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  • The true ending of the reboot, in its entirety.
    • It begins with Chad Warden giving a speech about "Snow halation":
    "Snow Halation represents everything beautiful about love. It has united people all around the world. Whether through tens of thousands of people in a stadium, lighting up the arena with their glowsticks as one... Through remix after remix by many different fans... Or through a bunch of people having fun on a YouTube channel."
    "Snow Halation is that special feeling you get when you've finally expressed yourself. It has always been an important part of GiIvaSunner, and in a way represents what they're all about. Doing what you love out of your OWN heart, not anybody else's. A'ight? GiIvaSunner doesn't owe anyone anything, and nothing you do can ever change that. I know the real GiIvaSunner, not your illegal bitch, would agree with me! Aight?"
    • ...shortly followed by a reprise of the song in question, with translated lyrics shedding light on its actual meaning:
    I'll reach for you
    and all the pain that's new
    I'll give a name
    something pure and true, like
    Snow halation
    until the day we come to feel the same
    I'll keep it close
    all this love I hold, my new sensation
    I can't keep holding back
    Use the strength that I'm hoping to have
    Take a leap of faith within my heart
    And this is my start!!
  • July 11th, 2016 - the first anniversary of Satoru Iwata's untimely demise from a bile duct tumor - was dedicated to rips from games he was involved in making. A number of them were completely straightforward - none so much so as this piano cover of "Because I Love You". Moreover, every one of them had the description slightly altered:
    Please understand the channel description.
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  • His Theme (Anniversary Mix), among the many rips released for Undertale's first anniversary, is moving despite itself; in lieu of humor, it simply swaps the main melody of the song for "Happy Birthday to You!". And yet it remains just as powerful as the original.
  • The amount of tribute rips to Silva, as well as other channels picking up on his ripping. It goes to show how many people Silva has brought together. And it'll only keep growing, which is part of what makes it so beautiful.
  • The 8 pre-reboot "Snow halation" rips have a comment from each member of μ's about reading the channel description, which mirrors their lines before they sing "Snow halation" in the anime. Oddly heartwarming, especially when you consider the 9th in the entry below.
    "Because I love reading the channel description." - Honoka Kousaka
    "Because I love food. And reading the channel description." - Hanayo Koizumi
    "Because I love working hard, which means always reading the channel description." - Umi Sonoda
    "Because I love dancing to music while I read the channel description." - Rin Hoshizora
    "Because I love singing the channel description." - Kotori Minami
    "Because I'm Nico Nico Nii, and I love reading the channel description!" - Nico Yazawa
    "Because I love our school, which taught us to always read the channel description." - Eli Ayase
    "Because I love music, which you can get more information on by reading the channel description." - Maki Nishikino
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  • "Snow Halation - Love Live!", the second-to-last rip of Season 1, starts off as a parody cover (using actual singers rather than sentence mixing or synthetic voices) with lyrics related to The Flintstones... then they sing the actual Flintstones theme over the chorus, reprising both of the channel's two most beloved memes. The final chorus veers into Tear Jerker territory with lyrics about how hard it is to move on. If the rip's content wasn't enough, the title doesn't use any alternate descriptions, it simply states the title and the series - the only "Snow halation" rip to do so (at the time), and the description provides the missing μ's comment, from Nozomi:
    "Because I love each and every day." - Nozomi Tojo
  • The Grand Finale of the first season (with emphasis on the "Grand"), Title Theme & Ending - 7 GRAND DAD. It's a Reprise Medley where Mario, Nozomi, and Loud Nigra traverse through various landscapes inspired by the various memes used throughout Silva's run at the time. At the end we find it's all on the computer of Silva himself, declaring he has made the highest quality rip and then going to bed.
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  • There's also this heartwarming comment, playing off of the famous speech in the second last episode of Cowboy Bebop.
    Carlos Gonzalez: So this is it....
    It's been a gay old time, fellow Grand Dads.
    We've had some laughs, and some questionable choices in our lives, but no matter what, Silva was there to give us our high quality rips.
    He's traveled through the snowy halations of our minds, through nutshacks, all the way to Bedrock, and even in our hearts. It's been fun with our coconut guns, our Grand ol' Dads, and our peanut house.
    See you next time...
  • The fact that the channel reached 100,000 subscribers just a few days after uploading the aforementioned "Snow Halation" rip shows that it will never be truly dead.
  • This piece of fanart. Despite most likely being drawn as a joke, it really helps cement the idea that all of the memes and running gags think of each other as family.
  • "See You Again - Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious" is a Snow Halation rip that manages to make the eponymous song a bit more hopeful and optimistic.
  • Nintendo 3DS Music - Swapnote Main Theme has SiIva writing a note to Nikki, who seems to be an old flame from before he started doing rips. It's implied that it was Nikki who encouraged SiIva to pursue his practice in the first place.
  • After the tragic death of Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington, the channel uploaded two rips involving their most famous songs without any subversiveness. The first was "In The End" remixed with bits of Haltmann's Theme and Snow Halation. The other is a melancholy cover of "Numb" using the soundfont from Dire Dire Docks.
  • Daniel's Kruis (Main Theme) - Indie Pogo is a fairly standard rip as far as things go, but throughout it, cute 16-bit sprites of Susie, Soulja Boy and PSY fall from the top of the screen, all bouncing and dancing to the music.
  • The fact that even after the channel's termination, fans are still archiving old rips and making new ones. Shows how much of an impact the memes had after three years.
  • This rip of Mario Kart 8's "Sweet Sweet Canyon" is a completely straight rip of the song, but it plays on the title by being a slide show of various heartwarming pictures of pets.
  • During the final King for Another Day Tournament, promo manager Hinchy briefly goes on a speech about how thankful she is for the fanbase being so patient with the upcoming tourney, explaining that with all the losses and drama that have been going on behind the scenes, the team are all thankful for their support and love. Considering the channels semi-infamous Trolling Creator status, it's incredible sweet to see them be so open about how much they love the community.
    • The reveal of Unregistered Hypercam2 as the host of KFAD2 shortly afterwards is rather sweet as well. Helps that he has an adorable bowtie and top hat to boot.
  • The King For Another Day Tournament has started posting interviews of the contestants, as well as some In-Universe behind-the-scenes moments. Some of these can be outright d'awww-inducing, such as...
    • Me Likey the Boom Boom", which has among all the chaos the GG's caused or have reported (including a DJ dying), their admission that none of the gangs are willing to do anything without K there and the radio has been boring in his absence. They even snuck on a boat to bring him home, but seeing that it's a one way trip and he has no intention of leaving, they're arranged to hang out with Off the Hook and Paruko instead.
    • "The 7th Star Piece", which, while mostly humorous, starts off by showing Geno to be a Graceful Loser who respects all the other contestants even if he does lose.
    • "Mahi-Mahi Riding The Bassline", where DJ Professor K gives Mariya Takeuchi some uplifting words of advice after her loss against Jack Bros.
    • "Nyoo Hoo Hoo", where a dejected Papyrus gets reinterviewed... only for Undyne to step in and give him a pep talk. Helps that it's completely in-character.
    • "How To Cheer Up A Drum", where Snake of all people cheers up Don-chan after Rhythm Masters' 20 vote loss. Even more heartwarming is the reason why: Because Hakuko asked him to. Awwww!
    • "Party's Over...", where DJ Professor K and Mariya Takeuchi visit Off the Hook after the latter's elimination, as they and Marina comfort a depressed Pearl, telling her to not get all the negativity of their crushing defeat into her head and reminding her of her passion, fans and previous accomplishments with Marina. Gets extra heartwearming when Pearl hugs Mariya after cheered up.
    • "A Secret Meeting", where Unregistered Hypercam 2 and Missigno. meet in private and, after Missigno. admits that he's scared that he'd hurt other people and glitches out when he's nervous, UHC2 gives him the opportunity to try and get out of his shell by working the kitchen with HOBaRT. When Missingno. notes that he's the one who beat HOBaRT in the tournament, UHC2 gives him a surprisingly heartfelt You Are Better Than You Think You Are pep talk:
      Unregistered Hypercam 2: …u no if theres 1 thing abot this place thats suprised me its how supportve evry1 has been of each other. its not relly about winning or losng here. winng is like just frostng on the cake or smthn. its only king 4 a day, after alll. getting to run th channel 4 1 day is not the most glamerus thing ever. I can speak from experence. what realy maters is that we alll get 2 be here 2gethr an jus be ourselves. and aslo duke it out 2 cuz its fun :) its not jus anywher tha u can jus be urself and hav others acept u 4 it. so yeah, tbh, id be suprizd if HOBaRT was mad at u 4 u beating him so bad
    • "Bravo, Johnny!", which features K.O. cheering up a depressed Johnny after he loses his final match. The kicker is when he shows Johnny his Pow Cards; he just got a special set featuring all of the KfAD contestants, including Johnny's—and KO drew all over it, gushing about how cool the boy thinks he is and calling him his BFF. Johnny is so touched he cries right in his seat, but being the Bravo he is tries to wave it off.
  • The fact that in addition to runner-up Mariya Takeuchi, semifinalists Missingno and Law and Disorder would also get a special project. The fact that both of them were fan-favorites definitely helped.
  • One of MissingNo.'s final rips, "Even Care / Work Zone", is by far its happiest and most upbeat track. That's because it's a tribute to Petscop, a very popular YouTube-based creepypasta, which had just concluded after almost three years of uploads. The track is a medley of the insanely catchy background music in the titular game's surface-level world, with no sudden sinister turns or references to the game's hidden content and true purpose, and the video's description includes a somewhat indirect "Special Thanks" credit to the creator of the series. It's a sweet send-off to a story whose fanbase included many SiIvaGunner listeners, and several of SG's arrangers as well.
    • Even sweeter is that Hinchy, the creator of the rip, was a good friend of Petscop's creator and used to work with him on several projects.
  • The very last rip before the King for Another Day Tournament took a brief break for the annual Christmas Episode was not for the tournament winner or any kind of end credits montage, but rather this touching posthumous tribute to Etika in the form of a remix of "Lifelight" from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  • Thank You Everybody! is Mariya and Professor K's last dual rip. Combined with the respect the two of them have been giving each other the whole tournament, their last Mojo conversation basically spelling out no hard feelings, and the overall hype the pair brought, their final song is their way of saying thanks to each other. It also doubles as a chill sendoff to, well, everybody: the rippers, contestants, and audience brought a lot of joy and heart to the tournament, and this was a pretty fine way of saying it.
  • The wowaka tribute rip, "Two-faced Memories", is a touching sendoff to the producer after his death earlier in 2019. The first few notes of "Rolling Girl" playing at the end of the song are especially sweet.
  • In general, the King for Another Day tourney was notable just for being so uplifting and optimistic, especially as the last matches drew near. In-universe, the interviews showed almost all of the contestants, and their guests, developing friendly relationships and mutual respect for each other. In real life, meanwhile, the contestants' fanbases were surprisingly amicable and happy to root for others, even their direct opponents in that round. By the semifinals, it was a common sentiment among listeners that all four remaining competitors were great, and that they would be happy to see any of them take the crown; it was simply a matter of whose musical style they liked the most. It's no wonder that the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place contenders were all promised some kind of major SiIvaGunner project in the future as a consolation prize; they had all earned as much.
  • DJ Professor K's takeover broadcast wasn't just a day to celebrate Jet Set Radio: it made plenty of references to the rest of his fellow KFAD 2 contestants. Near the end of the night, he even dedicated his last bump before the loop and the penultimate 2 songs to Mariya.
    • Speaking of Mariya, in his very last moments for the Takeover, he gets away from the studio a bit to catch up with her and take her for ramen. One wonders how she got there and when she finally contacted him in the present day, but it's nice to see two competitors so thoroughly supportive of each other.
  • Nearly two years after the passing of Stefan Karl Stefansson, the actor of Robbie Rotten, the team blesses us with a fusion collab based on We Are Number One. In the wake of Stefan's death, fans clamored for a tribute, but were told that it would take time to materialize one that truly honored Stefan's legacy. And it was well worth the wait.
    • It even ends with Hilltop Chase from Kirby Super Star Ultra, a Call-Back to the rip that launched the meme in the first place.
  • On the day that Sephiroth was released in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which was the same day that the Geno Mii costume would return as DLC, essentially confirming that he wouldn't appear as a fully-fledged playable character, the channel uploaded this rather somber Super Mario RPG rip, which is the song "Luma" from Super Mario Galaxy in RPG's soundfont. It's rather touching that for a character with such a strong following, the channel gave a small tribute for those who felt it hard seeing the character they wanted getting in being disconfirmed. It helps that Geno was part of both King For Another Day tournaments, making this even more touching.
  • Elliot's Theme - Garry's Mod is a video done entirely in Garry's Mod, in the style of the late Kitty0706. The video ends with credits done in the same style as Kitty's, then a dedication to him.
  • Birth - Super Mario Galaxy serves as the official conclusion to the mini-narrative of the April Fools' Day 2021 event. It's simply a straight piano cover of Bob-Omb Battlefield, Ricco Harbor, and Good Egg Galaxy after the intro, signifying the triumphant return of Mario after being Ret-Gone during the event. Yet it still manages to carry the emotional weight of both the original song and the idea that as long as faith in someone remains, they will live on in memory for all of time, no matter what.


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