley.
    • The rip of Mario Paint's Creative Exercise is the fourth most viewed, and it's pretty much an audio-only YTPMV of the song. Most rips use the instruments of the original song.
    • Then, of course, there's the Unused Version of the DK Rap as the fifth most viewed rip, famous for starting the Coconut Gun Running Gag. The rip is all about sentence-mixing the lyrics to say ridiculous things. The Unknown from M.E. (OST Version) is the seventh most viewed video and it's same deal. For starters, much of the channel's discography is instrumental, and even rips that do have vocals usually don't mess with them in this way.
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    • The sixth most viewed, which was in fact the most viewed video shortly after the channel rebranded itself to SiIvaGunner up until the "We Are Number One" rip passed it, is the Nintendo GameCube startup jingle rip. For most rips, the song in the title has the focus, but this rip spends the first quarter of its runtime playing Smooth Criminal before adding a loop of the GameCube startup jingle.
    • The ninth most viewed is Good Night, another Series Fauxnale with some visuals thrown in. Although in this case, the audio is a more typical for the channel.
    • The tenth most viewed video is Dedede Fusion Collab, which isn't even pretending to be a video game song!note  File Select Fusion is the 19th most viewed and it's the same deal.
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    • Finally, the 11th most viewed video is the rip of Snow Halation. It's a Flintstones-themed parody performed by a group of actual singers, with a music video as well.
    • Below this point the rips get more typical, but there are still some examples such as the aforementioned File Select Fusion (19th most viewed), two more DK Rap rips (12th and 29th), Wario World's Pause Screen which is a 50-minute long medley (17th), and Main Theme - Waluigi's Tacostand which is another Fictional Video Game (27th).
  • Colbert Bump:
    • Mr. Rental, the obscure mascot for the Australian rental company of the same name, was given the spotlight in a few rips.
    • The channel is also responsible for transforming The Nutshack from an obscure Filipino series to an Internet iconnote .
    • Similarly, when they started using We Are Number One in rips, the once-obscure song skyrocketed in popularity and became one of the defining memes of the decade.
    • Some "rips" come from games that are rather unknown or obscure.
    • Big Chungus references on the channel are usually comprised of one of three songs (or sometimes all three): the song by Endigo, the song by CG5, and the song by The Slopster. While the former two are very well-known and have roughly about 5 million views each, the latter is very obscure, having only about 40,000 Youtube views (likely all directly from SiIvaGunner), yet tends to be more frequently referenced in rips than the other two songs.
  • Creative Differences: Triple-Q, one of the more well-known contributors to the channel, was unceremoniously let go from the contributors, as the others felt that his submissions weren't of high enough quality. It was later revealed by a document from TUWieZ that Triple-Q was back in the team around the time of the Reboot, but he didn't upload any rips to the channel until the King for Another Day tournament, when he contributed three rips.
  • Creator Backlash:
    • Since the ending of the reboot ARG, the Siiva team has made several mocking remarks about it as well as fans obsessed with "lore".
    • The "bean flagging" incident didn't help matters. It even managed to get to the point where all the rips from 9/11 were removed due to some people threatening to flag them for offensive content. Luckily, they were all re-uploaded on Flustered Fernando.
  • Dear Negative Reader: invoked
    • The "OST version" of Megalovania from Undertale is interrupted by Chad Warden, who takes his time to insult people who hate the Snow Halation remixes that frequently show up on the channel.
    • Chad disrupts the "Beta Mix" of Megalovania from The Halloween Hack to once again call out the Snow Halation haters.
    • In the video that began the reboot, we are told that the channel crashed because of a problem with the file "HALATION.SYS" which was caused by "COMMUNITY_DISCOURSE".
  • Defictionalization:
  • Distanced from Current Events:
    • Sort of Zig Zagged with his "Continue - Felix the Cat" rip which was mashed up with "Puzzle Room" from Kirby: Planet Robobot... and released about 2 days after the infamous "Puzzle Room" incident. It was very shortly unlisted, but remade private, likely to prevent controversy; mirrors are available, though, and it was put back up the next day.
    • One of the contestants for the King for Another Day Tournament was a team of Reggie and Etika named "Joy-Con Boyz", but following Etika's Creator Breakdown and eventual suicide, he was removed from the contest in order to avoid bringing undue negative attention onto the real-life Etika. Bill Trinen would later fill in as Reggie's partner, and the team would be renamed "Nintendo Power". However, Etika was not completely gone from the tournament - he would later get a remix of Lifelight, the theme song to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate dedicated to him.
  • Doing It for the Art:
    • The team is making no money off the channel. Nothing's monetized, they don't have a crowdfunding campaign, and all Bandcamp albums are free, with any proceeds made going to the account's free download credits, and undisclosed charities.
    • Some of the "rips" have an impressive amount of effort put into them for what they are, such as the "rip" of the Title Theme (Beta Mix) of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time which is one of the infamous K-Fee coffee commercials recreated in the game itself via romhack.
    • Quite literally in this case, but Siiva has an entire art team dedicated for visuals of bigger events such as KFAD or The Christmas Comeback Crisis, who consistently illustrate high quality art when needed, no matter how bizarre or silly the circumstance requires. And much like the channel itself, no real monetization comes from this.
  • Fan Nickname: The channel is sometimes referred to as "GiivaSunner/SiivaGunner" for clarity's sake (and sometimes further abbreviated to "Giiva" or "Siiva").
  • Fanwork Ban: The channel accepts and posts a wide variety of rips submitted by the fans, but the contributors also keeps a list of content that isn't accepted. Some are due to concern for copyright strikes (see Screwed by the Lawyers). Others, such as the Space Jam theme, the The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme and "All-Star" by Smash Mouth are due to being cliché memes and thus magnets for low-quality efforts.
  • Follow the Leader:
    • Besides the countless "high quality rips" from those who aren't channel contributors, there's also a handful of channels based off the same concept.
      • One of the very first was BrawiBRSTMs3 X by TurretBot, parodying actual music uploader BrawlBRSTMs3 X.
      • Later examples tend to mess with the letters of "SiIvaGunner" in various ways. One of the most popular in this category is BIizzaStunner. The OG Gilva sums it up nicely with this tweet.
      • Following the September 30th planned ending, even more channels sprung up to continue making high quality rips. This includes TimmyTurnersGrandDad, who became more popular than any other fan channel.
      • A channel called "TheLogosMan4K" is essentially what SiIvaGunner would be like if he did "high-quality rips" of opening and closing logos.
    • On a separate note, thanks to the channel's spread of 7 GRAND DAD plus the reboot replacing memes, various spin-offs of Joel's reaction to GRAND DAD have surfaced, starting with 8 GRAND MAnote . The actual crusade of making these, however, was started by the creation of 9 GRAND SON. It started getting ridiculous after 10 GRAND DAUGHTER.
    • The King for a Day tournaments have inspired multiple clones and similar tournaments on Soundcloud, which follow a similar structure to King for Another Day. Examples include Mashup Week, Temporary Flight Attendent, Third World Tournament, Another Unneceary Tournament and PRIZM
  • Franchise Zombie: Despite Chaze the Chat intending to end the channel on a high note in September 2016, the Christmas Comeback Crisis, intending to just be a temporary special return, has morphed into an actual comeback continuing way past the Christmas season. According to this rip, which is actually a PSA from Chaze, the last episode of the Christmas Comeback Crisis fell into Development Hell, but in the meantime, he and the other contributors gained a new sense of motivation to continue the channel, though with a new planned ending.
  • I Knew It!: Quite a few people predicted the Phineas and Ferb takeover would be followed by a Doofenshmirtz takeover when no Perry-related music showed up during the former.
  • In Memoriam:
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes:
    • All of his videos on the original channel (just under 1000) were condemned to this once the channel was terminated. The new channel has reuploaded most of them, but some were left out, possibly due to Early Installment Weirdness. Regardless, this playlist claims to have reuploaded them all.
    • One notable example of a terminated rip is the final boss theme of Sonic 3 & Knuckles (a remix of Roundabout using the Genesis synthesizer), which managed to reach over 60 thousand views before being taken down.
  • Meaningful Release Date: A mainstay of the channel.
  • Milestone Celebration:
    • To celebrate the SiIvaGunner 1,000th video, he uploaded... Fire Temple (Removed Version), which was the last video on GiIvaSunner before his channel was removed.
    • January 9th, 2017, the first anniversary of the channel, saw a video detailing a timeline of important events in channel's history. It also saw a special rip of "A Secret Course" from Super Mario Sunshine, which is an updated version of a pre-SiIva Soundclown remix - the very remix that inspired Chaze the Cat to start SiIvaGunner. (It was removed from the actual channel for "violating YouTube's policy on spam, deceptive practices, and scams", but is reuploaded here).
    • Not for the channel, but for another property. For the 20th anniversary of Jet Set Radio and as the promised channel takeover day for 2020, The SiIvaGunner channel was converted into a digital radio station for 30 hours, with DJ Professor K hosting.
  • Name's the Same: The Voice Inside Your Head has nothing to do with the talent show where musicians pick out the best singers. Didn't stop him from tweeting this.
  • Newbie Boom: Despite steadily going on for almost 5 years at that point, the channel received a significant boom in newcomers in early 2021 after Friday Night Funkin' blew up on the Internet, mainly due to the channel posting 3 high-quality mods of the game every Friday night. The memeability of the mods themselves may have also helped.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: The channel occasionally uploads rips that are created by the fans as opposed to the contributors. The "Main Theme - Superman 64" rip is actually an instructional video on how to properly submit rips to the channel, which also includes a list of content that will not be accepted for various reasons.
  • Old Shame:
  • Parody Assistance:
  • Promoted Fanboy: A few regular contributors got their start creating unofficial "high quality rips" on sites like Soundcloud and YouTube before officially joining the team.
  • Recursive Adaptation:
  • Role Reprise: KNIIO reprises her role as DJ Doctor K during the Professor K takeover, having first voiced her in the Jet Set Sona Challenge's introductory short.
  • Rule 34 – Creator Reactions: The SiIvaGunner: King For a Day credits include a Special Thanks to everyone who drew Fan Art... immediately followed by a "Special Unthanks" to "that one person that drew porn of Unregistered HyperCam 2". Likewise, the King for Another Day credits includes a "Special Unthanks" section that starts off with "Porn".
  • Screwed by the Lawyers:
    • As of the Season 4 submission guide, the channel currently cannot accept or host rips involving Morimori Atsushi, the soundtrack to Re:CREATORS, or footage from Super Sentai explicitly due to copyright concerns. Other copyright-unfriendly sources (such as Drake or Kanye West) are not banned outright, but still highly discouraged in submissions.
    • The beginning of 2019 saw the channel being taken down thanks in no part to Sony Music Entertainment Japan filing 3 copyright strikes on them in one day. It would take the crew over a few months to get the channel restored by YouTube.
    • A more minor one here. The "It's a me, Mario!" - Super Mario 64" rip features Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario himself, giving a shout-out to the channel. Martinet was originally supposed to say "It's a me, Grand-Dad!" but his contract didn't allow him to do so.
  • Trolling Creator: Obviously, considering it's a Bait-and-Switch channel. Even after the channel's true nature became well-known, the SiIvaGunner team still frequently messes with the fans both inside and outside the channel. Examples of this include references to this rip and extending the Inspector Gadget event because of the fan backlash. It hasn't always worked out in the team's favor, though, as their attempts to turn Green de la Bean into a major meme resulted in the fans giving the channel a flag strike.
  • Unintentional Period Piece:
    • While the first season of the channel did a decent job at making rips of both old and new games, the sheer overabundance of Undertale rips (and rips that reference it) dates it to around the time when Undertale's popularity was at a critical mass. More generally, there's also the many rips referencing gaming-related news of the time.
    • A massive amount of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure memes were also posted in 2016; while the show had not yet reached its absolute peak in popularity (that being around 2018-2019 during Golden Wind, when Giorno's theme became a widespread meme), it was definitely when the show started to become essentially a mainstay of meme communities. As the incessant amount of JoJo rips started to become increasingly polarizing, they have since become significantly less common.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • According to the AMA on the GiIvaSunner subreddit, Tito Dick was at first supposed to be the villain of the lore. The plan for it was scrapped after The Nutshack meme was received a lot better than they anticipated.
    • The creator of the infamous Puzzle Room rip originally intended for the video to end with a photo of Kirby ripping his skin off. Since no such photo existed, they substituted one of a harlequin baby put through the Hypernova Yourself filter, and, well...
  • The Wiki Rule: No surprises here. The SiIvaGunner Wiki aims to explain the joke of every single high quality rip. Due to the abundance of Running Gags, the wiki also acts as a makeshift database, sort of. It is nearly 99% complete, and keep in mind that there are over 13,000 rips, so that's no small feat.

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