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  • "Trailer Theme (In-Game Mix) - Sonic Mania". As one of the final rips after the channel ended, it features 7 Grand Dad Mania, a remastered version of the original 7 Grand Dad with new levels filled to the brim with SiIvaGunner references, including Triple-Q, Coconut Gun, Lore, Fortran, and Puzzle Room, as well as the ability to play as Loud Nigra and Nozomi.
  • The SIIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis. After the end of the Wood Man saga, fans of the channel got this video which has quite a few awesome moments.
    • The return of The Voice Inside Your Head, where he proves himself as a No-Nonsense Nemesis by recreating Haltmann's Executive Suit and takes over the GiIvaSunner world in the span of two minutes while giving a thorough and swift defeat to his opposition.
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    • The surprisingly well-done art also deserves a mention, too, as whoever dealed with the art for the video clearly put time and effort into their work.
    • Episode 5 gives us Robbie Rotten's effortless breakout from the Voice's holding chambers.
    • Episode 9 gives us Snoop Dogg shooting Charles Barkley's basketballs out of the air, as well as Soulja Boy defeating the Kazoo Master... despite having a broken wrist.
  • GiIvaSunner's 'rip' of Agent Yoru o Yuku is not just an awesome rip in general, the very fact that the team actually managed to get in contact with several well-known YouTube voice actors, several of which are working as professional voice actors (like Chris Niosi and Kira Buckland), to write and perform the rip is an awesome feat in and of itself. The coolest segment just might be Kira singing "Snow Halation", since she's in the English dub of Love Live! as Umi.
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  • This "It's-a me, Mario!" voiceclip rip from Super Mario 64 looks normal at first glance, but then you realized that it's Charles Martinet (Mario's voice actor) who's doing the voicework. Yes, there's no Manipulative Editing at all, it's really Charles who said it.
  • The channel making "We Are Number One" a meme ended up being a primary factor in Robbie Rotten's actor beating cancer twice, because of all the people donating to his GoFundMe page and linking to it in the descriptions of "We Are Number One but X" edits. The cancer sadly returned and claimed his life, but it's universally agreed that he wouldn't have lived this long if it wasn't for memes.
  • "ULTRA B+K". They could've simply ripped the song, slapped the jubeat plus logo onto the video, and called it done, but someone went out of their way to render a full parody of the source track's music video.
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  • On July 16, 2018, SiIvaGunner announced that, for the first time ever, they would decide the next character to take over the channel as decided by the fans, in the form of a battle royale subtitled "The King for a Day Tournament". More information on the event can be found here.
  • Training Mode, released prior to the official start of the tournament, is one of the most elaborate rips in the channel's history. It's a 40-minute video where various M.U.G.E.N characters destroy the concept of mashups (represented by the word "MASHUPS") in cool and sometimes hilarious ways.
  • After mysteriously being terminated due to abuse of copyright, leaving the channel gone for around 2 months, the Giiva team grace us with this. Not many channels can claim they've been de-terminated.
  • The fact that certain songs have gotten so much online engagement that they come up in search engines before the original songs is an amazing accomplishment of the channel in itself.


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