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  • The true ending of the reboot, in its entirety.
    • It begins with Chad Warden giving a speech about "Snow halation":
    "Snow Halation represents everything beautiful about love. It has united people all around the world. Whether through tens of thousands of people in a stadium, lighting up the arena with their glowsticks as one... Through remix after remix by many different fans... Or through a bunch of people having fun on a YouTube channel."
    "Snow Halation is that special feeling you get when you've finally expressed yourself. It has always been an important part of GiIvaSunner, and in a way represents what they're all about. Doing what you love out of your OWN heart, not anybody else's. A'ight? GiIvaSunner doesn't owe anyone anything, and nothing you do can ever change that. I know the real GiIvaSunner, not your illegal bitch, would agree with me! Aight?"
    • ...shortly followed by a reprise of the song in question, with translated lyrics shedding light on its actual meaning:
    I'll reach for you
    and all the pain that's new
    I'll give a name
    something pure and true, like
    Snow halation
    until the day we come to feel the same
    I'll keep it close
    all this love I hold, my new sensation
    I can't keep holding back
    Use the strength that I'm hoping to have
    Take a leap of faith within my heart
    And this is my start!!
  • July 11th, 2016 - the first anniversary of Satoru Iwata's untimely demise from a bile duct tumor - was dedicated to rips from games he was involved in making. A number of them were completely straightforward - none so much so as this piano cover of "Because I Love You". Moreover, every one of them had the description slightly altered:
    Please understand the channel description.
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  • His Theme (Anniversary Mix), among the many rips released for Undertale's first anniversary, is moving despite itself; in lieu of humor, it simply swaps the main melody of the song for "Happy Birthday to You!". And yet it remains just as powerful as the original.
  • The amount of tribute rips to Silva, as well as other channels picking up on his ripping. It goes to show how many people Silva has brought together. And it'll only keep growing, which is part of what makes it so beautiful.
  • The 8 pre-reboot "Snow halation" rips have a comment from each member of μ's about reading the channel description, which mirrors their lines before they sing "Snow halation" in the anime. Oddly heartwarming, especially when you consider the 9th in the entry below.
    "Because I love reading the channel description." - Honoka Kousaka
    "Because I love food. And reading the channel description." - Hanayo Koizumi
    "Because I love working hard, which means always reading the channel description." - Umi Sonoda
    "Because I love dancing to music while I read the channel description." - Rin Hoshizora
    "Because I love singing the channel description." - Kotori Minami
    "Because I'm Nico Nico Nii, and I love reading the channel description!" - Nico Yazawa
    "Because I love our school, which taught us to always read the channel description." - Eli Ayase
    "Because I love music, which you can get more information on by reading the channel description." - Maki Nishikino
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  • "Snow Halation - Love Live!", the second-to-last rip of Season 1, starts off as a parody cover (using actual singers rather than sentence mixing or synthetic voices) with lyrics related to The Flintstones... then they sing the actual Flintstones theme over the chorus, reprising both of the channel's two most beloved memes. The final chorus veers into Tear Jerker territory with lyrics about how hard it is to move on. If the rip's content wasn't enough, the title doesn't use any alternate descriptions, it simply states the title and the series - the only "Snow halation" rip to do so (at the time), and the description provides the missing μ's comment, from Nozomi:
    "Because I love each and every day." - Nozomi Tojo
  • The Grand Finale (with emphasis on the "Grand"), Title Theme & Ending - 7 GRAND DAD. It's a Reprise Medley where Mario, Nozomi, and Loud Nigra traverse through various landscapes inspired by the various memes used throughout Silva's run at the time. At the end we find it's all on the computer of Silva himself, declaring he has made the highest quality rip and then going to bed.
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  • There's also this heartwarming comment, playing off of the famous speech in the second last episode of Cowboy Bebop.
    Carlos Gonzalez: So this is it....
    It's been a gay old time, fellow Grand Dads.
    We've had some laughs, and some questionable choices in our lives, but no matter what, Silva was there to give us our high quality rips.
    He's traveled through the snowy halations of our minds, through nutshacks, all the way to Bedrock, and even in our hearts. It's been fun with our coconut guns, our Grand ol' Dads, and our peanut house.
    See you next time...
  • The fact that the channel reached 100,000 subscribers just a few days after uploading the aforementioned "Snow Halation" rip shows that it will never be truly dead.
  • This piece of fanart. Despite most likely being drawn as a joke, it really helps cement the idea that all of the memes and running gags think of each other as family.
  • "See You Again - Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious" is a Snow Halation rip that manages to make the eponymous song a bit more hopeful and optimistic.
  • Nintendo 3DS Music - Swapnote Main Theme has SiIva writing a note to Nikki, who seems to be an old flame from before he started doing rips. It's implied that it was Nikki who encouraged SiIva to pursue his practice in the first place.
  • After the tragic death of Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington, the channel uploaded two rips involving their most famous songs without any subversiveness. The first was "In The End" remixed with bits of Haltmann's Theme and Snow Halation. The other is a melancholy cover of "Numb" using the soundfont from Dire Dire Docks.
  • Daniel's Kruis (Main Theme) - Indie Pogo is a fairly standard rip as far as things go, but throughout it, cute 16-bit sprites of Susie, Soulja Boy and PSY fall from the top of the screen, all bouncing and dancing to the music.
  • The fact that even after the channel's termination, fans are still archiving old rips and making new ones. Shows how much of an impact the memes had after three years.


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